Monday, July 25, 2016


Dear mom and dad i am doing good and the Zone conference was great!! the sister trainers talked first and we did some pracitices and then we had a little brake and them my comp talked about repentance and the blessing it is, and then i talked about the Atonement and used the story of king Benjamin, and i actually used that scrip that you sent!! haha and i got about 4 of the sisters to cry, not becausee i was chewing them out but i talked about the Atonement and then shared the BEcause of Him Video and the spirit was jsut soooooo strong andit was a huge success!!!  and splits were good  we had fun  and i was able to help him out a little bit and he helped me to be a better missionary aswell.. and then today we got up at 4 am to go to the GUELAGUETZA!!!!!!!! AND IT WAS SOO FUN!!  i loved the dances and i was glad that this year i actually got to attend the huge dance fest!! the investigators are doing good we found a new girl on friday and her names is Tawnia and she is 17 and she came to church!! it was great!! im super excited for her.. we werent able to see vicky at all.. she wasnt home because her mouth was getting surgery and Cecilia was working alot this week... but things are all good :) this week SHOULD be a nice easy week just working in our own area!! im excited for pics!!! hope you all had a good Pioneers Day!! love you all!! :) 

ELder Lindsay was a little excited to drink DP    We got to the Guelaguetza at 6 in the morning.. we woke up at 4 and we left around 530 to get there.. it was awesome..!! we played uno while we were wating..
Love the excitement-especially over pop!!! The place looks huge!!! What are they celebrating?

What is the restraunt pix?
thats president Villanueva.... he took usthere at 530 in themorning and invited us to tortas! :) haha hes the coolest! 
Awesome!!! What a great man send our love and gratitude!!! I bet it was good! 
Beautiful dresses! Yes you should learn to dance…you would be great, football players always have great footwork!!!
maybe maybe.. ha
ya its huge!!!!! the just celebrate the types of styles  and tradition that that there are in Oaxaca!! 

Makes me so excited to visit!!! Was pres at your zone conf? I love that you were able to bring the spirit and to feel it so strongly, must be a great testimony building moment to have experiences like that, it builds mine just hearing about it-I'm so proud of you justerooo!!! Are you so happy and excited to work in your area? Are your new people in your area? I've watched weather,tons of rain this week?
thanks mom! :) its all thanks to you!  im excited tonight we are going tohave a FHE witha  family that has been having some very hard times.. and a missionary just returned home because he ended! which was great but the problems keep going.. but we are going to go to give a helping hand its rained a bit yes... and this week more than likey im gonna buy new shoes.. haha 
Yippee for shoes, get some good ones!!! Yippee for fhe :) I'm sorry the family has had hard times it will be a great blessing to have you and the priesthood in their home :)
Any opportunities for service? Of course beyond the missionary stuff :) 
Transfers next week?
transfers are going to be the 8th of August.. and we have been able to give little services here and there... haha nothing to big.. this week we have a lot of service planned
Are you thinking youll get a new comp?  what kind of service will you be doing? We just got home so I am looking at pictures….makes me trunky for you :) so happy you are enjoying things and things are going well!
to be honest i would like a new one.... im doing good with him and we dont fight or anything but i would like to have one more comp.. painting and maybe helping with a car.. :) 
Cowboy hats are awesome! Way to get into the spirit of pioneer day!
So happy you got to go! The parade today had a few Spanish floats with ladies in dresses like maybe what you saw today and I thought I hope he gets to it to celebrate something? How is Adair? How did you find new contacts? Door knocks?
Can you send your lesson on the atonement? Would love to read it...what do you think about homecoming date?
ya i saw alot of dresses and a lot of dances!! it was great!! i need to learn how to dance..;) haha just to celebrate all kind of traditions and dances :) ya im good with that date!!! 1:) ill see if i can send it..;) 
 Will this be your last transfer?....I can understand wanting another one….painting houses and are you going to fix a car? Do you have a ponderize today?
nope i have 2 tranfers left.. im not sure about the car yet.. and i would like it to be that alma 5 26... ive been thinking alot about conversion and a change of heart lately..;) 
Great ponderize, I will never forget your family home evening you gave about the heart and the graph and having a change of heart, remember? It was awesome!! When you get shoes this week please pick up anything else you need, and if you can think of stuff from home let me know want to get a box going, Ill send wedding tie, and I am also sending a card this week with the wedding invite in it….did you get picture of us before we left for tubing?
yes i do remember that and ill be waiting for that tie!! yes i got the pic! you all look good!! :) miss you guys tons! !:) 
 Loved seeing all the pictures, thanks, love you beyond what you know,
Mom, tons of hugs and smiles!

these two little guys finally got baptized on saturday!!!! :)))) Giovanni and Emmanuel that live in Ocotlan!

What great pictures I love that they are wearing tags….I may have to get some of the future missionary bracelets and badges to send in your next package, that would be awesome with the ctr rings!
Awesome!!! Did you get to go? What a great blessing!!!
nope.... they didnt even tell me... they toldme today... yes that would be good andi dont got anymore ctr rings
Are they close enough we can visit when we come?
maybe... i think so.. im still trying to think of a rout or a plan.... :)
Awesome, we need to find out also if we need to make an appointment with the temple...
im still checking with that.. a temple worker lady told me that tuesday they have like 2 temple sessions in the morning and wed, and thursday there are 3 or 4.. i think.. ill check again! 
Super and get times too, maybe we could do an early morning one the first one of the day, that way we could visit for the rest of the day and evening and start the day of great! :) I think too that there will be a devotional/dinner at pres house on Tuesday the 25th, for you, has pres said anything about that? And think we would be invited?
i dont know.. he hasnt said anything about the devotional dinner.. maybe when it gets a little closer.. but ill check times
Great!! And be listing any other things you want to do and show us and or that you haven’t done yet…and people you want to see and visit! Food for us to taste…that could be a scary thing….
sounds good ill start to see what i can come up with... welp... mom thatnks for chatting!! i love you guys tons and miss you tons!! hope you all have a great week!! love Elder Weaver
This time of our chat always brings me to tears, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are where you need to be right now, your testimony is growing by leaps and bounds and I am so very grateful for you and the wonderful example that you are, please be safe and follow the holy ghost, you are an amazing son and I treasure you so much, please be happy and find joy in all you do this week, enjoy being in your area and make every moment count!! Love you mom
Xoxoxsthanks againfor chating with me
thanks mom :) love you your the best! :) love you
Miss and love you tons, Im going to send wedding socks too, haha! Picture is kinda crazy, excited to all be together again~!
love you guys hope you have a great week!! your the best! :) love Elder Weaver
You are super duper, fly high and leap tall buildings in a single bound! Love you, love all of us!

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