Monday, August 1, 2016


HAPPY AUGUST!!!! Dear mom and dad, this week was a little bit of a busy week, but yes we had alot of time to work in our area.. last monday the FHE was great!! i actually have there names because the family is haviving a little bit of a hard time.. Tawnia is doing good, we also got to know her sister yesterday and we have a new lady named Karla that we are teaching, she camed to church and the first time we talked with her she told us that she was praying to know where the truth was and she came to our church.. COOL. and shes already reading the BOm and she loves church.. Vicky is doing good, hasnt come to chruch yet.. but we are still trying. YES i did buy some shoes...but then they broke.. so im back to my old shoes.... haha no jk.. after the new ones broke i returned them and got better ones...:)  On friday we went on Splits with the Asistents to president and i went with elder Madera and we had a good time he is a great Elder and a great friend.. when we got back to the house we are talking Elder Madera and Elder Valenzuela and my comp and me and at 1130 we bought tacos and were up until 1.... hahaha.. splits..;) it was super good and fun and me and my comp did a little bit of painitng this week and next monday is going to be Transfers........WOOOOH! :) love you all :) Elder Weaver
Big smiles!!! So glad fhe went well, do you have it again tonight? I will put all of their names in the temple, glad that the work is moving!!! And so happy about shoes! Sorry they broke but maybe you needed the better ones-haha! Tacos at 11.30 sounds great, were you afraid to be out that late? Cant believe they are still selling them at that time of the night! And are you getting new comp or moving? Love the pictures you look “super” and how come power out all week?
we have another FHE with another family.. we just called tacos.. we didnt leave.... :) ha im not sure yet.. until saturday they are going to tell us.. the secretary didnt pay it.. and we have been calling him all week fighting about it.. but ya.. doesnt happen.. 

can you put these names in the temple.. 
Rafeal ____________
Maribel _________________
rafeal ___________________
How fun, and convient you call for tacos and they come :), that makes me crazy that he doesn’t pay bill, hasn’t this happened before? What are your feelings about transfers, have any gut intuition?
makes me mad too.. but we are now getting a new secretary.. today..ha  i feel like im gonna stay and get another comp..... i hope..
ya.. and in my email to presidnet i asked him for a comp that will help refine me and help me end my mission well.. we willl see what happens.. we will have interviews next transfer, and not really.. i dont wanna be AP.. at this point i cant be Ap.. 
I hope so, new blood sometimes makes the work move better and a change of pace is always a nice thing to reboot and be excited again for the work! Do you have intereviews with pres again? Would you like to be ap? Silly question, when you email pres is it in Spanish? And what do you mean you cant be ap at this point in mission? I would like you to stay in the field and be able to work with the people and not in the office, don’t get me wrong, I just wondered? :) Who is the little boy in the mask pictures? Are you teaching him too?
Talked to Armel today about maddi’s foot and it is still giving her grief so please remember her in your prayers, she is trying to stay out the rest of her mission, 7 months, pray that she will not be in pain…Syd just hit hump day last week, Parker L came home a transfer early so he could see Isaac before he leaves for chile, they would have missed each other by a day….Crazy how time is moving right now….I need to catch up!
i write him in english.. to practice and when someone is called to be Ap here that have to have at least 6 months left on there mission, because thats how long they are ap... no that kid is in the ap area.. i went there to work.. 
Awesome, I bet in high school, not in a million years did you ever think I will have to practice writing in English, huh…
So know I understand about ap, didn’t know… is comp coming along, I know you  would like a new one, but things going ok? How is apartment? I have watched your weather and it looks like you are cooler this week, like in the 70s, are you freezing-haha! Been thinking of birthday treats for box?
its been a little cold here and there.. but im doing good... my comp is a good comp dont get me wrong but there are somethings that just dont work and its hard to make it work.. if that makes sense
Makes lots of sense, about comp, we will pray that you get an awesome one, Ill put “future comp” name in the temple this week :) what are you teaching for fhe and who? Do you have a ponderize for me?

we paitned and ate gringas this week.

OH and we havent had power all week... so we went to the church to iron.... haha and charge the phone.. alll weeeek!!! hopefully tomorrow we will have POWER
So today turned out to be a very unusual day and busy, full of blessings….grandpa was riding his bike in south ogden, glassman way across Washington boulevard and a man in a car hit him in the intersection, he is going to be ok, helmet took most of the hit to head and he has a bad bump on his leg but is going to be alright, so grateful for prayer and answers to safety, so no worries, but continue to pray for safety and peace….
oh my..... will do... tell him i miss him and love him tons!! glad hes ok
I will, and I know he will say he loves and misses you too!
we did splits with the asistence on friday.. they were pretty fun! Elder Madera..

Great masks, what does the note say, and I love the picture of you with ap, and the city behind you, looks so big!
me too its super cool!! hes a great missionary, the note talks about how real leader focus more on others, then on there selfs...
Awesome, I will get it translated and use it in RS. :) how was your Sunday meetings this week, still attending 2 wards?
Who is the group picture? Were you painting someones home? Working in your area this week?
thats the Zone and we were painting  a sisters house.. the wall needed like 3 layers.. yes this week ill be working here
have you been able to get into contact with Presidnet Villanueva!?
I haven’t tried yet, dad has found a good hotel, across from temple and near airport, we don’t want to take advantage of your Pres and make him feel obligated to give us a deal, but would like to take him to dinner or something while we are there for how wonderful he has been to you, defienately one that we want to meet and thank in person!!! We have not made reservations yet….but will this week, sound ok, he wont be offended will he if we don’t use his do you think?
nope i dont think he will be offended.. but he told me that he is willing to help if you guys have any questions.. maybe wait on booking because if i stay here there is a hotel that is closer to me.. if you want
Ok, we will wait :0,
WElp mother dear, thanks soooo much for chatting with me!! i love you guys and im glad that grandpa is doing GOOD.. send pics and if possible a video of jaces wedding.. just a little one.. haha i love ou all be safe on you bike ride!! love you so much! Elder Weaver
Emotions are high today, so yep, I am in tears again!!! I love you Justin, please be safe and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers, I will send whatever pic and video I can for you next week of wedding stuff…love you so much, we will be safe on ride, think of us from 7-12 satruday morning and pray that I have the legs to keep up with dad :) you are my treasure! Love you mucho, have a safe happy week and follow the spirit, God bless and keep you safe,
Love mom
thanks mom!! love you guys! :) your  the best! :) love Elder Weaver
Love you!

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