Monday, April 27, 2015

New companion

  It has been rainy here so works a little slow, but everybody says we need the water so it we deal with mud :))) things here are good, riding a lot, signed up for lotoja this year, find out in May if I got in. At lest it gives me a goal to ride for, I've raced down at RMR twice and hong on no wins yet, but I did move up to a faster group and that fun and harder. Enough about me what is life like in your put of the world? Looks warm.
     We hope and pray that the new comp will be able to keep up with you, maybe you could get a greeny and you can train him to be a strong reliable servant of the Lord just like you.:) I want you to know we pray for you always and want only the best for you! You are the captain of your ship so you guide it how you want, just let the Lord be your guide don't let others push you around or make you feel less than you are!!! Bring them UP to you level. If you need food get it if you need to study do it if you need to pray pray. As long as you are following mission rules you DO what you need to do. You and your comp and the Lord are a TEAM so work that way. Love the people you serve and they will love you rite back. Make your mission what you want it to be, and what are father in heaven needs it to BE!!! Your on his time now, have fun be happy love every minute it will be over to soon your 1/4 the way done that's is crazy fast. So love it!!!
                        LOVE YOU MY FRIEND BE AWESOME
                                MISTER ROYALS DAD
THanks dad! im glad that you are doing great and sorry about the mud...its been raining alittle bit here too.. off and on. ha keepp up the good work with the bik races!! you look super good and happy! i hope you are always happy! i am doing good this past week like i guessed duidnt work that much... but i got my new comp today and we seem to already be on good terms and he is from Columbia close to were marcus is serving. and im super excited to work with him.. i hope this week goes good and im going to make it what i want it to be and what the lord wants it to be! love you dad hope you have a great week! love supermans son
wow!!! so glad you are all doing so good and i hope everyone is happy and glad that we habe the gospelin our lifes.. ha this week like i guessed was hard.. didnt work that much.. we had a lot of FHE so that was good and we got fed alot! and this saturday we planned on having a bapstism for jamie and we did... but remmeber cristina!? we got her mom to give us permission at 430 and we hurry got a other Elder to come and do the interview and she passsed and was baptized at 7 with jamie.... it was  super incredible and prayers weere anserred so thanks so much! 
Elder sarmiento iis gone and now im with Elder Barrera he is from Columbia! close to were marcus is serving! he has a super different accent and its kind of hard to understand sometimes becasue he talks so fast... ha but i think we will get along and work hard... im excited to see how this week goes with him.. ha i love and miss you guys so much.. and they took out the other two missionaries from the área so now our are is alot bigger. ha and im just working with spanish and english right now.. found the other languages in the offices.. but idk someday might use them! and ill try and figure out a good time to skype and thanks somuch for your love and support! i love you guys and miss you so much! have a great week!!"!!
Getting off? Package is on way, I've tracked it and it says it cleared customs in Mexico City :) how old is comp? Been out long?
nope!! ha sweet!!!!! thanks so much mom!!! i really wish i could hug you right now.... could have used alot of moms hugs this week.. ha comp is good so far!!!  ha been with him for about 4 hrs.. and we talk alot! he is super cool i think.. ha how are you!?
I'm good, mowed the grass with Jerico :) Jace sleeping on couch, Jax at track, dad doing office stuff, Jordan cleaning his room.... So incredible about baptisms! Prayers answered... So what kind of things happened last week? Excited about bigger area? Excited that you stayed?
super happy stayed and idk about the bigger área.. because it was already so big.. ha we have a FHE tonight. and itll be super fun can you send me more ideas next week for FHe.. ha thansk so much for your prayers!! ill send pics of the house next week sorry! ha
Sending hugs your way :D whenever you see a flower, let it be a hug from me ;P I'm doing rain gutter regatta tomorrow night, trying to get that ready... This calling is a hard one for me, I'm cub committee chair and so I get everything ready then let bro miller do it, I'd rather just do it too...anyways,bi know I'll be in it till I love it so I should just change my attitude...scripture this week is 1 nephi  2:11, I need to do.... Get food today? Plans this week?
haha nice!! ha thats a great scripture!!! big plans for this week! yes got food! and im super excited for the week! ha this week just going to be showing my comp around and meeting members and investigatorrs.. ha
Sounds great, in the package I sent a kids Bofm picture story book and a gospel art picture book, could use those for fhe too ;) I told you wrong scripture reference I was meaning the one i will go and do as the lord commands :D sorry!!! How's your weather been? How about shoes can you get any yet?
aWesome!!! thanks so much! the weather has been good not much rain this week but the thing is with rain its hot... ha ohhhhhh and the other night the other elders slept with us and they said that i was sleep talking..... in spanish!!!! hahahaha they said they think i was in a lesson. ha shoes are all good.. havent bought any but im good.. ha :)
Well congrats!!! Means the language is better than you think :) love it!!!!what do members feed you?
hahaha i hope so ! they feed us everything... mostly chicken and totillas.. i ate grasphoppers... :) and i miss jerico too. ha (I sent this pictures to Justin today, we know that he doesnt have much longer here... June 1, 2002-April 27, 2015, best dog, companion, friend and brother, thought he was one of the boys, and he was)

Grasshoppers? How were they served? Did you like them?
yes.. ha a Little differnet..but not bad.. :)

 Maybe we will have grasshopper at your homecoming :P yum!!! So re beer next Monday we will be on cruise, but can still chat-you are on earlier in afternoon than normal today :) next week I'll try and remember this time, if you can go a little later it's ok :) so excited for your new adventures this week :)  what scripture today?
ok! have so much fun! and im excited too! ha im gonna learn alot and get better! my scip thes week.. is the intro to the bom... it has such power and conviction to me... i love it and and because we have the BOM we have hope and proof that Heavenly Father loves his children.:)
Don't forget your never alone and that he loves you and we do too!!!! Sending you lots of hugs and loves!!!! Love your scripture-so true!!!! 
thanks and i send hugs and kisses back! thanks so much! GRACIAS POR TODO! LES AMO VESTANTE!! ELDER WEAVER :)

President, this week was super slow and we had a lot of FHE and we were able to have 2 baptisms and they were miraccles to be honest. im excited to be companions with ELder barrera i feellike we are going to work hard and do the work of the lord. i learmed alot from Elder sarmiento and i have a big, well bigger área to cover nbow.. and i know with the help of the lord to lead us and guide us we can do the things he wants done. excited and a Little nervous to see how this first week goes with my new comp.. and the spanish is amazing. im getting more and more of a grasp  on it and getting my conifendence back that i once had in football...ha im very excited for this week!

Great letter!!! So glad your confidence is coming back, you have grown so much justin and should be so proud of yourself, a righteous pride :) we certainly are proud of you and the way you have handled being with a stick in the mud :), now have fun, enjoy every moment, make them all count;) get extra money out so you can get what you need-
thaNKS!! i wish i could express how greatful i am for you guys and yoiur support... really thanks so much!
this is Jamie...  and her parents... arent members... he needs the divorce papers... and then need to get married and them dunked. ;)
and this is cristina! :) and her mom...not member.

LOve you guys and hope you ALL have a great week and jax keep getting stronger and faster and jordan keep being ahppy and find that daughter of god.. and jace get better! MOM AND DAD! be happy and have a super great week and be safe! love you alllllllll :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Monday, April 20, 2015


WOW way busy week! haha so happy uyou are all doing super good and you all look so good! first of all i read and printed off your talk mom and it is super good! i wanmt a temple badge...;) ha and this week was definetly one of the longer ones! holy cow... super long but im speaking more and more spanish everyday.. we are kindo of backto the way things started with the comp.. doenst get up on time anymopre.. but we are talking a little more.. but this is the last week ill be with him... kind of excited about that.. ;) haha dad ayou look goooooood with a eddie  accent from christmas vacation... haha and so does everybody else... but where are you mom!? ha 
This week frommomday to thursday in the afternoons it thunderstromed and it was pretty cool.... soooo loud and crazy_! ha 
On thursday we had to go out to telix to meet some new investigators and on the way there in a van.. we stopped to pick up a guy and he got on and said buenas tardes to me and instanntly i knew i needed to talk with him... so after about 15 min i talked and said adonde va? and that started it all... it turns out he has a BOM and is reading it and i got his address and his name is omar and we are hopefully going to pass by his house od wed to talk with him.he seemed like a great guy and he was extrememly nice. im greatful for the spirit to help me recongice those people who are ready orare doing somthiung to find the truth... do you remember the ladies name that blessed the oxen and it got up and was healed....? my bishpops wife wants to know... other than that... this weeek we are going to the temple of wed. and we should be haveing a baptsim.. her nameis yamie... if you could pray for her.. and also cristina she is having a hard time with her family giving her permission... hope you allhave a great week! love you all! hope you are all happy! cant email long... got on late..because of comp.... love elder weaver
I love you and so excites this is last week with comp :) and that you are in tune with the spirit :) awesome to hear you are continuing to work even though comp falls into old ways- big question did you get food?
 i got food last tuesday.. and still have 3 cans of tuna left... ha thats about it. and today i dint get food... i fear like we arent going to work alot this week becasue my comp set up alot of app to say goodbye to families... and its understandable... haha we have about 4 FHE set up for the week! ha 
Hmmm, can you buy food off street vendors? Any app to eat with those he is saying good bye to? Are you excited about staying in the area again? We will pray for those you mentioned and your comp :)
ESO!!! gracias! and mom and dad..this week... ive been talking.... like with members and people... little kids... haha in spansich...:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Does not surprise us at all :) been dreaming in espanol? Do you have a good umbrella for big rain storms ? 
haha thank you so much! pray for my next cmp if you will... hahah ya i can and i think i might do that this week...  but then the comp will goand ya..ha hopefully get a better one! no not yet... i dont feellike i have been having any dreams... i dont remember them. ha
We pray all the time that you'll get someone who wants to work like you do :) and that the work will continue to build :) are you liking your ward?
thanks so much! im greatful for your prayers and i KNOW and can feel them being answered! i might take some money out this week.. not sure.. dont worry mom! ha im not starving...most days.. ;) ha no im really good! i hope package gets here too! :) i love this ward!!! i love the area... and to be honest i hope im herr until august or sep... like 3 or 4 changes... haha they are all amazaing! and super supportive!
So glad!!!! I sent more CTR rings and a kid spanish BofM with pictures :) take what money you need, so glad you love your area, your name is in the temple all the time :) lots of people praying for you :) fav scripture this week? We have started reading again and likening the scriptures to our everyday lives :) we are having fun with it and being very creative :)
haHA nice my srip this week is sec. 135... its about jose smith. you should read it as a family tonight! :) i got a mexican haricutt.... ha and these are recent converts.. have about 3 months as members they let me put my name in there new cement

 Wow haircut looks awesome, Jax needs his like that :) must love you, you are now a permanent part of their lives :) love it-but really how could they not want you to be with them forever-we do!!!!
We will take some pictures to send :) we get to skype in like 3 weeks-so excited!! God bless be safe
soudsn good ! me too!super excited! love you talk with you next week! love elder weaver these are the languages that im workingwith as of write now.,. ha love you all! always in my prayers.!
(We looked them up, of course there is
 English, Spanish, then Guarani, and of tongues)
Love you very much, enjoy the temple, great blessings are coming your way! Treasure you final days with comp-haha, learn from them... Be happy, healthy and safe, use extra money to eat-I worry about ya!!! Hope package gets there this week, love dad and I 

Presidente this week we worked super good we found 3 news but it was a reference.. and on the way to find the news we were in a burbon van and a guy got on and he said buenas tardes and i knew that i needed to talk with him.. so i did, and it turns out that he isreading the book of mormon and has never talked with missionaries i got his address, and name and we are going to go and visist him this wed, i believe. my comp has fallen backin the pattern of not waking up on time and not managing time very good... the last 2 pdays he and the other elders got off wrting around 630 and i i want to see something,but the very first day i was with him he told me ; dont try and change me please i know im imperfect. so i  have been a little stumped on how i can try and help... im still getting up and doing the things i need to do but its hard when i cant do a comp study to help me get ready for the day... the good thing is is that we are talking more.... ive learned alot from hi. he knows alot about docterine and is really great at tying things like tipoics with with the gospel. really excited to go the temple on wed.
Great letter :D keep chin up dad says he loves you, know he is proud of you, they just walked in the door from work :) says be happyyyy!!!
LOVE you too superman! i was telling someone about your work and how your personality is and the sacrifices you have made and they told me.. EL es como Superman.  Y les deje pues si.... es mi papa.... ;) love you guys have a great week and you should send pics of you too mom next week! love you all! love elder weaver

Awesome-chat with you in seven days!!! Be safe, happy-enjoy it-goes fast :) love and hugs mom and dad!!!

Hey there mi hermano! My week was pretty wonderful!! I had my first track meet and it was at Bonneville and I ran the 100 and took first in my heat and 4th overall with a time of 12.49 and I also ran the 200 and took 2 in my head and 4th overall with a time of 25.44! And for our 4 by 1 team rocky ran into our lane and messed up the kid handing the baton to me so we didn't get a time... But next week we will!! Other ten my track meet my week was pretty usual! Still going running and when I can lifting! Love you Justin! I look up to you for being so strong and pursuing your dream and being a leader!! Love you!

heck ya jax!!!! way to go youre crazy fast! i think my senior year for the 2 i ran a 24.... haha so you are defiently getting fast!now just keep trying to beatyour onw times!!! i love you buddy and  i miss you tons! i look up to you and ill probably look up to you and around you when i get home becasue youllbe so big... i think i finally lost... i weigh like 170.... you got me.... ;) ha have agood week jaxman

Monday, April 13, 2015

D&C 24:12

My querido momma!! your spanish is better than mine!!! haha im glad that things are all good and that you are strong and healthy! the truth this week was super long for me too... i look back when i was with my other comp and things just flew by.. because we were working and giving it our all, adn thinking about other peole.. im trying to give my all and think of others but its super hard when i cant leave the house and get out and share the GOSPEL... but today we played futbol and other zones came adn my comp playd and he played just fine he was running and kicking and no problems.. makes me think... why camt we go out and walk.. and work.. haha 
 but that is super cool the cruise!! haha have lots of fun! i havent bought shoes yet... i havent been eating good... having bought food for a while... haha want to cry.. becasue i cant work hard becuase my comp doesnt have the disire to work... but i only have until the 27 with him... so 2 weeks left.. haha in the package yes!!! mac and cheese... haha whatever you feel like... im good with anything.. and with the slow week, and not eating good and the things with my still happy.. ha :) i miss you guys a ton and i got that letter from you that had the cd in it!!! thanks sooooooo much i love it! and ive listened to it a couple times already! this week i think we are having a ZOne onference. and my comp baptized 3 people on saturday and in church i was able to give a confimation and blessing with it in the sacrement metg! after i sat down and just thought and was so greatful how much heavenly father is helping me.. ha other than that... nothing much happened... i miss you guys alot! garments are good adn i could use some socks.. por favor. and i dont remmeber much about my baptism other than it was with natalie hart.. and the water was super cold adn when i came up out of the water dad picked me up and hugged me.. :) love you all hope you have a good week! :)
yes.. haha i want to buy... but dont  have time because he waistes so much and i havent had food for 2 days now.. but im going to tomorrow after the district mtg.. ha well i even thought.. ok you cant walk.. so lets walk just a little bit stand on the side of a road and people will come to us.. ha 
Buy lots, really, spend extra and get some good stuff, do you eat with members? Does he eat? Is your apartment in a way that you could sit on porch and talk to people walking by? I'd like to smack your comp :) sorry-moma bear moment!!! So fhe tonight? How was church yesterday? Fast meeting? Did you hear Cody is going to chile, not sure when he leaves.... Hear anything back when you write to mission pres?
yes we have been eating with members.. he eats but its crap.. like coca and bread... no... because we live in a closed area kind of thing so not many people pass by.. i dont think we have FHe to night and fast mtg was great... still shocks me the love and how people line up and .... its just incredible.. haha no dont hear anything back.... 
yes got picks but not of the baptism.. ha sorry..  this is a sunset this week and this is Ericke.. he is super crazy.. :) but is my amigo.
 and this is NIgeli.. aslo super fun!;)

this is my dirstict and the ZLS..  
(Justin's comp I believe is the one with glasses on the opposite side of the group as him, sure wish I could have a chat with that young do the others in my house :))

i think on wednesday i was jsut super happy and we were walking somewhere and i saw a lady that had torillas and a alot of other stuff and i had a feeling to ask her if she needed help. so i asked... adn she was like nope, ha im selling... and i was like ohhh ok.. have a good afternoo.. made me laugh... and smile to myself.. haha :)

Tell me about the kids are they members?
they are all super great and supportive! and loving.. but sometimes they dont tlak or even look at me becasue sometimes i dont understand all the way.. so they just talk to me comp.. an he tells me nothing.. ha
Did you buy her tortillas? Homemade are the best!!! Just keep smiling and trying :) your countenance will invite others to hear your message :) your comp will someday have to answer to the savior ;) you will be able to say you gave it your best!!! 
k... its just sad to me though...
haha no i should have tho.. but is everybody doing good and strong and healthy??????
Yes, dad has lost 32 pounds looks super! He is riding bike more and wants to do lotoja this year, I'm good, lost 20 pounds, excited to skype on moms day so you can see :D, Jordan still doing his thing! Jace and Jax doing good still very active, everyone is healthy :) feet feeling all better? Getting super tan, lovin the sun and the son? Fav scripture this week?
wow!! look at this amazing family... ha God sure is blessing us so much. my feet.. i think are just permanenlty bruised... but they dont hurt. ha yes DYC 24 verse 12! 
alright sounds good! have a great week! and i love you all and talk with you all next week!!! love you so much!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))
Justin I love you more than you can imagine, please stock up on food!!! Have a super week, keep chin up, be safe and happy! Your in our prayers-love so much-mom and dad lots of hugs and kisses!!!! :)))))
LOVE you all also! hope you are all happy and thanks so much for your amazing examples to me! have a great week and your always in my prayers tambian... con mucho amor.. por favor quédense!!! con amor elder weaver! :) 

thinking about Justin...

 Grandpa Steve thinking about Justin.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

5 Months!!!

You are awesome!!!!!! Do you know that? I sure hope so how did your week go anything fun and exciting happen, hope the comp situation is getting better and you are learning how to deal with him. Kind of like going to the state playoffs and having some of your team mate giving up before the game even starts. Hard to deal with but you can do it! Just because your comp is senior comp does not mean he is better or more mature, it just means he has been out longer,:))))) you may have to help him with testimony at times, just remember your a team and you know how teams should work so make it work the way you want, just don't let him know it your idea :))) General conference was great did you love it? There were several talks that I thought were just for you and your greatness hope you felt the spirit as I did. I almost wish we had conference quarterly, but we can always read their talk any time we want right. Things here are great we are all happy and miss you. But know you are where you need to be!!!!!! Remember don't lower you standards to those you are with raise them up to your level, and never look back, love ya my friend be even more awesomer this week :))) MAKE IT WHAT YOU WANT IT!!! :))))) Love #44 s PROUD DAD!!!! Smile :))))) 
hey dad, you're awesome you know that!? things are getting just a little better with the comp each day. heavenly father is helping us.. ha I loved the conference! idk who said it butt a guy talked about how he and his sons went and walked like 50 miles or something.. and they got back and said I never wanna do that again... because it was so hard... and that made me think of our family when we have all done hard things and we have done them together.. like the time we went swimming in the middle of the rode if Syracuse for about half the day.. ha we can do hard things.. and you have be the jefe!! ha thanks so much dad for you example and how we can keep pushing a do hard times! happy late Easter! have a good safe week! love elder weaver Superman's son 
Hey! thanks so much !! 5 months!! ha-ha I know I have grown so much and I'm so grateful that I have! me I had the opportunity to watch it with elder Allred and in English! my prayers were answered! ha-ha sorry I didn't get to write yesterday it was a lot of confusion and we had to go to a baptism.. ha but I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I did! I was with the zL until Saturday morning until Monday morning and it was just super great I learned so much and I had a great time with them! I also liked the talk by Holland! I loved the brotherly arms analogy. it gave me so much comfort and gave a me a lot of hope. and I also learned that I need to get married or my brothers do... ha-ha one or the other....;) ha hopefully it's my brothers at this point. Yes I've been talking to lots of people in taxis and moto taxis.. which is kind of sad because the other elders are latinos and I'm sitting here trying to speak spanish and tell them about the gospel and they just kind of watch and judge me.. ha-ha but doesn't matter to me.. ha-ha I'm having fun and feeling the spirit. we are getting kind of better. we had a comp inventory and I told him where I stand and how I wanna do things and he said what he wanted to say and I guess the pres sent him a letter kind of chewing him out and my comp got mad at me for that. but I don't care.. we had 1 comp study!!! so we are getting somewhere slowly. I feel super good and I'm happy and my feet are doing ok and I still haven't bought shoes yet.. I haven't seen anyone doing anything like that... Oaxaca is super different from the rest of Mexico.. thank you so much mom and dad! as I listened to the conference about families I thought, that you guys are just the best! you helped us to hear the music and know the dance! I'm so very grateful for you guys in my life and helping me! I'm glad we can be a family forever! I'm so eternally grateful for you all! ha love you and hope you have a great week! Mom I can chat if you want! and if you're on.. ha-ha love you all!! :)))))))))))))))) 
 Easter... HNA Madsen gave us eggs to write on.. I grabbed one.. and it was already written on, but it said exactly how I feel. :))))

 We were worried when we didn't hear from you and you said comp doing weird things-thought he may have kid napped you :) what's plans for this week and today-able to get what you need? umm I didn't.. get what I need but I will.. we have a district mtg tomorrow with the ZLs and it'll be good I think! ha I'm excited! How are all of you!? :) :) love it, did you have an Easter party!!! Lynns egg hunt is next Sunday, I'll save some candy for you and send it along :) things here are supposed to snow tomorrow, guys are home today, just got a part to fix the wheels foot compactor, it was just a nino inscrito.. the parents are members, but wanted my comp to baptize her. elder Allred left today... not longer our ZL had a special change....:( but got to spend 3 days with him! and I saw my Guapo HERMANO!!!! :) idk porque he is not married... ya I missed that!
I was super sad.. nice!! good for them ! and I kind of miss the snow a little bit.. ha my scrip this week is Moses 6 about enoc! you guys should read it as a family! and guess what!? today I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) I know! I was super happy to see him, other missionaries where like.. hey! that guy looks handsome enough to be a weaver.. and I was like... well ya....:) I know! he is from Centerville Utah! ha-ha thanks so much I appreciate it! we are little by little. each day.. SO AWESOME!!!! Proud of you!!! That is a great accomplishment!!! You are keeping a journal I'm sure :D be sure to write in it and pat yourself on the back-great job!!!! Do you use PMG a lot in teaching? Get to teach at church? Lots of primary kids or ym to do sacrament? YEs I use it a lot! and it helps so much! no wonder it was written in the temple.. ha its super helpful! So what do have planned for the rest of the day? Anyone you are teaching you can tell us about? this week we might have 3 baptisms.. but I haven't taught them.. only met them so it feels kind of weird.. and my comp is sick, so we might be resting.. idk.. we went to the doc last wed. and got medicine and he has been resting since then.. but luckily I left and went on splits with ZLs.. ha Be sure to not get what he's got :) 3 baptisms for this week? What did you do with zl? I won't.. it's a testicular infection... ha yup! it's a family! we went and watched conference and ate and they just taught me so much and had a good time as well.. ha Ha-ha! Really don't get it!!! So glad you got to see all of conference :) did you hear the people that opposed during the sustaining? It was during Jordan's session, he said the first time there was 8 that stood and raised hands then 4 then 1, dad has had a hard time with that, he said if he was sitting by someone who did that he may have had to use the "laying on of hands" for them :) such great meetings-we are so blessed to have a living prophet :) your letter to pres is great, you are staying steadfast and standing up for the work to move along! Keep it up ;) love you pictures-you look healthy :) feel good? Get shoes yet? Oh really!??? that's crazy!! I heard them on the TV.. and was shocked. ha dad....ha-ha I know ilove the prophet, I wish he would have talked more.. thanks. the pres and his wife were with us when we watched the first session and he pulled me over and talked with me and told me I'm only gonna be with him for 2 more weeks for changes.. because my comp has a lot of time in this area.. ha so I'm gonna try and help him as much as I can. thanks! I feel good and healthy other than losing weight. :(((((((( I haven't gotten shoes yet.. still waiting.. thanks so much mom for getting on and chatting means a lot! but I'll talk with the next week! love you all so much! have a great week!!! LOVe YOU GUYS! lover elder weaver :) Yay! Two more weeks, teach him what you can about being a super missionary! Love you so much, my justeroo!!! Have a great, safe, and healthy, happy week!!!! Send apartment pic next week :) love all of us!!!!! God bless and keep you-I treasure our time to chat! Love mom xoxos Sounds good! but you guys too!!! HAPPINESS everywhere!!! ;) hahaha thanks so much! talk to ya next week! Lover ELder Weaver :) 

President.. this week has been a lot better and I feel like our heavenely father is helping us a lot! we are wrtting write now because we had to go and do a baptizsm yesterday and it was a suprise, the parents wanted my comp to baptize her. and so we went and did that. we had time do write around 4 and I don't know why we honestly didn't. I'm trying to think of ways to help my comp with his sickness. but not much I can honestly do.. but I want to try and give him more fire to do the work.. to me it seems like it is a chore for him some days.. and on tuesdays when we have district mtgs we are with the other elders from etla 2 from 9 am to 6. this has happened 2 times now, and we lose so much time not working becasue they are walking super slow or shopping.. this week has been super good with conference and going on splits with the Zone leaders. I learned so much from them and want to keep getting better.

Monday, April 6, 2015


hey I'm going to hopefully write more around 5 oclock...comp doing something talk to ya then and right about conference! love you guys!