Monday, February 29, 2016

SO... dear mother this monday, after we wrote we went with Julio.. and we watched the restoracion and we testified at the end of it.. and he knows that its all true and he wants to be a member, but he said that hes not sure if hes for sure about commiting to doing everything. like allt eh laws and commandments, but we decided on this friday..  and he was pretty sure about it. we let him decide when. It was soo hard.. after we testified and the spirit was so strong.. and seeing in his face that he knew that it was true.. and still saying no.. broke my heart.. wanted to cry.. walking home that night i felt so bad, that i wasnt able to help him to feel ready for that date.. i apologized to my comp because i talked pretty much the whole time.. andit was jsut rough.. but he came to church yesterday and he said hes god for friday.  
Wednesday we went to eat.. and while we were eating i thought of a hermana.. and just had a impression that we needed to go to her house and give her a blessing. and she lives super far from where we were eating.. i looked at my comp and told him and he was like WHAT?? haha ARE YOUR SERIOUS??... and i said yes.. and he was SWEET! lets go.. haha and we  got to her house and gave her a blessing dont know why... still dont know why but.. we gave her one. and then last night with the branch secretary we gave him a blessing too.. he started talking to us about temptaions and problems like that.. and got teary eyed.. and asked us for a blessing. and we gave him one.. im still trying to get my comp to give one but hes still trying to get over the scared ill mess up part.. ha but i know for a fact that i messed up in the  blessing.. and im ok with that.. trying to help him to know its ok to make mistakes.. tryng to talk.. haha umm the boys parents didnt go to church.. and ya. dont know why... but that was our week! we were going to go to Oaxaca today for my comps paclages but ended up not going.. so today i bought new tan pants.. and we ate hamburgers today.. :) glad to hear that you are all doing good!!! and healthy!! tomorrow we are going on divisions.. im going to Miahuatlan.. and then Thursday we have a multi zone meeting in Mitla.. its gonna be a good week! love you all thanks so much mom for the quote! 

I am sorry things didn't work out as planned, but maybe it is the Lords plan :) Keep chin up and be happy, things will work with faith :) I am so glad that you followed the spirit to give the lady the blessing, you may never know why, but so glad you followed the promptings....and to help the other gentleman too, through their faith things will be better.
So we just barely got a call from Grm Linda, Gpa Steve has been in the hospital today, had 4 stints put in his heart, one in the main artery to the heart, he is in his room and doing better now, they will have him up and walking tonight, he will be there for a few days, but looks like they caught things in time and he should be ok, so add him to your prayers :) and be thankful for good doctors :)
Im glad you get to travel this week, are you both going? do you get to be with the big poly comp? sorry I forgot his name :)
How are you? glad you got pants, be sure to get what you need the money is there...
i will.. haha its jsut kind of hard somtimes.. haha wow.... im super glad that he is ok!! ill definetly pray for him and how is chandler doing???? no.. i am just going.. on tuesday and i think he is gong maybe thursday.. maybe.. ok will do an the pants that i got are 100 % cotton.. can i wash them by hand?? just in cold water!? is that ok??
I'm sure its hard, kind of a glimpse of heavenly fathers view-huh
Chandler is doing so good, we went to visit him last week, he grew 2.5 inches because they straightened him out so much, he is healing well and on the mend, trying to be careful....hard to not be able to bend through his back, but better than before as far as pain and they said he would also breath better because he is not bent up
your pants, wash in cold water and hang to dry and they should be ok :) I sent you a pair of black ones :)
Are you going to visit other investigators when you go that have already been taking the lessons? do they belong to branches too or wards? will you travel by bus by yourself?

ya thats true.. umm ya i go to see how they are working in the area, and see how clean the house is.. haha and trya nd help out the best i can.. sounds good.. the black ones that i started out with are now brownm.. mom, dad this week i have had a hard time thinking about the future... stressing about that, dont know why..but i have been, any tips!? i know i gotta focus here and now.. but i feel like ive stopped progressing somehow.. and its stressing..
i travel with someone.. my comp or the comp of the other area..

I will share my ponderize with you and see if that is any comfort....its Alma 36:1 "My son, give ear to my words: for I swear unto you, that inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land"  I have been listening to the scriptures when I walk outside in the mornings and I finished today and was looking ahead and saw this verse, and thought that is the one I will share with Justeroo. I like it because of the my son, I swear unto you, keep the commandments and things will work out- (me paraphrasing :)  I know this to be true, lose yourself in the people and the work right now, obey the mission rules, focus on sharing the gospel with any one you can, and things will all work out when you get home, you can only live line upon line, one day at a time, and moment by moment, not to say you cant plan for the future, I think the best way to plan is to continue to pray for your wife and that you will be inspired when you are home what direction to take and take that leap of faith that the things promised you in your patriarchal blessing will be a guide and you will be able to know at the appropriate time what to do
Set big goals for this next month, go into march like a lion, you can control your progression, don't be stressed, know that you are one person and are accomplishing the work you were sent to do in Oaxaca.  If you need progress one day at a time, set a goal every day, something new and that you can work to achieve and you know I am proud of you for all of the growth that I can see in you every strong and be happy! hope that what did you do today since no Oaxaca?
So plans for fhe?

Hey my friend don't worry about the future to much all will fall in to place as needed. Keep focused on the work of the lord and have a little faith and your future will be laid out in front of you when it is needed :) I promise, and I honestly don't think you can make a mistake when giving a blessing if you follow the spirit a misplaced word or forgotten word s not a mistake the lord KNOWS  ALL and understands, and by the way what is the best way to learn !!!!
Love you. all will work in its time and season :) no worries  DAD

You guys are the best.. thanks dad and mom, umm today we just went and bought food for the week and i bought pants and we went back home and we took naps.. for about an hour.. and ya..tthanks for the love and support, i know that your prayers and faith have really helped me more than you guys think..
this is elder Nonu.. he was my Zone Leader last change, this was lsat transfer when we went on divisions.. 

:) did you eat the whole pizza? you will put weight back on in no time if you spend a lot of time with him :) is he still zone leader? pizza good pizza?

pizza is a mexican pizza.. nothin like home.. ha nope he got changed and now hes training to end his mission, he goes home after one more transfer.

not sure if you are still on, or gone, hope you have a great week and that you are safe in all of your travels, God be with you and Julio :) we will continue to pray for them and I will put names in the temple
Love you Justeroo
Treasure you tons
Love mom
soak up sun for me:)

sorry the cybers internet crashed so we changed cybers.. haha but ya im good thanks for the support, yes we are in our apartment in that pic, sorry forthe time.. hate when internet is slow.. have a great week thanks for the love and support and comfort, love you all so much!1 have a great week!! your all the best!! be happy all the time! and be healthy! Love Elder Weaver

Love you too ;) big smiles, no worries, lots of faith! Follow the spirit
Be super duper
Love mom and dad xoxos!

Con amor elder Weaver:))))))))))))) super duper:)

;) love you treasure every moment-xoxo mom

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zone Field Trip-lots of pictures

WOW!!!! im super glad to hear that you guys are all good!! to be honest for some reason this week i was praying more so that you guys would be safe.... especially the day that you traveled.. im glad that Chandler was able to leave all good and healthy.. ive also been praying lots for him... he is getting big!! :) haha miss him.. tons. this week was good we went to the temple on thursday witht he intetion to do baptisms for the dead with Danny.. the recent convert but the president of the branch had us do a session with a older guy and we halped with his clothes.. he couldnt do anything.. so we put all his clothers on in the session.. and we watched the newest video.. andit was fantastic.. and just beein able to be in the temple was great!!!! when we left i felt so much joy.. and clamnes and happiness..  and Julio has his date for this saturday.. but yesterday in church he said that he doesnt feel ready.. but he is ready.. tonight we are going to have a lesson with him and watch the restoration vidoe and testify!! and pray and hope he will be ready for saturday!! and the parents of Gio and Emmanuel didnt come... but they committed to coming next week!! so pray for them!! haha and we had a good relaxing week.. today we went to see a Tree called Etule.. its 2000 yrs old and is huge!!! and then we went to Mitla.. it was a multi zone conference. we were in the sun alot today... im kind of dead.. hahaha but im so glad and greatful that you guys are safe!!! love you all and thanks for the support!! love Elder Weaver
didnt travel to much this week.. but this week w are going to Miahuatlan to do a interview.. and the tree is still living.. umm i think 4 sets would be good.. haha and ya thats great!! :) toes great! happy like me;)
did you eat the armadillo meat before he was stuffed? pretty cool!  love the gangsta pictures...silly boy!  Who cuts your hair-looks awesome!!!

no-... i wish i would have.. just a lady that works here.. she cuts our hair.. but isnt member yet.. 

how is the responsibilities of DL? How is Elder "rock thrower"? any new investigators to teach? So glad you were able to be in a session at the temple, the new movies are cool, the mood is more emotional and I love it-really makes you think about what decisions and how difficult somethings may be...
Do you go on splits this coming week? do you use an ipad to show video clips?
Any other requests for package?

Its good.. its crazy.. haha hes doing good hes kicked the other elder out in gear and are working pretty good. ya we went to find Julios mom becasue she wants to meet us and talk. but we contacted her but she wasdnt there and we talked with Julios cousin. and shes super cool and i feell like she can really progress!  no splits.. end of the month. nobody has Money.. 

so where is this, the tunnel pictures?
haha, not money to do splits...have you heard about Pedro and his leg? he posted pictures of something with his leg did he get his surgery...the ruins you saw are incredible! what is it called? did you buy any souveniers? you can there is money?

its called Mitla.. its ruins.. that we entered.:)there is some relations with monte Altban.. haha  and i havent heard anything from him...:( 

you totally made dads day saying you want to play ball again....I am kinda torn, I want you home for a while!!! I am selfish that way!! do you have a ponderize for this week? I know I am asking a lot and making you thnk when you are super tired :) haha!

how did i make his day?? ha well thinkin of the temple i felt like Ammmon.. after he got done preaching to the Lamenites. his moms fb is Genny Merrill.. im about a hour from the mission home.. last night we actually slept there.. haha 
and happy late Valentines day..
Ill look his mom up
how come you slept at mission home last night? how is mission pres and sis madsen? Please tell them hello from us next time and thank you for taking great care of you!!! love that she keeps her fb page current, saw more pictures of you from last meetings...
so craving any thing for package? Ill try and send Thursday, it takes about 10-15 days to get to mission home...
get any letters last time you were there?

ok and i sent her email.. we slept there so that we were closer to the ruins.. haha my whole district slept there with the asistents. they are doing good.. i took pics for them today.. and Presidnet was giving me a hard time about being a U fan... but it was fun...we were joking around and stuff.. ha umm... nothing really... haha what ever you want. you always do a good job, and ya i got a letter from you, hermana Ivie.. tell her soooooo many thanks!! :) and one from Maddy! :)

Do you want me to send food, like mixes, or cake mixes, I will send cookie dough...any ideas for Julio, I bought him one of those small christus statues...

and i think that is good for him! umm.. maybe like cake mixes.. please and ya thats good! 

we had a return missionary, newly married kid speak in our ward yesterday and he said towards the end of his mission he heard a apostle talk and advice that young men should pray for their future wives, we kinda heard the same talk remember? anyway he prayed that she was preparing herself for a temple marriage and that he would too and that he would recognize her and know her when they met, and he did after two dates he knew his date would be his wife, anyways, just something I thought I would share and its something you can do now that is not too distracting from the spirit and helps to prepare and pray for someone you will spend the rest of your life with
whew....any who
not to worry about things now!

haha ive been praying fopr my future wife since i had a yr...;) hahaha thanks mom! your the best!! not joking... love you sooo much! 
Mother!! thanks so much!! i love and im soooo eternally greatful for you and dad!! you guess are the best and always give the best examples.. thanks for the support! love you all have a super duper great week!! be safe and look for Christ everyday! ponderize.. 1 nefi 9 6 
Love you all Elder Weaver

My dear Justin, I love you to and am so proud of you, continue to follow the spirit and know that you are in our prayers and that you will be safe and find those searching for the gospel, tell Julio we send our love and pray for him-have a super week, be safe, happy and healthy!!!
love you, treasure you so much!
So blessed to be your parents,
super duper thoughts!
love mom and dad

Love you guys!! have the best week!!! love Elder Weaver:)

Hello Justin how is your world going sound like you are crazy busy. Go go go hope your loving it and I hope your happy. It's great to get in the groove with all cylinders hitting. Hope that is still the case for this week and the rest of the mission. Things here are good weather getting better window well going good we can do about 4 in 2 - 2.5 hrs if I don't have to yell to much :)  I guess mom told you about are trip down south, if you read my email first you'll have to want to read moms but it was crazy.
I'm sorry I don't have much to say I'm just not a man of many words. But I hope you KNOW how proud I'm of you your a great man doing a great work keep it up and smile at someone for me today  love ya

        Do you miss Football and do want to play at snow when you get home;)

                               Love you super son.  Dad

thanks dad! ya ive been super busy.. but the time flys by... its so crazy.. there isnt enough time in the day to do everyting.. haha  glad that you guys are safe and thanks for being a great example and helping others at all times.. like Christ would.. i love oyu dad keep up the good work.. ya... i miss ball so much. but ive gotta gain more wait.. i weighed myself today in the offices and im 175..  but i wanna play ball again and im gonna get it. Love you superman! saving semi trucks and all... ha Love ya dad! Love Elder Weaver

Monday, February 15, 2016

Feliz Dia de Amor

Dad! just wanted to tell you that this week was a goood week.. i went to Zimatlan to do a interview.. but she didnt pass... the elderes hadnt taught her tithign.. so we lost a whole dy going out there.. and i just thought of that as one of the lessons youve taught me... that if im gonna do something do it to my very best and dont look back.. or we lose time..or we gotta do it all over again.. i love you dad! good luck witht he races! be safe! be great be you and get it done!;) haha love you dad love elder Weaver

Feliz Dia de Amor.. to be honest i just made that up i dont know what they call it here.. haha happy Valentines DAy! thats great yes!!!! this week with Julio we had one of the most spiritual lessons ive had on my mission.. we taught him the law of chastity.. and when we got done he commited to live it and then he just had some questions.. like why does life go good for some people and bad for others... and we shared a scrip in isias55.. and we helped him to understand a little bit of why.. like how God has his ways for us.. and my Comp shared a fantastic experience that brought the spirit so stong.. about his brother... and his family... he couldnt say it perfectly but you felt the spirit for sure.. and i just helped him with a few words and ya.. and to end the lesson i asked him again if he would pray to know of these things for himself.. and i leaned down to put my scrips in my bag. and he said what if ive already gotten my answer?? and i looked at him and said.. whats your answer? and he paused fror a sec.. looked down and got a little teary eyed and said. Ya i want to get baptized.. and for some reason i asked why... ha and he said because i want to have the Holy Ghost in my life and i want a eternal family... thats when i almost started to cry.... i knew at that point the spirit had touched his heart.. :) and he made the sacrifice to come to church yesterday.. even though he had a school thing.. hes great.. hes 20 and is just great.. 
with the kids we might have to wait a little bit.. they could get baptized this week.. but there parents havent come to church.. so we are going to try and get them to come to church at least 2 times before they get baptized... so we are going to see... 
Changes... im gonna stay here with Elder Merrill until April!! :) and my Kid Elder Hernadez.. the one that hucked a rock at my face is now in my district.. 
talked with President about coming and ya you guys can come... but he said it would be easier if you can contact the church transportion... and you guys pay for my ticket and my plain to get back and then they will just reemburse you.. and idk if you can check my visa...? when does that go up?? :) ive been super good!! happy!!! and today we played bball with a recent convert.. and it was super good to play! love you mom!! im always praying for you guys to :) please be safe traveling!! love Elder Weaver

:) brings tears to hear about Julio :) So happy for him and for you!! and so very excited you get to stay there until april!
So how will it be having Hernandez in your district? has he been a problem with anyone else? We did the plane ticket thing that way with Jace, so we will work that out and be in touch with them-so excited!!!
Your visa should be good for the whole two years I thought but I will double check:)

not sure he just got here tomorrw and ill see him tomorrow at the district mtg... im gonna wear a helmet.... so he cant touch see or throw rocks at me.. ha haha i renewed my visa in november i think..

haha-helmet so funny, you should call him "David" and he is trying to get goliath but his aim is way off, you are a good guy!!
Why don't the boys parents come to church? When will Julio baptism be, I would like to include something in your "Easter" box for him, any ideas, a journal or something? How was interview with Pres this time, last time you seemed perplexed at the questions he asked you about your growth....

dont know why they havent come.. we are always inviting them.. and we almost got the mom to come yesterday.. but ya.. and julio is for the 27th.. or this month.. umm maybe a dollar..;) haha hed like that.. or ill ask him and see what he wants.. when are you gonna send it!?  they were good!! we talked about the district and about the elders that have been having problems and about our inv... so it was good!

How is your TOE?
a dollar? really?  I would like to send it the end of this month so that it is there for the first of March...sound ok?  Did you get letter/card from Sis Ivie yet? any cards from us?

my toe is all good.. not infected and doesnt bug me at all.. that would be great!!! they told me that i have 2 letters.. in the offices.. but i might not get them until next tuesday.. 

:) so glad about your toe, :)
So will this be our new time to chat or just today?
How is your branch? how was church yesterday? Are you going to the temple on the 18th? and if so who is it that is going? will it be their first time?

just today.. because we have to go water the church today.. ;) haha the branch is good.. and yesterday the yw did a program and the stake people came and they all talked with me and Elder Merrill.. and ya we are going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the 18th! we are going with the branch! 

awesome, please add chandlers name to the prayer roll when you go, he goes in for surgery tomorrow, its supposed to take 5 hours and then he will be in ICU for a few days and in the hospital for at least a week, then recover at home for at least 6 weeks, poor guy has a long rode ahead of him, just pray he is not in pain and able to heal properly :)
any pictures today? and what does it mean to water the church today? be sure to get pictures of all of you at the temple that will be awesome! I may go the same day with grm Pat... so nice to be able to enjoy the blessings and not hear the noise of the world :)
Do you have ponderize for today?  Did all the boys write you today?

Done.. :) ill put his name in the temple on thursday:;) like we are going to water the grass.... wellthey call it grass.. but its more of a work in progress.;) just jace and jax.. dad and jordan no.. umm i was thinking for the ponderize john 14 27 :) 

and that was my district before changes..
i told my comp to contact a guy on a bus.. and he talked eglish with him.. he talked english.. go figure.. and then i contacted a guy in spanish that sat at the back with me.. ha my comp gets tired when we have to travel.. i dont blame him..

  im glad im a eagle scout.. i fixed our bed frames now we dont have to slepp on the ground.
Love it!! must have been inspired to speak English!  Im glad you are an eagle scout to and you always amaze me, glad you are not on the ground anymore! you are a genius!! are you staying warmer at night? eating well?
ya im eating better!!! kind of..:) ha and yes im staying warmer at night.. 
the "kind of" concerns me...craving anything?-instant potatoes, want some spaghetti with sauce? oatmeal?
no im good i can buy all theat here.. umm maybe skttles or m and ms..
k, Im sending other treats too, socks and garments, a pair of pants, ctr rings, vitamins, something for Julio, and some easter stuff....
I love this time of year when the seasons change again and it becomes warmer, snow starts to melt and I can see buds on you notice any changes in seasons? maybe the natives not wearing their coats? (is that the only difference is the temperature?)  

nope... no changes..;) haha so youll send that at the end of the month? so ill get it at the end of march??or??
Im hoping that because you aren't so far from the office that it will be sooner than a month after I send it, it takes 10 days from my house to the mission home :)  Ill try and get it off beginning of next week :) love you! hopefully youll get in the middle of March, dad says he loves you and thanks for the encouragement :) Be super duper!
sounds great! love you dad! be safe and have fun! 
bball today for pday!
Jax will love the bball pictures, misses playing with you!! a ton!! I still cant get over how clean it is in this glad, any rats?
me too its super clean.. and nope.. no rats.. 
thanks so much mom for writing me... i love you so much... please be safe traveling this week! and dad good luck!! youll do great! just do your thang.. love you all so much!! miss you all so much... thanks for the support and prayers.. all of you have a great week! love elder Weaver

I love you too, and thanks soooo much for chatting with me, we will be safe! you too! have a beautiful week, enjoy the temple, find joy there, take time to pray in the celestial room, its incredible!! be happy, be super and do your thang too :) treasure you my Justeroo,
Love always
xoxos till next Monday :) well really forever!

haha love ya till next monday:)

Monday, February 8, 2016


Hola Mother!!! i shared a experince with julio.. the vry first time that we taught him... he didnt believe in God and he kind of didnt really believe in the bible... but we invited him to pray to God to know if he was really there.. and he stared at me as if he didnt know that he could do that..  and i shared with him that he his a child of God and that He wnats to hear from him and he just kind of sat there.. the spirit was super strong... haha i shared that with elder Casteñeda and almost cried... ha Julio is doing good came to church again.... hes happy and we had that new convert and his mom go to the temple... and they loved it!! i really wanted to go.. but comp lost his recommend. but thats ok because the lord will provide.. they are going again for the 18th and we have intervies with president tomorrow!! so my comp can get a new recommend tomorrow!! haha i hope that we can go!! well... 
Divisions was super great with Elder Nonu... we learned so much together and we had some very spiritaul lessons.. and we found 5 new people to teach! and then to answer your Question about my toe..... well to end the divisions..... we went to Elder Nonus house.... or Doctor Nonus house.. and he got it out..... it was by far the worst pain i have ever felt in my foot ever... and i probably would never do it agian.. with out anastisa.. or without it being numb.. haha and my comp had a little engrown toenail.. and he also got it out!! ha and we got some good vidoes.... i never cried and neither did my comp. and to be honest ive been good ive kept medicine on it and .it hasnt hurt me from the day he got it out... but i honest feel like tongans have no sense of pain... when he grabbed my foot and put the clippers in my toe.. oh man,.... there was no going back... hahah but im good now!! :)))) in my next package could you send vitamins????  this week was a good week.. we have changes next monday.. this change went by super fast!"!!!
With Giovanni and Emmanuel, we might have to put there date back a little further.... we need to try and get there parents back to church... soo keep them in your prayers... love the quotes and ill try and help jax out a bit!! haha is there a date yet for jace!!??
Sorry about chandler.. ill for sure keep him in my prayers.... love you guys glad everything went good down in St George!!!! miss you guys!! i thought about you guys alot this week!! take care!! love you all- Elder Weaver

cute puppy! I have thought about getting another dog, house dog, but really, really cant do the whole putting them down again, so hard, so probably have to visit you guys and all your dogs :) did you get a new satchel? pants yet?  yes ill send vitamins :)

ya my comp gave me it.. he wanted to trade the watch that i bought for it.. haha still dont have pants..:( haha maybe this week.. 

:) still loving things with Elder Merrill?  does pres interviews mean transfers are coming up again? did you trade your watch? need another?

NOPe hes a flod.... no jk hes a great guy!  ya tranfers are next monday.. but idk if we are changing.. ha nope im good i still have a watch :)))))))

this pic is for grandma pat...;) and for all those who try and take my picture-ahahah!

thought about you a lot this week too :) hope yours were happy thoughts-big smiles!! ouch sorry about your toe! is the medicine an anti infection medicine?
Awesome about Julio, he is continually in our prayers, and Giovanni and date for Jace yet, she is going to peru in may for a humanitarian trip and they are thinking August as of right ring yet tho...
So did you do anything fun today? how was your week with new investigators?

ya its Neosporen..:) and i was super happy!! wait she gets back in august!!??  tody we just cleaned the house and went and ate with a hermana.. it was good with the investigadores!! :) we need tokeep finding.. this week we have had some member comment on the angel of mororni.. saying he wsa a angel from the devil.. they think that Galations 1 6-10 its talking about moroni.. so weve been clearing alot up about him... this past week.. those dange Cristans....
_________________ Do they celebrate Valentines day in your neck of the woods?  how is your little branch going? think you will be sticking around? will comp?

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at you jace.... ;) haha wait till the end of October..;) ill be home.. hahah nope.... we are in mexico... i dont even know how to say Valentines day in spanish...  i want to stay here..... but i dont know what i feel..

jax just got home, he squatted 295 today, other maxs to come :)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats my bro!!!!!!! is he happy about that???

_________________ :) it's your turn to ponderize, got one?
Crazy ideas about angel moroni, and they are Christians?
Got a new washing machine this afternoon and stuff is not fitting right, so frustrating...but you know how I go through still doing the bucket thing and hang to dry?
Do you know your address, I would like to look up neighborhood on google earth :)

very cute girl, who is she? need more rings? your toe, Justin is awful!! is that before or after, is looks so ouchy!! please stay on top of it, if it gets infected you need a real doctor, find something like neosportin for it...ouch!! im sorry!  dog is cute in the bowl, lots of dogs in this area? great picture in the sun, Im putting that on fb!
have fhe tonight?

yup loving the buckets.. and hang dry... haha good luck with things!! We live in the calle Libres number 107.. esq. Guillermo Prieto..:) love you mom good luck thanbks a bunch!
ya need more rings.... and ya i have neosporen!! it was after.. and in that pick it didnt hurt at all!! it felt so much better!!!!!!! theres a few... not a lot.. of dogs.
my comp is now Oaxacano ;) ate the grasshoppers..;) 
i think the Internet is being super slow..... lov you mom thanks for chatting with me!! hope you all have a great week!!!! love you all so much!! keep your head up jax! i say a quote the other day that said that we are the only ones that put limits on ourselves... DONT LIMIT your abilities.... love youmom!! stay warm! love you jordna and jace!!!!!! love ya dad! way to compete with those teenagers!!! im sure you showed them a thing or twoo..;) love you guys! hasta el proximo semana!!! love elder Weaver

please watch it so no infection! so sorry! Ill send more rings anything else? I will try and get it together and get it to you by easter, the end of march :)  We are checking on flights for October, so maybe if in office next week and you remember mention that we would like to come and see if that's ok with pres and mrs pres...

ok will do!!!! take care!! love you guys!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Justin's travel areas

Justin lives in Ocoltan, and travels to Zimatlan and Miahuatlan during the week, sometimes both places, he interviews for baptisms in all three areas...just a little FYI :)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder Casteneda and Monte Alban

Hello.. this week was a super good week!! starting with Elder Casteñeda.. right when he got to the church he asked me if i was Jordans brother.. and i said yes.. and he said nice to meet you and the meeting was great to be honest i learned alot and at the first i gave the experience in a devotional and during the meeting he told me and another elder thanks for giving experiences so spiritual.. and in the meeting we talked about prayer.. the commandments.. and obedience.. and several times Elder Casteñeda was emotional.. hes a great guy!! and i gotta say my President of the mission did a great job aswell... Julio is doing good we are still teaching him and he came to churhc again and so di the little to kids.. and their parents havent really been home tolk with.. but they are super great andnice.. we are still praying for them... there moms name is maria hernandez.. and we got power last monday.. when we got back to the house  we had power.. it was so great and this week weve been able to study better and take warm showers.. we didnt have divisons this week.. we are doing divisions tomorrow.. Elder Nonu is going to come here with me and Elder Merrill is going to Xoxocotlan.. and im super excited for that!! i still have my bad toe nail.. it hurt super bad one day, so when we got home i tried cutting off a part and i got a part off and my skin was cut and my nail was like in my skin... haha but it feels alittle better.. still bugs but im doing ok!;) sorry Jax.. hope you can feel better... miss you buddy!! gotta get better so that when im home we can play more ball... and do everytiung.. haha thats going to be fun!! be safe!!! good luck dad! your number one... your superman.. today for pday we went to Monte Alban.. hahaha it was good got a little burned.. but this week was a good one.. we got rejected alot by people.. but we just keep moving on... haha and we have about 5 inv, that are progressing and we jsut gotta keep finding more!!!!!! :) love you guys hope you get better jax and hope you have fun on the bike race dad!! love Elder Weaver

prayers are answered in so many ways, so grateful for little things like you having power and warm showers....get toe taken care of so it doesn't get infected and become worse, have you talked to mission mom about? 
I will add Marias name to the prayer roll and the others again as well....
Is Elder Nonu the one you went with last time that is concerned about numbers not the person? Jax just got home from school and is feeling much better than yesterday,, he is anxious for you guys to play again too! :)
Did you go with your district to Monte Alban or zone, get to see any old friends? Are you eating better with power?
How was church, did all 5 investigators go? we will pray that more will be in your paths as you are out and about....staying put all week or do you travel to the other two places again?

haha no she doesnt know yet....;))) haha no Elder nonu is a tongan.. hes a ZL.. i report with him everynight.  and we went to Monte Alban.. like the pyramids:) and ya saw some old friends!! no just 3 went to churhc this week,..i might travel a little bit on wed... just a little ...

I have been putting up pictures you send at the church in the shadow box and all the kids in priesthood look everyweek and ask about them and your experiences, they all guessed wrong on the armadillo soup stuff :) what kind of service projects do you do in this area? any more branch activities? what are you teaching for fhe tonight?

hahaha thats funny!! haha we do all kind of stuff... take out the trash.. clean house.. clean whaterver.. haha this saturday i think they are having a yw activity... and we were jsut to busy we werent able to make a fhe night.. tonight we are just visitung.. 

:) you sound super busy and super happy, so glad!!! Sister Ivie asked if you got her card she mailed last month, she is so sweet, she is always so concerned about you when I go visiting teaching and she prays for you and weeps, she gives me and the boys $10 for your account whenever she has us do service for her, she says she wont let us help unless she can contribute to you :)
I ran across this quote by Elder Holland I think on the lds church it and ponder it!
It is not happenstance that the first article of our faith is “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost” (Articles of Faith 1:1). The message is clear for all who teach the gospel. There is no point in going on to the other truths we believe if we haven’t fixed in our minds and in the minds of those we teach the preeminent role of the Godhead in our doctrine and in our eternal destiny. We are to know these Divine Beings in every way we can. We are to love Them, draw near to Them, obey Them, and try to be like Them.

haha thnaks that very nice of her.. i think im going to get it tomorrow!!! her card..  thats a great quote by him.. i think its so true... we cant help anyone else get closer to God if they dont know his true existence...

so think of things besides garments that you need in your box, and do you like the ones that we sent you with, remind me what you need another cool rag? I have a pair of pants I bought dad and they don't fit so I'm sending those to you, and of course candies, do you want more cookie dough? :) how are you for journal and stuff like that? socks?

ya i could use some socks... umm not sure i had the spandex kind.. but i dontknow what size they have all washed off.. haha umm i would like some cookie dough.. haha.. and im good with journals!! haha but this week im completing 15 months...__________

Ill look up in your mission box and see about garments :) if you can think of anything else during the week, write it down, and tell me :) ______ we are starting to look into flights to come get you and we will get in touch with mission pres as it gets closer so we can plan :) so excited to see Oaxaca!

sounds super good mom!!!!! sorry but got to go... time goes by way to fast... but i love this area alot!! the members are great and its safe... im so greatful for you guys!! thanks so much for the love and support! and the comfort about the future.... sounds good!!! have a good week and be safe in all your travels!! love you guys!! Love Elder Weaver

love you too! please be safe and find joy in your week! love every moment, its going faster now that we are on the down hill side! be safe in your travels, follow the promptings, so proud of you, love you, thanks for taking time to chat with me again-I love it!!
Love you mucho
 Elder Casteneda was Jordan's mission President in Villahermosa, MX and is now an area 70 for the church....speaking to Justin's mission, Jordan fb him and asked he to look for Justin :)....small world

love love love pictures!!! you look great!, the corn looks yummy, and it makes me smile when I see the temperature and you are wearing a sweater and we are going to saint George to be that warm :) haha!!
love the picture of you all jumping - what a great sight!!! and the picture with the picture of Christ, that is jax favorite to show people!!
Is there bofm history there that you can see or feel?

haha and that tongan is who im going on divisions with!!! umm nooo i dont think so.. but its  a cool pic..;) hahaha it gets super chilly here at night..

he looks awesome!!! you should do the huaka with him and record it :) still write pres every week even tho you report to zl every night? Are you loving being dl? did your problems missionaries get straightened out? you don't seem stressed like in last area, so glad!! hope that you get to stay with Merrill for another go around...
Things here are good, we are planning a 50 wedding anniversary open house for gram and grapa, in March, trying to cruise again in March, maybe the western caribean, my lady that was inactive has been coming and she is starting temple classes with her husband on Saturday :) so excited for them!!
Does your branch get to attend the temple very often?

ya i like it... but man... im tired.. haha its alot of work.. umm ya they are getting better..:)  ya i still write Pres.. and i hope so too.. i would like to be here with him another change and then if he left and get another greeny!!;) i would like that! i like to train! thats great!!!! and they are actaully going this saturday... but my comp lost his reccomend.. so idont know if we can go.. and Pres isnt here in the city.. 

darn that would be awesome to get to go with them to the temple! That is a great trait to have, training newbees :) maybe that will work into the future plans, its a talent and not everyone has the patience to deal with those kind of situations!!
Tell Merrill hi and thanks from me for making things better and being easy to get along with so that my Justeroo is happy and can feel the spirit! I hate the spirit of contention, I know that there must be opposition in all things, but sometimes it wears one down...definitely makes you appreciate the good things tho!!!
any candies sound good, or pasta?

Love you guys have a great week! love you! :)