Monday, August 29, 2016

i am super happy and ready for this week!

 thats KArla and her daughter..

 the FHE...

 this is the guy that was going to take me out for dinner but coudnt so he bought me a cake.. hermano Laytan
 the stake Presidnet President Junco.. and his counsiler Villanueva.. 

Junco looks like such a little guy, is he American? Game looks very fun and holy cow your hair looks great so short!!

nope he is Oaxacan.. and we are actaull going to be mtg with him on tuesday.. haha 

Hola Familia, this week was a good week!! i am super happy and ready for this week! congrats jax on beating Jordan! keep ballin in up and youll get that starting place! i know it! well this last week we didnt have do splits with the newbie.. but Elder Lindsay came here with me and my comp went ot his area.. they have been having some hard times with the area... but me and Elder Lindsay talked with a american from Boston and his wife aswell.. and he was a member when he was younger.. and now he is a buddist, and his wife is like a Jewish protenstant... and wow that lesson was weird.. me and Lindsay thought it was gonna be SWEET because we were going to talk in English... but wow it was weird... the guy thinks that moroni is a alien.. and the wife is jsut super wacked... haha but we are gonna see what happens... haha Karla is doing great!! she cut my hair and it looks good i really like it actually.. and she is all good for this week!! we had a FHE on friday night for the RM and we werent jsut in charge of the games for the kids.. but for everyone.. and it was great we ended up killin it!! we played the cookie game were you had to put the cookie on your head and move it to your mouth... and alot of the member loved it!!! it was sick!!  and interviews was good"!! President is great! i checked again with our plans and thats all good!!!  and he told me that its more than likey that ill die here.. or ill end my mission here in this area!! and the dinner with that family got cancelled.. because he had something for work.. but he still bought me a cake!! and he is waiting for the beef jerky.. haha i still havent gotten my package.. or any letters... nothing has got here.. so im hoping for this week....
NOW for this week we have a multi zone on wed.. and its gonna be in Montoya.. and. i am super excited about it i love conferences! haha and then thursday ill be in Violetas going on Splits and ill be with Elder Reyes again and im gonna do 4 baptism interviews... and work there a little bit.. im gonna be spiritually drained.. ha and then friday in the morning we are coming back and Elder Reyes will interview Hna Karla.. and then her baptism will be on saturday!! sooooo its gonna be a good busy week!!! im excited!! and just have a few Qs..
Can you send me jaxs number and jaces?
ANd i need to know some of our flight plans.. what air port are we going to be flying to and times.. i know that we are leaving thursday but what is our flying plans? to what airport to what airport..?? haha 
Love you mom and dad!! thanks for the love and care!! keep being fantastic!! you guys are the best!!!! :))) Love Elder Weaver
Love to hear that you have had such a good week and sound so happy!! Sorry you haven’t gotten package yet, we are praying it gets there soon!  Jax number is801-725-5292 jace is 801-725-0919 are you going to call them? Haha! I will try and send a copy of our flight plans 😊 the pictures are awesome! Hope that you get to have a bday celebration this week! And you sound like you have a very busy week ahead full of travel…are you in charge or get to do anything for the conference? How far away is Montoya?  Tita? Still teaching her? Tell Karla that we are so happy and excited for her! And would love to meet her when we come! Are you happy about ending there?
thankSS me too!! haha maybe ill have someone call them.. i got the copy thanks!! we jsut got the deviotional ready... and montaya is like an hour away.. 45 min.. tita is doing good,... still going a little bit.. she left this week and got back friday.. yes im happy about ending here!! its gonna be good i like the area and the members.. 
So very happy to hear that you are happy there and like the area and people!  Do the flight plans look ok? Airports ok? Does karla cut hair for a living? How old is her daughter and did you get to teach her as well…did you see the bday wishes, I will send more next week as I am positive tons will come on the 31st….will you be on divisions on your bday? So tell me, why did the guy think Moroni was an alien…because he is gold-haha! That makes for an interesting religious mix, buddahis, jewish and protestan?
ya flight plans are all good!!! and yes she cuts hair for a living. and her daughter is 7 and turns 8 in november.. yes i saw the bday wishes.. thanks!! umm ill be in the multi zone and so theyll sing to me for my bday... haha :) i know honestly it was suuper hard to teach them.. tthey are somewhat special.. i never would have thought to fnd an american buddist and a american jewish protestant in mexico.... haha 

Awesome you will have lots of people to celebrate with!!! So is her daughter planning on getting baptized in November?  We got to attend the ysa ward with dad yesterday and I was so impressed by the strong testimonies of the young adults there and their willingness to participate in the lessons….I am excited for dad and his new opportunities…we are going to a bbq tonight at the college chapel for all the new kids that come to school for the fall. Dads ward is strictly kids in housing for school so lots of different people, mostly girls, Jordan and jax came too and both agreed Jordan needs to visit more and maybe find some dates there 😊 any ways should be a fun fhe…jax would like to attend the ward on Sundays when they have linger longer food-haha! That kid always eating! But like you still trim.
What are you doing for fhe?

yes she is really excited actaully and wants to get baptized!!  and thats awesome good for them!! i hope that its gonna be a good blessing for dad and for jordan as well!! haha tonight we don't have a FHE... 
Guys just got home from work and say hi and happy bday week! They have been digging a basement all day, it kinda warmed up today to about 88, I love it not ready for fall yet-do you still have power and water on? Any more headaches? What did you prepare for devotional?
tell them thanks! and yes we had water and power all week and all good with headaches.. no worries.. :)  we just ahd to get some elders and sisters to help out witht the prayer and objective and sec 4 of DC.. 
Any service opportunities last week, I know that you were super busy teaching…and that is a great service in and of itself!
to be honest not really..... sadly.. but nooo.. 
Not sadly, it is great that you have been busy teaching and preaching the gospel! This week I am trying to prepare my lesson for relief society on Sunday and I thought since the kids went back to school I would talk about Education and continuing to learn and grow your brain. This part makes me smile every time I read it….I know it’s a little long but its awesome…One of the basic teachings of the Church is that the knowledge we gain in this life will be a blessing to us now and in life after death: “If a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come” (D&C 130:19).
Learning is necessary for progress in any phase of our lives. Continued learning is an important part of the gospel. To live the gospel we must learn its truths. Consequently, the prophets have instructed us to study the scriptures regularly. Elder William J. Critchlow Jr. told of giving special instructions to home teachers about motivating those they visited to read the scriptures:
“Once, as president of a stake, I sent the home teachers into the homes of the Saints to read as their lesson verses of related scripture found in the four standard works. I instructed them to take no books with them—to borrow instead the family books. What they found was surprising:
“—In many homes there was a lot of searching and dusting off before the books were available.
“—Young people who had been married a short time were generally without the books unless the husband was a returned missionary.
“—One good brother said, ‘We packed all our books in a trunk when we moved here. It’s in the attic and I can’t get to it tonight.’ When asked how long he had lived there, his wife found the courage to answer, ‘Seven years.’
“—Another wife said she didn’t know why her husband had never purchased a Pearl of Great Price. ‘We have the other books,’ she said. She was a bit embarrassed when she learned that it was found with her Doctrine and Covenants.
“—One wife said, ‘I’ll have no trouble finding the Bible. My husband keeps it in his reading room.’ The teachers watched her go directly to the bathroom and come out with the Bible in her hand.
“Well, we didn’t care where our folks read them. The whole idea was to get them out of hiding and into the family room, in plain sight, so that occasionally they could turn off the radio or television set and read them” 

wow!!! thats awesome!!! haha good for you!! !thats gonna be great!! hey how is maddy doing with her foot?? maddy b
I asked about her Saturday and Lanni said it is still bothering her, they didn’t get it all and want to go in deeper and freeze it out, but I think that they are hoping she can wait till she gets home (6 months) and take care of it then, the doc doing it is a dermatologist and I think that she made need a different kind of doc and some American help….I know that she has been a little discouraged about that and her comp right now is a really hard one and so their numbers are down and her dl, I think, got on her case about the whole thing and meeting number goals, Jordan said that she was going to write her and try and encourage her and I am sure that she would love to hear from you as well, do you have her email address? You could even write her in Spanish…cant believe she is down to 6 months, her year went fast, but it always does for others, but if it my elder seems to drag 😊 not so much any more!! Yea!!!  Some one asked me if you are anxious to come home or would like to stay longer?  What would you say?
yes i got her email... ill shoot her a email!! and i feel like i have mixed feelings... i wanna get home and start my life and play ball again and stuff.. but then theres others days where i feel like.... NOOOOOO i wanna keep going.. ha
You are awesome thank you!  I think that it has to be hared to leave the people you are serving and to be released from preaching the gospel 24/7, fortunately you can always be a missionary….I wish that I could be as brave as you are to share the gospel and feel that blessing!  I am so thank ful that you have taken to time to serve the Lord and you will be very blessed for leaving the things of the world behind for two short years when compared to the rest of your life to do “stuff” I am proud of you!!
hahaha thanks mom!! its been a great belesing to be honest! thanks for the support andhelping me get to this piont

You did it! Dad and I are always here to love and support and kinda guide sometimes but will always be around, but just like getting your eagle you did it! You are the one serving! What did pres have to say in interview about refining_______
ummm somewhat... hahaa not how i wanted it... but i keep seeing it more and more myself.. But hey mom i gotta go..... i love you soooooo much and hope you have a great week! love you guys!!! if you can send marcus the email of natalie hart... haha love youguys!! thanks for everything i know i wouldnt be able to do it with out you guys! love elder Weaver
I love you too Justeroo, have a very happy week and most happy happy bday! I will have a small piece of cake on your day 😊 you have a big one! Please be safe traveling and follow the spirit!! That is the correct email for natalie I just looked it up….Love you tons! Happy 21, big big smiles! Chat with you soon!  Your super duper,
Hope you get your package!
Love always mom
thanks mom!! you are great!! i love you sooooo much!!! thanks for bearing with me these 21 years!! love you guys!! have a swell week!! Love ya

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Busy week.

 love the spectacles, and the scooter, is that your new mode of transportation?-haha
hahaha i wish....;)

 today for pday we went to Monte Alban.. with Elder Lindsay and Elder Tutiven.. they had never gone

 the picture on the money, is what is in the background of Justin
You look awesome! It is so incredibly green, except for the red picture of course, very cool filter…hope that you can take us when we get there….does it cost 20 pesos?  Are the other elders part of your zone?
ya they are in my Zone... and it costs about 65 pesos to get in.. 
Hola motheroo,
This week was a good week, we ended up waiting on doing splits with our DL because we are going to be having them come here for a splits next week and so we just figured that it would save money to wait a week... haha and Raul is doing good he still has his baptism date for the 10th and we were out teaching his dad this last week a lot and he has a lot of questions... but he is doing very well.. on saturday and sunday we had stake conference and it was super good and we had 6 inv that were able to attend and karla is doing great!! she is getting baptized but not this week... we were teaching her and we got a call from president Madsen and he wanted to talk with my comp so he left out of the room for a sec, and i was sitting there with Karla and jsut started to explain to me that she just looked at her calander... and it looks like the 26th or 27th is.......hmmmmm her time... haha and so we are going to be waiting to baptize her on the 2nd of september..  we didnt do to much of service this week but we were able to help a old grandma walk to the other side of the street.. which was great!! i felt like Russell from UP..;) but im glad that things are going good congrats jax on winning your ball game!! keep playing hard... you got heart... even if you have to play JV and Varsity.. _______ :) tell Bailey Congrats! thats awesome for her! :) i love you guys and this week we are having interviews on saturday, and i think it will be my second to last interveiw!! crazy!!!! i love youguys i saw the video.... you all look good!! :) Love Elder Weaver  PS Mom can you send that video of jaxes TD again por favor!?
Yay for raul, do you think his dad will be baptized soon too? And so glad to hear that karla is still on schedule, we will continue to keep her in our prayers….Russell service is better than no service and I am hoping that she wanted to go across the street-haha…. I would rather have him play hard for you so that when you get back you can see him in the playoffs….maybe drop him an email?  I will try and send touch down….so how was the teaching this week, do you have fhe tonight? Any pix of karla? Any new investigators? Still knocking doors? Did you get to speak at stake conference
and yes we have a fhe tonight, and wednesday and friday!! :)  and i really wanted to talk in stake conference... i dont know why... but no we didnt.... haha this week we are going to knock a lot of doors. dont have pics of karla.. ill try and gets some.. haha good for jax i hope that he can keep playing hard.
Wow that’s lots of fhe, do you teach the same thing? Do you have power yet? I know why you wanted to talk, because you have a great testimony and you are dying to share it!!!
nope we are going to be teaching different thigns.. friday we are going to be doing games for the little kids because a member asked us to help out.. and tonight we might be talking about strengthening families and wed, about faith.... haha how did jace go on his luna de miel!!?
Awesome topics….they had a great time, they stayed in Ben Lomond hotel for 3 nights in Ogden, dads gift, and then flew to long beach, dads gift, and then cruised to catalina island and Ensenada then home, they had a great time, did parasailing…we will all have to go next spring-so fun! Now they are trying to get everything moved into marians basement….still different not having him come home, but a good different
Im gonna miss him.....
You will see him most every day, he was here this morning at 7:30 and attends our ward 😊 and I want to have family Sunday dinners at least once amonth and we have fhe with gma and gpa on the second Sundays every month….what did you learn at stake conference?  My ponderize is Alma 42:31 we talked a lot about it in Sunday school…church was kinda different yesterday, dad is attending the ysa ward from9-12 and so I sit by myself until jax is done with sacrament, miss dad with me a ton….I feel bad for all those sisters who are widowed or have inactive husbands, I am truly blessed!!!
no worries ill sit with you when i get home... :) haha its gonna be soooo weird.. not seeing him for 4 years and now hes married..
me and my comp...
Looks like the two of you have fun together, are you liking him as a comp? what is the picture with the big mask?
that mask is on a door... haha its pretty cool! ya we get along, but he is 19.... haha he reminds me a lot of high school.. 
_________________ Power? Are you able to eat and study and iron at home yet?  _______________but we are doing good, the lessons are spiritual, but somtimes its hard because the people we talk with just think that we are teching about a church that comes form the US.... but its alllll good
Hmmm…._________________! I am sure it is confusing to some people to realize the bofm is from their continent and that jsmith from ours restored the gospel, we will pray that people will understand and that their hearts and minds will be prepared for your message, and lessons Are interview Saturday because of upcoming transfers?
haha maybe maybe.... we are having interveiws because we didnt have them last transfer... 
Gotcha, did you get the touchdown video? And do you have power? Are you dodging that question?
yes!! i got the video... ha and yes we got power.. on wed... and the day we got power we lost water..... how great... hahah but thursday in the night we got water.. so all is good we iron in the house and everything! :) 
Hallelujia!! Crazy, I am sure it makes you appreciate the tiny things we take for grantide….so tell me about some of the people you are teaching besides raul, and karla….and the Edwardo that got married is he the one that you taught, saw baptized and get the priesthood?  Seems like you have had a few edwardos….:) did you get card in mail yet? I texted pres Villanueva but never heard back….I think we will make reservations this week at the hotel dad found by the temple….so excited!
ummm yes thats the same Edwardo.. haha and we are also teaching rodolfo and pearla.. there parents are les actives..  and were sealed in the temple but its soo hard to find them they have 12 and 9 years old.. to text president villanueva put 001521951 in front of his number.. but dont put 951 again.. haha
Ok, ill text again, so a few weeks ago you had me add the Martinez family to the prayer roll, still teaching them? Ill add Rodolfo and pearla to prayroll 😊  are you happy? You look great in the pictures! Your hair is longer than I have seen in a bit….when you chat with pres on Saturday want to just double check about all our plans and be sure he knows you are coming home on the 27th of October 😊 if you remember…are you going to ask him about comp and why him?  Do you have a ponderize for me?
Awesome!! Is the kid pre mission? Are all these people within walking distance? The picture of you on the scooter, is that at the church? Looks like a nice building….did you get to ride the scooter? You mentioned that you are playing games with kids Friday is it an activity?  I sent rings and missionary badges in box…just got notice that it is in san Francisco, so maybe it will be to you next week sometime….have you told anyone its your bday next Wednesday so they can make you a cake?:) if not you should…..or buy one and share with a family…

welp... im gald to get my package actually.. haha umm yes and a member is inviting us to dinner this saturday for my bday!! haha how sweet!!!  he is a x missionary.. yes most of the people we are teching are within walking distance! no i didnt drive the scooter.. that is pres. Villanuevas scooter.. and thats our stake center.. he was in a mtg and i got on real quick and took a pic! :) 
 umm yes ill check with him!! yes we are still talking with them.. they are a member family... and there kid might be coming out with us to teach..:)
yes i know i need to cut my hair....  im happy! !im tired.... haha ive had a headache all day..
Are you not sleeping well? If you can find some B12 vitamins try taking those everyday, gives you energy and has taken care of jaces really bad headaches he had everyday…should sell it at a grocery store, pills or gummies, be sure to only take as many as the bottle says 😊 the guys here were eating the gummies like candy and they got rashes in their arm pits….haha! are you drinking and eating well? Sometimes a coke helps my headaches….sorry
no yes!! im sleeping well!! i think i need to drink more water and i think i was more stressed for not having power and water... but now that we got themi feel alot better!!! but i just need to drink somemore water!!! :)) 
Buy yourself a waterbottle to carry around….do you get water at the grocery store? Or can you drink from tap? Please take good care of you so you can continue to serve with your whole heart and mind…so glad that you have both turned back on and pray it stays that way!! Dad says hi, he reads all the emails as you send them….he says he is proud of you, he hopes that you are enjoying yourself and are pleased with yourself, we pray for you everyday, sometimes two or three times…continue to be super duper and know that he loves you, he says he cant wait to watch you play college ball…..:)
love you guys thanks for the prayers.. i cant wait to play college ball either..  and i cant wait to get married..;) haha love you guys have a good week! Elder Weaver
Love you too, please be safe and happy, take time to eat some tacos…😊 hasta luego, Much amor Madre y padre   Big smiles-
love you Elder weaver until next week! 

Monday, August 15, 2016

wedding week....

Wow.... mom... sounds like you had a busier week then i did... haha thats sooo great!! tell jace congrats!! i am happy for him! this week i also went to a wedding.. haha Edwardo got married to his girlfriend Claudia... on friday.. so that was great!! i am super excited for them to get sealed in a year!!! its gonna be awesome!! and something super great happened Raul is a investigator that we have been teaching but he didnt want to get bapztized because his dad was in jail and we wanted to wait for him to get out oof jail... and his dad had about a year in prision.. and he was there for false charges... well... this sunday Raul walked in and a man followed him and a lady aswell..... and he came and sat by me and said... thats my dad.... and i just wanted to cry it was amazing!! sooo now we are woriking with this family and we are going to try and get the for of them baptized in the first week of september!!!! and Karla is doing good we watched the REstoration with her and she cried... she told us that she knew that this is the true church... she still has her date for the 27th of august.. this last week we didnt have the mtg with president it got cancelled and we had to set a meeting that presidnet was going to have and it all went good.. we still dont have power.. and ive talked with presidnet and his wife and hopefully by wednesday we will have power.. if not.. im gonna have a month without power... how cool... haha this week im excited to work.. me and my comp are doing good and things are moving along!! :) 
Wow, right back at ya! That’s awesome you had a wedding last week too, and what a great blessing for Raul and his family, you are definitely there for a reason and when I hear things like this it verifies that very fact! What a great job you are doing!!! And how fun to have baptisms on either side of your birthday!!! Did you have to help a lot with the wedding and that’s why you needed a coke?  I had one too-haha! Who did you get to teach in your meeting? Makes me crazy about power, so does that mean you haven’t eaten at home, and have to study at the church? Still have warm showrs?
we just had to get things set up at the stake center for president to come and do his thang... haha and yes we went to the wedding to take pics and then we sat in another room to eat so we didnt see the dancing and  i just needed a coke.. ha to be honest i i only eat dinner when a member invites us to eat... haha and weve been ironing and eating in the church yes! haha  still have warm showers yes!! :)
So I am hoping and praying that members invite you every night to eat with them so you get dinner!!! Please use your money to get a good big lunch on days you don’t have dinner appointments or eat out….need to keep eating 😊 what about laundry how does it get done? Is Karla in the fhe picture….any names youd like me to add to prayer list? What does your week look like, lots of work and in your own area?
karla wasnt able to make it that night.. she was going to but couldnt make it.. umm put Lazaro and Raul in the tenmple please!!? and karla.. and tania.. haha this week i am thinking we might do divisions... maybe thursday and we are going to be meeting with the Stake presidnet maybe tuesday.. 
I will add those names and put them in Wednesday when I go, For divisions are you going out of your area and do you know who with? Is the Ixcotel ward coming around and being nicer to you guys, are both your wards in the same stake….if you see pres Villanueva please pass along my gratitude and love, I have tried to text and not getting an answer, does he have an email?The family for fhe are you teaching all of them, are some members….what did you teach and are you seeing them again tonight?Did you get to watch jace and mckenzi video?Feeling the spirit strongly in your area?Enjoying life?
ill be staying here in my area with a greenie... and yes the ward is doing alot better and both are in the same stake.. yes ill let him know... yes i saw his video.... feel the spirit strong in the video... yes i feel the spirit strong... yes enjoying life.... :) are you?
Yes, several people asked if I was sad about jace getting married and moving out, how can I be, its what I have prayed for for each of my boys, that they find someone to love them and marry in the temple, to be a strong worthy priesthood holder and an all around good person….sad because my little people aren’t so little anymore, but soon we may have other little peoples around, (not for a few years) So a greenie….do you know him and will it be just for the day?Requesting anything for bday….Ive got to get it together and try and make it by the 31st 😊 need anything?
i kind of know him he is from panama!!! im all good:) just jerky :) ha 
_________________________________________________________________- umm ponderize is.... that you often cant look for spiritual light, while sitting in the darkness.... haha :)  i heard that in a movie this week.. a church video
That’s awesome! And I like your ponderize  too, reminds me of something gpa said in the temple, we need to look for the light that is brighter than any other light, then he referred to the sunlight and said can you imagine light brighter than that?I love this time of year when all the sunflowers are blooming and they follow the light, what a great reminder to follow light and I hope and pray that you will continue to find light at the ward house, with your power out…or even make your own light with flashlights, and know that we think you are super, your sending us signals by shadows 😊What church video did you get to watch? Was it part of your teaching your meeting or investigators?
we shared it with a member family and its called the light and hope of God.. its about a guy that didnt believe in God and prayed and fasted and ya.. its ca mormon message
Ill have to look it up and use it for our brief fhe….are you eating with members this week, tonight? It makes me worry about you, please use the money you have to stay healthy and take care of yourself! Ok for garments, and socks? What kind of candy sounds good? Cake mix?
no worries mom im good! im a big boy..;) ha im good with Gs and socks.... skittles.. would be good! :) but hey mom GTG...... sorry...  haha i love you soooo much i love you gyuys and miss you tons!! have a great week and congrats on your bike ride!! you guys are the best! :) be happy always:) Love Elder Weaver
I love you Justin, please be safe and continue to follow the spirit, treasure those you teach and have fun on splits with greenie- eat well and take good care of you….I love you tons, have a super duper week and Ill chat with you soon! You be happy always too
Love mom

sounds good love ya mom! :) 
 super man.
 Elder Ringle.. and McDonalds
 thats my coke.. i had to drink to try and cope with all the weddings... ha


Looks like a pretty fancy car they had 😊 how are things with comp going? Two gringos? Speaking a lot of English?
good.. miracles actually.. haha we have a investigator that is super tough.. but we seem to be getting somewhere.. her name is Tita..  yes we are both practicing english..;)
Miracles actually…you need to explain a little more….How is Tita tough?
just because... haha miracles.. and tita has talkes with alot of Elders.... but me and my comp are the first americans and we are actaully getting somewhere with her... she comes to church and now we are talking with her more frecuantly..;)
Awesome! I know that some people say that it takes the right missionaries to come along and bring the spirit that touches a persons heart at a certain time because the spirit has helped to prepare them to receive the message….a time and a place for everything 😊 any service last week? Get to do anything fun besides the wedding stuff?This is my ponderize, the thought for the day today….I think it really applies to all of us regardless of our youth or not 😊 its from Ronald Rasband…."I pray that ... we may each of us do all things that lie in our power to teach our youth what source they may look to for a remission of their sins, even the Lord Jesus Christ. May we each respond with our most sincere efforts to “all hands on deck” as it pertains to saving our own rising generation—they are certainly worth our very best efforts."Jax and I moved some of your stuff into the basement room, things are going, lots of shuffling around but we are hoping to get everyone in the right room set up by the end of the week…fingers crossed,
wow.... things are gonna be super different when i get home.. so when does jace get back from his honey moon!?
They get home on Thursday, they did a cruise we have done before, going to catalina island (when we went the weather was too bad) and Ensenada…dad paid for them to stay in a hotel in ogden for 3 nights until they left for cruise….I am crossing fingers that Jordan will find a place before you get back, so things will be a lot different….hoping he meets that girl this Sunday. 😊So with dads new calling we get to go to fhe with the ysa ward….should be interesting!Jax is a practice right now, its game week….he had physical today, team effort at the school haha! Right now they are saying he is second string d, and on all special teams but after watching the scrimmage the other night, I really think the guy in front of him isn’t going to last long, he runs around and kinda has no idea what is going on, has awful footwork and I think jax will be sliding into his spot by the end of the game, they play murray this weekend…ill send you the article from deseret news….So yes things will change but hopefully for the better😊What is your plan for tonight? Have a ponderize?
wow tell jax good luck !!! hell be palying first string i dont doubt that.. haha tonight we are going to talk with Tita and see if we can put a baptismal date with her... haha :) do you have plans for tonight!!?
We will pray for her and to feel the spirit to set a date😊 we are going to the goof Olympics for ysa ward in mountain green…Jax wont, he will be home probably just as we are leaving….havent seen him much with his ball and us riding and life….I feel bad, we sometimes have to take him out on the weekends so we can see him and catch up
Jax and me are going to be going on a lot of dates together.... i miss him tons.... haha 
i mean that we are going to each get a date and go on a double date... haha 
😊 I knew what you meant…he is so looking forward to it. And I am sure he would love it!! He misses you more than you can imagine, you are such a great influence on him here at home, we kinda thought jacer would like helping him lift and stuff but he kinda doesn’t dig being around him….so I know Jax will love having you home, he has talked about making the wieight room a bedroom so you can have your own little bachelor pad downstairs…haha!
haha that be sick!!! :) love you guys tell him i love him!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

my ponderize is proverbs 22 vers 6.....;) thanks mom and dad

Well, it's time for us to be chatting and it's crazy what a void I feel today not hearing and chatting with you....I hope things have gone smoothly and you love your new comp and any changes to your zone that may have taken place :).... Our day has been a busy one too, our company has been delayed until tomorrow so gives me a little extra time to prepare :)
Dad has been to lots of job sites today keeping things going and staying on top of stuff, work is busy, good busy and into the fall :) such a blessing!!
So how is your work? How was your week, Vicky, Tawnia, Cecilia and Adair...anyone I missed?
Dad is getting a new calling, he will be a high councilor at the USA stake :) he is super excited and had a great experience thru the whole process, we will tell you all about it in about 11 weeks :)
I'm excited about this week, very bittersweet, getting a daughter in law, my kid is growing up and on with life, it's a great thing, just miss my little people's ;) I'm excited for him to be surprised with Georgia people, he has no idea.... Jax has morning and evening practices, plays Murray next week, registered him for junior year this morning, Jordan's all packed up....big changes!!!
I hope to chat tomorrow, if not please know I missed chatting today, hope your week is wonderful, and know that we will have you in our hearts and minds all week, pray for me Saturday, I'm doing a 70 mile ride with the ladies group, riding without dad, hope I can do it, and do it in good time, climbing for 30 miles... Ugh! I love you my justeroo, please be happy and safe, God bless you, follow the promptings official the spirit, listen close,
You are super and I'm so proud if you,
Love mucho, mucho
Hey mom im good no worries!!! just like usual.. had lots of changes going on and my comp finally got here around 730 at night and we had to have other elders stay at the house because they were super far from there own area.. but everythings good the Zone is all safe and the babies are with there paps.. haha my new comp is Elder Ringle.. hes almost got a yr and he is from logan Utah and yes i did play football against him.. but he graduated in 2015.. hes a good guy so far we have been having a good time, im gonna be training him how to be a ZL.. this past week we talked with Karla.. the lady that should up at church and just said that she was looking for the truth.. and we have been teaching her and we taught her the resoration and she bent her head over and i thought she was going to cry but she just burst out laughing.... and laughing.. and she said that she felt something in  her heart so then we explained the spirit to her and she just kept on laughing.. and she told us that if she wasnt laughing then she would be crying.. soo.. she is doing good she has a date for the 27th to get baptized and she has told us that she know for a fact the church is true... thats COOOOOL.. haha this week we are going to be pretty busy... presidnet Villanueva bought us gas... so now we dont have to take cold showers....YES!! and tomorrow we are going to see if we can get the secretaries to come with us to get a new contract for power.. because we stilll dont have power.. 2 weeks now.. ha but things all be good... im super super trunky when i see pick of jace and kenzi... but congrats on the bike race im super proud of you guys!!! you and dad derserve a bid high five and a pat on the back!! ;) love you guys"!!! have a swell week!!!! :) 
What a great experience with Karla and to laugh or cry, I know the feeling all to well....
New comp, what position did he play? Did you guys beat them? I'll look him up on you think he is a hard worker? 
Get to teach in your area this week? Old comp still in your zone?
Praying you get power, are you warm, looks pretty chilly there, the 70s:)
Did you teach fhe last night?
he played D line... and we didnt beat them my senior yr.. he looks and seems like a hard worker.. and my comp went out to the coast!! he went like 10 hours away!  we didnt teach anything last night we didnt get home until late..
my ponderize is proverbs 22 vers 6.....;) thanks mom and dad

maddy didnt write me anything that i asked her.. hmmmmm kind of odd.... haha 
Did she write you at all? Staying in your area this week? Can I add anyone to temple prayer roll? 
yes she wrote me but jsut about her car... haha nope.. this week we are going to be going to other areas.. and we have a mtg with presidnet this friday.. and we have to be getting other mtgs readdy for the news.. ha you can add Karla and Flor
Love the scripture, we try so hard to teach and train as parents and I'm sure you feel the same way training new comps :) any requests for bday package? Did you get a card in mail yet? 
beef jerky.... like 2 bags of beef jerky..;) haha nope no card yet.. nothing.. maybe tomorrow ill check and see :)
Ok :) so funny! I sent wedding invites for Jace and also baileys.... 
Try not to be trunky, I'm sure easier said than done, the next 11 weeks will fly...especially if you loose yourself in the work and stay very busy! I'm excited you gave a capris so close to your bday-what a treat!!! Tell pres Villanueva thanks for taking care of your gas needs, sounds like you need a new place to live!
Hmm, you'll have to ask again maybe in a different form...? 
Be safe traveling, going any where new?  Tell pres hello and thank you for taking such good care of you and that we are anxious to meet him and hermana Madsen... 
Did you have lots of greenies come out? 
Are you happy? Feeling good? Jordan said last time you told him you were sick from some food you ate ?
my whole Zone is training greenies..... they are all soooo young... me and the district leader are the only ones that have more than a yr... ha i feel good im happy!!! noooooooooope-...... haha im good!!! healthy and happy! :) 
Wow that's slot of green and we laugh cuz you called them so young-still even number of sisters in your zone? You are a great leader and have a neat opportunity to be over so many new missionaries-what a pat on the back for you and the trust pres had in you to do that!! Proud of you!!!
yes the same 6 sisters and 6 elders.. yes but its alot of pressure..  yes you can send it in english.... i hope sooooo:) we have alot of work and we need alot of miracles!! :) 
would you mind sending him a text and telling him thanks!!!?? haha umjmmm but yes im gonna be working hard and keep my head up and want to enjoy these 2 months with sweat on my forhead
Sure I will send me his number again....can I send it in English?  I know that you will finish strong you are a fourth quarter player!!! 

we are in a bad cyber like the fotos take for ever to load and its makes the internet slow.. next week ill send poics!!! yes traveling bybus and taxi sometimes... Hey mom i love you and hope you have a great week!! take lots and lots of pics!! and believe me... yesterday i was thinking about chatting too.... i miss you tons and i hope you can enjoy the weddding and be super happy and estatic! :) ill chat with ya next week with fotos"!!!!!! :) love you soooo much hope you all have a good week! GOOD LUCK JACE AND KENZIE FELICIDADES!!!! :) 

I love you too justerooo, I will send lots of pix and video, know that you are here in thoughts and hearts!!! I'll add to prayer roll and enjoy every moments!!! No worries about M!!! Things will work out the way they are supposed too.... I am so proud of you, be safe and happy!!!! Treasure you so much-pray for me in ride Saturday :) 
Love you mucho!!
Love mom
will doo!! ill be praying saturday!1 be safe and follow the spirit! :) love yousooo much.. and im soo greatful for you:) have a good week! :) 
You are my treasure, thanks for taking time to chat today-love you 
Mom ;)
noooooo thank you!! youre the best! :) have a great ride and great time at the wedding! :) love Elder Weaver

Sunday, August 7, 2016

super busy....

hey im getting a new comp, and im staying in this area... dont know who it is yet.. but monday i think ill be super busy.... might not have time... good luck on your bike ride you guys are the best! love elder Weaver 

Hi my justeroo, so happy that you get to stay and a new comp, hope he is what you have prayed for :) I know that you will be super busy, hope that you can say hi and tell me about comp...
our bike ride was great, well, a great as 102 miles in 5 hours and 25 minutes can be with a flat and lunch in that amount of is my hero, he pulled me the whole way and through crazy crowds of people and we avoided 3 accidents, and wind, and my bad attitude at the end...he is super!!
I sent pictures of the first look of the bridal gown that we did on Saturday night now for the big day, he is moving stuff slowly into marian's basement this week and getting him self set up over there...glad its close and they will still be in our ward :)
our company from Georgia is supposed to be here tonight, trying to get food and rooms ready, yes, Jordan moved from his room....up to your room, he is looking for a place and I'm hoping with the change that he will look harder now :) I will for sure send video and lots more pictures over the weekend....
running to the store a minute with dad to get parts for work, ill chat with you again soon....
love you so much, you are super, treasure you tons....
love mom

Monday, August 1, 2016


HAPPY AUGUST!!!! Dear mom and dad, this week was a little bit of a busy week, but yes we had alot of time to work in our area.. last monday the FHE was great!! i actually have there names because the family is haviving a little bit of a hard time.. Tawnia is doing good, we also got to know her sister yesterday and we have a new lady named Karla that we are teaching, she camed to church and the first time we talked with her she told us that she was praying to know where the truth was and she came to our church.. COOL. and shes already reading the BOm and she loves church.. Vicky is doing good, hasnt come to chruch yet.. but we are still trying. YES i did buy some shoes...but then they broke.. so im back to my old shoes.... haha no jk.. after the new ones broke i returned them and got better ones...:)  On friday we went on Splits with the Asistents to president and i went with elder Madera and we had a good time he is a great Elder and a great friend.. when we got back to the house we are talking Elder Madera and Elder Valenzuela and my comp and me and at 1130 we bought tacos and were up until 1.... hahaha.. splits..;) it was super good and fun and me and my comp did a little bit of painitng this week and next monday is going to be Transfers........WOOOOH! :) love you all :) Elder Weaver
Big smiles!!! So glad fhe went well, do you have it again tonight? I will put all of their names in the temple, glad that the work is moving!!! And so happy about shoes! Sorry they broke but maybe you needed the better ones-haha! Tacos at 11.30 sounds great, were you afraid to be out that late? Cant believe they are still selling them at that time of the night! And are you getting new comp or moving? Love the pictures you look “super” and how come power out all week?
we have another FHE with another family.. we just called tacos.. we didnt leave.... :) ha im not sure yet.. until saturday they are going to tell us.. the secretary didnt pay it.. and we have been calling him all week fighting about it.. but ya.. doesnt happen.. 

can you put these names in the temple.. 
Rafeal ____________
Maribel _________________
rafeal ___________________
How fun, and convient you call for tacos and they come :), that makes me crazy that he doesn’t pay bill, hasn’t this happened before? What are your feelings about transfers, have any gut intuition?
makes me mad too.. but we are now getting a new secretary.. today..ha  i feel like im gonna stay and get another comp..... i hope..
ya.. and in my email to presidnet i asked him for a comp that will help refine me and help me end my mission well.. we willl see what happens.. we will have interviews next transfer, and not really.. i dont wanna be AP.. at this point i cant be Ap.. 
I hope so, new blood sometimes makes the work move better and a change of pace is always a nice thing to reboot and be excited again for the work! Do you have intereviews with pres again? Would you like to be ap? Silly question, when you email pres is it in Spanish? And what do you mean you cant be ap at this point in mission? I would like you to stay in the field and be able to work with the people and not in the office, don’t get me wrong, I just wondered? :) Who is the little boy in the mask pictures? Are you teaching him too?
Talked to Armel today about maddi’s foot and it is still giving her grief so please remember her in your prayers, she is trying to stay out the rest of her mission, 7 months, pray that she will not be in pain…Syd just hit hump day last week, Parker L came home a transfer early so he could see Isaac before he leaves for chile, they would have missed each other by a day….Crazy how time is moving right now….I need to catch up!
i write him in english.. to practice and when someone is called to be Ap here that have to have at least 6 months left on there mission, because thats how long they are ap... no that kid is in the ap area.. i went there to work.. 
Awesome, I bet in high school, not in a million years did you ever think I will have to practice writing in English, huh…
So know I understand about ap, didn’t know… is comp coming along, I know you  would like a new one, but things going ok? How is apartment? I have watched your weather and it looks like you are cooler this week, like in the 70s, are you freezing-haha! Been thinking of birthday treats for box?
its been a little cold here and there.. but im doing good... my comp is a good comp dont get me wrong but there are somethings that just dont work and its hard to make it work.. if that makes sense
Makes lots of sense, about comp, we will pray that you get an awesome one, Ill put “future comp” name in the temple this week :) what are you teaching for fhe and who? Do you have a ponderize for me?

we paitned and ate gringas this week.

OH and we havent had power all week... so we went to the church to iron.... haha and charge the phone.. alll weeeek!!! hopefully tomorrow we will have POWER
So today turned out to be a very unusual day and busy, full of blessings….grandpa was riding his bike in south ogden, glassman way across Washington boulevard and a man in a car hit him in the intersection, he is going to be ok, helmet took most of the hit to head and he has a bad bump on his leg but is going to be alright, so grateful for prayer and answers to safety, so no worries, but continue to pray for safety and peace….
oh my..... will do... tell him i miss him and love him tons!! glad hes ok
I will, and I know he will say he loves and misses you too!
we did splits with the asistence on friday.. they were pretty fun! Elder Madera..

Great masks, what does the note say, and I love the picture of you with ap, and the city behind you, looks so big!
me too its super cool!! hes a great missionary, the note talks about how real leader focus more on others, then on there selfs...
Awesome, I will get it translated and use it in RS. :) how was your Sunday meetings this week, still attending 2 wards?
Who is the group picture? Were you painting someones home? Working in your area this week?
thats the Zone and we were painting  a sisters house.. the wall needed like 3 layers.. yes this week ill be working here
have you been able to get into contact with Presidnet Villanueva!?
I haven’t tried yet, dad has found a good hotel, across from temple and near airport, we don’t want to take advantage of your Pres and make him feel obligated to give us a deal, but would like to take him to dinner or something while we are there for how wonderful he has been to you, defienately one that we want to meet and thank in person!!! We have not made reservations yet….but will this week, sound ok, he wont be offended will he if we don’t use his do you think?
nope i dont think he will be offended.. but he told me that he is willing to help if you guys have any questions.. maybe wait on booking because if i stay here there is a hotel that is closer to me.. if you want
Ok, we will wait :0,
WElp mother dear, thanks soooo much for chatting with me!! i love you guys and im glad that grandpa is doing GOOD.. send pics and if possible a video of jaces wedding.. just a little one.. haha i love ou all be safe on you bike ride!! love you so much! Elder Weaver
Emotions are high today, so yep, I am in tears again!!! I love you Justin, please be safe and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers, I will send whatever pic and video I can for you next week of wedding stuff…love you so much, we will be safe on ride, think of us from 7-12 satruday morning and pray that I have the legs to keep up with dad :) you are my treasure! Love you mucho, have a safe happy week and follow the spirit, God bless and keep you safe,
Love mom
thanks mom!! love you guys! :) your  the best! :) love Elder Weaver
Love you!