Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Felicidad el dia, de accion de gracias!!!!!

I am doing alot better! The pills are are a huge help.. idk what they are called ill looke and tell you next thursday! 
The service project for last week was cleening a youngwomens casa and wipin the walls all clean.. way funj.. not ha 
 then this week we cleaned toilets.. but theis janitor guy was so crazy and way funny.. ha We went into the girls batheroom to clean it and in the girls batheroom as you know is a girls.. product box.. ha we walked in the jonitor guy walked up to the box took off his hat and did the cross on his chest and kissed the attractive girl on the box.. way weird but way funny! hes a member to.. ha I have talked yet in sunday.. but it is more than likely that i will this sunday.. and im way excited if i do! the talkk is on the atonement! on sundays, because im a DL i have to go to a leadership meeting and then priesthood, which by the way me and the district taught on sunday, but didnt knwo we were until 10 min before.. ha and then we have a movie on sunday nights! and me and my disrict are now uschers! ha for the auditorium! we were chosen to do it! so in our district we have the ZLs the DLS and the ushers.. and thats all 7 of us!
Not sure yet about the travel plans.. today in fact me and some others had to go to immagration and do somthing for our visas and passports, so i got to leave the CCM and see the world! got some pretty cool pics! 
i have an amazing district no girls and just 6 other guys! that are way cool! we just take charge of dl meetings and things like that.. not to much.
Didnt go to temple today.. next week around like 830 in the morning on our pday! so way excited for that! 
Havent gotten the package yet with  the license.. still waiting.. 
the tooth is doing way good! Somtimes when i eat though it gives me a little bit of pain.. not very often though.. ha 
I got the donuts! thanks so much mom! ha today for thanksgiving we got a big lunch with turkey and gravey and what not. but the box and the note, by far made my day. so thanks so much youre the best!
Thanks so much mom! thats cool i havent seen broc yet.. and thats aweosme for megan!!! ha 
Things that happened this week.. 
 About 3 out of the 7 elders in my district want to be contractors, my dad is one.. they jealous.. ;)
I wore my Roy tie on game day and really was praying for them and wished i could have seen and played with them!
WE found a lovely inch and a half cochroche in our room this week.. haha
I figured out how to sing! ha its kidn of fun..
We taught marcos this week and we had a plan to talk about the w.o.w. because he has a drinking prob and we got in the room and he had Qs about jose smith, so we had a game plan change.. and the spirit really helped us!
We had a hamburger on tuesday and it was ok.. but nice to have a hamburger,
Happy Felicidad el dia, de accion de gracias!!!!!
You should look up in the seacrch for happeness book by m russell ballard pg 10.. the fire fighter story reallyhits home to mee... made mecry.
Last week when i talked about grendma jo,  one elder came up to me and told me that me eayes were glowing.. made me feel good!
i dont think that i have ever cried so much. not because of homesickiness but becasue how strong i can feel the spirit, but im sure some of it is homesickness.. ha
Today after imagratin i did laundry shaved and wrote my talk and shined my shoes.

Presddnt PRatt spoke in confrerence before! on tithing! and i gave a blessing with him!!!!!1
It smells bad here.
I had a huge bit on my toe.. idk why but it swelled up pretty big then i popped it and thenit all better! Me heels have blisters on them.. but i figured out that if i pull my socks all the way up and then take the top back down over my heal it doesnt hurt anymore.. 
After each day i am mentally exhausted. and yesterdaty i pinky swore and crossed my heart that i would do my very best to only talk in spanish.}
We get pizza on tuesday nights! 
We watched a missionary video and i swear i say bradely jacobson in it.. 
Elder moncur in my district went to school with bailey burnignham.
My comps kind of like to take there time and have no drive..
Elder young literally will space out like every 5 min, 
Elder holmberg will get side tracted and just doodle.. way anyoing but i pray for help to be patient with them
havent gotten any letters yet
The donuts really made my day!
tongiht we teach marcos, about the plan of salvation.. maybe ha !
It has been a way good week!!!
fiestas en el bano ;) and that has been my life so far.. ha
There is a cat breaker here and when i hear it breaking i just think of work
Jax-I miss you too! hope that you are having a great vacation dont get to crazy with the golf cart.. ha love and miss you buddy!
when we went to imagration the driver gave us a little tour.. and he wasnt suppose to.:) ha

Esta bien, haré un poco de inglés. You goof ball, I'm sure you are having a ball and enjoying the CCM. Tell me about your classes, what's it like being in a trio? Hope you know how much I love you and how proud I am of you. I've taken Kayla out a few times and we have another date set up for next Saturday after our institute does two christmas shows. It's been fun
Te amo
Con amor Jordan
Having a trio is alrght.. it has its benefits and not. ha OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo kayla!!!!! haha that a boy! good job jordan! the classes are alright! our teach is way bomb and makes it pretty understadable! love and msis you 
What's the oddest thing you've eaten so far?
nothing weird.. just a choclate saurce that went over chicken.. but not to weird.. ha

just some pics from imagration today.

alma 56:56 love the pic

Got this shirt yesterday from the tienda! :)

So happy you are feeling better!!! If tooth continues to bug is there dentist there to look at?
We leave in 3 weeks to get jace and he is going to baptize carols husband and step son while we are there :)
Do you realize you are 1/2 done with ccm? Seen anyone else you know?
Love the pix-keep them coming!!!
havent seen anyone yet.. dont know of any dentists.. ha cool and what are the dates you are traveling and will be back home?

they are in our district.. elder williams and elder zabriskie! i think elder Z looks like james E.

They have a statue of me here in mexico..hahahahaha jk :):):)

They have mercadies busses.. pretty bomb, it still blows my mind how crazy the traffic is.. and how there are barely any crashes.

We fly out the 17 and come home 22nd, Jax will still be in school until day after we get home :/ anyways things here good, just finished turkey dinner, dad deep fried it, yum, Jax driving girls around in golf cart as much as possible, Jordan entertains when they aren't on rides :) weather pretty, not as warm as your :)  haircut looks great! Seeing Christmas decorations yet?
Seeing lots of decorations! ha Crhistmas is coming in a month!!! ha  sounds good be super safe! thanks the haircut feels good! the weather is starting top get kind of way chilly! ha im wearing a long sleeve at night and my two blankets! ha and ive been wearing the coat jacket you gave me! ha what was the score of the roy game? i didnt here.. 
we all leave on the same day.. in my district.. and i still havent met anyone going to oaxaca...

If you ever need to find me just look for the big W i mean Big B on the moutain...;);)

Posted: 26 Nov 2014 09:00 AM PST
"When we give thanks in all things, we see hardships and adversities in the context of the purpose of life. We are sent here to be tested. There must be opposition in all things. We are meant to learn and grow through that opposition, through meeting our challenges, and through teaching others to do the same."
Holy cow can you believe that you are half way through your time at the CCM? That went crazy fast!  How's life down there in God's country? Hope things are great and you are learning and growing . Tell us some of your spiritual stories you had this week. Justin I need you to do me a big favor please! I need you to NOT WORRY about us here at home and to focus on the work you are doing. I  PROMISE  that we will be safe and blessed . You need to take care of you and the special mission you are on:)))) no more stressing about us OK! We will be having fun without you :))) ha. We love you and pray for you every day all day and miss you, BUT you are doing the Lords work now and that trumps all. Be amazing and grow into the tool that are father in heaven needs you to be to further his work. I love you and as your earthly father I know how GREAT YOU CAN BE so set your goals high ;) have a good week my friend be safe and be HAPPY !!!!        
Your biggest fan # 44 s DAD
Ha ok dad i will do my very best dad! Needed to hear those words.. youre the best. love you and thanks again for teaching me so much, and how to work hard and have respect for others. love you. 
-supermans son.  
Roy's score was 28-7 did you hear about Cody Hobbs, so sad!!! So what have to do at immigration? Still legal? Haha!!! So what's plans today? Do certain socks work better than others? Worn expensive ones? 
What happened to cody? not much time left.. tell me quick! ha i have dinner and then teach marcos tonight and some langusge study.. ha i have worn the expensive ones and the are nice but they ripped.. :(
yes still legal! im good! i think.. ha
 Love you so much buddy!  Be happy and safe, write in journal!!! You are amazing!!! Proud beyond words of you!!! Treasure every moment!!! Love mom!!!
 Thanks a bunch mom! love ya talk to ya next week! be on the ball again.. idk when i can email home. ha love you!!!!!!
I love and miss dad too! especially when i hear the CAT making sound.. ha  love you to dad
Note from Mom...I left his letter the way it came, spelling, grammar and all :) He is getting the language and prayers are answered everyday!  Just want to share my gratitude to all that write to him and don't get a response back, know that he loves and appreciates you and you remembering him, if time were only more abundant, I know that he would love to send you each a note and tell you thank you himself!  So I send my love and gratitude to you, thank you is not adequate, but know that you are a blessing in his life!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Justin is working for his Heavenly Father, not earthly father today....

One of those, oh Justin's home moments!
 Hits like a ton of bricks-flood gates open, no holding back!
Things you take for granted.....

Thursday, November 20, 2014

every day a miracle!

Dear Justin,  I'm resending my email from last week, because I'm not sure if you saw it or had a chance to read it..... but wanted to make sure you do because they are words from my heart and want you to know that I love and miss you....
Not sure when your Pday be so I want to get this to you before so I don't miss you. How was your  week? I hope you are loving it want a great opportunity for you to be in a whole other world, I'm sure that is what it feels like another WORLD. How great is it? has your mind been blown? What is the spirit like there? How's comp and food and weather nice and warm I hope!
Sure do love you and I'm sure proud of you and I even miss you:) our home is different without you. You were a big part of our family unit and a hole was made when you left. But you need to know you are filling a hole for a new family, a hole that only you can fill and to make other family's complete forever so our little void will be ok for a short while :( and you will be home before you know it. It will seem like a dream so live every day and don't wish them away!!!!! Love every minute like I have the last nineteen years! Smile for me have fun. Be the best you can and have some fun.
Love #44 DAD


Thanks dad! didn't get that last week.. I really needed to hear that! I've been way homesick this whole week but that helped me to refocus and realize why I came out here..
Last night we did TRC and it is where we teach people that could be a member less active or not a member at all.. and we could even do it over Skype.. It was crazy how fast they talk! they asked me something and I didn't know what to say so u just bore my testimony on jose smith and the restoration and then they laughed.. then I laughed.. good experience.. ha I love and miss you dad! I really appreciate all the hard work and the example that you were to me.. I love and miss you! 

Open gym started!! It's goin good we only go three times a week for two weeks so.. Ya but Monday and today were good! Today we lost two games but only by buzzer beaters!! And Monday we only lost cuz a kid in their team wouldn't shut up because he knew they lost and we don't want to fight with them. But other than that it's been good! There are a lot of good kids!!  How's the CCM? It's it as fun or less fun then you thought it would be? Is the food good? Any really weird or crazy experiences with companions or other peoples companions yet? ;) your doing great! Keep your head up! Love you! Your favorite younger brother..Jax

HAHA KEEP killin it Jax! you're the best one out there and I know that for a fact.. Keep having lots of fun! Enjoy life!! I am trying to! ha MY stomach has been pretty bad this week! I am taking pills to help me calm down.. The spanish is coming along amazing! literally everyday is a miracle and how much spanish I learn! I Miss you like crazy! You honestly have no idea... You were by far my best friend Jax.. ( crying as I type.. no joke) I wish and hope you the very best buddy! Love you

Hola mi hermanito!! espeor que todo va bien contigo y que esas disfrutand el ccm. Te amo!!
con amor, Jordan.

Jordan............ NIO haba espanol.. yet,..! ha How have you been? i miss talking with you and hearing you speak spanish! How long did it take you to get pretty fluent in the spanish when you were in the field? I am grateful for that example that you always were to me! thanks again jordan! I am really learning how to rely on the lord will I am here.. like how I used torely on you.. you were always there for me. Thanks Jordan! love you!  

Hola Family! this week has been really hard for me! I have been having some really hard and bad stomach problems and it makes me think about home and I have just been feeling way bad this week and not focused! and then my mind starts to think that something will happen to you guys and it scares me to death... I've broke down crying because the stomach pain and missing you guys.. but... I push on.. I've gotten some medicine for my stomach yesterday and it is kind of helping.. the doctor said that sometimes stress can make your stomach create more acid than it can hold so I am taking a pill that a doctor gave me.. 
 It has been a really good week other than the stomach and missing home.. and scared about something happening to my fam.. on Mondays we try our hardest to speak only spanish and I love it! and then Tuesdays we have devotionals and then Wednesdays are Wednesdays.. then Thursdays are PDAYS!!!!! and then Friday we have a service project and then sat is Saturday. then Sunday is fun day and we learn and do a lot! I said the sacrament prayer in spanish last Sunday and I might be talking this Sunday! 
Things for momma! 
I sewed on a button that fell off of my suit pants! and I had only worn them for like 3 days! but I sewed it back on ;) thanks! 
Could you somehow get me braydens email address?
Is my license coming in a package or mail?? I haven't received any letters in the mail.... ;( ha
When did you send my license?
I'm doing good right now don't need anything until the field I think.. 
I love and miss you and ill always email my family first and foremost 
I'm trying to figure out how to send pics..
I don't have to shave that much and its nice! My comp Elder young has to every day!
I took out some money from my checking account to have some pesos for the store and I got a awesome scripture case!
We had a guy in our distrust go home because of issues.. and before he left me and my roommates gave him a blessing with president Prat!! The mtc president! way way cool! 
They are doing some remodeling in the ccm and they have a cat here and they are using a breaker to break concrete... sounds like work!;)
WE have a ton of devotionals and I learn a ton! but a lot of it...My amazing parents have already taught me.. so I'm that much more ahead of the game! 
A ton of teachers tell me that Oaxaca food is amazing and in one area there is a lot of gay people... ha 
Could you maybe send me some family pictures??????
Might be going to the temple next week! on PDAY so idk when I EMAIL HOME SO JUST ALWAYS BE ON ALERT ;)
One night after a devotional.. it was on temples. as district leader had to lead a district discussion and I bore my testimony on angles and how they are still here with us and I should that pic you gave me of angle moroni and then I bore my testimony on GRandma Jo.. Cried a whole lot in front of everyone and bore testimony that angles are still here to help us in our lives.. I'm crying now as I type.. ha-ha
your Questions......
Jorge is just a volunteer to let us teach ha, he actually just got back off his mission from Oaxaca 4 months ago! way way cool guy! 
Language is going good, have some rough times.. 
Elder young is good and now I have elder Holmberg because his comp went home because no worthy..
Haven't been out of the CCM yet, but hopefully Thursday! ha 

Package will come in mail, I can send pix of family over email, can you print them? I will for sure include some in Christmas box :) remember you can do hard things!!! Pray continually, be positive, and that stomach stuff will go away :) read your patriartical blessing there are two very specific paragraphs that talk about your mission and so not only do we have confidence in you but so does our father in heaven!!! You got this :)

Just email them and them and I can take a pic of them with my camera! HAha Thanks for all the love and support! I can't go one day here without thinking it's a miracle.. and I have been! I actually read it last night! ha and it was a good reassurance! 

I'll try and get his email for next week :) yay!!! Button sewn back on-so proud of you!!! Would love to see pix of scripture case :) is it a leather one? 
Thank you ! I am trying to send pics right now!  
 no one knows what the claws are..not even teachers..
ha  ha Mercedes bus..

 My District!
elder Holmberg is actually from Utah! he went to benlomond he is the one sitting down

My scripture case for my spanish scripsgot a haircut todayMe with the Claws.. I think that they look like Lego hands coming out of the ground,,
HAHA nice! ha Love and miss you! gotta get off now! so next Thursday idk when I will email SO BE ON ALERT!!!!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DID YOU GET MY PICS I SENT?
OH AND  today has been raining a bit.. so.. there is your weather report ;)
love  you talk to ya next Thursday!

So grateful for miracles everyday!  breaks my heart when my boys ache and I am helpless, thankful for the powers of prayer-faith not fear, so hard when that's all that I can do!  Love you Justin, so very proud of you and choices that you have made-be strong-you can do hard things!!! love mom

Thursday, November 13, 2014

made it to the CCM

Hola Mi familia how are you guys!? I am way good! the first day here was way crazy we couldn't leave the airport because something was wrong with my immigration thing I wrote 2 years on it and the lady that passed me off only wrote 180 days (the time that I would be in the ccm like a temporary pass) so that was a lot of fun! not! ha then the next day we had meeting after meeting and it was so boring and I was way homesick and was thinking what did I get myself into.. but then I talked to some older elders and they said make it to Sunday and you'll be fine! so that was my goal and now it's already Thursday! something kind of cool is my district is of 8 missionaries and we are the second group to come to the ccm and then be staying in Mexico for our missions. kind of cool!  every night we hear sirens and gun shots and dogs barking, so that's lovely... ha my spanish is coming along! I've learned so much in the gospel and in spanish! literally everyday here is a miracle.. my second day here me and my companero taught a investigator and it was all in spanish! it was probably really rough but we did it! my companion is elder Young and his middle name is Brigham so my first companion is Brigham young;) ha we are constantly doing things and making better use of time and studies. elder young is a great companion but about ever 5 or so min he just spaces out.. so I am having take notes so that he can stay focused in meetings and devotionals.. he is a great guy and we are going together, he is from Tennessee... and has a lot of homesickness which sometimes rubs off on me... over all I'm having a great experience I really miss you guys and my p days are on Thursdays while I'm in the ccm and next week we will be writing you later! love and miss you guys hope everything is going great! how are the utes and Roy doing? thanks for all the things that you guys have taught me. it helps more than you can imagine I am so grateful for my family love elder WEAVER

Excited to hear from you today :) tell me what happened the night you got there and we didn't hear...I emailed MTC to see if you were ok-I was very worried! Love you! Treasure each moment! Love mom

I emailed you! ha-ha did it not go through? Well.... we landed in Mexico city and got through immigration and I wrote 2 years down for being in Mexico.. but the lady that I gave it to was just going through the motions and just wrote that I would have a temporary one for 180 days.. so then me and like 5 other elders had to go back to immigration and figure stuff out and we were at the airport for 4 hours and no English speaking people.. talk about feeling lost.. ha but then we drove to the CCM and it was dark and the driving here is CRAAAAAAzy.. and then we got the CCM and had to go through the tutorials and stuff with just us 5 elders and then finally got to mi casa around 10:30 and was just a really long day! ha how have things been there?

So glad to hear that you are there and doing well! What a mix up, had a feeling that something like that was the reason we didn't hear from you that night.  So I am excited that you are having a better week than last, how was Sunday meetings in Spanish?  getting to go into the city? Where did you get to teach the investigator?  So funny, Brigham Young, same age?

He is from Tennessee and he is alright! we are getting along! he is kind of messy... ;) ha we have stayed in the CCM the whole time and we taught this guy Jorge in a building and we teach him again tonight for our 5th and last lesson.. its way cool how things just fall into place!  I haven't met anyone going to Oaxaca yet.. but I've met some people from there and they say it is very beautiful and the language is like a spanish Aztec Chinese kind of language.. that kind of stressed me out but I know with God's help I can do it! how is everything going on at home?

So how do you like the food? what are you eating? I am sure you have lots of emails, at least a week's worth, how long do you have to email today, what is schedule like on a daily basis?  did you get Jace's email?  Jax having a hard time last few days, he is excited to hear from you :) so many asking about how you are and excited to read blog... I know lots of questions, just want to get a feel of what's up in the CCM

I like the food... but someday it doesn't like me.. I figured out that the beans just don't agree with me so I'm done there.. ha I miss Jax like crazy! we played bball the other day for gym time... and it wasn't the same.. ha umm wake up have study time and then have breakfast and then have more study time and then we have language study for a long time and then lunch, and then we have study time and then TALL (another language study) and then Gym time and then dinner and then we teach an investigator tonight and way excited for that! we taught him the restoration last time and I was saying the first vision in spanish and started to cry.. and Jorge I think told me thanks for sharing that.. and he kind of got a little teary eyed.. ha and then we have more study time and then back to casa at 9:30 and then lights out 10:30 I am only writing you guys today.. ha no letters in the mail yet.. ha I have an hour to write each pday! so ill probably write you later next week! elder young wanted to go later so he could have his siblings out of school so they could write him.. ha 

Maybe I'll send you some beano, helps with the gas, ha-ha! sounds like you are truly seeing the gift of tongues! how awesome and only through the priesthood could you teach the lesson in spanish already!  so proud of you, we will add Jorge to our prayers and so is this someone you may baptize? are you staying warm, found anything that we forgot?  Did you get the email I sent about me sending your license? I will definitely be on when you are on...makes you seem not so far away!  can you believe the snow!  so do you get to go outside at all? taking pictures? any elders there use drop box?  I am trying to learn how :)  I set up for our email on office computer, still figuring things out...

Ha-ha Jorge isn't a real investigator.. ha he is just a volunteer to help.. ;) ha I am taking pics and talking to my voice recorder! yes I got the license email sounds great! the snow is crazy! it rained here and my umbrella is too small.. ha so ill buy a bigger one! I love you guys and hope and wish you the best! I gotta get off now, so I get homesick but then I think about our family in the celestial room in the temple and it helps me to be happy and focus.. love you again! thanks so much for all that you have taught me! talk to ya next week! LOVE ELDER WEAVER
Tell Jordan sorry I'm still working on the spanish but I'll get back to him! and tell Jace sorry too! I'll write him next week just felt like talking to you today.. thanks love you!


A letter I emailed the CCM (Mexico MTC) because we have not heard from him and with my very active imagination I was becoming very concerned!  Such a Mom….

I am Elder Justin Weavers mom and concerned that he has been there a week today and we have not heard anything from him. It would be comforting to know he arrived safely and all is well, will he have an opportunity to email on p-days? We have had Elders go to the Provo MTC, and heard from them within days, then heard from them when they arrived in the field. I know you are busy, however, if you can help I would appreciate it. Thanks again,
Sis Tammy Weaver

Dear Sister Weaver:

My husband and I are Senior Missionaries at the Mexico MTC.  President Pratt asked me to respond to your email regarding your Elder Weaver's arrival at the MTC.  

Shortly after missionaries arrive at the MTC, they are required to send an email to their families to let them know they arrived safely.  Elder Weaver is doing great!  He is in a district of eight Elders who will all be serving in Mexico.  

Today is Elder Weaver's Preparation Day.  If you do not receive an email from him, would you let me know. I'll check with him to make sure he has your correct email address.  

Best Wishes,

Hermana Jones

Saturday, November 8, 2014


For those who have beat me to finishing up previous blogs I apologize....emotions pretty high, I will add text soon, want to write and put feelings and dates to events, but wanted to start with pictures....I promise I will catch up the mean time please write him, I know he would love to get mail while in the MTC-it will be faster than when he is in the field....Thanks for all of your love and support!

Write me.....

Favorite P-day Shirt!

Aunt Staci, made him his favorite p-day shirt, says My Mom Rocks on it, and it's Utah colors to boot :)

Missing that smile!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014 7:00 a.m.

 Life all packed into two suitcases...
 hates goodbyes, so see ya soon....

 the airport was so hard to say goodbye, no personal space, no way to express emotions properly!

 wanted to go with him....

 he is going up escaltor, got close to top, bent down and waved goodbye....
 sooooo hard, part of my heart flew to Mexico today!!!!
I sit here and do this two weeks later, not any easier the third time!  I am so fortunate to have great relationships with my boys, they are amazing sons and I am so blessed to be their mom here on earth.  My patriarchal blessing tells me I promised my kids I'd be their mom before we left the presence of our Heavenly Father, so grateful for eternal families!!!