Monday, February 23, 2015

Have a great week!!!

hola mom and dad!! hope you guys are having a super great time!! and enjoying the sun!! haha its super hot here.. haha mom i wouldnt worry about the package for a bit.. haha i wwent to the misión offices and signed papers and he told me it should get here in 10 days.. and i think that i was stopped and got all held up because the medicine.. if there was medicinde in it.. haha my week was pretty good!! we had a multi zone and president madson just planched us.. well those missionaries that arent being obeidient.. haha it was pretty good i am being as obeyient as i can be and trying to get better so didnt really apply to me.. haha  then we had stake conference this saturday and sunday and that was all just super incredible...haha president akin from the temple came and talked and i understood alot when he talked and i just loved the mixican people.. haha it was a better week but the worthy issue has still been bugging me.. haha ive been preying and fasting and just trying to find my answer.. haha still looking for it... ha but super good week.. not so much with my comp.. but whatever.. haha we have been trying to teach Alberto but he hasnt been there everytime we have been and so we are just teaching his cousin now her name is guille... sooo gonna keep trying to get with Alberto.. ha todaywe  had a zone activity for our pday and we watched meet the mormons... in spanish.. and it made me super homesick.. haha just because it was the last thing we watched as a family before i left.. haha but good week!! learned alot and i wont be moving áreas for at least 2 more weeks and even then dont know if ill get changed.. ha the wedding and baptism are for sure this week!! they are getting m,arried wed, and baptized saturday.. haha super excited about this!!

Thanks a bunch for the worlds dad... they really helped... more than you can imagince.. i figured out that the hard stuff and the hardest dicesions we have to make.. really defines our charector.  and i am trying to be the christlike missionary and do what i am suppose to.._____________________ haha ive been praying and i fasted this weekedn to help me find my charector. ha thanks a bunch!! have a blast on the cruise!! love you both!!!! love Elder weaver

 the rash on my hands comes every other day or soo.. haha had Street tacos!!!! jordan!!! soooooo good!! haha

love this family.... the grandma is super funny.... love them. their names are hns magdelena and adrianna, David,david, and idk the Little girls name.. haha but they were all super inactice then we came.. haha the Grandma loves to say that salvazion is personal. and its so true. and the oaxacan sunset from my roof
love you all!!! hope you all have a fantastic week!!! jax, jace, and jordan be safe and have a great week!!! love you mom and dad hope you all have a great week!!! have a great time on the cruis!! love you all!!! love Elder weaver talk to ya next week! ¨:)))))))))))))))))))))))))

printed off the quotes and im gonna look at them all day this week! thanks a bunch! love Elder weaver

note from Mom, sent a package the beginning of February, told he would get in 2 days, for $82.00....package stuck in Mexico city, the guy I went through with My Missionary shipping put wrong invoice on it and we have been trying to straighten out ever since, prayers and faith that he will get it!!! makes me cry when I think about it, so many put so much time into notes, letters and treats-I still thank you for your love and support for him.....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

training meeting February 11th

he is in the background :)


Hey justin!! My week was pretty good how was yours? We did maxs this week so I'm hoping to get a card so I can add some weight on! Last week I also went to the orthodontist and I'm gonna have to get braces in a month or two. So yea ha ha! How's your work coming along? Have you ever had an experience where you were scared? Love youJax
there you go jax!!! go hard buddy!!! don't hold anything back.. haha jax....... this has been the hardest week for me.. longest and saddest... ha I hope you are doing good buddy!! remember who you are and what you stand for and what you CAN become! love elder weaver

Hey my friend How's life? Anything new for you? Don't you get your couple married and baptized? Bet you never thought you would be Cupid, hope things are better with comp, keep working on it. It take time  and a lot of work and give and take sometimes more give then take, try to make a positive out of a negative learn and GROW to BE THE BETTER MAN!!!!! Learn from him and be better than him, I've seen you do amazing things and nothing is out of your reach with are father in heaven at your side!!!!! So smile welcome to life my friend :) thing her a great  weather is good  work is good.
     Please be happy make the best of a not so good time, it is going by so fast so have fun ,Nephi 2:25 :))))
    The PROUD DAD OF #44 Ross weaver
hey dad! noo.. we weren't able to get them married this week, but for sure this week we are getting a date of when they are getting married and ya.. haha things have been a ton better with comp.. he knows where I sstand and he doesn't bug me anymore about things.. haha I miss you tons dad! hope that things are all going good! had a rough week, with my mental side.. haha but thanks a bunch dad! love supermans son

You are a Champion against Satan!!! You can win!!! 
You are our son, we love you, you are a brother, they love you, most important you are a son of God, and he loves you!!!!
Remember the black coach video....
Today gentlemen, I am honored to coach you
More honored to be leading you onto the field of battle
But there's another honor to be bestowed upon you
And that is in the answer that comes with that question:
That's right, and you need to remember that all through this game
I will conquer what has not been conquered
Defeat will not be in my creed
I will believe what others have doubted
I will always endeavor to pull esteem, honor, and respect out of my team
I have trained my mind and my body will follow
I will acknowledge the fact that my opponent does not expect me to win
But I will never surrender
Weakness will not be in my heart
I will look to my comrades and to those who are a part of me in this world and those who have trained me
And I will draw strength from them
I will gladly go out into the field of battle
And I will move in everything I can do
And I will reach my field of battle by any means at my disposal
And when I get there, I will arrive violently
I will rip the heart from my enemy, and leave it bleeding on the ground
Because he cannot stop me
To my side I have comrades, comrades that have been with me through thick and thin
Who have sacrificed their blood, sweat and tears
Never will I let them fall, never will I let them down, and I will never leave an enemy behind
Because our opponent does not know my heart
No one will deny me, no one will define me
And no one will tell me who and what I am and can be
Belief will change my world
It has moved continents, it has moved countries, it has put men on the moon
And it will carry me through this battle
Defeat, retreat: those are not in my words
I don't understand those definitions
I don't understand when things go wrong
I don't understand mistakes
But I do understand this:
I understand victory,
And I understand never surrendering
No matter how bad things go my heart and my mind will carry my body through limits and weakness
Today will be that day
Not tomorrow, not next week, but right now, right here
In your house and in your homes
History will remember me
I will not let worrying affect my cause
I will define myself
I will write my own pages
And no one will tell me what I cannot be
I will never give up
Not until I've given everything I got
Because who am I? I AM A CHAMPION!
 CTR rings we sent him for Christmas to give to primary kids :) love it!
don't know why it wasn't clearere.. but like their rings.. and this was Tuesday their names are edgar jr and trarresa and we are going to get there parents married
Love their rings :) I've sent more in most recent package, hope you get it soon!!!  Loving the weather? You look pretty tan!!! Going on splits again this week?

nope we are done with splits this change..  ya I hope the package gets here soon... haha yes love the weather..  ___________________________________
Love you be happy, be safe, be kind to yourself!!! Remember all is well, proud of you, hope this week goes better-love you, love mom and dad!!!

hello, my lovely family! its super good to hear that you are all doing
super good! im glad dad and mom get to go on another cruz! thatll be super
fun! sounds good ill try and chat with jace and Jordan!!! haha umm this
 week was going super good! ha Tuesday we went to the offices and I signed something  for my visa and then we had a good day and taught about 6 lessons! wednesay was just wedenesday.. haah we had some good lessons but kind of hard day.. Thursday we had a zone conference and remember that I guy I told you about that came up to me on last week and said that he wanted to change his life? well... I had beeeeeeeen praying super hard and asked god to please put him in our path again if he truly wanted to change his life... well, we where in the zone conference, and I was sitting outside waiting for
something, and the guy straight up walks into the church!! and found me!!! he said he lost the book of Mormon that we had given him and he wanted another one! so I gave
him another one and got his address and again we saw him yesterday, his name is alberto! hes got tats and is a acholholic and wants to change... but he has also been reading the book of Mormon, he knows the story of lehis dream and he wants to partake of the fruit himself! haha after that happened  I was able to share the experience in the zone conference in Spanish, and it was super good! FRiday we went on splits. elder forsyth came to my area, and we went to work!! we found 1 new lady while we were looking for another guy, haha I asked her if this man was there, and she said no, so I asked her if we could talk with her, and she said sure!! ha we also had  5 lessons and just a super good day! The couple weren't able to get married this week, but for sure this week!! for sure!! I think,... ha feb getting married is free so. ha and maybe there bapstism this satureday! haha and today we played soccer as a district and with another district, and shopeeed and ya.. ha
Tell us about other adventures for the week, what did you learn at training meeting? Tell us about visits with splits-knock on doors? Eat anything fun this week?
we had a great training session and I finally got it.. hahaha after being here for a bout 2 months.. haha it was more about put out the effort and our atitudes about he mission.. haha  didn't eat anything special this week... besides cactus.. it tasted way weird but I ate a bunch of it.. haha we knocked a lot of doorsss  but one lady opened the door up and say my face... I was smiling.. ha and hurry and just shut it. ha sooo
Do you have a cold? You sound like you have a stuffy nose-haha!!! How are your clothes holding up? Shoes? See lots of pets? Any alligators? Who did you play soccer with? Win?

ya lots of pets... and we played soccer with a few other elders and we won both times.. no alligators.. ha clothes all doing good I have a cold and a bad cough..ha

Can you get some NyQuil from store to sleep with? Do you have a Walmart? How was church, investigators go?

a membergave me some medicine that tastes like Nyquil.. ha no we shop at a bodega and we had 3 go to had 3 go to church.. and I saw angelica Mitchell... she went to roy and was has 5 monrths left.. she is in my zone.. ha

Awesome!!! To see someone from home, see you do know somebody :) and look at all of the new eternal friends you are making there :) big smiles!!! Need to break out your nephite jokes, do they translate just as funny :) does medicine help like NyQuil? Love the pday shirt :) Stacie will be so excited to see pictures!!! (pday shirt says, my Mom Rocks!)

hahaha  thanks.. ha  and yes!! it was super good to see her! ha I think its helping a little! my throut doesn't hurt.. but just have a cough.. ha so when do you guys leave again and how long you gone????

We leave Saturday the 21-Saturday the 28th, pretty excited, we will send you a postcard :) might get there faster because we'll be there closer :) 
We are going to try riding horses this time, how you say, whoa horsey, whoa :) we will take lots pictures and send them...

wow... sounds like a blast! ha the other day there was a huge fiesta and people were riding horses.. looked like fun.. ha  ill be waiting for the pics!! ha


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Long Weeek!

wow! jax! work out tons! I wish I would have! enjoy and use every second! I miss football so much! my week was good! the comp is sick... so hes super... ya milkin it.. haha im just super happy when im talking with the people here... and they like me more then Watson... haha have a super good week jax!

Mi amoroso momma! this week has been pretty up and down!! haha the week was going ok then Watson got sick and so on Thursday he and me stayed in the house all day and he slept... I studied and wrote you letters which I sent today! then I just had a lot of time to think... hahah so I went to the roof and cried... I was super home sick missed you guys and just wanted to go out and work but couldn't.... Watson is really miking this whole scik thing..and now I have a little cough... hope it goes away.. ha then on Friday went on divions with elder sivelster he is from uragyra.. idk how to spell it.. haha but we went to work.. we were in my area and I lead discussed we did door contacts we found 2 news and we were waling abnd a guy came up to us with tattoos and stuff and said that he wanted to change his life... idk if he was being serious, but we giot his number and gave him a book of Mormon, and got his number.. it was a super amazing day! we also had 7 lessons! and then Friday came and it was back to the Watson and he doesn't take any advice from me on where we should go and stuff... but whatever. haha sundays are super long!
Yazmin is doing good! she was able to got the temple and do bapstims for the dead  this week! and shes super good!  and edgar and roguel want to get married tomorrow and then possibkly get baptized this satuurday!!! so have lots going on!!! really hope you are all safe and happy! learning more and more about myself and the doctrine and the people here.. they are amazing!!!

So proud of you keep up the good work, I love you buddy-love supermans dad!!!

were you able to communicate very well with Elder from Uruguay? their spanish a little different… how are your buddies?
yes!! I was able to communicate with him and the the people!!! haha it was super good I showed no fear! haha diego is doing good and so is angle.. we were able to talk with angels dad yesterday with the second counselor in our ward.. and it was super good! did you take a pick of you guys with the name tags!!?
How come Sunday's so long? What does your whole day consist of? Eat with members? What time church? Walk there? How far? My scripture today is alma 5, 12-13change of heart, reminded me of your seminary lesson you were so excited to share with us, read it during sacrament yesterday, loved how eager you were to share with us!!! I also rally like verses 33 to end :)
just because I don't understand to much.. I love the members.. but in the lessons and sacrament I just don't totally understand.. haha we start at 9 and we take a bus there.. ha I love that scripture.. ha my scrip is alma 17 talks about how they fasted and prayed. ana waxed stron with the authiryot of god

haha ok! sounds good! yes feels a little better.. coughs on me sometimes.. haha but we went to central or the city.. haha pretty fun.. but tons of people.. haha how are you and dad!???

nope... don't have pics today.. haha sorry didn't take any.. but haven't gotten anything from sis madsen.. im going to the offices tomorrow to sign stuff for visa.. and im feeling ok.. haha its hard for me to be happy.. idk.. if its Watson or the fact that I cant communicate howi want to.. haha yes  feels like it went by super fast! haha yes! ham sandwhiches and pb and j drinking whatever the members give me... haha

hahaha glad to hear that!!!! haha you are the best mom! I love ya dad! I miss you guys a whole lot!!!

Love and miss you too!!! Know you are missed here, we think of you all the time, but we know without a doubt, you are were you need to be, helping others have eternal families like our! Be happy, you have the greatest gift to share-and people will hear you and understand you!!! Promise-chin up!!!
 Hey bud this is dad keep your chin up it get easery with each and every step. You have to take the good with the bad just focus on the good and build upon that :) hard thing make you stronger. Just think how buff you getting :)))).   :o I love you. Smile don't miss us were old boring and slow enjoy your time out there now your stuck with us for eternity.     Love ya dad

thanks mom! ill remember that!! haha today after we had shopped, I saw another elder that had just got here and he went to fremont and I had mission prep with him! he had big eyes  and what not.. I can just imagine what I looked lkike when I first got here.. but he speaks Spanish already.. haha soo good day... love you guys talk to ya next Monday! we have family home evening tonight with 2 families and a few inv..  so good day!  you guys have a great week! love elder weaver haha love you dad....... thanks so much.. ill do my very best! im gonna make this week a good one! you too! thanks t you guys! love elder weaver

I forwarded sis Madsen email to me to you-did it come? Please be happy-language still coming, promise be patient...need a blessing from pres, or someone in office? Hope they have package for you tomorrow if not please ask elder Hernandez, mission secretary about it-he said they were working on getting it :)stuff in there will make you happy :) big smiles!!! Re-read pblessing, promises that you will get language!! 
You can buy whatever you need to eat-eat well, take care of you!!!

haha ok sounds great!!!! thanks so much ill try!! and yes I got that email! haha thanks mom youre the best! ill do that tomorrow!!! be happy mom! ill talk to you guys next Monday!!! have a super great week!! love you all! love elder weaver

Well as far as comp trouble I would say try to work things out.  In weekly planning under the comp inventory section tell him how you feel and that you want things to change.  See if he'd be willing to choose a Christlike attribute and work together on it so you both build your short comings.  Kill him with kindness :).  If non of those work and you have to...  Punch him ;).  I didn't tell you that ;).  Haha. How was your last week buddy?  Still getting people to church?  I hope so :).  I love you buddy and hope you have a good day and a good week :). Love Jace

haha ok ill try and do that.. haha my last week was super good ! we had 7 people go to church and we found 3 new inv... so good week!!! how was your week!  are you dating anyone!!!!!?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Temple this week

MI querido momma! how has this week been for you_! mine has been good but super long... haha the whole comp situation doesn't help a lot so the weeks are super long.. haha the changes don't affect me this time but my comp was made DL and so ill have to be doing more splits with other elders.. so that's gonna be great!! haha the families we are all teaching are all doing good.. haha a lot of them need to get married... and this week we are hoping to get a couple married and then their baptism done in the next two weeks or so.. haha they are super awesome his name is edgar and her name is roquel and he is just like a Mexican rick shock.. always smiling and laughing... just glad to be alive.. haha sooo hopefully that happens this week!! haha  this week on sunday we had 5 investigators go to church and yazmin 1 got up and bore her testimony!!! it was amazing... made me smile and soo happy! haha  I have been drinking so much coke.... I feel so unhealthy.. haha its from all the members.. ha
Tuesday I seemed to open up a bit and talk more.. haha even if its wtrong... just trying to talk.. and ya..
wed, the temple was soooo amazing... I neeedede it! I put your names in and the greandparent! and it was just super amazing!! the spirit is the samw no matter what! ha
thurs. we had interviews with president... and it was good you can tell he is new... haha but so am I so it was a good meeting.. ha I also got letters from maddy vanorman!!! and someone from California.. idk who they are but they sent me a letter.. haha
FRi I gave my first blessing to a little kid named axil.. he had stomadch problems.. so I gave a blessing.. started in Spanish then went to English then went back to Spanish.. haha good experience.. :)
During my studies this week I read the testimony of jose smih and it truly is just incredible! you and the family should read it! ha and my scrip this week is alma 7 11 through 13 talks about the atonement... it means so much to me right now....  but great week! LONNNNg week too... haha
 temple... this week:)

Great pictures!!! Prayers have been answered, I have been praying for a change for you with comp thing and it sounds like splits is a super option!!!! Yay!!!! 
Are you feeling good? Get to store to get food? Makes me laugh that so many live without getting married, lots of plans for this week? Mission pres ask you about comp?
thanks!! haha feeling good! but the weeks are long! haha thanks for the prayers! I know they are working! yes!! I bought ham and mustard and mayo.. so I can mkake ham sandwhiches! I know.. why not get married! lots of plans this week! talk to ya next week mom!love and miss you guys lottttttts!!! :)))))))
 Mom dad... Jordan jace and jax.. love you guys! hope you have a great week!!! tlak to you guys next week!!!! missed talking with you today mom... but its all good! ill make it through the week I hope.. :) no I will!! love you all! have a great week! talk to you all next week! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Hola mi hermano! este semano fue muy bueno.. ha yazmin is doing super good and im glad to hear that you took kayla out again!! the Spanish is coming more and more... ithink haha the think that is hard for me is knocking doors... haha but how is your head doing Jordan!? its all good and no pain right from when I hit you with a backlho... ha for some reason that came to my haed this week... and I was scared and worried about ya@! hope you are all good love and miss you Jordan!
way to go jax!! go beat walquist and made em look dumb,, haha this week has been super good but waaaay long.. haha nope... haven't played bball for ever.. ya... we play soccer.. not even that much.. but no I haven't been chased.. a lot of drunk guess wanna talk with us though... haha and ask us for money.. but what ever.. haha I love you too buddy keep it up and I love and miss you lots!

So weird today, email came at 4:15 p.m. I replied, got other emails at 6:00 p.m. 9:06 p.m. 1:45 a.m. and 3:40 a.m.  Sad we didn’t get to chat today, we tried, just wasn’t meant to be today….sent package so he should get it this week, hopefully that will make up for lack of emails today J  Thanks again for all of your love and support, for writing him, Shania-big thanks to you for all of his great surprises in his package!!! Gram/Grampa thanks for $$$ every month!  Love to each of you!!!  Have a super day!!