Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Father's day!

Presidente, this week was a very good week, me and elder cruz seem to have the same desires to work! and we have been working. but it its a little dificult when we only have 5 show up to church and 4 of them arent married.. ha but we are still making progress! the elder cruz has helped me alot with the bible i wont lie that is one of my weaknesses the bible i dont know it all that well, but elder cruz has helped me so much with scrips and how they all can tie in. tomorrow elder cruz wanted me to give the district mtg and im pretty excited about that, im gonna talk about contacts becaseu we cantact people but some times it really is a scrip or just awkard and hard.. so i feel like we can get getter as a district in that aspect. im also very excvited to go to the temple this wednesday.
Super letter, sounds like a great week last week and a busy one coming up ;)

buenos dias mi amada mama!! como estas!?? haha im so glad that you are all doing good it really does make me so much happier to hear you guys are all good and growing stronger and better every week! thanks for the thought form jace i like it alot!! ha this week i had the great opportunity to eat pig brain tacos and they didnt taste to bad, but the fact that i knew what i was eating made it kind of weird... haha This week we are going to the temple on wed. and friday we are going to have divisiones with the zone leaders and i got made senior comp today with my comp... we are now equal :) haha we only had 5 go to church this week and 4 of them need to get married to there wife and the other might have to get married as well.. haha we had a good hard working week with alot  alot of rain!!! i hope im not saying this to soon but i think elder cruz has been my favorite comp so far.. we laugh we talk and we work hard.. and we have the same vision i think.. it has been good working with him, dad happy fathers day!!! i really hope you had a fantastic day and have a fantastic week!!! sorry im not going to be able to have flowers sent to ya but i hope you have a good week!!! my chest is doing good dont havve the pain anymore and everything seems to be good right now!! count your blessings.. haha love you chat with ya in a minute! 
So glad chest is better, I've worried about it all week! Congratulations on being senior comp!!!! So excited for you and those you are serving!!! And even more excited about you and elder Cruz getting along so well, prayers have truly been answered ;) any wedding dates set? How are Abigail and ingret?  Jax says hello, and he misses you, I just took him to afternoon practice, brian s. has been good to him and giving him a ride to the pool party after practice tonight ;) so what are responsibilities as senior comp when you are both equal? Glad you get to go to temple :) such peace there!! And splits, will they be in a different Puebla?
me too.. actually we went to the doc.. on thursday becasue i still had it.. and i got some pills and now im good!! haha no worries!! prayers really have been answered!! its so amazing!! haha nope... weddding dates are still floating around.. its so hard to try to make someone want to get married. ha and abigail and ingret didnt go to church yesterday.. idk why not.. but we have anohter app with them tomorrow.. i miss jax a ton too! and idk just have more res´ponsiblitlity and we are both equal but he is DL  ya ill be going with elder sulat again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it his area!! im pretty excited about that!
Pig brain tacos sound awful-but glad you liked them :) so at doc did they run any tests? Take blood? What pills are you on? I want to send a package soon, what would you like from home? Lindsey, dads sis, texted me and said you are writing one of her friends daughters Brindee B, I guess her hand bug have been friends since babies-small world!!! 
haha nope no tests or anything just a good check up and idk.. whatever you want.. i think im good i dont really want mac and cheese or potatoes.. haha im kind of sick of those.. but idk im really good! and idk who that is.. brindee b??
 he wanted t o take more pics and he started to position me.. and role up my pants.. ;)

Hmm that's funny! I'll have to tell Lindsey :) haha!!! Megan h. asked hace for email did she write you? Doing fhe tonight? Staying dry with all the rain-haha!!! How is Oscar?
yup she wrote me...... yes we have a FHE with inv.. and hopefully with another new inv. oh man!! lots of rain.. one day we got back and i was completelty soaked... haha oscar is good doesnt erally talk to me that much.. :)
the hna Elioda and her fam  for a FHe on saturday night

Roasting marshmallows on forks? hands get a little warm :)
ohhhhhh ya!!!! haha real warm!

and today we went to nacho again so my comp could see.. and yesterday we ate with this kid and his horse... dog his name is scooby haha 
How do you get your investigators? Knocking doors? Did Oscar talk to you more before you flipped him upside down? ;) spiritual experience this week? 
we have a lot of members that give us references and some of them we contact!! ha most of the converts are refreeces! haha ya he talked with me a little bit more... haha this week my spiritual experience was with elioda with her fire we talked about how we need to shine our light so that other too can see were to go to reach true happiness..
You look good, clothes fitting ok? Need any garments? Who is the kid? His dog is huge!!!! What did you eat with him? And where?
yup clothes all good and gs also good and his name is eric and we ate with his family on sunday and they as a fam were just sealed as a family about 2 weeks ago!! 
Awesome!!! Running into anymore Zapotec language? I tried to make a date to get stuff from watson but no response yet-I'll keep trying tho-
What's favorite part of mission so far?
lately no Zapoteco.. haha my favorite part so far has been the stuggle with the language.. its so hard.. but when i can speak it and i feel like im a instrument in the lords hands its amazing. :)
One of those amazing spiritual gifts ;) I'm anxious for you to use it when you get home ;) do you know the name of pills on? How often do you take them? Did hna madsen refer you to the doc? Dad and boys say hi, dad and Jace fixing sprinklers, jordan doing some guys lawn :)
the pills are called lacomin ketorolaco abd i was taking them every 12 hrs from thur to sunday and yes the doc is a member of the church he is the mission doc

hey family.... dad i hope you had a grat fathers day!! and i wanted you guys if you have time tonight to sit together and listen to this recording for dad! thanks!! love you guys lots! and thanks dad for everything!!!  (justin sent a recording of him reading the poem "the Race" we cried all the way through it!!) wish I could get it to post......

Average is the enemy of excellence - liahona 

Hmm, so done taking them?  Glad feeling better? Are you drinking lots of water? Or coke ;)? What's normal menu for day?
ya im done taking them! and i feel good but the doc said if it starts again to go see him a gain.. but im good!! :) no worries momma!! :) im drinking tonds of agua and just whatever the members give- me ! we eat a ton of chicken and beans... im starting to get sick of them.. ;)
how are you doing mom?? :)
I'm doin good, bawling like a baby now... Just listened to the recording, dad and I in tears!!! You are an amazing son and we are sooo very blessed to be your earthly parents!  Riding my bike and keeping up with all the guys keeps me busy but I love it :) best job in the world being a weaver mom!!!! :) need CTR rings? 
haha i was bawling too.. haha :) but thanks so much for allowing me to be your earthly son.. i am so greatful and i thank my father in heaven everyday!! i could use some CTR rings.. ha love you guys and be happy! happy fathers day dad!! talk with you guys next week!! love elder weaver
Supermans son love you all! :)))))))))))))))))))))
well.. mom... that time again... great talking with you!! i hope you have a fantastic week with the family!!! i love you all so much and i am praying for the best for you guys! love you and talk with you next week!! :)
How come the day goes so slow and then our hour flies by?!!!?? Dad said he loves you keep getting up-your winning the race-glad you sent it in English, he said it would have been a huge surprise in Spanish ;) love you and hope wedding bells will ring!!! Be happy and safe healthy and dry :) haha!!! God bless and keep you, tell elder Cruz we love and pray for him too!!! Love you justeroo-mucho amor-madre xoxos
haha i could have tried to do it in spanish.. ;) ha thanks so much im hoping for wedding bells as well.;) thanks so much! the days are gradually getting faster.. ha :) thanks love you and talk with ya next week! Con amor elder weaver xoxoxo :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hall of fame...

hey my friend hope you had a great week and the new comp is good, hope he can keep up with you things here are super good me and mom are riding a lot and she is getting so strong she is putting me in pain trying to keep ahead of her. it's getting real fun. works ok nothing big yet just homes and little stuff but we are working on bigger thing to come I hope :) high priest are great we have such great men in are ward, they're so faithful and I love to serve them.
I'm still losing weight I'm down to 215 which makes riding fun. sorry I'm all over the place with this email. I Hope you know I sure love you and I'm so proud. I hope your happy. keep working hard and loving the people. I have the song hall of fame on my ipod and I'm sure you bought it but when every I hear it, it makes me think of you, and your greatness so below are the words so you can understand why I think of you when I hear it.
love ya be safe this week stand tall be your best someday you'll be in the hall of FAME love
#44 biggest fan
Justin's DAD

Yeah, You could be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the King Kong banging on your chest
You could beat the world
You could beat the war
You could talk to God, go banging on his door
You can throw your hands up
You can beat the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself
Standing in the hall of fame
And the world's gonna know your name
Cause you burn with the brightest flame
And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame
You could go the distance
You could run the mile
You could walk straight through hell with a smile
You could be the hero
You could get the gold
Breaking all the records that thought, never could be broke
Do it for your people
Do it for your pride
How you ever gonna know if you never even try?
Do it for your country
Do it for you name
'Cause there's gonna be a day
When your, standing in the hall of fame
And the world's gonna know your name
'Cause you burn with the brightest flame
And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame
Be a champion, be a champion, be a champion, be a champion
On the walls of the hall of fame
Be students, be teachers
Be politicians,
 be preachers
Be believers, be leaders
Be astronauts Be champions
Be true seekers
Be students, be teachers
Be politicians, be preachers
Be believers, be leaders
Be astronauts, be champions
Standing in the hall of fame
And the world's gonna know your name
'Cause you burn with the brightest flame
And the world's gonna know your name
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame
(You can be a champion) You could be the greatest, you can be the best
(You can be a champion)You can be the King Kong banging on your chest
You could beat the world (You can be a champion)
You could beat the war (You can be a champion)
You could talk to God, go banging on his door (You can be a champion)
You can throw your hands up (You can be a champion)
You can beat the clock (You can be a champion)
You can move a mountain (You can be a champion)
You can break rocks (You can be a champion)
You can be a master (You can be a champion)
Don't wait for luck (You can be a champion)
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself (You can be a champion)
Standing in the hall of fame (You can be a champion)

Thanks dad! good to hear that you weigh 215 i can bench press you!!!? ;) haha and good to hear that mom is getting stonger as well. this week was very good and there are alot of times during the week when i think what would dad do in this situation and i do it whether it be service or talking with someone.. it makes me put out that little effort that i need soi can havbe the confidence and the faith. thanks for your example and helping me to grow hope you have a great week and know that i love you! and im proud of you"! Love supermans son elder weaver

Monday, June 15, 2015

Alma 5:16

Mi querido mother! sooo good to here about the lake and the family and how everything is super amazing! im so greatful for the lord and my Heavenly Father who blesses us so abundently!  happy anneversary :)
This week was a pretty good one i guess.. ha we werent able to get anyone married but we got 2 other inv. and they now have dates for bapt. and there names are Ingret and Abigial and they are about 14 and 12 i think... this week was good with elder cruz.. he only has 3 months left but hes still kicking and working! ha hes super clean too.. ;) ha we worked hard this week and i had the great opportunity to give 3 blessings this week.. i really felt the amazing power of the priesthood and the gift of tongues, i know they are real. i dont really remmeber the words i say but i can remember the feelings.. one i gave to hna Pantoja her daughter left.. and this is the second time she has left.. she is kind of rebelious and she s16 and shes gone and they dont know where she left but its the second times shes gone so i gave her a blessing of comfort. and the other this member named genaro wanted a blessing of strength and so i gave the blessing and after he stood up and gave me a brazzo and said  i can tell you have the priesthood. then sunday a lady ask for a blessing so that she can have more desires to come to church and read the scrip.. and it was just all incredible.. in spanish...haha this morning we gave service and washed and shopped and i have a little chest pain.. since yesterday.. i thinmk im gonna call hna madsen tonigjht.. i love you all and im excityed to chat with you too mom my scrip is alma 5; 16 love you guys :)
so glad you had a great week with so many opportunities to exercise the priesthood power! what kind of service did you do this morning and explain chest pains? eat anything new that might give you heartburn?
we just cut a lot of weeds and grass with machetes.. and the chest thing is all good! haha no worries! haha:) did you ride the wave runner too!?
So of course I am concerned about your chest, please take care of yourself.  no hahas!   I did ride the wave runner twice, got soaked and sat in the sun to dry off! pretty fun, maybe when water is a little warmer I will try the board-HAHAHAH
So are you really liking being with Elder Cruz, love that he is clean, just like you :) do you have comp study together?  is he easy to understand?  did I tell you we are changing to sacrament meeting first the first Sunday in July, I am excited, it will be something different, how do your meetings go?
haha then do it mom!! ;) haha yes i am liking him a lot we do all our studies that we need to and we are clean and on time to things! he is so much easier to understand!!! wow!! i know moer spanish then i thoughjt! they went good! we only had 4 show up to church but it was the ones that are the closest to baptsism!! ha 
super! you are seeing the blessings from working together already! way to hit the ground running, when are baptism dates? do you have sacrament first? have FHE tonight? how did your apple/faith lesson go? do you find that you are dreaming in espanol yet?
the baptism dates are for the 11 of july we have sacremment first we have FHE tonight with the lady that her daughter left

this is a brdge that we pass sometimes.. and we went to a recent converts house and he was like here take a pic with this.. you dont have this in your country.. so we started to take pics and he kept getting more creative.. ;)
more and more creative
the one picture makes me cry, you look very happy!!! so happy tears! and the other makes me smile, big! love the cowboy hat!!! do you still have to travel  alot to different pueblas and telix? eating good? eat anything weird?
yep!!!! still changing and traveling alot!!! haha be happy mom!!!! tears of joy!! ;) this is oneof my favs
wow, did he make the hat? do you throw rings up and try and catch them on it? HAhahah-why such a tall top?
i dont think so.. he just pulled it out and was like here!!! use this! ha hahaha i really dont know.... so weird... but he is a great guy!!! 

so tell me about the basket, does he use it for work, to pick something? the trees and stuff are sooo green are you far from your apartment?
 he told me he bought it so i could take pics with it.. ;) haha but its for fishing i think... and picking herbs and just throwing it in and waling.. :)

and this is how was have to talk when we are at his house.. ;))))))))))))))) haha

LOL-does he hold meetings at his house? so cute!!! does he have family? how often do you visit him-what's his name, is he a fisherman? what city does he live in?
no... just when we come to give a lesson we have his FHE like this... haha he has 2 daughters and one son hes only in his house on sundays and we go every sunday! he lives in a place called santos degollado! it close.. ha
does he feed you every Sunday? what is his calling in the ward? tell him gracias from tu madre :) mucho amore for taking you in :)
he gives us atole and it is super good and he doesnt have one yet he was baptized in jan.
awesome! tell him thanks for feeding you!!! and that we love and appreciate him!! are you eating well? clothes ok? need anything from us?
all good!!! he wants a football from the actual leather.. but i told him well see.. ;) haha 
welp.... its that time again mom..... ill talk with you next week with new things to tell you!!! ;) love you tons and hope you guyys all have a fantastic week!!! LOve you tons! be happy and smile! :)))))))))))))))))
I love you too!!! treasure this time i get to chat with you- have a super sparkly week, know that we love you, pray for you and remember you in all that we do!!! be safe, please take care of yourself-hope chest pain goes away and doesn't return-have a great fhe tonight love you tons and talk to you in a few days!!! love so much-mom xoxoxoxs
love you soo much too mom!! i treasure the time as well! makes me so much more happier and relaxed! for the week!!! hope you all have a great week and remember we fly high ;) ha ill keep taking pics and you guys too!! ha love you talk with ya next week! 
Con Amor Elder Weaver

Hole mi hermano! My week was good I went to youth conference Thursday though saturday and it was pretty fun! Thursday we went to the temple then had a fireside and the fireside was probably my favorite because we had a guest speaker speak on the power of one. Friday we went on a tour of the conference center and then went to heber valley camp! It was pretty fun! Not really doing anything this week but next week we have our full pads camp the weber state one!!! I'm pretty excited!!! Love you be safe
hey buddy!!! wow!! that sounds super fun!!!! haha keep growing spiritually bud! itll help youmore than you know on your mission!!! haha what was somthing that you learned on EFY!?? have a good week and keep killin it in ball!!!! love elder weaver

Dear President, this week was a pretty good one we wokred hard and we were able to get two fechas out of it.. the weddings we had planned for the 20 fell.. but they are still getting closer we have definetly made some progress with them. the new comp is great! we seem to have the same desires to work, he only has 3 months left but he is still working with some fire and i hope that we can keep working like this to better serve the lord each week, we were able to give a few blessings this week and i really felt the power and the amazing gift that it is to have the priesthood and to have the gift of tongues to give a blessings in spanish.. the lords work is incredible..  i am happy and learning constanly.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Na.aShelli elder Weaver

Hola Mi Hermanito!! Espero que todo esta bien contigo, y que estas trabajando duro con tu compenero. I finally got a truck!! It's a beautiful 2003 Ford F-150, with an extended cab like dads. I'm way excited about it!! Tomorrow after work I'm going to get it licensed and registered, I'll also be talking to Nick about taking over some of his lawn mowing places, so as soon as we figure that out I will go buy a lawn mower, and a weed wacker. IM super Excited about it all! I love you buddy! keep working hard and stay righteous!

jordan...... im giggling like a little girl..... its beautiful!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i wish i could explain how i feel... hahah ohhhh i love you... hahahahhahahahahahhahahahha Jordannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahqhahhahah i love you! good job! you got the truck and your getting things going jordan! ive been praying super hard for you and i hope you can keep moving forward with your great life! youre a great example to me! and the truck.. oh my.. those rims... :) hahaha that a boy! now get a girl a go for a ride and marry her and ride off in the sunset in your beautiful truck! :) con amor... ELDER WEAVER

Well my week was pretty awesome!! Football started and Monday we went over some offensive plays the. Went over the defense and then Tuesday we went outside and did some 7 on 7 and I was put in the second string defense at will linebacker!!! And I've been getting reps all week and after that we go into the weight room!! This Saturday we have the weber state 7 on 7 an im pretty sure I'm going to that!  We havent got player packs yet but I'm excited to actually have my own!!! Love you! How was your week? What did you do on Wednesday? What did you do on p day? Do you still play any sports not p days like soccer or anything? If so be safe! Don't want the white kid beating all the Mexicans at soccer ;) "that's one bad white boy" ;) love you be safe

that a boy!!! keep working hard and beat the guy thats playing starters.. ;) you can do it! have fun in 7 on 7 i loved 7 on 7 and its a great time to really learn the coverages and all! wed we went to the temple and then went out to telix.. and spen a lot of money.. and we havint been doign alot of sports not latrly... today we just cleaned the house and washed clothes and bought food for the week.. ha hey im proud offf you!!! ;) haha keep working hard and youll see results"! love you jax! have a great week and keep gettting better! ELDER WEAVER

Mi querido mamma!!! que arriba?? ;) haha this week was pretty difficult.. me and the comp had a pretty bad arguement, and we just had a bad spirit all week.. haha but we got the changes sunday night at about 10 and it turns out that it was the time for my comp.. he was only here for one change and im still here in Etla and im with a elder that has 21 months and he is from guadalajara and he is super short.. haha but we seem to be pretty chill as of right now.... i learned that i dont want to judge to early.. haha so well see how the week goes. but im super excited that im still here.. i am hopeing and i feel like we aregoing to do some big miracles here this change.  ROsa and florentino i think dropped us.. we werent able to get with them at all this past week and so we.ll still keep trying and then we have 4 other couples... that need to get married also.. and 2 of them have dates for the 20th to get married.. the other pueblos are good... ha nothing to much happening just paying a lot oif money and because im white i have to pay more... but im learning how to argue and get the right price.. or i just give them the money i think is right and leave.. ha so im hoping this change with this comp we can get a long and do the lords work.. con amor elder weaver

yea, i am so excited that you get to stay, ive been praying for a good change, you look happy with comp so far, i know its only been a few hours but yea!!! so what have you been up to today? lots of weddings to get done, they say that june is the busiest month for weddings :) we will pray that they all get married...

nothing we just went to the ADO and we changed comps and we came back he unpacked and i washed Gs and now email, and we have a FHE tonight! soo im excited about that! ya i hope we can have a big miracle and have all 5 done!! ha 

what does that mean-have all 5 done? what are you teaching for fhe and where do you have it? is the little boy you turned upside down and sent video of still your friend? :)  it makes me smile to hear that you think your hair is too long after always wanting it to be long :) getting lots of rain? we have seen some big storms that looked like they were headed your way last week...doesnt he seem kinda racist that they charge you more because you are white :) do you ride buses or taxis? still talk to people during rides about the gospel? what about the family history stuff find out more about what you are supposed to do?

like get all 5 couples married.. ha sorry and sorry if i was supe pushy about the high five pic.. tell grandma pat sorry too.. haha i am teachging about faith and i have a really good idea that im gonna use! haha and yes he is my friendd.. doesnt talk to me that much but ya.. haha  we have had a lot of rain!!! a lot! both taxis and urbans for telix and huizo  ha ya i contacted a guy in the taxi andhe was driving and he was a cool nice guy.. might never go to church because he is always working but ya meet some good people..  i found out a little biut more.. still way confused on how to use it..

you were not pushy at all about the pictures, infact she gave me all the cards she has with photos, way back and im going to make cds out of them, one for you guys and one for me :) tell me about your faith lesson, ive got to do fhe here tonight, i know big chuckles but yes we are going to try and have it AGAIN :D been able to buy what you need with all the money you have to spend on transportation? eating ok? i bet your ward is super  happy that you are staying :) your pictures shows comp with headphones what would he use them for? do you guys use ipads?

ok! :) im going to put a apple in my bag and ask tell everyone that i have something in my bag that noone in the whole world has seen... and then ask what they think... and after ya ya im gonna pull out the apple and theyll be like hey!! thats a apple... and ill be like but!!!! no person on this earth has seen or felt the seeds that are inside this apple... how do we know that they are there..??? haha and go off of that.. ya we are going to  buy tomorrow and get more food. bnut i have food for tonight and tomorrow! sandwhiches.. haha no he has music on the usb and is listening to it.. dont have ipads... mom.. we be in mexico. ;) 

this was the district and we only changed my comp for the next change! ;) ha

Hey justin my week was pretty good! I had the royal shoot out Thursday and I played varsity defense and then sophomore everything! I did pretty good but sophomore offense I was doing anything franks wanted me to! Like the last play of te last game I was playing x and did a fade an went up for the ball and wapped my head pretty bad but u didn't do anything friday so I took it easy and sautéed at I started varsity at will thats pretty much my week! How was yours? Keeping safe? Love you!
Jax.. youre a beast.  keep up the good work i saw your video and you are getting so good!!! how is your lifting and your running stats! and how is summer!!!??? hahah it is so hot here and i miss you so much i miss playing bball and playing catch and everythging.. keep getting better, you ALWAYS can get better! im way proud of you. love elder weaver :)

this is the comp elder cruz.. and we just took that pic.. i need a haircut. ;)
Hey my young friend how's life? I hope you had a great week! And thing are going great for you? Things her are good weather is good starting to feel like summer, been riding the bike a lot, and having fun feels good to ride with the weight loss t really helps on the hills and I'm getting faster.
How are thing with comp?  I HOPE you know how proud I am of you! And how much I love you! Keep working hard it's not always easy to get along with comps. But try to learn lessons from each comp both good and bad things can help you to grow! Please be happy and smile and enjoy it goes so fast I don't want you to regret any of your time on your mission, so keep loving it. I know you can do HARD things you always have and always will just learn to smile while you're doing those hard things :))) ok. Have a great week what an amazing adventure your having. our father in heaven knows and loves you he is with you.
Love ya #44 dad

the life is good and can get better. glad to hear that you are losing weight and getting stronger and faster!! things with the comp were pretty hard the last week we had a pretty big fight.. but ya i got a new comp now.. i wish i could enjoy the mission .. ha im to worried about doing the right thing and if the comp doesnt want to.. how can i make him, other than saying somthing but then that leads to fights.., but i am going to smile and just strut with my stuff this week and my book of mormon, and jsut smile because you said so.. haha:) i  love you dad and thanks for the confidence that you give me! i hope you have a great week and be safe and keep riding and getting better yourself! 
love elder weaver supermans son!

mom... remember that root canal i had done 2 weeks before i came out.. on tuesday it kind of came off will i was chewing a jolly rancher that was chewy.. but i had a miracle... and ya the dentst here put in back on and it feels mormal and good!:)

great lesson! I'l use it too :) I know you're in mexico but just didn't know how advanced in mexico :) haha! sandwiches are good, making them ala mexican? get what you need and treat yourself to a treat :) have big meetings this week? get to see any more sights in Etla or other pueblas you visit? talk to pres very much face to face? what's greatest thing that happened to you last week?

haha ya!!! haha no big metgs this week and we can go to another pyramid.. there is one in our area.. but idk if we will go..

lots of rain...

 wow, sorry about the tooth-glad you got it fixed so quickly- :/ I think you sent me same pictures of zone, its not very big-surprises me...
ya the district iis just 4 of ius.. but got to go mom!! thanks for chatting!!! love you tons!!! ill talk with you guys next week! 
i have read this 2 times and i have cried, balled 2 times.. haha im not gonna read it anymore.. ;) love you guys so much thanks for the support and ill talk with ya next week! loev you be safe :))))))))))))))
 Na.aShelli elder Weaver

:) big smiles! love you, have fun treasure Etla! in our prayers  love you mom

you too mom! big :)))))))))))))) talk to ya soon;) LOVE elder Weaver :)

Presidente, this week was a difficult one.. me and the comp we had a little arguement and it really kind of ruined the week and i couldnt feel like we could teach with the spirit, i am happy to be here with elder Cruz and i think we are going to make some big things happen here in Etla. We have 5 couples that need to get married and 2 of them have fechas to get married for the 20th so we are going to try and get all5 couples married and started on there amazing blessings they can recieve with the gopsel as a member. i am so glad that i am still here in Etla, my comp was super disappionted that he left, but i know that the lord has his ways and all thinks work out for the best. i am happy and healthy, and im learning constantly. thanks for the great opportunitites that you have given me! im excited to see how this first week goes with the new comp.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mi queirdo madre, this week was a little diffircult... we ended the week with little lessons and Florentino and Rosa had a fight and they put off the wedding and they didnt come to church.. we had a lesson with them saturday night and i thought that it was super powerful and they didnt come to church the next day... made me super sad... right now we have 0 inv. with fechas... and im super nervous for changes or cambios... idk why.. but im a little stressed.. ha my comp has gotten a little worse... doesnt get up on time and he just doesnt have any drive.. he got mad at me for `` walking to fast``  and told me who told you that you have to walk fast? and i told him nobody.. but i have desires and i want to walk with a purpose.  and then he asks me a question like is it ok to listen to rap and rock.. and i said depends.. on the music.. can you feel the spirit when you listen.. and he told me can you feel the spirit when you play football...? i told him yes.. ;) ha he just does things without any purpose and i feel like he wants to fight.. he hit me a few times in a members house in the arm.. and i told him to do it again so he did.. and i literally almost fought him... ha im praying for help... ha im happy.. healthy and all just feel like we need to be better and put out more effort.. im so glad to hear that you guys got to race and were safe dooing it! the family search is kind of different.. im still learning and getting a feal of what its about.. this sunday i taught the future and x misionaries after church and it was super good i feel like im really getting to know sopanish but need to work on my pronuociaacnion.. ya i know i didnt spell that right... haha but it was a ok week.. im gonna try and doing things better and right with the comp.-
hmmm, so sorry to hear about comp, maybe a change would be a good one, dont let him hit you! do you pray together, have companion study? have you let mission pres know?  are transfers next week? continue to do what you know to be right, we've always said you may have to stand alone, but be standing for whats right and you are never alone....:) sending hugs through the computer-things will be better I promise!  So as far as investigators go "just keep swimming" do what you can on your end and have faith, maybe if comp was on the same page as you things would fall into place, just keep chin up and doing what you can-Joseph b Wirthlin-"come what may and love it"  try to look for positive things to say to him and throw him off his guard :) so what did you do for pday today?  as far as family history do you get to work on your own?  if so we found out that there are some on Gram Jo's line that need temple work done, the Carlos side....whats plans for today and this week?
If there are changes i want to stay and he can go... haha we pray when we leave the house and i pray alone when we get home somtimes i can get him to pray with me.. and we have a had comp stufy about 3 times the past 5 weeks.. its hard.. idk why nodbody wants to study with me... ;) ha  tranfers are next mondy.. so idk what time ill write you... becasue idk whats gonna happen.. ya i can work on whatever i want but the thing is is that idk how.. haha so thats gonna be a little difficult. but ill learn.. this week we have to got out to telix tuesdays and wed.. and then other pueble vfridays and we eat sunday in another other pueble.. so we arent going to be here in etla very much... ha we are going to be traveling alot and payinmg a ton of money... 
sounds like you will see lots of new places, be sure to take pictures and as far as the money goes to travel do you pay for it? if so its there :) you can do hard things Justeroo and you always do them well when all is said and done! big smiles....so look into gram Jo's line and see what you can do there, its a place to start :) sounds exciting new things! so will you find out about changes sunday night? what are you doing while you travel around?
yes its my money.. so right now i have about 1500 pesos for the month, for food and for the cost. every time we got to telix its 24 and to return its 24.. soo.. ya i have faith that i ll have enough.. ;) if not i have faith and my family and money.. ;) haha im happy! i hope you are too! jordans truck is great! how is jace!!!?? 
is this nacho libre film town? huge cactus, do you ever eat it? eaten anything weird? hows health? clothes ok?
HAHA jordan... ;) haha umm good for jax and good for jace i think.. haha umm yes the nacho libre church.. i havent eating anything really new and all is good as far as health and clothes and everything!!! i miss you guys.. ha i wish i could be a part of all the fun your having.. ha but i know im suppose to be here,, tell skid thanks i miss him mucho! 
tuesay we helped put up or cement a roof.. my shoulder was so sore. i hope you can read my shirt... ;) haha 

ya well the church is up on like a desserted hill.. and just cacuts and the church and we were the only two there.. haha MAddy deffienetly needs to have a lot of patience with herself.. and jsut keep pressing on with the food and the language she can totally learn spanish a lot faster than i can.. jha the food is different and its hard... but God called her.. She CAN do it. ha i know she can and shes going to do big miracles!! haha
oh and can you look up elder hunter watson on FB i sent a bag home with him but he told me he would take it to my house.. so if you can go to his home coming and get him i have letters and some other things for you guys.. ha it was a ton of work i found that shirt in a house we cleared out.. ha 
haha ok ok... haha we eat a lot of posolote and corn and chircken and this week i bought to eat bread and ham and cheast for a sandwhich.. haha and ive been pretty consistent doing my excersise on the roof so  i am getting somwhat healthy.. and i need ot be healthyto give service ;)

he lives in south jordan. and my scrip for the week is hel. 15.13... 
he leaves june 8 for his house.. his fairwell he told me is on his FB.. ya,, hes a great guy.. ;) haha temple this week, elder Aguero from plain city.. i feel like we are gonna do big things.. :) my body feels like or needs snow.. haha there are white clouds but no snow.. ;) sounds good and i tried doing fam history before but i gotta go gonna send like 3 more pics and then ill talk to ya next week! ha
more service.. thanks so much mom for all the love and support.. if you need anything im here.. ;) ha tell jax i shaved ;) and ill send more pics next week! 
K, ill try and be sure we get there, have fun at the temple, enjoy and treasure, soak up the spirit thats there! this week will be a good one, might be your last week there-go out with a bang! talk to you next week, boys and dad send there love, they just walked in the door!  be safe and happy, keep your chin up and dont let comp get you down!  you are super duper!!! love you so much-love mom xoxos
thanks so much love you guys too!! or in Meitzteco `` Na.sHeli`` I love you haha 
Na.sHeli Elder Weaver
Con amor Elder WeAver
LOve you guys Elder Weaver :) 

love you justin, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually!!! have a super evening and great week! be happy- big smiles and hugs from home! chat with you soon-Ill be looking for you all day monday maybe from a new location :) great adventures and blessings!
sounds great! thanks ! have a great week familia! :)

President, this week was a rough one.. we didnt have very good numbers and we had a lot of citas fall.. and its really hard when the app is far away and arent there and so we have to burn more time trying to return and catch other apps.. also with the comp it has been a little difficult... we were walking to a app oneday and he asked me how to pronounce the F word.. and i told him its not important. and he started laughing and just like that i lost the spirit.. luckly the app fell through.. ha but it has been a little difficult, he got mad becasue i was walking to fast, and hes not getting up on time anymore.. But we did have some good lessons this week and im really looking forward to this week.. im taking the leads in lessons and making things work. i hope and pray that we can get better this week. i dont mean to sound like a tattle tail.. but right now thats how things are with the comp.. and i dont want to have this spirit of contention between us, because if we have that then we can have the spirit that we actually need. i love this ward Etla and this past sunday my comp and i were able to teach the futre missionaries and the x missionaries that are helping us with the menos activos.. im very excited to get better this week!