Monday, August 22, 2016

Busy week.

 love the spectacles, and the scooter, is that your new mode of transportation?-haha
hahaha i wish....;)

 today for pday we went to Monte Alban.. with Elder Lindsay and Elder Tutiven.. they had never gone

 the picture on the money, is what is in the background of Justin
You look awesome! It is so incredibly green, except for the red picture of course, very cool filter…hope that you can take us when we get there….does it cost 20 pesos?  Are the other elders part of your zone?
ya they are in my Zone... and it costs about 65 pesos to get in.. 
Hola motheroo,
This week was a good week, we ended up waiting on doing splits with our DL because we are going to be having them come here for a splits next week and so we just figured that it would save money to wait a week... haha and Raul is doing good he still has his baptism date for the 10th and we were out teaching his dad this last week a lot and he has a lot of questions... but he is doing very well.. on saturday and sunday we had stake conference and it was super good and we had 6 inv that were able to attend and karla is doing great!! she is getting baptized but not this week... we were teaching her and we got a call from president Madsen and he wanted to talk with my comp so he left out of the room for a sec, and i was sitting there with Karla and jsut started to explain to me that she just looked at her calander... and it looks like the 26th or 27th is.......hmmmmm her time... haha and so we are going to be waiting to baptize her on the 2nd of september..  we didnt do to much of service this week but we were able to help a old grandma walk to the other side of the street.. which was great!! i felt like Russell from UP..;) but im glad that things are going good congrats jax on winning your ball game!! keep playing hard... you got heart... even if you have to play JV and Varsity.. _______ :) tell Bailey Congrats! thats awesome for her! :) i love you guys and this week we are having interviews on saturday, and i think it will be my second to last interveiw!! crazy!!!! i love youguys i saw the video.... you all look good!! :) Love Elder Weaver  PS Mom can you send that video of jaxes TD again por favor!?
Yay for raul, do you think his dad will be baptized soon too? And so glad to hear that karla is still on schedule, we will continue to keep her in our prayers….Russell service is better than no service and I am hoping that she wanted to go across the street-haha…. I would rather have him play hard for you so that when you get back you can see him in the playoffs….maybe drop him an email?  I will try and send touch down….so how was the teaching this week, do you have fhe tonight? Any pix of karla? Any new investigators? Still knocking doors? Did you get to speak at stake conference
and yes we have a fhe tonight, and wednesday and friday!! :)  and i really wanted to talk in stake conference... i dont know why... but no we didnt.... haha this week we are going to knock a lot of doors. dont have pics of karla.. ill try and gets some.. haha good for jax i hope that he can keep playing hard.
Wow that’s lots of fhe, do you teach the same thing? Do you have power yet? I know why you wanted to talk, because you have a great testimony and you are dying to share it!!!
nope we are going to be teaching different thigns.. friday we are going to be doing games for the little kids because a member asked us to help out.. and tonight we might be talking about strengthening families and wed, about faith.... haha how did jace go on his luna de miel!!?
Awesome topics….they had a great time, they stayed in Ben Lomond hotel for 3 nights in Ogden, dads gift, and then flew to long beach, dads gift, and then cruised to catalina island and Ensenada then home, they had a great time, did parasailing…we will all have to go next spring-so fun! Now they are trying to get everything moved into marians basement….still different not having him come home, but a good different
Im gonna miss him.....
You will see him most every day, he was here this morning at 7:30 and attends our ward 😊 and I want to have family Sunday dinners at least once amonth and we have fhe with gma and gpa on the second Sundays every month….what did you learn at stake conference?  My ponderize is Alma 42:31 we talked a lot about it in Sunday school…church was kinda different yesterday, dad is attending the ysa ward from9-12 and so I sit by myself until jax is done with sacrament, miss dad with me a ton….I feel bad for all those sisters who are widowed or have inactive husbands, I am truly blessed!!!
no worries ill sit with you when i get home... :) haha its gonna be soooo weird.. not seeing him for 4 years and now hes married..
me and my comp...
Looks like the two of you have fun together, are you liking him as a comp? what is the picture with the big mask?
that mask is on a door... haha its pretty cool! ya we get along, but he is 19.... haha he reminds me a lot of high school.. 
_________________ Power? Are you able to eat and study and iron at home yet?  _______________but we are doing good, the lessons are spiritual, but somtimes its hard because the people we talk with just think that we are teching about a church that comes form the US.... but its alllll good
Hmmm…._________________! I am sure it is confusing to some people to realize the bofm is from their continent and that jsmith from ours restored the gospel, we will pray that people will understand and that their hearts and minds will be prepared for your message, and lessons Are interview Saturday because of upcoming transfers?
haha maybe maybe.... we are having interveiws because we didnt have them last transfer... 
Gotcha, did you get the touchdown video? And do you have power? Are you dodging that question?
yes!! i got the video... ha and yes we got power.. on wed... and the day we got power we lost water..... how great... hahah but thursday in the night we got water.. so all is good we iron in the house and everything! :) 
Hallelujia!! Crazy, I am sure it makes you appreciate the tiny things we take for grantide….so tell me about some of the people you are teaching besides raul, and karla….and the Edwardo that got married is he the one that you taught, saw baptized and get the priesthood?  Seems like you have had a few edwardos….:) did you get card in mail yet? I texted pres Villanueva but never heard back….I think we will make reservations this week at the hotel dad found by the temple….so excited!
ummm yes thats the same Edwardo.. haha and we are also teaching rodolfo and pearla.. there parents are les actives..  and were sealed in the temple but its soo hard to find them they have 12 and 9 years old.. to text president villanueva put 001521951 in front of his number.. but dont put 951 again.. haha
Ok, ill text again, so a few weeks ago you had me add the Martinez family to the prayer roll, still teaching them? Ill add Rodolfo and pearla to prayroll 😊  are you happy? You look great in the pictures! Your hair is longer than I have seen in a bit….when you chat with pres on Saturday want to just double check about all our plans and be sure he knows you are coming home on the 27th of October 😊 if you remember…are you going to ask him about comp and why him?  Do you have a ponderize for me?
Awesome!! Is the kid pre mission? Are all these people within walking distance? The picture of you on the scooter, is that at the church? Looks like a nice building….did you get to ride the scooter? You mentioned that you are playing games with kids Friday is it an activity?  I sent rings and missionary badges in box…just got notice that it is in san Francisco, so maybe it will be to you next week sometime….have you told anyone its your bday next Wednesday so they can make you a cake?:) if not you should…..or buy one and share with a family…

welp... im gald to get my package actually.. haha umm yes and a member is inviting us to dinner this saturday for my bday!! haha how sweet!!!  he is a x missionary.. yes most of the people we are teching are within walking distance! no i didnt drive the scooter.. that is pres. Villanuevas scooter.. and thats our stake center.. he was in a mtg and i got on real quick and took a pic! :) 
 umm yes ill check with him!! yes we are still talking with them.. they are a member family... and there kid might be coming out with us to teach..:)
yes i know i need to cut my hair....  im happy! !im tired.... haha ive had a headache all day..
Are you not sleeping well? If you can find some B12 vitamins try taking those everyday, gives you energy and has taken care of jaces really bad headaches he had everyday…should sell it at a grocery store, pills or gummies, be sure to only take as many as the bottle says 😊 the guys here were eating the gummies like candy and they got rashes in their arm pits….haha! are you drinking and eating well? Sometimes a coke helps my headaches….sorry
no yes!! im sleeping well!! i think i need to drink more water and i think i was more stressed for not having power and water... but now that we got themi feel alot better!!! but i just need to drink somemore water!!! :)) 
Buy yourself a waterbottle to carry around….do you get water at the grocery store? Or can you drink from tap? Please take good care of you so you can continue to serve with your whole heart and mind…so glad that you have both turned back on and pray it stays that way!! Dad says hi, he reads all the emails as you send them….he says he is proud of you, he hopes that you are enjoying yourself and are pleased with yourself, we pray for you everyday, sometimes two or three times…continue to be super duper and know that he loves you, he says he cant wait to watch you play college ball…..:)
love you guys thanks for the prayers.. i cant wait to play college ball either..  and i cant wait to get married..;) haha love you guys have a good week! Elder Weaver
Love you too, please be safe and happy, take time to eat some tacos…😊 hasta luego, Much amor Madre y padre   Big smiles-
love you Elder weaver until next week! 

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