Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Suprise transfer...Ixcotel, and Bosque

Holy cow can you believe another week has gone by boy does time fly, thing here are good me mom and grandpa rode the front runner ride Saturday  63 miles. It was supposed to rain the whole ride and be windy but with a few prayers and a little hope the wind pushed us home in about 3:30 and only rained last two blocks so it worked out perfect like lots of fun and good memories were made, work is good still doing window wells, and some basement for Brian in north Ogden so very busy. Enough about me.
     How is your world going feeling better yet? I hope, how is the work going any new contacts? Are you still losing weight are you down. 100 lbs yet :) I hope thing a going GREAT for you. You deserve it you have worked so hard all your life. I hope your happy and know and understand how proud we are of you!!!! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and let the Holy Ghost guide you and all will be good, keep putting yourself in the lords hands and be what he needs you to BE.
      We get to talk in to weeks how fun is that you may need to brush up on your English or us on are Spanish ha ha I wonder if you might check your Skype account to make sure all works and we will as well. So exited to see and hear from you!!! Please be safe love ya tons finish strong
                                                     Love         Jor-El
thats awesome dad that you guys were able to complete your bike ride GOOD job!! that make me super happy for you guys!! i cant wait to skype, but im still in Ocotlan, when im in my other area ill let you know how things are , thanks for your email, i needed to hear that, i love you dad!! your the best! Elder Weaver :)

Dear Mom and Dad, this week was a good week, mom if you are reading this and you are with dad you should read it outloud so he can hear..;)  ha well starting tuesday the Zone leaders came and taught us and then after  Elder Hernandez stayed with us for the day and we were able to have a good day especially starting after food..  i was still sick, but talked with sister in the branch and she gave me some medicine to clean out buggs.. and i took that twice and and ya im all good!! ive been eating good and im healthy. :) and then friday night the presidend of the branch told us that they were going to go to the temple..  and julio was going to go, so we asked permission and presidnet madsen gave us permission to go and so we left Saturday at 9 in the moring.. Elder Merrill and me got to be Testigos for baptisms for the dead and we got to see Julio do baptisms for the dead how cool was that....  and then they asked us to do some confirmations and my comp didnt want to so i did them all... and as i was doing them i read a name that said Hattie Weaver.  HOW SPIRITUAL was that... i dont know who that is but how incredible it is that i read that name..  haha Temples are great..  and also the ward from salina Cruz or the Itsmo was there at the Temple and i saw some people from my old ward!!! and it was just fantastic!!!  Sunday Julio gave a talk.. and did good! 

NOW..... sunday night we got back home and the zone Leaders callede early and asked me if i had something to note with.. and i said yes.. and they told me that i have special transfers.. and that im leaving to Emapolis... and im gonna be a ZONE LEADER.... WOW  that kind of shocked me.. i didnt  know if it was serious, but the Presidnet Madsen called and told me and told me not to worry...  that i was going to do great . :) soooo tomorrow im going to be leaving Ocotlan  and going to me other area as a ZL and my comp is Elder Toj... and i wont lie im nervous, and stressed out bad.. but your emails.. of you and dad helped me out a ton..:) thank you i love you guys!! :)  
Wow, wow!!! So happy and excited for you! Do you know anything about this place or your new comp? 
What a great moment in the temple too! Some angel was with you I'm sure ;) 
no... not much to be honest. i heard some bed things abvout my comp.. but im not going to listen to them until ive been with him and if theres a problem ill fix it.  ya it was a great moment:)))) in the temple:)
that's good try and form your own idea about comp and maybe he has just been with the wrong comp and you are there to help him be better :) love your attitude!
So how was your week before your weekend? busy teaching? see Christopher? how does comp feel about change?

it was good, we found a family to teach on sunday night... but ya now im leaving.. ha hes a little shocked 

Dad wants to know do you know who Jor-El is?
how long is your trip tomorrow, be sure to take some $ for travel and set up...you sound super excited, do you know why the special transfers?
nope.... i dont know who that is.. im excited but im stressed.... ha and sad to leave the area.. but  thats just how things are.. nope.. theres actually alot of special changes happening.

It is super mans dads name in the movie :) pretty exciting, ive tried to google where you are going and cant find it, spell it again for me please:)
Know that this is a great step in your faith and testimony, truly rely on the Lord and all will be well, maybe not easy, but well, cant help but fall back to Elder Wirthlins "come what may and love it!" you are on early today is it because you are packing? do you get to say good bye tonight to that sweet lady I chatted with? please tell her I love her and appreciate her for all she has done for you, as for that matter tell those that matter the most to you in this area all that, that we love and appreciate them!!!

alright ill find the name.. and thats FUNNY!! haha whats supermans sons name??;) haha i will do...:) You happy?? hows jordan and jace.. they only wrote me one sentence... ha 

dads looking up name :) haha! I am happy, I am so excited for you and your new adventure, anxious to see it, or google it :) and your new comp, we will pray for him, spell his name like it sounds to say it....
The boys are good,
Jace is doing engagement photos Wednesday night, and excited about things moving forward, gets to play this weekend so he is happy about that I think.
Jordan is dating girls here and there, very busy with working for dad and doing lawns, he said he has 9 he takes care of now, wish wish he could find someone...the big turkeys, really they write one line, I guess they did what I asked them too....
Supermans name is Kal-El :)
We are trying to figure where to have the wedding dinner and who actually needs to be invited, so we are thinking Ruby River and just those in the wedding party...immediate family basically...
have fhe tonight?

i think its Amapolis :)  could you send me some of the pics!!?? i wish i was there to see..  thats funny... haha about super man.. haha dont have FHe i think we are going to be going by to say by to people... but ya :) its crazy...:) haha 

so you mentioned something the sisters gave you to get rid of bugs, what was it and do you have some to take with you? how old is new comp and do you know how long in field?

some medicine.. i dont remember what its called but it helped alot. ya i have the bottle to ask for more.:)  my comp is from Guatamala and has 19 months.. :) Elder Toj

so pretty close to the same amount of time as you, can you believe it 6 months today, did you burn something yet?

i have 6 months left today?????? really!!??  not yet.. i think i might have to burn somthing with my next comp.
this was at the temple... 
that's according to my count down, be sure its not yourself :) may be a fun way to start things off with new comp :) I still cant find anything about your new city, so you will have to fill me in next week with great details and find out moms day time and info...be sure to use your card to get what you need to set up for new area :) how many will you be over as zone leader? pretty exciting about that too! you will be awesome, like a team captain again, over the guys :) I know you can do this and you have done much harder things, you will be super-duper!!!
do you know if you are going south or north? going by bus? what time do you leave?

hahaha ohh haha to your count down.. ha ok:) and i honestly dont know, just that ill be going north.. its by the ADO bus station kind of... ill be going by bus.. but i still dont know information, or facts, about Zone or whenim going.... ha sorry.... but ill fill ya in next week!!! :)

So great, I am sure he will miss you dearly, but what a friend you have, be sure to get his info to stay in touch, maybe he will serve a mission in Utah :) you look great, (what I can see of you)
neat experiences in the temple, always a place of peace!

ya hes a grat kid!! he tried to send a friend request if you want you can accept it.. its Daniel Azamar... Black Swagger.. or somthing like that.

ok, Ill look for it and accept :) are you happy? what is running through your mind?

my biggest worry right now is my comp..... the things ive heard... but.... im trying my hardest to put those things away and jut start new and not judge him.. like with elder Cruz... they told me that he was super bipolar... but he ended up being one of my favorite comps and hes not bipolar..:) so thats what im trying to do.. and i know im gonna lose sleep... because ill be reporting...

do you have a ponderize for this week?

i dont... do you!!????? but i love you mom and dad!! thanks for the love and support.. you guys are the best!! i talk with you next week!!! love you guys Love Elder Weaver 

Ponderize 1 Nephi 3:7 :) Love you too, know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers, travel safe, you are an amazing servant of our Heavenly Father and we love you, please be safe and well in your travels, I hope your comp is better than you expect! thanks for chatting with me and know that I treasure this beyond words!!! Talk to you next week, Ill look all day for your emails incase time is different! :) Be happy-have fun and soak it all up!
love you tons
Mom and dad

sounds good:) go and do:) ha Love you guys you guys are the best! :) Love Elder Weaver 

Just know that the lord would not give you more than he know you can handle and he qualifies those he calls!  You will be amazing, I know you can bring out the best in comp....big deep breaths and prayers with you all the time
God bless you Justeroo,
love mom

love you mom thanks :) 

Monday, April 18, 2016

a little better....

WEll ill start off by saying that Dad and Jax look good in there pics!! And sorry that you are a little behind in work..

Im doing alot better, still feel a litte sick to the stomach but im good, i havent been able to eat how i would like..;) haha but im definetly improving..On tuesday president of the branch called us and jsut told us to go and open the church at 4 and so we went and it turns out that they needed our help so we help them with there school work, we had to make movies, and they had to act like doctors and tell the camera certain pocesses to check a patient.. and Elder Merrill and me were there patients..( no worries didnt touch us innappropiatly..) ha  this week on friday i went with Elder Torres to Zapata it is another city that is close to Zimatlan and we had a good day there, he is new to the area and so when we got there i didnt know where we wre because its not my area and he has onloy been there twice, so we started to contact right off the bat and we found 2 new people to teach and had a couple of contacts.. it was nuce to just talk spanish all day... right now i dont know if i can talk english better or spanish..;) ha we got back and the president of the brnach called and told us that we had to talk.. so on Sunday we gave talks.. and my comp talked about faith and i talked about decisions and how our biggest work here on earth is ourselves. and i felt like i was able talk with authority and the spirit.. it was great!!!!!:) the zone leaders are coming tomorrow and are giving the meeting and then Elder Hernandez the zone leader not the rock thrower is coming with Elder Merrill and me for the day!! and im excited about thatHes a great guy and we get along really good when i have to call him at night we are always laughing.. haha but on splits we had to teach athiests.. and it was super hard.... especially when they decide not to believe jsut because...
note to mom add when doing book

still smiling!

Dear Mother,
First off thanks so much for the prayers and sharing the experiences that you have had this week!! it had helped me alot, and that was one of my favorite parts when Holland talked about not loosing the feelings of today, tomorrow. its great!! im very glad that you are growing in your testimony because even sometimes as a missionary it was be very hard, we contacted alot of people this week  and my comp knocked a door and the lady yelled WHO??? and i said the the missionaries!! and there was a second or silence and she yelled, I DONT HAVE ANYTHING!!  and me and my comp started to laugh and i told her that we were only there to teach her a little bit more about the live of Jesus Christ, and she said no im busy.. and so i asked can we help you!!? and she said no bye.. it was kind of funny... but ya its been hard, we only found 1 new person to teach this week and his name is Christopher, he is actually good friends with our ward mission leader, so im hoping that he can progress very good, Edwardo and the kids didnt come to church yesterdy....:( umm and yesterday i woke up sick, not feeling well.. so during the services i went up and said my testimony and came down and went to the batheroom and threw up.... Real fun..;) then i threw up again in gospel Principles class and we went home to rest for a bit and i felt a little better... but today im still sick, my comp woke up at  3 AM and threw up and then i went in at 440 AM and threw up.... so today we havent done anything but rest, havent eaten anything, cuz then ill just throw it up... but i am getting better! no worries! :) its mission life. saturday night and last night there were earthquakes here... the first on on saturday night was super strong... but nothin broke and nothing happened.. but it was super strong..  yesterday Julio was able to recieve the priesthood and i got to stand in the circle, and it was great!!! this week on thursday or Friday i might go on divisions withZimaltan because they are also going to have a baptism so i can just do the baptism interview while im over there.. but i love you tons mom!! youre the best!!! thanks for the love and prayers.. Love Elder Weaver
I am so sorry that you are sick, are you both sick from something you ate? EARTHQUAKES!? did you feel it? what a great opportunity to stand with Julio :) are you excited about going on divisions? and traveling?  will you stay for the baptism?
hope you are still there and not having to go throw up :(  it is days like today I wish I was closer so I could help! 7-up or something.....please rest and take care of yourself....be safe and know that we love you and your in our prayers, I understand if you need to go and be sick...please be happy and feel better soon!
love you tons

ya it was great!! afterwords he came to me and said i owe all of this to you.. and i said no, you owe all of it to your friend Danny.. ha but it made me feel good that he told me that, im not sure, because i got sick on sunday, and he got sick last night... so i dont know to be honest.. no i dont think ill be ablke to stay for the baptism, the earthquakes yes!! both of them woke me up!! haha the first one was crzy and the second one wasnt to bad.. no im good... haha after emailing we will see how we feel...:) are you hapy!!!?? how long has that lady been there in relief society?

dont know why but i pet this dog and then she came contacting with us for about an hour.... it was kind of cool..
maybe a Mexican brother to jerico :) did he bark in Spanish?:) haha!
hahaha ya thats what i thought.... Jerico.. ha but ya that bird does talk a little.. it can whistle very well.... its a cool bird.. it a recent converts bird. yes the dog barked in spanish ;) but to be honest she wouldnt respond to us if we talked in english, but when we talked spansish ya we were all good!
so glad that you were safe after earthquakes, I will look them up on the google after we are done :) craziness!!! you are an instrument in him progressing in the gospel, I know that you are a good example of a priesthood holder and that he sees how you are and wants the same for himself! :) I am happy, we moved the hoe without getting pulled over-haha! and dad is working were there are a ton of huge rocks, he said he saw two snakes, killed one, yikes...Im working there tomorrow with the skidsteer compacting...don't like snakes! the lady has started coming, she is a younger lady that has done time for fraud, like did two weeks just last month, she has decided to glue herself to Vera and Vera is her friend we have tried to tell her not to trust her because of the fraud charges, but vera is her friend and I think kinda too nice, anyways, she sends vera notes in rs big enough for us to see asking her if she believes in Joseph smith and that she really doesn't....so different, she also thinks that we are all our own prophets and there is no need for organized religion-ugh! so weird...
Anyways tell me how do you guys try and contact? are you going door to door and do you have a return meeting set up with Christopher? how old is he?
ya sorry.. there are soo many people here in mexico that have doctrine mixed up... sorryy... but we are hopfully goin back with him around wednesday, he is working.. and today we were going to go and play bball with him but we are both sick so we couldnt.. we are contacting doorings, and saturday we wennt into a mountain to contact but kjust found a ton on jehova Wittnesses... and there are very rude with us... dont want anything to do with us.... but its been fun... ha saturday we were contacting for about 1 hour and 45 min strait and we got burned sooooo bad... ha and Christopher is 19
I will call and put his name in the temple tomorrow morning, speaking of temple do you get to go again soon? the JWs better be careful and watch out, be nice to you they will regret it in the end :) do you have sunscreen? I cant imagine you any darker than you are! and your haircut looks so great short, you look good in pictures! are you happy? when you travel will you try contacting with that missionary too while you are there? will you be over night?
thanks!! and not for sure.... he just got into school and sooo he cant go with the stake on thursday.. i know... but somtimes its hard to be nice to them..;) my comp just gave me some sunscreeen yesterday! ya we will contact and do everything as if it were a normal day, and ill be sleeping there yesssss:)
so I think I missed something who got into school and cant go with the stake where? do you know the comp very well that you will be with, who is it? is their apartment nicer? do you travel alone?
sorry... julio.. he got into school, so he cant go to the temple.. witht the stake, umm it might be with tth ekid that threw the rock at me or his comp..one of the two..
you look great and love the red ties!! send me Sister Merrills email again so I can write her, Im a slacker....
Wonder if you have heat stroke if you were in the sun so much and are not drinking enough and over did? do you take water with you
no ive been drinking... alot! actually that day i drank a good liter of water contacting.. ha but im gonna tell you something but i dont wanna be grows.._________________
they are recent converts! soon to be missionaries! Danny on the left got baptized in jan, and is now the ward mission leader.. and then thats Julio...:) no i dont think he is.... he always does his little signs.. dont know why..
ive tried to eat a little bit of bread.. just not that much so i dont throw up.. ha ive taken peptobismal.. yes im drinking today! lots!! ok.. thanks mom!! and on that lovely note... i got to go... i love you soo much thanks for chatting with me!! you are the best!! be safe and happy this week! and know that Oaxaca sends love.. love4 you so much!!! havea  great week love you all! Elder Weaver
:) nice to put names with faces, I forget what they look like after the baptism pictures :) still so amazed at how tiny they are, but I am sure giant spirits!
speaking of tiny, I went to the doctor today and I am no longer 5'7" I am 5'5"3/4....weird, it was just a routine bone check for someone my age haha!!
how are you clothes holding up? if you need anything use your money it is there and people like Vera give me $20 to give to your account every now and then....

ok will do!! porque did you get shorter!!??
oh really, the rock thrower-fun! be sure to keep and extra eye on him!! has his current comp had any problems? I was thinking about you staying in the area, and it must be that you still need to find someone, maybe its Christopher or someone else, this is the longest you've been in an area and with someone right? how do you feel about it? still have those spiritual moments?
haha i will, nope no problems as of right now, i hope soo!!! ya hes my first comp to be with me for 3 changes!!!! and its been pretty good!
Im getting older :) haha, maybe the fat I lost off the bottom of my feet hahahah
Love you Justin,
God bless and be safe and healthy in all you do! have safe travels,
Love you tons

love you mom your the best!!! :)
so awesome, treasure everyday, we are getting close to moms day, 4 1/2 weeks
love you

yessss cant wait, love you

Monday, April 4, 2016

Chile habenero

Dear mom, and dad, 
this week was a hard week at the start, we are still looking for new people to teach, we had a lot of rejection, but the conference was a great thing.... gave me alot of energy and new strength to keep on going, i loved president Monsons talk and i loved priesthood session, it was all really great!! i loved Hollands talk aswell, he rapped up all the words  very nicely and it was great, im glad im on there team..;) ha we jsut watched the conference here in Ocotlan and the elders from Miahuatlan came and friday night we ate habeneros and that was just dumb... but i can speak spanich better now..;) haha umm i feel like this psat wedk i felt like i was put to the test, but i feel like my conversion has gotten stronger, i loved how President Monson talked for Priesthood, it was short but it was a great talk.
Changes... there are none.. a few elder in the district got changed but im staying here with Elder Merrill for another change!! ill be with him to burn a tie and he will be with me to burn my pants!!!:) im super excited about!! and we still have aliot of work to do... :) i am super greatful for you mom! thanks for the love and the support, i really am eternally in debt to you and for all the things you have helped me to get by, i hope and pray that my wife has at least half the charectoristics that you have, of a loving caring mother.. im glad that you guess had a great week!! the Lord sure does bless us everyday and every week!! love you guess!!! :) love elder Weaver
Yea you get to stay together and celebrate mile markers :) I'm sorry rejection, but glad you are learning from them ;) opposition in all things and it will make you work harder this week from the spiritual uplift of conference ;) I'm anxious to read Pres monsons talks even more so now, maybe I'll look them up on line ;) tell me more about being put to the test.... I'm praying that you can feel our prayers and hold tight to the rod ;) how do you feel about not being changes?
I hope your wife is better because you deserve better and you'll want better to raise my grandkids ;) haha big smiles!!!!
i feel good!! if there was changes i was hoping to train, but because there wasnt changes, im glad that im still withElder Merrill!! do yo communicate with his mom very much??????? :) did you see the faceboook of the mission? 

Hillarious!!! But honestly I have to ask why? Hahaha.... Did you get a belly ache after, and was it as hot coming thru you?
How is rash on leg?
just cuz, we are 19 to 20 dumb boys.. haha oh man it hurt.. haha i threw up after a hour and it came out my nose and my nose was on fire...;) hahaha yes it was hot coming in and out.. legs are all good!!:) 
Haha!!! So silly boys!!! Traveling this week? How is Edwardo? Did Julio watch conference with you? Did a lot of members? Figure out what are your legs? Travel this week? Still DL?

this week dont think so, maybe for the next week!!  he is doin good he liked the conference and so did julio he could only watch the first session on sunday but he liked it alot!! there was a lot of members for the first session on sunday.. still Dl yes!! and im happy! :) 
I'm embarrassed have contacted his mom yet I promise I will this week :l haven't looked at FB for a week, are you on it? 
ya!! and President is holding my utes shirt!! :) 
Sweet!! I'll find it and share from your page ;) see them often? Still having enough food and water? Clothes holding out ok? If not please get what you need ;) 
Tell me about some of the rejections, may get the frustration out of your system and find relief.... I'm sorry that happens, I'm sure it's so difficult when you are trying to share somethings so dear to your heart and somethings you know would change lives.... Keep chin up!
not too oftern but a little bit.. ya everything good with food and water.. ya got clothes aswell! well some of the times my comp is just introducing who we are like..... Hola somos representantes de Jesucristo and the start to shut the door... and i sit there like... did they hear correctly... or no... haha its all good though.. ive got to the point were i know how to jsut blow it off..:)

Who is the gringo? Do anything fun for pday today?
we rode 45 miles and climbed two big hills, killed my legs...makes me realize how strong your dad is...he is incredible!  Gpa laughed at your pic and said so crazy, looks super hot!!!
hes from Miahutaltan.. adn no.. with the change of clocks we were way tired..  hahaha it killed it made my ears hurt sooooo bad!!!! ha 

this was my last district... 
Your the best looking still in a group ;) proud mom!!!! So how many changed today?
just 2 chnged the gringos are the same and the kid that threw the rock is still here..
How is he acting? Temple trip again soon? Having fhe tonight? How are Giovanni and Emmanuel? Any names for the temple?
good.... not forsure i hope to go with Julio somtime soon, yes we have FHE tonight.. they are douing good!! :) they  made a poster for elder Merrill because they thought he was goingto leave
The chile hurt your ears? That's hottest!!!! I can't even imagine-how many did you eat? Were you having a contest? Did you win?
;) think that's the craziest thing you've done on mission? Haha! What was most spiritual experience last week? 
ummm not the craziest thing...;) haha umm it was most definelty the conference!! the talks were incredible and i feel more fortified!!
What's the craziest?;)
ohhhhhh mother, for that be a "when im home story" 
it was terrible..... one of the darkest night ive ever had,,, ha just one... ya we had a contest to see who would drink milk the lsat.... i won...;) hahaha 
What are you teaching for fhe? Do you have a ponderize for the week? 
we are goig to talk about when Christ comes.. and we are going to do a activity.. and the ponderize is alma 43 22-24 and we are going to refer it to conference :)
Tell me about the darkest night... Cause sick from chile or because of reactions?
ummmm both.....:)
Really...you can't just leave it at that, are you better? You know that you are one of the very most valiant and Saran will try hard to recruit you-be string and remember your on the best team and strongest and a very key player ;) your mvp!
hahaha yes!! pepto bismo is a life saver!  hahaha we are all mvp players...:) thats from Hollands talk!! :) 
elder Merrill doing a good job as a missionary? Getting more comfortable about teaching? I'm sure he has been trained very well ;)
sounds good! He is getting better,  but its almost always a fight trying to get him to start a lesson... but.. who kknows..  ya hes doing great! :)  we are doing good! 
Tell him you can't hold his hand if he want to be a senior comp or trainer someday! Cut those apron strings!!! Haha-so hard!!! So how did pres get Utah shirt?
haha ok i will!! :) i told him that i had a present for him.. and gave him the shirt... haha and he laughed... but he didn twanna keep it.. thats ok, his loss..;) haha but thatnks so much for chatting mom!! i love you so much!! please be safe traveling!! love youall! have you heard anything from maddy V?
Haven't heard from madly for a bit, I'll reach out to her this week ;) I love you to justeroo, thanks for taking the time to chat, love it, brings tears every Monday to say chat with you again next week! Please have a safe week, I'll put name in temple and a general investigators prayer for new contacts this week!!! Love and treasure so much!!! Your super duper man!!! 
Mom xoxos

love you guys!!! love you mom! chat with you next weeek! be safe!!! :) Elder Weaver