Monday, June 27, 2016


that was the Zone before changes!
the past 6 weeks.. i have eatin a pizza by my self...... haha its probably bad.. ill stop..

Holy pizza and fire!  Yea you got to burn and are now officially on the down hill side of things, but we want them to go uphill as far as the work 😊 did you eat a whole pizza yourself?

Dear mom and dad, sounds good..about the whole flights and plans!! . now ill try not to be trunky this whole week.... haha

 this week was a good week, it was a Little rough being the last week of the change.. but we still worked!! the teachers are stilldoing there thing and blocking roads.. so we werent able to have the baptism of Alessandra and her mom Sandra. and up until friday we were hoping and praying that the teachers would open up the freeway.. and so we went to clean the font and it still had wΓ‘ter in it and the drain doesnt work.. the pump broke.. so me and my comp had to bucket drain the font.... and i broke my back... haha ( not really)  and then after we played soccer witht the teengagers from bosque and the stake president.. and i scored a Goal and ran around chanting USA USA... haha it was fun! but Edwardo was able to reciece the priesthood yesterday and me and my comp got to talk in sacrement mtg yesterday in the Ward of Bosque..  and my comp talked about scriptures and i talked about the priesthood.. and i mentioned that we have a house of 5 men and that you are always keeping us busy in the work.. mom  haha the protesting is still going on but it seems to be a Little bit more calm.. nothing serious has happened inmy Zone so we are all good. today we got up and went to send some of the missionaries off the to the Itzmo.. we are using a different transport system this time.. and we are taking pictures and taking notes of numbers of the vans that take missionaries. so that they are all safe.. tomorrow from my Zone there are 2 more that are leaving in the morning.. And we also have 2 newbies in the Zone!!! and that makes me super excited and i hope and pray that they are happy here.. this week we are also going to be having a meeting again at presidents house.. a leadership mtg and its gonna be super great!! cuz we are going to eat to!  and next monday we are having a Zone activity!! we still arent to sure what we are going to be doing but its gonna be good!!! i love those scriptures!! im gonna be trying to use them this week!!! :) if you guys can just pray for the safetly of the missionaries here in Oaxaca..:)

How is jaces Leg!!??

Jax just know that they Yell at you because they care.. take what they say and just get better..:) i know you can.
Hello my buddy justerooo   So glad that you are safe and had such a busy work week, would they consider being baptized without their family present…? Are the ones from zone leaving to go home or just transfer! And how awesome to have new blood!! What do you think about are tickets and plans?
umm they want to wait for their dad to be here.. because its a special momento.. theya re just getting transfered.. haha i think that the plane tickets and plans is just perfect!! im assuming that you got a Green flag to go from president.. ha
She said that whatever we plan was ok with them because of all of the changes, she still wasn’t sure who would be leaving with you, so maybe look at the board again next time you are in the offices….I will forward her your plan ticket stuff so that she can either forward it to travel dept or tell me where I need to send it 😊 so how is comp-any wrestling matches? Do you have to be Nacho libre? Haha!
sounds good!!!! WOW.... we just felt a earth quake!!! haha  and nope.. he was buggin bad one day and touching and punching so i hit him in the arm pretty hard and told him if he doesnt stop a hard one is coming.. and since then there hasnt been any touching.. :)
Are you kidding me? Earthquake, dad thinks you are kidding me and just trying to get my goat! So glad you put him in his spot!! Don’t put up with stuff you don’t have too 😊
no im serious.. ha but itss all good now. :) how are you and dad doing!?!?!?!?!?!
Was it a big one, things moving and shaking a lot?  Dad and I are good, I think he is getting tired of being with me allllll day long everyday, working with him still and riding together…but we are good…he is stressed because we have a ton of work and need to be different places and wish the boys were willing to work a little harder and faster to get things done at the condos with window wells, but we are thinking this will be a good week, get mostly finished there and move on to other things….Dad and I set rocks today and did a power trench, so it was a good day, he is doing a crit on the 4th of July next Monday,, did he tell you he is 2nd in the state for his age group in crits-pretty awesome, he is fast and rides hard, loves his new bike…
I am getting things ready for the shower here on Wednesday and then after that we just have to get ties to matches dresses and his tux and we are done with our side of the planning and wedding responsibilities 😊 yipeee!  Ill get you a tie too and send in your bday package 😊
Any new contacts this week?
just tge computer monitor shook.. haha but its all good. im glad to hear that you guys are doing good and that you have work.. haha its better then no work. ha when i get home ill work super hard.. haha thats super great dad good job!!!! thats sooooooooo awesome..!!!!!!! i miss ya tons! keep riding fast! sounds great about the tie..;) haha youll have to send pics.. so i can kind of get familar with her family.. haha if you rememeber..
Of course I will remember, I know you will work hard, you always have, but for right now continue to work hard for the Lord, your hard work brings us blessing of work and that awesome!!! Any aftershocks? Did you get some new shoeburaru’s?  Oh and did you try your card? Work ok?
ya there was a aftershock but not bad.. ha  nope dont have new shoes.....  i did use my card.. but i didnt have any money in checkings account so got it out of my savings..
Ok, Ill check into that….and put stuff there so you can get what you need this week, Ill do it first thing in the morning about 10 our time…sorry about that…. Get some shoes, you have a lot of work to do and have to take care of your soul and soles 😊
hahahaha nice joke.. ha :) love you mom.

Translate 😊 and are you making fresh salsa? Yum, we need to bring that kind of stuff home and you can cook for us 😊
yes, thats salsa!! it was very good, ha hows jaces leg!!?? jordan and dating and jaxs toe!?
Jace got another set of xrays done and he said that he broke it during ball when the first doc said it was sprained, and didn’t show broken bones then, but anyway said it was broken to one side from that and healing and then he fell in the dam and broke the other direction so he is still in the boot and using crutches for the next week and then will use the walking boot for 2 weeks….so he is recovering…anxious to get married and we are anxious for him too…😊 its time-hahah!  Jordan not dating yet, really frustrating on our end….but hoping that the Spanish branch will stir something up that way….Jax toe nail is still hanging on-so crazy…he has some pretty good turf burns on his elbow from last week at WSU, but he is healing well, and getting bigger…I think he said he is 194, and 6’1” so crazy, definatley not a little guy anymore…funny to see him stand next to Roman cardon and pass the sacrament…😊  How are you feeling? Good I hope, when you say you are excited to eat, what are you going to eat this week and don’t you ususally eat? What was the picture of you by the water last week?
good for jace!! so no surgery right!?!?!  and  to be honest... i have been praying super hard for jordans eternal comp.. to find HIM and to recognize HIM.. and thats crazy jax is big.. i weighed myself today and i am 190.. with all the pizza im eating.. ha im good... but sometimes the Little things get me down.. dont know why... im excited to eat in presidents house.. its gonna be the second time i eat there,the first time was when i first got here.. the picture is just a wΓ‘ter way.. its not for sewer.. ha
Right, no surgery-yea!! We have been praying hard to and thanks for your prayers….you are getting big 😊 becareful with the cholesterol tho-haha! Little things like what? Yum, food at pres house and that means that we will see more pictures of you, she always posts them on face book-be sure to pass along our love and gratitude and apologize for me bugging about travel plans….enjoy the food and ask for recipes-haha!  So do you have fhe? And did you get to ordain Edwardo, want to give him your priesthood line of authority?
ya i would like to give him my priesthood line of authority, but i dont ordain him.. ha someone else did... just Little things like confidence in myself, girls, football... temptations..

Do you have a copy of you line of authority?
Please have the confidence to do the work right now and the other things will fall into place, if football is in your plans you will know it when you pray about it when you get home, temptations, its an everyday battle and you just have to pray and put your self in situtations to avoid certain things, limits and restrictions on phones and computers and other things are not a bad thing….you will be good, attending the temple often when you get home and having Brayden here as a good friend and influence will help, speaking of friends, ran into Kitty the other day and she said James is counting down the days until you get home because the Wo boys are going down hill fast, smoking pot and other things….she said he is anxious to hang out with you again, he has gotten swoll, 😊 haha- big word for mom, we think its steroids, she said he is on meds for a tumor in his brain, he is doing home school again because no scholarship because of meds for tumor, so no running….anyways, so much drama
I have the confidence in you that you have overcome some bad habits and have been away and seen the blessings of the temple and of the atonement and that you will be great-continue to pray for your companion and all will go well when you are home 😊

no i dont have a line of authority right now.. to be honest mom.. im stressed. sooo stressed.. and im tired.  and i feel like Satan has me at my knees..and justy keeps hittin me..
Ill forward you your line…Justin remember you have the priesthood power to tell satan to leave, pray hard, use your priesthood, dismiss him, he is working hard on you because you are making things happen that have not in a very long time in this area, you have broken a streak with Edwardos baptism, he has been trying to get this area to hate the Elders and you are bringing love back so that the work can move forward, if you need ask for a priesthood blessing from a leader, even the pres, express your concerns, that is what he is there for, but know that you are stronger and more powerful then Satan, you have the priesthood power, the power to act in God’s name, use it…he is discouraging you because you are a fighter and strong, keep your chin up and talk out loud, tell him to get thee hence! To leave….and pray some more….you are always in my prayers, you are a valiant example of the work, he doesn’t want you to win, pray for peace and comfort in our Brother Jesus Christ and rest well tonight, but please seek the priesthood help-you keep getting back up and don’t let him win!
I love you!!!
Thanks mom... im gonna use and do everything that you just said... because i dont wanna go back.. i wanna keep going forward.. thanks sooooo much mom i love you!! i got to go... ha but ill chat with you next week!!! i love you mom!! you are the best!! have a great safe week!!! i love you all and im greatful im a part of our famly! love you guys, Love Elder Weaver
So very grateful for you and the example you are, keep smiling and don’t worry about stuff in the future, focus on work right now and being awesome, treasure the next 4 months, can you believe that 4 more fast Sundays 😊 Avoid bad feelings and thoughts, you’re a son of God and he loves you, almost as much as I do 😊 be safe, follow the promptings of the spirit, fingers crossed and prayers for Sandra and Alesandar, and those that you will teach this week, Ill forward line of authority…God bless you justeroo, seek counsel from Pres,
Love mom  xoxoxs
thanks a bunch! love you guys! :)
Thanks for chatting with me again-love you, hugs to you
Love mom
Big smiles and smell the flowers, rest well

Awesome jax!!! keep gettin it!!! i love you man!!
He misses you tons, he read your farewell talk this last week, he needs you on the side lines yelling “suck it 5!” 😊 fingers crossed they will go to playoffs and you will see him play the Friday after you get home 😊 been able so see any more fun things lately? Weird things lately? Funny things lately?
Big smiles, Justerooo…..
nothing weird lately.. hah this week we have alot of service! we are going to help a guy dig a well...  and another lady cut her tree branches! love you guys have a great week! Love Elder Weaver

Be safe doing service, and know that he listens and answers prayers and is aware of you!! Love you so much
Love mom and dad
Talk to you soon racoon
in a while crocidile.. ;)

Monday, June 20, 2016

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! Thanks dad for being Superman and teaching me how to fly high

Thanks Dad, i love you and miss you too!!  i hope you were able to have a good fathers day! not a good fathers day but a SUPER good fathers day! you have my word that ill keep working hard, there is still alot of work to be done and ive got arms and legs and a mouth to do it.. hahah :) ill pat myself on the back but oyu have to to! tell yourself good job for being a fantastic father!! love you dad have a great week and stay safe! Elder Weaver

HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!! Thanks dad for being Superman and teaching me how to fly high
Wow... well to start off ya that would be good if you guys could come in October.. i feel like that would be good!! well this week we have been runing around and trying to get people ready for baptisms and Edwardo was able to get baptized in the Ward if Bosque and so we broke that record of a year and a half without baptisms.. so that was a great blessing!!! and Sandra and Alessandra changed there date to get baptized because right now the techers here are going crazy in all of Oaxaca and so their familiy couldnt come on saturday because the teachers made a road block and so we changed there date for next week!! so hopefully things will calm down more.. ha this lasat saturday we helped a less active member change his house and he Works in the military.. and when we were coming back me and my comp road in the back of the truck.. because here its ilegal.. but legal.. ha and the teachers made a road block. so the member took another road and then the next thing we knew we were in the military base... haha and a army dude saw me and pointed and then they came over and started asking questions and so i got my Passport out and they just kindly asked us to leave and wait for the member outside.. so we did.. and one of the teachers that was making the road block came and talked with us..  and we contacted him.. haha so there ya have it mom.. we talked to one of them.. hahaha  i tried using my card but it didnt work.. i used the same pin i have with my other card but it didnt work..  ill try and use my old card agian.. haha
That is soooo crazy... is jace alright!!?? is he still gonna marry her? ;) haha jk was it super bad!!!???!?!?!?!? we did nothing here for fathers day... no one remembered.. haha its kind of to ya son mom!!! :)
What a blessing for Edwardo, and so sorry about Sandra and Alesandra, hope that the things of the world will not stand in their way this week,And oh my goodness were you so nervous on the military base…who did they think you were or what did they think you were doing? Way to use your 20 seconds of extreme courage to contact a protester, 😊 did you leave him with a bofm?Ill call on your card right is **** right?Are the pictures in the city you are in now?
ya i hope itll turnout good!! i thought ohhhhh no... hahaha i knew they couldnt do anything, becuase im legal.. but it was kind of a shocker.. haha  we left the protestor with a restoration pamplet.. ya thats my ppin!! and ya those are the pics of the city!!! is jace ok!!?
Yes Jace is ok, he goes to orthopedic guy on Thursday, went to work today and was just in the hoe digging, he hates using his crutches…Jax had a good morning at ball, its 95 today so when he goes back in an hour it will be a toasty one, but they have dinner and pool night tonight….So we will get flights figured out this week and shot for the October date, Ill let sis and pres know…so any new contacts besides protester, how about Jared or Karmen and way to go breaking the streak for baptisms, I am so proud of you and what a testimony that you are in the right place at the right time….
umm ohhh good.. did he cry when it broke!!??  sounds good about flights!!! umm this week we also passed by and couldnt find either one.. so we are in the search yet again for more and more people to teach.. thats super hard for me.. haha knowing that someone could progress sooooo well but then we cant find them again to teach and help..
Remember that sometimes you are there to plant seeds that may grow, because we all have agency, again its another lesson that will help you when you are a parent 😊 No jace did not cry, he was very anxious and couldn’t sit still, when we were driving home he couldn’t let it just sit he held it up with his hands so that the weight of his foot didn’t pull on it….pray that he wont have to have surgery….You will continue to find those searching I know you and your willingness to work, keep chin up and know that you are a great, super amazing servant of the Lord….How are your wards, will the Edwardos new ward embrace him, were any there to support him?I just called about your card and redid you pin again, **** so try it again and it should work….
ok ill try my card again.. umm yes i feel like they will, there has already been alot of members that talk and help him along!!! the Ward Bosque is very supportive!! :) ill keep you all in my prayers!!! how is jordan with the girls!!??
Thanks for prayers, always can use them….jordan said he wrote you last night, he is still talking about moving out end of month, no dates last 2 weeks, I am super anxious for him to go to the Spanish branch, there is a really pretty girl there and she is a teacher at Fremont we want him to date, he says starting july he will go….really kinda at a loss for what to do anymore….just keep praying!! Saw maddi yesterday in sacrament for fathers day, she wasn’t super chatty, just said hi and said things are good…

this is what my comp likes to eat..
thats the church of Santo Domingo.. all of the inside is gold..

Edwardo.. and that member is German!

Do you like this food? Did you go on a field trip? Far away? How was your other interview for baptism? Tell me about Edwardos day….his girlfriend there?
i dont like that food.. its top roman!! and he layers the mannaise on it with soy sauce!! haha we went last monday.. today we didnt have any permissions to leave because the teachers are all about being crazy!  they ended up not having the interview they are going to wait.. and Edwardo is a great guy!! he and is girlfriend brought food for after and he is just a humble guy!! he gave his testimony at the end and it was FANTASTIC!
Ihave a few questions.. just kind of out of the blue..
Did jesus have a body in the pre earth life!??
Can satan tempt children..?
these were questions that a inv. asked and it kidn of made me think.. haha
and what is jordans bdaY?
Yuk, mayo on top ramen, explains the belly tho 😊  Do the protests make you nervous and do you know what they are protesting?  Jace and Kenzi are getting married August, 11 at 10 in ogden temple and grpa is doing the sealing…. Jordan bday is Jan 6, 1990 I don’t think Christ had a body in the pre-earth life, he had to be born to get it…I believe he was just like us and that he has a body now….I would say off the top of my head that children can be tempted especially after the age of 8, when we believe they are accountable…
they dont make me nervous but talking with the asistents last night president told us not to have our cameras or our credit cards and to stay away from all of the crazy Γ‘reas.. but im not nervous.. my Γ‘rea is peaceful for the most part.. ok thanks!!! i forgot that jordan was 26..
Do you know why they are protesting? Since you couldn’t leave today did you get pday stuff done? How is comp, he still makes me nervous, touchy still?Do you get to go out tonight and make contacts or have fhe? Hey and happy first day of Summer today!:) Im sure you don’t notice because its always so warm where you are…Are transfers next week? Any feelings?
the teachers are protesting for there rights?? to be honest im not sure.. ive asked so many people and i get alot of different answers.. and its jkust strange.. ya we can still leave.. and be normal missionaries jsut with a care step.. we are going to be teachingsandra and her daughter tonigth and visiting others to see if they are there.. my comp yes is still a Little touchy and now hes hit me a couple times.. i dont know if it was inspiration or jsut my natural man kicking in. but i thought about asking him to wrestle.. and just kicking the crap out of him.. ha no worries i stand up for my self.. if he hits me he knows one is coming back at him.. ha
Wow, you know that Jace had a comp that hit him and jace hit him back and he never again touched him, so please don’t take it….makes me worry, do you think youll get changed?
no i dont think ill get changed.. thats another thing.. next monday is changes and if the teachers are still blocking freeways and roads.. who knows what presidnet will do..
Hmmm, will you still be able to email?  Please tell Sandra and Alesandra that I pray for them and pray that things will work out this week for their baptism…will you get to do it? Where does family have to come from? This scriptures made me think of you today….Helaman 5:12 working around foundations lately makes me think how strong is mine and that I really need to work on making it stronger like yours…so very proud of you my justeroo….so anxious to hug you and be in the temple with you again…
ummm to be honest not for sure.. just know that if i dont write you then i have permission to write you on tuesday!!! i cant wait top be with you guys in the temple and hug you too!! i love you guys ooo much and i hopeyou have a good and SAFE week without anymore injuries!!! be safe!"!! i got to go mom.... love you tons!!! love you dad! again happy fathers day!! thnanks for everything!!!!!!!
So I just looked up protesting in Oaxaca with the teachers and please be safe and careful, listen to the spirit and follow it…you are always in our thoughts and prayers, love you more than you know, so happy that you had a baptism and the work is moving forward, continue to smile and know that you are an amazaing servant of the Lord and you are his son!!!  No injuries this week, I pray every day for all to go well…love you my justeroo, thanks again for taking the time to chat with me!! Hope your card works, fingers crossed, get what you need 😊 God bless and keep you safe!love you tons, treasure you always, Love mom and dad xoxoxos
will doo!!! thanks for all the love and support and prayers!!! you guys are the best!! :) love you tons! Elder Weaver :) )if i dont write next monday.. ill write on tuesday!:)
Ok, you know ill worry, but ill have faith not fear! Love you, big smiles, find joy! Be safe and happy
Love mom

NNOOOO worries.. just be happy:)

Monday, June 13, 2016

it was a good moment for me:)

Mom, and Dad(SUPERMAN) 
Glad to hear that things are moving along with work and with ball... makes me a little trunky.. seeing those football picks.. ha i miss ball sooo much.. 
This week was a hard good week!! and to be honest we werent able to see jared or his mom at all this week, we went by and they werent there at all this week.. kind of sad. but tuesday we had the district meeting and i went with the DL to do splits and we had a good day, found somthings that they could get better on and help the district to get better, then we came back on wednesday and we worked alot in our own area, then we went to Dainsu and i went with Elder Lindsay andmy comp went with his comp.. and we contacted alllllll day long, and we were able to help them to get more work and find some people that are really chosen.. me and elder Lindsay kocked a door and a older lady answered and she said that she was feeding her sick sister and i explained just a little bit about the priesthood and she let us in and me and Lindsay gave her a blessing and then we left... made me think and almost cry while we were giving the blessing because i stopped for a second and thought.. " we are two white kids in some place in mexico and we are giving a blessing.. using the priesthood we have and we are speaking spanish" it was a good moment for me:)  ha 

So Sandra and Alesandra are good for this saturday and i honestly have a strong tesitmony of hard work.. because me and my comp have been working hard and the other day a lady from bosque called us and said her boyfriend was taking lessons from the missionaries in mexico and now he is hear and he is getting baptized on friday. so last week were teaching him aswell.. his name is Edwardo.. hes a great guy, thats in the military!  soooooo this week we are going to be super busy.. tomorrow the DL asked us to give the district meeting and then thursay we are going to be cleaning the font and friday we are going to have a baptism and them saturday aswell 2 baptisms.. and we might be going to another area to give a baptism interview.. soo things are good :) i love the spirit the spirit has helped me alot this week to teach and help the elders understand rules and why we have them.. 
didnt try my card yet because i didnt know the pin.. haha but its the same..;) my bad. ha 
Wow, what a great week full of blessings and so grateful you are a hard worker and really put things in to motion in the 4th quarter!!! Keep it up, you are an amazing example and are touching lives that will affect generations to come…Incredible how the spirit works and with obedience the blessings come, you are proof to that 3 baptisms this week…so happy, brings tears!!  about your card, tell me your pin so I can call and make sure it will be working for when you try it later today or tomorrow…hope you didn’t need it  Having FHE tonight?When you went with elder Lindsay did you travel far? What are you going to do for district meeting tomorrow?
its **** and tonight we dont have any FHe,, but we are teaching Edwardo and Sandra and Alesandra everyday this week so that they ar eprepared for their baptisms!! haha no we didnt have to travel to far.... it was still here in the city! i think we are going to do how to begin teaching.. or how important the spirit is... :) something along those lines! 
Ok, so I called on card and its activated 😊 you do have a very busy week ahead of you, we will pray for them every night that they will continue to feel the truthfulness of the gospel, and please remember that yes you are a white kid in mexico somewhere, called by God to serve these people, and who knows you may have promised them that you would find them and bring them the blessings of the gospel!So how is comp…touchy anymore, hoping that it has become a thing of the past…How is being zone leader?  Do you think with next transfers there will be a change?Our lesson in RS yesterday was from Pres Hunter, lesson 11, true greatness…I wanted to share part of it with you…Realizing who we are and what we may become assures us that with God nothing is impossible.  From the time we learn that Jesus wants us for a sunbeam through the time we learn more fully the basic principles of the gospel, we are taught to strive for perfection.  This reminded me of you because you have always been my perfectionist 😊So what did you think of the package, did pants fit? Did you like the tshirt?
thanks a bunch!!! ill use my card and see what happens.. haha ya it was super cool... ha it was a pausing moment. ha i like being a Zl.. but its stressful.. i dont think we will have changes in 2 weeks.. i think ill be here again for another change and then leave and go to my last area.. or i could stay here to end my mission.. :)  i loved the package!! and i love the shirt!!! thanks sooooo much!! umm yes pants fit aswell!! :) thanks i forgot what a american party was like in the mouth.. but the beef jerky helped me remember! 
i would send pics but they take tooooooo much time to download on this computer.. so maybe next week.. sorry
Tonight dad and I are riding out to Roy to ride with a group riding with a little girl that was hit by a drunk driver and still trying to live a normal life, should be fun, we are riding as long as she can go and at her pace, it will be fun, hoping that the weather holds out, we have had some pretty loud thunder and lightning storms this weekend…So just FYI, I told Jordan that he has until Jace gets married to find an apartment, so he has been putting stuff in storage and says that he is looking, so there we go, we have a deadline for both of them to be gone…then we are going to do some rearranging and maybe painting 😊 😊 are you in a cafΓ©?Our weather app shows you getting lots of rain, are you?Any more service opportunities?
no im in a cyber.. and its rained everyday this week!!! haha and its sprinkling right now.. tomorrow we are going to give service to a sister and cut her tree.. thats goona be awesome be safee!!! tell her hi for me!! ya jordan told me.... any luck with girls!!?? i will tell her  no he doesnt cook for me.. he eats a lot of top roman!! and ive told him that he shouldnt but he keeps going ha and ya we are better he doesnt touch me as much.. WAIT you want me to bring my old shoes home or throw them awaY!??  
and ixcotel is a lot happier with elders..:)
I want you to bring them home….so did Jordan say that he was ok with moving out? No he hasn’t dated for like 3 weeks now, so to have any luck with them you have to be with them right?  Really don’t know what else to do!!!Are you happy? Do you have a ponderize?I have another part of the lesson to share with you,… Giving consistent effort in the little things in day-to-day life leads to true greatness. Specifically, it is the thousands of little deeds and tasks of service and sacrifice that constitute the giving, or losing, of one’s life for others and for the Lord. They include gaining a knowledge of our Father in Heaven and the gospel. They also include bringing others into the faith and fellowship of his kingdom. These things do not usually receive the attention or the adulation of the world.How is pres? Still give you a bad time about Utah?Jax starts camp this next Monday, padded 2-adays….so crazy how some things are going fast and others not so much….Fathers day is Sunday, we may go to debs for dinner, still trying to decide…Whats your favorite part about this area you are in?Be making a list of those you want to visit when we come and places to see, and things to eat and get….to bring home….
he seemed happy when he told me... haha im not for sure.. i feel sooo bad for the poor guy... i really want him to get married.. and i cant imagine how he feels that bailey and jace are getting married.. yes im happy!!! lets read the talk from elder Holland from the liahona!! for the ponderize! hes good and yes he does.. he talks to my comps and tells them that there work is to truely convert me to be a cougar.. haha wont ever happen... Well my lovelly mom... i love you so much thanks for chatting with me... i got to go.. but for sure next week ill be here!! have a great week!! love you guys! 
I hate that this hour goes so quickly, but I know that you are on the Lords time,
Im sending you a joke to close with….
What did King Lamoni say to Ammon?
Could you give me a hand? Hahahah
I love you and hope that you are big smiles right now,Please have a beautiful week, take a moment at the baptisms and soak the feeling up, what a great and wonderful gift for all involved to witness the miracle of missionary work!!
Love you more than you know, so very blessed to be your mom, thanks again for chatting with me!!! Means the world!!Love you my justeroo, be safe and super!!
Love you tons, mom
Xoxoxs treasure you and our chats!
thats an awesome joke!!! haha love you guys! have a great week!! :) elder Weaver love you mom!

Monday, June 6, 2016

God did not remove the Red Sea, he opened it! He will help us find a way through our problems as well

 My ponderize for today is God did not remove the Red Sea, he opened it! He will help us find a way through our problems as well :)

Dear mom and dad,
i still havent burned pants this week maybe tonight.. just havent had the time.. hahaha work has been good! we contacted a door and we found a teenager that really needed us.. his name is Jared( but with the mexican accent) ha and his mom has cΓ‘ncer and he has been falling into bad habits... but hes very nice and let us in to visit and we talkied about faith and prayer and we have been Reading from the BOM with him!! hes doing great!! we are going with hhim tomorrw! we didnt meet with karmen.. she left all week.. today for our pday we went to my comps old Γ‘rea to visit members and as we came back we past the offices and i thought.. call the secretaries.. so i called and asked about my package and yes it got here.. i went and got it and its at home waiting to be opened when i get home.. my comp is still a Little touchy... but ive gotten on his case a few times and i think hes starting to understand where the lines are with me.. its good my comp is all good now!! and this thursday...we had a multi zone and it was great!! president talked about obedience and how he had sent 5 missionaries home that past weeek and that they litereally were not sinning.... as normal people... just having phones and girlfriends.... but as missionaries we arent normal people... so he talked alot about that and it was good"!!! this week we have a Little bit going on.. im going on divisions with violetas and then thursday i think me and my comp are going to go to a Γ‘rea to contact the whole day because the por elders that are there are newish and arent having much success.. so we are going to go help with confidence and happiness and work! ha
 the computuer is being super slow... sorry-.. hope you get this son and we can chat!

holy ghost-I love it!!! I will have kenzi email it grateful you are finding more investigators, I pray daily that doors will be opened and the people will be receptive to the spirit! are you able to make contacts with people on the street doing the marches and blocking roads or are they not approachable, or unsafe...
Can you say which comp, I wont blog it, did you know he was having problems while you were with him? Sad to miss out on the blessings of obedience, it seems like such an easy concept and that there is always happiness when we obey, but sometimes choices make it difficult .....I will check on flights tomorrow night and see what dates work best to come get ya, and email sis Madsen back/or Pres and see what we can get going.... any one you know of that would be leaving around the same time?
You can be the ward chorister when you get home, oh remember the days of not wanting to do it in priesthood :) ahaha!!  Mckenzi said she just sent it again did it come thru?
Are you teaching fhe tonight?  what did you plan for goals for wards with stake president last week?You sound super busy, I will put Jareds name in the temple and him mom.... Glad about touchy comp not so touchy.... Our computer slow too!!! Love the picture of you at the temple, was it recent? And tell me about the bird... Are you going to write Kenzie back? :) how is your ward, lots of service this week? I'm super excited that you have package :) yippee!!!! Crazy about elders being sent home, lots of gringos or natives? What else did you do for multi zone, anything fun? 
Love ya, we can chat :)
ya i got her email! umm i havent thought about contacting them.. i thought you wouldnt want me to... but i guess ill give it a  try..;)_________ ya i new from the first day i was with him... Because it was hard for me to speak spanish with him... ( didnt have the spirit)  so i knew.. ha ummm i noticed on the bolitin on the offices that ill go home with just one hermana if i leave the 4th.. but if i leave with the latinos i could go home with 4 elders.. and i would like that better to be honest but i guess its not really my call..  now Fhe.. btu we are teaching a mom and her daughter that have there baptism date for the 20th of this month! their names are Sandra and Alesandra! the stake presidnet is super cool and we have some good goals! and it has to deal with the missionaires and members!
his moms name is Blanca! we went to the temple store so my comp could buy somethings.. amd that bird flew in yesterday into church.. we named him holy ghost..;)  i still didnt get anything from her.... hahah honestly!!! didnt do to much service but we are finding more and more investigators.. adn this week was kind of crazy because its election week and the teachers have been doing marches and blocking roads.. so its been a fun week! natives.. and one of them was my past comp. Hermana madsen talked ablot and somewhat taught us how to lead music.. haha and i was my and my comp did a practice and it was good.. we did it in front of everyone... haha it was good :) 

:), you follow the spirit about whether or not to contact them...:) So about leaving if there are other Latinos leaving the week before she said they could send you with them and it would work out just fine so that's what we will shoot for if ok with you :) sounds like it is :)  So tell me about eh mom and her daughter, have you been teaching them, I will add their names to the temple list and pray that they feel the spirit and keep their commitments
Glad that you have a great stake president to work with
We are excited this week to go to the Larose's sealing, it will be nice to just be in the temple away from all of the worldly things and noises! I cant wait to have our whole family there together someday :) the picture you sent did you get to go recently?
I love that you know when the spirit is there and how your communication is effected by it, makes me a little nervous for you to come home :/  Wish the spirit was stronger here in our house!  So hard to have you guys return from being on such spiritual high for two years and I wish that I could have that high continue while you are home, at least in our house, :) so much to work on....never to late! do you have a ponderize today?  Did you like the quote about the red sea in my first letter?
ya we have been teaching them... and they want to get baptized on a monday... thatll be new.. ha they are praying and keeping there commitments!! we went thursday.. but we just went to the store.. we didnt enter.. send pics of the larose and there sealing??  haha im sure ill be able to feel the spirit mom!! youre the best! i love that ponderize and i love the boxing pic! i really like that sea quote lets use that as our ponderize!!!! :) 
:) sounds good! Monday baptism, that's awesome! you make me laugh, I ask how things are going and you don't lead with that news! that's awesome news! so happy and know that prayers are answered! I will send some pix, I am sure that Cindy has filled you in on everything and will send pix too, but Ill send one too:)  Our 28th anniversary is this Friday, my how times flies when your having fun :) ahaha! tomorrow is the anniversary of us taking out our endowments, no one could have told me how fast time would go, wish that someone would have told me to slow down and enjoy and find joy in the little things, it will be nice to visit the temple and sit for a minute or two in the celestial room....
how did you find the girl and her mom?
hahaha sorry...;) wanted it to be a surprise.. actaully she hasnt wrote me for a while. so i dont know anything.. ha congrats about your anniversary!! thats great!!! me too.. take some time just to sit and ponder.. they are family of this lady that has had some of the problems with my last comp.. ha but its been good. kind of hard.. but good.....HEY mom got to go.... o love you guys soooo much thanks for chatting again!! you are the best of the best! have a fantastic week!!! i love you guys!! be safe and have fun! love elder weaver
:) love you too justeroo, big smiles, have a great week, continue to follow the spirit, enjoy the package!!! hope you like it!! I will activate your card tomorrow afternoon, and then you just need to try it after Wednesday, sound good?
Love you tons, we continue to pray for you and your comp, tell him hands off!! and we pray for those you are teaching and going to teach to be found!!! love you, thanks again for chatting with me, your  super,
Remember to move through the Red Sea!! :)
Love you
xoxoxs, be safe
THANKS mom youre the best... no joke.:) love you xoxo