Monday, August 29, 2016

i am super happy and ready for this week!

 thats KArla and her daughter..

 the FHE...

 this is the guy that was going to take me out for dinner but coudnt so he bought me a cake.. hermano Laytan
 the stake Presidnet President Junco.. and his counsiler Villanueva.. 

Junco looks like such a little guy, is he American? Game looks very fun and holy cow your hair looks great so short!!

nope he is Oaxacan.. and we are actaull going to be mtg with him on tuesday.. haha 

Hola Familia, this week was a good week!! i am super happy and ready for this week! congrats jax on beating Jordan! keep ballin in up and youll get that starting place! i know it! well this last week we didnt have do splits with the newbie.. but Elder Lindsay came here with me and my comp went ot his area.. they have been having some hard times with the area... but me and Elder Lindsay talked with a american from Boston and his wife aswell.. and he was a member when he was younger.. and now he is a buddist, and his wife is like a Jewish protenstant... and wow that lesson was weird.. me and Lindsay thought it was gonna be SWEET because we were going to talk in English... but wow it was weird... the guy thinks that moroni is a alien.. and the wife is jsut super wacked... haha but we are gonna see what happens... haha Karla is doing great!! she cut my hair and it looks good i really like it actually.. and she is all good for this week!! we had a FHE on friday night for the RM and we werent jsut in charge of the games for the kids.. but for everyone.. and it was great we ended up killin it!! we played the cookie game were you had to put the cookie on your head and move it to your mouth... and alot of the member loved it!!! it was sick!!  and interviews was good"!! President is great! i checked again with our plans and thats all good!!!  and he told me that its more than likey that ill die here.. or ill end my mission here in this area!! and the dinner with that family got cancelled.. because he had something for work.. but he still bought me a cake!! and he is waiting for the beef jerky.. haha i still havent gotten my package.. or any letters... nothing has got here.. so im hoping for this week....
NOW for this week we have a multi zone on wed.. and its gonna be in Montoya.. and. i am super excited about it i love conferences! haha and then thursday ill be in Violetas going on Splits and ill be with Elder Reyes again and im gonna do 4 baptism interviews... and work there a little bit.. im gonna be spiritually drained.. ha and then friday in the morning we are coming back and Elder Reyes will interview Hna Karla.. and then her baptism will be on saturday!! sooooo its gonna be a good busy week!!! im excited!! and just have a few Qs..
Can you send me jaxs number and jaces?
ANd i need to know some of our flight plans.. what air port are we going to be flying to and times.. i know that we are leaving thursday but what is our flying plans? to what airport to what airport..?? haha 
Love you mom and dad!! thanks for the love and care!! keep being fantastic!! you guys are the best!!!! :))) Love Elder Weaver
Love to hear that you have had such a good week and sound so happy!! Sorry you haven’t gotten package yet, we are praying it gets there soon!  Jax number is801-725-5292 jace is 801-725-0919 are you going to call them? Haha! I will try and send a copy of our flight plans 😊 the pictures are awesome! Hope that you get to have a bday celebration this week! And you sound like you have a very busy week ahead full of travel…are you in charge or get to do anything for the conference? How far away is Montoya?  Tita? Still teaching her? Tell Karla that we are so happy and excited for her! And would love to meet her when we come! Are you happy about ending there?
thankSS me too!! haha maybe ill have someone call them.. i got the copy thanks!! we jsut got the deviotional ready... and montaya is like an hour away.. 45 min.. tita is doing good,... still going a little bit.. she left this week and got back friday.. yes im happy about ending here!! its gonna be good i like the area and the members.. 
So very happy to hear that you are happy there and like the area and people!  Do the flight plans look ok? Airports ok? Does karla cut hair for a living? How old is her daughter and did you get to teach her as well…did you see the bday wishes, I will send more next week as I am positive tons will come on the 31st….will you be on divisions on your bday? So tell me, why did the guy think Moroni was an alien…because he is gold-haha! That makes for an interesting religious mix, buddahis, jewish and protestan?
ya flight plans are all good!!! and yes she cuts hair for a living. and her daughter is 7 and turns 8 in november.. yes i saw the bday wishes.. thanks!! umm ill be in the multi zone and so theyll sing to me for my bday... haha :) i know honestly it was suuper hard to teach them.. tthey are somewhat special.. i never would have thought to fnd an american buddist and a american jewish protestant in mexico.... haha 

Awesome you will have lots of people to celebrate with!!! So is her daughter planning on getting baptized in November?  We got to attend the ysa ward with dad yesterday and I was so impressed by the strong testimonies of the young adults there and their willingness to participate in the lessons….I am excited for dad and his new opportunities…we are going to a bbq tonight at the college chapel for all the new kids that come to school for the fall. Dads ward is strictly kids in housing for school so lots of different people, mostly girls, Jordan and jax came too and both agreed Jordan needs to visit more and maybe find some dates there 😊 any ways should be a fun fhe…jax would like to attend the ward on Sundays when they have linger longer food-haha! That kid always eating! But like you still trim.
What are you doing for fhe?

yes she is really excited actaully and wants to get baptized!!  and thats awesome good for them!! i hope that its gonna be a good blessing for dad and for jordan as well!! haha tonight we don't have a FHE... 
Guys just got home from work and say hi and happy bday week! They have been digging a basement all day, it kinda warmed up today to about 88, I love it not ready for fall yet-do you still have power and water on? Any more headaches? What did you prepare for devotional?
tell them thanks! and yes we had water and power all week and all good with headaches.. no worries.. :)  we just ahd to get some elders and sisters to help out witht the prayer and objective and sec 4 of DC.. 
Any service opportunities last week, I know that you were super busy teaching…and that is a great service in and of itself!
to be honest not really..... sadly.. but nooo.. 
Not sadly, it is great that you have been busy teaching and preaching the gospel! This week I am trying to prepare my lesson for relief society on Sunday and I thought since the kids went back to school I would talk about Education and continuing to learn and grow your brain. This part makes me smile every time I read it….I know it’s a little long but its awesome…One of the basic teachings of the Church is that the knowledge we gain in this life will be a blessing to us now and in life after death: “If a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come” (D&C 130:19).
Learning is necessary for progress in any phase of our lives. Continued learning is an important part of the gospel. To live the gospel we must learn its truths. Consequently, the prophets have instructed us to study the scriptures regularly. Elder William J. Critchlow Jr. told of giving special instructions to home teachers about motivating those they visited to read the scriptures:
“Once, as president of a stake, I sent the home teachers into the homes of the Saints to read as their lesson verses of related scripture found in the four standard works. I instructed them to take no books with them—to borrow instead the family books. What they found was surprising:
“—In many homes there was a lot of searching and dusting off before the books were available.
“—Young people who had been married a short time were generally without the books unless the husband was a returned missionary.
“—One good brother said, ‘We packed all our books in a trunk when we moved here. It’s in the attic and I can’t get to it tonight.’ When asked how long he had lived there, his wife found the courage to answer, ‘Seven years.’
“—Another wife said she didn’t know why her husband had never purchased a Pearl of Great Price. ‘We have the other books,’ she said. She was a bit embarrassed when she learned that it was found with her Doctrine and Covenants.
“—One wife said, ‘I’ll have no trouble finding the Bible. My husband keeps it in his reading room.’ The teachers watched her go directly to the bathroom and come out with the Bible in her hand.
“Well, we didn’t care where our folks read them. The whole idea was to get them out of hiding and into the family room, in plain sight, so that occasionally they could turn off the radio or television set and read them” 

wow!!! thats awesome!!! haha good for you!! !thats gonna be great!! hey how is maddy doing with her foot?? maddy b
I asked about her Saturday and Lanni said it is still bothering her, they didn’t get it all and want to go in deeper and freeze it out, but I think that they are hoping she can wait till she gets home (6 months) and take care of it then, the doc doing it is a dermatologist and I think that she made need a different kind of doc and some American help….I know that she has been a little discouraged about that and her comp right now is a really hard one and so their numbers are down and her dl, I think, got on her case about the whole thing and meeting number goals, Jordan said that she was going to write her and try and encourage her and I am sure that she would love to hear from you as well, do you have her email address? You could even write her in Spanish…cant believe she is down to 6 months, her year went fast, but it always does for others, but if it my elder seems to drag 😊 not so much any more!! Yea!!!  Some one asked me if you are anxious to come home or would like to stay longer?  What would you say?
yes i got her email... ill shoot her a email!! and i feel like i have mixed feelings... i wanna get home and start my life and play ball again and stuff.. but then theres others days where i feel like.... NOOOOOO i wanna keep going.. ha
You are awesome thank you!  I think that it has to be hared to leave the people you are serving and to be released from preaching the gospel 24/7, fortunately you can always be a missionary….I wish that I could be as brave as you are to share the gospel and feel that blessing!  I am so thank ful that you have taken to time to serve the Lord and you will be very blessed for leaving the things of the world behind for two short years when compared to the rest of your life to do “stuff” I am proud of you!!
hahaha thanks mom!! its been a great belesing to be honest! thanks for the support andhelping me get to this piont

You did it! Dad and I are always here to love and support and kinda guide sometimes but will always be around, but just like getting your eagle you did it! You are the one serving! What did pres have to say in interview about refining_______
ummm somewhat... hahaa not how i wanted it... but i keep seeing it more and more myself.. But hey mom i gotta go..... i love you soooooo much and hope you have a great week! love you guys!!! if you can send marcus the email of natalie hart... haha love youguys!! thanks for everything i know i wouldnt be able to do it with out you guys! love elder Weaver
I love you too Justeroo, have a very happy week and most happy happy bday! I will have a small piece of cake on your day 😊 you have a big one! Please be safe traveling and follow the spirit!! That is the correct email for natalie I just looked it up….Love you tons! Happy 21, big big smiles! Chat with you soon!  Your super duper,
Hope you get your package!
Love always mom
thanks mom!! you are great!! i love you sooooo much!!! thanks for bearing with me these 21 years!! love you guys!! have a swell week!! Love ya

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