Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Presidente, this was a very good, and enjoyable Christmas.. Christmas night we were able to eat with the bishop and then Christmas day we were able to give alot of gifts away.. we has a hard time with lessons, because people left and went on vacaions.. so that was a little rough. but the lessons that we did have were  good and filled witht the spirit of Christ. we shared in lucas 2 with members and non members and  it was a great last Christmas in Oaxaxa.. last nigvht at about 2 in the morning woke up and threw up and then again at 3... then again at 640.. and then again... and we went to bodega to get food for the week an i bought some medicince.. but i also threw up in Bodega.. in the b atheroom.. i kind of feel like garbage.. but im getting a little better little by little. thanks so much for your love and support.! you guys are the very best! happy new yearss this week! 
Dear mother... i am so energized after we talked and im soo happy that we had a good conetion and that you ar all doing good and happy!! i like Kenzie... shes cool! ;)  after we skyped we went to a families house and we agave some gifts.. it was good and im greatful for the things that i have... thats supe crzy about natalie.. and i just realized that harrieson is coming up on 6 months.. and brayden has like 6 or 5 months left.. i think. its going by fast...
dont worry about the memory.. i can buy one here.. they are cheaper.. 
Sunday was a good day! the bishop was there for the whole time and we had a good pricipios class, we talked about God.. how he is our loving heavenly father.. after church we went and we ate and we got back that night.... and today at about 2 in the morning threw up... what we had eatin.. and then again at 3 and again at 640.. and again at 10.. i havent eatin anything today.. becaseu i just tried to drink water and i couldnt even keep that down.. went to Bodega.. or the store to buy food for the day.. and i threw up there in the batheroom.. came back home and i took a drink with vitamins and went to swleep.. still havent eaten today.. still feel like throwing up.. but ive been able to keep water down... so i think im getting a little better.. 

Mom  im so very greatful for you guys.. my comp recorded me talking alittle bit.. and i had the hardest time tryiong to understand myself to.. i was talking fast and out of order.. it was just super messy... im sorry, but thanks for puttimg up with it!! hope you guys are happy and have a great day and a very happy new yr!!! :) love elder weaver

:( sorry you are not feeling well, hope that it is only a bug, and that you get better this you have plans for tonight?
You didn't seem to talk too fast, and we understood that your English is now your second language and we love it! Do you have lots of appointments this week?
I am very proud of you for spreading Christmas cheer :) tell me where the families surprised?
Today has been way to cold to work so they are trying to fix the struts on Jaces car, (my old car) we took down some Christmas and put snowman up, trying to be cheery about the white stuff-haha!
i hope so too.. to be honest we might be going back home... not sure... stomach still hurts.. but im gonna try and make the sacrfice to stay out.. haha sorry.. my spanglish is pretty messed up.. ;) this week i think is going to be another hard one.. maybe alittle harder be new yrs.. there is going to be a ton of drunks.. thats great its cold!!!! its insanley dumb.. how hot it is.. ;) haha yes the family was surprised and very greatful!

don't push too hard, you need to take care of you first to take care of others....what did you have to eat yesterday?
Do you have a fan that you can sleep with? make a tunnel like Jordan did :)
Any peppermint candy or candy canes may help your belly...
whose names can I put in the temple?
what goals do you have for the new year?  I am excited because in sunday school we will be studing the book of Mormon and I want to read it again, not just listen to it, and to be better organized, feel like I make piles everywhere I go and I need to clean them up ;)
have you heard from Pedro this weekend, is he able to attend church?

we ate some tacos.. and she gave us a cream.. i think it was bad.. ya i have a fan... im gonna try and make the tunnel again.. it didnt workt he first time.. ok.. ill eat my last one! thats a gret goal!!! one of my goals is to read the boiok of mormon is spanish and enlglish.. before the end of the yr.. we went and saw pedro on Christmas and we took him a pizza a dr pepper and two white shirts a tie, andother shirt that i had and some candy!!! he cant come to church becaseu he cant walk.....

I hate that you are sick-sorry! Spanish and English is a great goal, :) Poor Pedro, do they have someone who can take him the sacrament? So glad that you gave him some Christmas....
Do you have a ponderize for this week?

ooooo i didnt even think about that.... thanks mom!!! to behonest no... between thowing up and being sick havent thought of one.. do you have one!?

So mine is from our lesson from Pres Monsons talk, I think I am going to put it on the fridge and try and memorize it....I know that I depend on so many to light my lamp, I need to be more aware and try to help other light theirs... Its the poem Pres Monson recited during the talk where he started to slump down...

I met a stranger in the night

Whose lamp had ceased to shine.

I paused and let him light

His lamp from mine.

A tempest sprang up later on

And shook the world about.

And when the wind was gone

My lamp was out!

But back to me the stranger came—

His lamp was glowing fine!

He held the precious flame

And lighted mine!8

sounds good i took a pic.. and ill try and memorize it as well..


Ouch, your arm looks really bad, but love the smiles!!! The kids are adorable! who did you get the car from? is that your district? love the Christmas stars, you can use them for Easter too....
ya thats my district... and the hermana that is closest to me bought me that.. and i got her choclates..... but i didnt know taht they had alchol.... ;) ooooops..  he might be in his Gs..... his birthday was the 25th... his name is Rodolfo.. hes a less active member

big smiles-Hermana gets alcoholic chocolates :) lol!! love the pic of Rodolfo, did you visit him because it was his birthday on Christmas? great picture of star, I will share that one on fb....I posted the picture of you on tv with brothers for Christmas and so many like, and some comments-lots of people love and miss you!!! I do too!

yup... and i can say that i bought alchol on my mission... we went on the 26th.. we missed his bday.. but we still went to see him.. thats great!! and how is jordan doing witht the girls???

they will let us know sunday night.. and if i change it would be monday in the morning.. i think i would miss Pedro a ton... hes reall gotten to be my close friend.. i think i miss the drunks the least.....and no i can still read english, somtimes i forget what a word means..

yea, not everyone can say they bought alchol on mission-haha! ___ anyways, lots of people still writing you? hear from anyone new lately?

ok ill keep him in my prayers!!! poor little guy... but no... no one has wrote me... liesl wrote to say merry Chrismas, and Shania.. and my family!! :)

:) all of us important people huh! big smiles!!! Shania was funny about a week before Christmas she texted me and asked for your address she wanted to send a package, I said that was super sweet, however its almost $90 to send and that she could send an email and put something in the next package I send, she said ok, so I am glad that she wrote you, I think she has a crush on you :) you were her first date after all- Liesl has been down at byu, her mom says she is not into education just trying to find a husband-haha!!!
So what do you get to do on new years eve? new years day? any fireworks? do you get to see anyone burn manicans? do they do that new years day?

haha thats super nice of her!! liesl told me that she is going to go to china to teach english.. but i dont think so.. we cant play with fireworks.. and i think we have to be in the house at 8... a little more earlier.. and no.. maybe we will see them burn there manicans... they make manicans and they fill them up with fireworks and at 1259 they burn the manican.. they say its like burning the old you.. haha
:) Pedro fb sometimes, and I like his stuff for you-haha! I have no idea what it says, but sometimes there are pictures and those are the ones I like....wish he had better circumstances and could get help-I will definitely put his name in the temple, he is proof that you were to be in Oaxaca-for him! feelings of where you will go? think comp will go too? do you get to work with the sister missionaries at all? If you want anything from that area, there is money to get it, not sure if you will be back that way....

nopr... we dont have time... and i dont remember the name of the little girl... just got done throwing up again... but dont have anything in my stomach.. so im just dry heaving.. ya i was also thinking about buying something here.. don t know where im going but i feel like im going... and my comp will stay to show the area around.. Mother dear.. i love you so much!! thanks for chatting with me.. to has been very rough but i try and keep my face smiling... i got to go... but know that im very greatful for you and how you are bearing with me the good times and the bad times and the sick times... im eternaly greatful!! love you bros!!!! and love you dad!! thanks so much for all the support! love elder weaver

I love you justeroo, please feel better, go home and go to bed, try to sleep it off and take care of you, we will have special prayers for you tonight! be safe and happy, chin up and love it come what may! tell perez thanks from us! Dad and guys say they love you and loved seeing and talking with you on Christmas, so great to feel your spirit, feel better, love you so much, treasure you tons, happy new year, chat with you in 2016 love always mom xoxoxsw

thatnks so much!! talk with yanext year!!!!!!!!!! love you guys elder weaver

feel better my friend, god speed, love you with all we have, love mom and dad! be safe, follow the spirit

yes sir. :) 

Monday, December 21, 2015

White Christmas!

Dear family!! this week was a little bit better, we had a Zone mtg on thursday and it was a great Zone mtg.. we have a different zone leader and he is super cool! and the Disttict leader come with us to do the interviews again.. and this time they past!! and it was a very long day as well... then Friday we went and had a lesson with Pauol and hsis dad and they are supe cool and cold be investigators de ORO... haha and then we went tot he church to fill up the font and got the tv all set up and chairs for the ward mission activity.. and it was a crazy day!! we didnt eat anything untiol about750 in the night time.. but the Baptisms went all good.. i Batpsized Jesus and My comp baptized Vannessa and the bishop baptized Gema.. everyhting was set and good to go.. and we had planned to start at 5... ok well the family to get baptized showed up and noneone else had.... and at about 530 people started showing up and then the bishop showed up at aboput 545 and we started around 6.... great!! haha and that kind of killed us with time for the ward missionar acivity.. we only had about an hour to do it... aand we palnned on 2.... but im greatful that the spirirt led a guided us in what to do and to say.. we watched videos... i cried.... members were crying.... we had 15 inv show up.. and about 45 people show up in total... and i did about 225 puships... wow... om sure paying for it now. members really liked the acticity and undserstood it good!! it was a good turn out then the bishop bought tacos for everyone to eat after... Sunday.. we went out to morro at 9 in the morrning and i was able to baptize Alan and Benjamin.. in a little tank of water... it was super great!!! asnd then we came back.. and we confirmed Vanessa jesus and Gema. pretty busy sunday... amd today we had a Christmas devotional and i gopt my package!! we ate and had a talent show.. it was super fun!! and im super excitted to open my package tonight!! thanks so much for the prayers!!! i know that they help more then you knwo!!! im happy and im excited to talk with you guys this week.. we were thinking the 25th... at 6.... my time.. and we are going to skype in the hosue of the Bishop.. :) love you, thanks for the support!! :)
i love the pitcute with Benjamin... for his baptism.. and the drunk guy... wow.... good week!! 
gema has swag
she is so cute love that attitude! for some reason I was thinking she was an older lady :) haha! They all look awesome in white!! what a great day!!

im DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS::: ;) haha or how does the song go!!?? 
ward mission activity.... tacos al pastor :)


Yea, Yea!!! Soo happy for you and for their family!!! So grateful for prayer and your faith!!! wow 225 push ups, awesome! wish we could have been their I am sure the spirit was strong! and what a bonus Alan and Benjamin, big big smiles!! I am excited for you to open package, I keep thinking of things I could have sent...hope you like it!
So 6 your time works great, do you know the Skype address yet or will you get that Friday? Did you perform in the talent show?

haha i didnt... i was going to but then got scared.. im excited to open the package!!!! im not sure if you want jsut give me the name that you are going to use and ill call you.. ;)
the picture with Benjamin brings tears to my eyes-so awesome!!! tell me about the drunk guy...and who are you with in santa hats? is that today? So glad its been a good week!!!

me to.... Benjamin... is quite the kid!! :) the drunk guy is a member... ;) hahaha but ya camne home drunk like normal and it was jsut super loopy and was playing with my head and trying to talk to me in English.. i was laughing super hard..

Elder Barlow is super cool hes from south carolina.. Chrismas Devotional..

awesome!!! nice to speak some English? who spoke for Christmas devotional-glad you have a better zone you have lots of Christmas appointments set up this week? teaching FHE tonight? someone feeding you on Christmas day?no FHE... sadly.. but we have alot of appointments si!! and a hna invited us to eat on christmas too!! yes!! and it was great to talk englsih!! Presidnet and Hna Madsen came!!! they are sooo great!!!!!!

he is a member and a drinker and are you trying to teach him? So funny, glad he is a happy drunk and not a mean one! Love the "white Christmas" so much warmer than ours!!! you made an account for Skype last time under Justin Weaver 44 do you remember it?

ohhhhh ya!! ya i remember it!! haha ill use that to call you guys!! i think :) 

the drunk guy is super funny! hes less activ.. like doesnt go to church at all.. but his wife and kids are!! his son is on a mission!! :) his mom is that 83 yr old lady we are teaching! 

sounds great, we will wait for you to call!! you sound so happy today!! so glad!!! so what time is it there right now so I know what time to expect you on Christmas...
what is the drunk guys name, we will pray for him to be a good example to his aging mom :) how is she doing?

now its 525.... yes im super happy!! :) i was last week.... but i guess i didnt show it tht much. :) 

We are Excited to meet them next year :) you and comp can have FHE with boxes to open, did he get one from home too?
you have had a very busy weekend, so happy for you!!

yes he got one to!!!! and yesssssss it was super busy... my body... like my neck.... is super stressed... and im still trying to calm down.. the push ups killed me........ 

what were you going to do for the talent show?:))) what do you want to ponderize this week...we have been doing a part of the Christmas story in Luke each night, want to do that? did you get your nativity set? feeling good? 

this is tht nativity seen that i bought.. but its super fragile.. and not sure how im gonna pack them home.. its called.. "Barro Negro.." 

this week for the ponderize.. Luke 2 11 :)  it was the theme of the was mission actvity!! :) 

hope that you can relax tonight, take some deep breathes and reflect on the weekend, write all down in your journal and be so happy! Say a prayer of gratitude and pause to hear the things around you-what a great season for miracles, we will still keep them in our prayers...the nativity is incredible, what a treasure, may have to pack it in its own box, we can figure something out with you...if you still want us to come :)
this week you said you have lots of appointments are they new investigators?
how were allans and benjamins families at their baptisms?

just benjamins mom or Grandma was there.. the story with his mom is super bad.. ha and alans parents were also there.. :) it was super good! we have alot of apps with members and with news.. i wanna try and pass by alot of members to give them a treat of some sort or somthing.. anm we are going to try and talk with lots of people.. new inv..

sounds good, the packages you had wrapped up at the activity, did you hand those out to people?

very nice!!! money is there if you need to purchase treats :) you will have to tell us about his mom sometime, so glad you were able to find him and bring him happiness! is his ward strong and will they continue to help him when you are gone?

well.. sort of... we are going to hand deliver them to the new people that want to hear more..  we had them there so they could see them and if they wanted one they had to write down there dirrrection and name number and we will deliver it to them with a 20 min lesson.. ;)

ya his Grandma is strong in the church.. or the little house of prayer.. hell be good with the support of his Grandma and the pres.

great idea, that is a great way to get in the door! how is the comp and training coming? do you think you will stay together through next transfer?

we are good!!! i like to trian... i would like to train for the rest of my missionh... but i think im gonna get changed.. 

WEll... thanks so much mom for chatting!! gtg... but talk with you on the 25th.. at 6 :) my time :) thanks so much for the love and support... this was a great amazing busy week!!! love you all so much and see you soon!! :) elder Weaver

Time always drags all day and this hour goes so fast!!! Excited to chat on the 25th-love you, you are incredible!! be happy and we will see you soon! love you tons-Mom and Dad

thanks so much!! love ya, be safe!! :) SEE you soon :)

Presidente, this week was a lot better then that other week... We were able to have 3 baptisms and they are baptism converts... i feel super good about them and i know that they know how to grow in the gospel and how to recieve all fo the blessings of the Gospel.. we Also had the opportunity to do our ward mission activivty and it turned out good we had 14 inv there and there waqs 45 people there in total. we were able to get a few references.. and then Sunday we were able to go to Morro and we had 2 baptisms for niƱos enccritos.. and we baptized in a little water tank... it was a very good week and im very excited for this Christamas week that is coming up!! thanks so much for your help and words of inpiration. they help more than you know! thanks a bunch and Merry Christmas. 

a good week!!! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

hard week...

MY dearest mother.......

Not going to lie... this past week/end was probably the 3 worst days of my mission... everyting was going good and Vanessa and Jesus and Gema are soooo ready to be baptized... thursday... we had splits.. the district leader came with me and we went up to do the interviews.. i sat down with the family adn talked with them about life as a missionary.. and Christmas.. and the DL did the interviews.. well they all got done and they came and sat down and E Aguirlera told us that we have to move the baptisms..... they had drank coffee... talk about kill hoy.. ;) haha no but i was supe sad.. and then that night he just kept chewing my out for things that i do or didnt do.. but ya he left friday... ok then friday we went to morro to make sure Benjamin was ready for his baptism if the ocean on saturday.. ok all good we got the president from morro there to interview him... all good!"!! he picked me to baptize him.. all good :)  we start back to area.. i call the Zone leaders tell them the situatuion and asked for permission to get in the water.. they talked with President... Ya thats ok.... ALL GOOD.... i have baptize on the beach... at about 10 friday night... got a call from the pres from morro... he cant his dad has to work tomoorw and cant make it so its cancelled.... ok... we went saturday to morro to see if we could make a miracle happen... but ya no... his mom is very hard to work with.. not putting in any effert... so his date is for the next saturday.. the 19th.. Saturtday night. went with a less active member and he doesnt believe in Joseph Smith and i gave him my testimony of what he needed to dop to know and change his atitude of everything.. and my comp didnt say anything.. so then he started to chew outmy comp. got home and my comp started to cry.. and told me how he felt and everything with so much stress.. and not knowing all th answers to people.. and told me that in all his mission he only has one convert and thats himself.. he be fine with that.. and i told him... that if he wanted to convert himself he has to forget himself.. and he wsa kind of shocked.. but then asked for a blessing and i gave him one. stood up and was crying more and gave me a hug and ya things were a little bvetter.. :) Sunday.. the Temple dedication was super neat! the temple of Tiyuana :) they did something super cool wioth the corner stone youll have to look it up :) and sunday in the night, a member kid hit me on accident with his arm and i chipped my tooth.. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO alot has happened.. i feel like i have failed... But im trying to have that Consecrated missionary atittude. im super stressed.. My DL chews me out alot.. But im glad you guys are doing good! i miss snow...... im hottttttt... :) ha love you guys..  

I'm so sorry, but please remember that they have their free agency and you have had a glimpse of what the savior feels when we don't obey...I am truly sorry such a hard weekend, remember your quote, it came across as our daily message this week, it is from strengthened by the Atonement from Dallin H Oaks, ""Having descended beneath it all, He is perfectly positioned to lift us." A little different from your quoted, but please try to be positive and know that you are doing all that you can! We will look up the temple dedication for FHE tonight, why are people hitting you-tooth chipped bad? Will you be able to baptize in the ocean this Saturday? Allen getting baptized too?

i feel like everyone points out my problems.. its hard.. but anyways what are you guys going to do this week!? maybe.. not sure anymore.. and ya allan maybe in a lake... maybe. 

pick yourself up and try to continue to do the best you can, you are in our prayers to be happy with you!! you are doing a great job and serving with all of your heart might and mind and that's why it hurts so bad....get back up, brush yourself off and try again, the sun continues to come up and so will you :) tell me something happy/good that happened this past week... seeing Christmas?

a little .. to be honest not a lot more of the bodies oif people.. that they are going to burn for new yrs.. i found a nativity seen that you caan only buy in Oaxaca thats pretty cool! 

We are shoveling snow, and more snow! finishing Christmas cards, and taking some gifts to those we serve with, guys are hopefully going to be able to do some pipe work, Jax max today, Ill have him tell you....hoping that we can get a tree up, super snowing tho! Remember when those who are pointing out problems what the savior said, that those without sin can cast the first stone....its your turn for ponderize..what are you thinking?

i was thinking in the afternoon... to skype.. dont know baout zone conferenec first.. ya im ready.. ive been doing pushups..;) 

I'm sensing that you need a pick me up, sent you a video of the brothers :) hope you can open it! wish I could make it easier and help fix things, this must be your hard thing, please be kind to yourself and try to be happy! Big smiles!
Tell me about your coming week and what you have planned, who teaching and things doing...

haha thanks i needed that. :) this week we are going to be looking for alot of new poeple to fiund and teach.. and after the acticity for the ward mission thing.. we might have the baptisms.. and then the bishop is going to give us dinner.. for the whole ward..

:) that would be an awesome activity, I will add their names to the temple roll again, and a ward dinner to boot-awesome!!
how is your eye healing from last rock, and it tooth chipped bad? how are itzel and family? going to morro this week other than Saturday?
has your wet towel thing we sent been able to help with the heat relief?

ya that towel helps a ton!!!! wow!!  and we are going to go to morro wed as well.. not to bad.. its one of my front teeth.. donest hurt. Itzel is good we wnet to her house this week to give service and it wasd pretty fun!! 

what did you do for service? no pictures today?
Remember to have JOY!

WElp... talk with ya next weeek!! :) thanks for helping me get back up from my knees... more and more i understand why God gave me a family.. love you guys! thanks so much be safe and have a good week! Love Elder Weaver

Love you, please be happy, continue to serve with a purpose and miracles will happen, you may not be there when they do, but you are doing your service to bring the world his truth!! Be happy, know that we have your back and we continually pray for you and those you serve, be safe and happy!!! so blessed to be your mom, cant wait till next week, enjoy your missionary activity and we pray all goes well, love from snowy home
God bless you!

thanks :))) 
Con amor Elder Weaver
 my tooth... we ate on the beach witha member.. lobster.. :)
my christmas tree.. service

     It's me again just wanted to say hi hope you had a great week! Life here is good. Started work at south point we have about 400 ft of storm drain and 6 boxes to do before we do 312 window wells. So we worked a little Saturday but today was to wet :(( the mini X is fun it's like playing and not work so all is very good here.
     I hope you can take a breath and enjoy servings our brothers and sisters in Mexico. YOU tend to be very hard on yourself and need to stop, if you do what is asked of you at the best of your ability YOU need to be happy about that!!! Life is to short to be so critical about yourself, believe me I know and have done it my whole life. I always feel like I'm not good enough, at work, play, church being a father and husband, so this is advise from someone who knows!!!! YOU are amazing in everything you do. You alway give your heart and soul 100% so every night when close your day with your prayers think did I do my best. and no matter what others in your life did does not matter BUT what you did if you gave it your all be HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!!! Your only one mortal man. Please be happy have a little fun smile a lot and smell the flowers. Love you my friend " men are that they might have joy".         Love #44 dad

Thanks dad.but sometimes i feel like my best isnt good enough..  like this week... what was i doing wrong that the family was drinking coffee... and then the bishop hsa to go and chew me out becasue we arent teaching good and we arent verifying good... that made me super mad.... but what if hes right... should i be training right now..??? i just dont know.. i want to be happy with myself.. but i feel like everyone else is looking at my problems... so then i try and fix the problem and i just find more..

Believe me Justin we can alway find fault in our self and in others if we look hard enough!! BUT that is not our task in life find the positive in yourself and in others and build up from there:) change your focus from the neg and find the pos and help others to see the pos don't tare down! And by all means don't let others bring you down to their level.  A little coffee isn't the end of the world I know some very strong member that have coffee now and then and their great people:) BUILD UP.  SMILE CHALLENGES MAKE YOU STRONGER

hahahaha ok ok.. i think im gonna buy candy and give a piece of candy to everyione that says something negative about me.. .

Perfect " you can't fix the past. Fix the present  and the future will fix itself" love smile

thats a great quote

Monday, December 7, 2015


Presidente, this week i thought alot about that story of the treee and how i could relate it to a testimony.. and i liked the scriptures in 1 Nefi 8 verses 24-28 and it talks about how some of the people were able to hold stong and they got tot he tree, but then they saw others laughing and mocking them..  and they lost the taste of the Gospel.. or they lost that testimony that they had just been confirmed.. and i was thinking about how deep my roots are.. and what am i doing so that my roots keep growong deeper and stronger. and i feel like i could put out a little more effort. beacuse i dont want to be one of those poeple when that last day comes,.. i dont want my heart or my testimony to fail me.  we had a good week. looking foward to having 3 baptisms this week. 

Mother dear!!! this week was a good busy week!! we did alot this week and Jesus and Vanessa and Gema came to church this pst sunday so we are looking for there baptism on the 11th.. friday at 6 and it will be super good!! im excited! and maybe we will get Benjamin wet and Alan over there in Morro on Satuday... maybe...  this week my comp lost our phone in the taxi.. so we went and bought a new one today and this week we looked for a lot fo less acitve members.. and we contacted a little store and we asked for the people but they didnt know who they were.. so i thought well contact the guy.. so we did.. and this guy started going off about how all the churches are just there own stores and they ask for money.. and was just beating up on my comp.. then i stepped up on the stair and started talking to him... and toold him my testimony and what i felt i should tell him.. after the contact my comp told me that when he say me talking to him.. i grabbed the bar and started to squeeze supe tight and i was super intense.. and i told him.. that when you love the people.. its very hard to leave a door.. without getting in and having the opportunity to share the Gospel.. and he was like ohh.. haha saturday we got a call to help the Zone leaders move and clean a house.. were missiornaries were.. and that was fun!! and then we got back to our hosue satruday night an the house was flooded... the water left and so we had to take water out of a big bucket to shower and when the water came back i turned it on and putit in the bucket and forgot.. and we left.. we spent an hour and a half sweeping and getiting the water out.. ;) hahaha soy humano ;) im happy and this week we have alot to do.. and the next week we have the ward mission activity on the 18th.. adn this sunday we have a dedication of the temple!! of Tiayanna. 
agua en la casa
we might get permission to baptize here..
look closer at my eye.. there is a red dot.. a kid through a rock at me..  invitations for the ward mission activity! 
Big smiles!! Prayers are answered and with so many from the temple praying I hope that they continue to feel that they need to be baptized and that they become strong members of your ward-so awesome!!! What a great Christmas gift to become a member of the church and to gain a testimony of Jesus Christ, I love the passion that you have to share your testimony and sticking up for your company, fellow disciple of Christ and for the church, is he letting you teach him?  You have always been a scrapper and never quit till things are done :)
Weavers move again, so funny that you get to move, the boys and dad did the same last week for a new couple in the ward :)
Did the flood kill rats? we still haven't found our dead mouse-can barely smell now, but I keep spraying-so yucky!! I didn't know that there was a new temple by you, how exciting did you get to attend the open house?  you get to do fhe tonight? any close calls this week? most spiritual moment?

no hes not letting us teach him.. told us that he already has talked with missionaries.. and ya  but when i flooded the house.. we found a dead rat.... on man it was so grows and soggy... i made a rcording.. ;) haha no the temple is far away.. but its in mexico so we get to see it!  adn no close calls!! all good and safe!! spiritual moment was when we talked with the afamily figeroa antnio.. we talked with them about the premortal lfe.. and it was super great!! and my comp is getting better and teaching! 

Love the pictures, the beach is beautiful-would be a neat experience to baptize in ocean, will you baptize
Why is a kid throwing rocks at you?
Did you do invites they look great, keep one....
ya we made the invites!!  not sure....he kid of just threw it and bam.. haha dont know.... Rocks just love my face. 
did they have lots of questions about the premortal life, so glad comp is getting better, he has a great trainer :) so glad you are safe, dead soggy rat...hmmm
so why did kid throw a rock at you? did you know him?
any ponderize moment last week?

ya hes a member... he was thowing rocks.. and started to throw them at me... annd then one got me right on the nose.. and ya.. The Ponderize moment was about me rflecting.. from where i started so low... when i got on the mission.. with the problems and trials that i hard.. and now looking at how im communicating and how i feel like im progressing in life. :) Somtimes God brings us Down , before he can lift us higher.. 
Is eye healing ok? crazy-
Invites look very professional, how many are you expecting? are you the whole Christmas activity?
will you send me bradens email so we can send a Christmas message please...

ya all good :) we are hoping for maybe 75... praying.. :) 

I love that you can see how you have changed and grown, you have come a long way and its great that you get to help comp do the same, he may have language already, but the spirit needs to be there too, sometimes more so than the language :) so very proud of you and your testimony of the gospel and your willingness to share and the strength and conviction that you share it with, never loose that, even after you aren't an Elder anymore, love it as much as you do now :) who is Alan that is in Morro?

ill try not to!! Alan is another kid that lives in Morro and his parents are less active members!!! he might get baptized the same day as Benjamin! 

 Putting up light!! haha the first time i put light on a flat roof! 
thanks for email, are you doing Christmas lights or breaking into a house? haha!!
Awesome, have you been teaching him long, is he the same age as Benjamin? do you know when Christmas zone conf is to get package? What time do you think we can Skype on Christmas day?

ya he is the same age as benjamin! and im not sure.. they havent told us when it will be.. im sure ill get package before Christmas! not sure
... maybe in the night afternoonish... ha 

sounds great we have no plans but to talk to you-so excited!!! So did you like the beach, cant go in water right? any sea shells?
nope.-... cant touch the water. i didnt see any that psat time but ill chet again!! ;)

hey for ponderize how about Alma 1:4, We love you, dad says be super, man! He loves you too!! you be safe and happy you are an amazing son, so happy you are happy!! look for Christmas this week, get some pictures of it!! enjoy baptisms, still praying for them, look for a nativity...Love you and God bless...thanks for chatting with me! helps me use my 5000 words I get a day :) haha!! Love you justeroo, love mom

Thanks Gracias and thanks again!! love you guys!! i hope you have a great week!! be safe and happy! say your prayers:) ive got the best family ever :) thanks for chatting mom :) youre the best! Love Elder Weaver
love you mom and dad! thanks for everything :)