Tuesday, August 9, 2016

my ponderize is proverbs 22 vers 6.....;) thanks mom and dad

Well, it's time for us to be chatting and it's crazy what a void I feel today not hearing and chatting with you....I hope things have gone smoothly and you love your new comp and any changes to your zone that may have taken place :).... Our day has been a busy one too, our company has been delayed until tomorrow so gives me a little extra time to prepare :)
Dad has been to lots of job sites today keeping things going and staying on top of stuff, work is busy, good busy and into the fall :) such a blessing!!
So how is your work? How was your week, Vicky, Tawnia, Cecilia and Adair...anyone I missed?
Dad is getting a new calling, he will be a high councilor at the USA stake :) he is super excited and had a great experience thru the whole process, we will tell you all about it in about 11 weeks :)
I'm excited about this week, very bittersweet, getting a daughter in law, my kid is growing up and on with life, it's a great thing, just miss my little people's ;) I'm excited for him to be surprised with Georgia people, he has no idea.... Jax has morning and evening practices, plays Murray next week, registered him for junior year this morning, Jordan's all packed up....big changes!!!
I hope to chat tomorrow, if not please know I missed chatting today, hope your week is wonderful, and know that we will have you in our hearts and minds all week, pray for me Saturday, I'm doing a 70 mile ride with the ladies group, riding without dad, hope I can do it, and do it in good time, climbing for 30 miles... Ugh! I love you my justeroo, please be happy and safe, God bless you, follow the promptings official the spirit, listen close,
You are super and I'm so proud if you,
Love mucho, mucho
Hey mom im good no worries!!! just like usual.. had lots of changes going on and my comp finally got here around 730 at night and we had to have other elders stay at the house because they were super far from there own area.. but everythings good the Zone is all safe and the babies are with there paps.. haha my new comp is Elder Ringle.. hes almost got a yr and he is from logan Utah and yes i did play football against him.. but he graduated in 2015.. hes a good guy so far we have been having a good time, im gonna be training him how to be a ZL.. this past week we talked with Karla.. the lady that should up at church and just said that she was looking for the truth.. and we have been teaching her and we taught her the resoration and she bent her head over and i thought she was going to cry but she just burst out laughing.... and laughing.. and she said that she felt something in  her heart so then we explained the spirit to her and she just kept on laughing.. and she told us that if she wasnt laughing then she would be crying.. soo.. she is doing good she has a date for the 27th to get baptized and she has told us that she know for a fact the church is true... thats COOOOOL.. haha this week we are going to be pretty busy... presidnet Villanueva bought us gas... so now we dont have to take cold showers....YES!! and tomorrow we are going to see if we can get the secretaries to come with us to get a new contract for power.. because we stilll dont have power.. 2 weeks now.. ha but things all be good... im super super trunky when i see pick of jace and kenzi... but congrats on the bike race im super proud of you guys!!! you and dad derserve a bid high five and a pat on the back!! ;) love you guys"!!! have a swell week!!!! :) 
What a great experience with Karla and to laugh or cry, I know the feeling all to well....
New comp, what position did he play? Did you guys beat them? I'll look him up on fb...do you think he is a hard worker? 
Get to teach in your area this week? Old comp still in your zone?
Praying you get power, are you warm, looks pretty chilly there, the 70s:)
Did you teach fhe last night?
he played D line... and we didnt beat them my senior yr.. he looks and seems like a hard worker.. and my comp went out to the coast!! he went like 10 hours away!  we didnt teach anything last night we didnt get home until late..
my ponderize is proverbs 22 vers 6.....;) thanks mom and dad

maddy didnt write me anything that i asked her.. hmmmmm kind of odd.... haha 
Did she write you at all? Staying in your area this week? Can I add anyone to temple prayer roll? 
yes she wrote me but jsut about her car... haha nope.. this week we are going to be going to other areas.. and we have a mtg with presidnet this friday.. and we have to be getting other mtgs readdy for the news.. ha you can add Karla and Flor
Love the scripture, we try so hard to teach and train as parents and I'm sure you feel the same way training new comps :) any requests for bday package? Did you get a card in mail yet? 
beef jerky.... like 2 bags of beef jerky..;) haha nope no card yet.. nothing.. maybe tomorrow ill check and see :)
Ok :) so funny! I sent wedding invites for Jace and also baileys.... 
Try not to be trunky, I'm sure easier said than done, the next 11 weeks will fly...especially if you loose yourself in the work and stay very busy! I'm excited you gave a capris so close to your bday-what a treat!!! Tell pres Villanueva thanks for taking care of your gas needs, sounds like you need a new place to live!
Hmm, you'll have to ask again maybe in a different form...? 
Be safe traveling, going any where new?  Tell pres hello and thank you for taking such good care of you and that we are anxious to meet him and hermana Madsen... 
Did you have lots of greenies come out? 
Are you happy? Feeling good? Jordan said last time you told him you were sick from some food you ate ?
my whole Zone is training greenies..... they are all soooo young... me and the district leader are the only ones that have more than a yr... ha i feel good im happy!!! noooooooooope-...... haha im good!!! healthy and happy! :) 
Wow that's slot of green and we laugh cuz you called them so young-still even number of sisters in your zone? You are a great leader and have a neat opportunity to be over so many new missionaries-what a pat on the back for you and the trust pres had in you to do that!! Proud of you!!!
yes the same 6 sisters and 6 elders.. yes but its alot of pressure..  yes you can send it in english.... i hope sooooo:) we have alot of work and we need alot of miracles!! :) 
would you mind sending him a text and telling him thanks!!!?? haha umjmmm but yes im gonna be working hard and keep my head up and want to enjoy these 2 months with sweat on my forhead
Sure I will send me his number again....can I send it in English?  I know that you will finish strong you are a fourth quarter player!!! 

we are in a bad cyber like the fotos take for ever to load and its makes the internet slow.. next week ill send poics!!! yes traveling bybus and taxi sometimes... Hey mom i love you and hope you have a great week!! take lots and lots of pics!! and believe me... yesterday i was thinking about chatting too.... i miss you tons and i hope you can enjoy the weddding and be super happy and estatic! :) ill chat with ya next week with fotos"!!!!!! :) love you soooo much hope you all have a good week! GOOD LUCK JACE AND KENZIE FELICIDADES!!!! :) 

I love you too justerooo, I will send lots of pix and video, know that you are here in thoughts and hearts!!! I'll add to prayer roll and enjoy every moments!!! No worries about M!!! Things will work out the way they are supposed too.... I am so proud of you, be safe and happy!!!! Treasure you so much-pray for me in ride Saturday :) 
Love you mucho!!
Love mom
will doo!! ill be praying saturday!1 be safe and follow the spirit! :) love yousooo much.. and im soo greatful for you:) have a good week! :) 
You are my treasure, thanks for taking time to chat today-love you 
Mom ;)
noooooo thank you!! youre the best! :) have a great ride and great time at the wedding! :) love Elder Weaver

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