Monday, January 25, 2016

buenas tardes!

Buenas tardes, this week was a good week... with alot of traveling.. but im going to start from monday... after we got done writing we went to have that FHE.. but it blew up....we got there and the mother and the daughter started yelling and fighting and saying lots of things and the mom was thinking about leaving.. adn things jsut blew up! like crazy... so we shared the best scripture that we could and we left, and i called the President of the Branch and let him know what was going on...  then wed. we had the missionary broadcast and that was fantastic!!! i learned so much about the spirit and how it works.. and it help me chnage how i teach.... for the better. then thursday i went on divisions with zimatlan.. and wow... that was kidn of a hard day... with that elder.. and friday i traveled all the way back to my area with Elder merrill and then i got a call from them again and said that one of them didnt want to leavethe house.. and so i talked with the elder on the Phone and he said that he wanted to talk with me face to face.. so called the zone leaders and  we did splits again... and me and Elder merrill traveled back out there again.. and this time i stayed with another comp.. the one that didnt want to leave the house..  and he told me sme things that they had been doing.. and ill just say that both of them have interviews with Pres this week. 
I felt bad for Elder Merrill because he had to travel alot on friday.. but it was supe good to get back with him on friday.. hes getting more confidence i feel... and hes trying to talk a tad bit more. ha we found a new inv, that believes in God about 50% and so when we started teaching it was very simple and easy.. and he asked me how i knew if there was a God and was asking me alot of questions... but aftr the lesson... i asked two members that were with us how they know that there is a God and how hes our Heavenly Father.. adn they said that its a feeling you cant describe.. and then my Comp gave his testimony and then i did.. and he just kind of sat there.. and we asked... how do you feel..??? adn he said i feel different.. and i like it... his name is Julio and he came to church this Sunday and hes 20 yrs old.... hes a great guy and is ready to know of the love of his Father inHeaven. 
I love being with Elder Merril.. i thinkthat ive had the most spiritual experiences with him...being my companion... we still dont have power..... we are still trying and sees wahts wrong.. i havent had the time to buy new pants.. or a blanket... but i got a new watch becaseu my other one broak.. oh and we are showering from buckets.. but we light up the stove and we boil some water  and dump it with the cold water so its not freezing... haha this wek we are going to go and see a member of the seventy in area called Emapolas.. its gonna be Elder Casteñeda.. im super excited for this week!! love you guyys!!!!! have a good week!! Love Elder Weaver

wow you have had a very busy week, glad that the elders are seeking help! what do you think the difference with Elder Merrill and the other comps is that you feel the spirit more and have more spiritual experiences? do you think you are feeling more confident yourself and closer to the spirit?
You remember that Elder Casteneda was Jordan's mission pres right? pretty small world!!! so fun
Showering with buckets, at least it's warm,  glad you got a watch....are you traveling other than the visit with the 70? I will put Julios name in the temple and the fhe family will be in our prayers
im not sure... i think its becuse we have to take time to thing more and feeel what to say..  latinos can jsut say what they want and they dont even think.. idk... its different.. but its a good different.. i feeli alot more confident, and clsoer to the spirit.. haha thats super funny!! dont have power.. we have gas.. thast it.. nope.. just traveling there this week and then its gonna be all work here in the area.. thanks goodness.. thanks!! is there still lots of snow!!??

how far away is Emapolas? will you go by bus? Do you have a ponderized today? What did you get to do for pday today? you are on later than usual....we tried to find Elder Merrill on Fb and cant :/ how did you find Julio?  did he love church? have fhe tonight?
Phlipianes 4:13.. for the ponderize!! its kind of far... we are going by bus and a van..i think.. today we washed and cleaned the hosue.. and relaxed a tad bit.. julio was a refrence.. and he loved church..  dont have FHE..but we are going with emmauel and Giovanni.,. they came to church yesterday and they are crazy smart! 
candles... we dont invite bad spirits... i promise... thats how i report at night.. we are kind of cold... haha that tie is made out of wood.. 
this are Tlayudas.. with purple tortillas.. but they taste the same asyellow ones

the tortillas look yummy! so that answers my question about power, what are they doing about getting you power? please pick up another bad spirits, it sure looks pretty! who made the tie for you? pretty cool!

well the secreataries said that they did everything that they could.. i thiunk tomorrow we are going to go and check adn talk withthe people..not sure.. and a guy thats not a member makes wood things.. and he also makes ties. so i gave him that design and he made it.. for 150 pesos.. 
WEll mother.. sorry time has been short.. bt thank you so much for chatting for jsut alittle bit! i love oyu guys so much andim ETERNALLY greatful for you guys!!! please be happy and safe!! i love each of ya so much!! thanks for the love and support!! have a good week and ill talk with ya next week! :) love Elder Weaver
I love you too! it has been short, but I will take what I can, please travel safe, follow the spirit and find JOY in all that you do! Buy a treat this week! fingers crossed you get power :) Love you, treasure our chats, love mom
oh no,.... sorry.... but love you mom!! try and stay warm!!! love you guys!! be safe and know that im greatful for you guys!!!!!
Love Elder Weaver
:) big smiles! Have fun
love tons,
mom xoxos
love you mom!!xoxoxox


Monday, January 18, 2016

Con amor Elder Weaver

WELL.... this week has been kind of dark... because we havent had light all week.. since last monday and we still dont have light now.. and so today we were calling secretaires and making calls to people trying to get power so we dont have to take cold showers and study in the dark.. ha 
This week was pretty good i went on divisions with Elder Silvestre out in Mihuatlan and hes a good missionary, but somtimes i think hes a little to focused in numbers then the people.. then we were able to have a baptism this saturday, her name is Maria, her son Daniel was baptised the week before, she is a great lady and going to be a great member of the church, i still havent bought pants yet.. havent had time.. we are teahing 2 little kids right now and there names are Emmanuel, and Giovanni.. and there mom is a member and was baptized in georga!! dont know what part.. but thgere she was.. and now was are going to see if we can get the dad and the 2 kids that are 8 and 11 to get baptized, we had a Branch activity and Elder Merrill and  me took them there,, we baby sat for about 3 hrs.. haha and the activity was super good!! we had games and activities and then we ate and we took them back to there house. Then sunday we took them to church and their mom showed up late with the 2 littles girls and her husband.. so we are hoping and praying for them. no rats.. its a clean house.. and clean neighborhood! 
This week im going to go on diviones with Zimatlan on thursday! on wednesday we are having a missionary general conference!!! how cool is that, all the missionaries in the world are going to watch the conference. im super excited for that!! we are going to havbe aFHE tonight with a family that less active.. ill send pics there are 2 little girls that ar esuper cute!! im good with health, but i do have a ingrown toenail.... hurts kind of... but im good the work goes on.. with one foot ;) haha i feel bad for you guys.. when i wake up in the morning im freezing..... but there is no snow or rain... but im so cold.. hahaha love you guys hope you all have a great week!!! get better dad!!! 
Elder Merrill is doing good some times gets distracted witht he Tv... ha but hes good and super fun! im writing from another internet place... for 20 pesos.. 
Con amor Elder Weaver

:/ someone forget to pay your power bill? you have candles? cold showers...brrr
I will put all those names in the temple this week :) what a small world that you would run into someone from Georgia-you'll have to find out when and what part...
love that the little kids are drawn to you, they see your humble nature and feel your spirit...keep it up, they are great to plant the seeds of the gospel with to have life times in the gospel.
Do you go on divisions by bus or taxi? does it cut into your food money for the month? have enough to go on? what are you going to teach for FHE
Is there a doctor that the mission mom would have you get your toe fixed? Jordan had one fixed on his mission too....check into it, even if you have to pay for it, it would certainly be worth you need new shoes? get some pants this week and pick up another blanket so you can be warm :)

ya the secretaries didnt pay the bill.... haha ya bought candles.. dont help that much.. i go by bus.... taxi.. somtimes the back of trucks..;9 haha and ya it comes out of the food money... thats why im living off of Top Roman...;) hahaha no jk..;) ill try and get new pants.. if i have time.. im good its crazy having to report  every night witht he elders.. haha somtimes im super tired.. but its fun ive learned alot.. 

haha, not funny about top ramen, use your card there is extra money if you have to use it, do!!! You are definitely developing your leadership skills and being a great example, will your comp go on divisions also or stay in Ocultan? and haha not funny about the back of a truck-:P
what religion are the people in this area? are they pretty open to you at the door step?

catholics.. there is a huge catholic church here!  my comp stays here and i change, but when i do diviones with the LZs ill stay here.. some people are.. the other day a lady just closed the door on my comp.. didnt say anything and just clothed the door..

hmm, different from JWs? your branch activity looks very fun, and like you had a good turn out, do they have activities often? do you knock a lot of doors or do you work off mostly referrals? or following the spirit?

ya very different... some are more shut in and dont want anything and others that want to talk alot.. not sure if it happens alot.. only havbe 2 weeks here, but ya thisweek we knocked 49 doors.. and a  couple people in the street..  and we follow the spirit alot.. 

wow that's a lot!!! do you place many book of Mormons that don't really want a visit right away?  still feeling safer? Making your own best two years experiences :) So happy and proud of you!

All way a treat to chat with you! please continue to be safe, and I hope you are warm tonight! Be safe in your travels, enjoy FHe, take good care of you, and try to make time for pants and a blanket, and some food :) Dad will get better, he sends his love, be super and keep smiling, he says use money that you need to, be strong and healthy so you can serve the best you can!
Love you Justeroo, God bless, be healthy, have fun and enjoy, thanks for the chat and the pictures, love to see that smile!!
love mom and dad xoxoxs

yup still feel very safe... im good and ive learned alot!! but mom  ya its time again. ha thanks so much for chatting with me!! hope you all have a goood week and are safe and warm.. hope dad gets better and that you guys have a great week!!!! love ya all so much!!! :) Love Elder Weaver

thanks guys!! your all the best! talk with ya next week!! :) con amor Elder Weaver


 my comp is a great guy.. 
Love your hair cut you look great! Does comp have fb? does he care if I post on fb and tag him?  love the baptism pix, she looks beautiful and so happy! who did the baptism? how is the gentleman with diabetes feeling?

his name is Merrill.. she was baptized by the Predient of the branch.. i wanted elder merrill to baptize her.. :( hes ok... we went by yesterday and they said that he got bad again.. 
noticed the one boy is flipping the bird? teaching them tonight-is that the grandma?
haha ya i saw that too and laughed pretty hard.. ya we are going to teach that family tonight!!!! and thats there grammy ya!! 
this dog is 2 yrs old.. his name is YAK. and that is the branch activity..  thats Giovanni and Emmanuel
handsome boys, is the dog a good dog, he is huge, what does yak mean in Spanish? hope you are winning at the activity :) do you speak only Spanish with Elder Merrill? I looked him up on fb and couldn't find, I will look harder...are you liking your ward/branch? where will mission gen conf be held?
i dont know.. its jsut YAk.  ya my team won.;) ha no i speak english with him.. but hes got alot better at spanish, and sometimes he really hates me.. ;) because hes gotta talk spancih i like the nbranch alot!! i think we are having another activity this week! the conference will be in Oaxaca the city..

keep up the Spanish, he might not like it now but will love you for helping him learn, especially when he has a brutal native that wont be so kind :) Do you get to travel to Oaxaca for the conference in person? What a great experience either way....and to know that your buddies will all be doing the same thing at the same time :) awesome, don't you just love the gospel so much!!! think you will have power today? tried cooking anything at home, before the power was out of course :) still eating lots of chicken rice and beans?

yes its going to be very good, but i also feel like we might chewed.. nope i was going to make mac and cheese.. but ya now.. so iended up eating the noodles raw.. haha 

why would you get  chewed? world wide butt chewing-nah! if I put together spring package for maybe end of next month what sounds good? want garments in it?
will you get to travel to Oaxaca Wednesday?

ya we are traveling to Oaxaca wed.. ya that would be great! new Gs.. love you guys havea  great week!! love ya all! love elder weaver

Hello Justin! My week was good! This week starts the new semester! Lifting good! Playing rec ball and it's pretty fun! The mustang is doing good! ;) how was your week? Love you

my week was full of darkness...haha we didnt have any lights... we have to shower in the cold water.. and my comp is usper great!! he makes me laugh alot.. how are your lifts!!???? have a good weeek!! love elder Weaver

Monday, January 11, 2016 happy!!

Dear mother.....____ok well im here in Ocotlan.. and im with Elder Merrill, hes from American fork... but ive asked him many times where american spoon is and he doesnt know.. ;) haha but he is good he knows almost nothing of spanish.. so i know how he feels..  and his last comp was mexican and he talked all the time.. but with me ive let him start lessons and talk or TRY talking alot, and hes learned alot!!! he tells me that he hates me sometimes.. and i jsut tell him i love him.. ;) haha  the area is super clean!!! compared to linda vista!! wow.. and the people are more calm...  i feel so much safer..  the apartment is 2 rooms big.. but they are kind of big rooms... ill send pics.. Im very happy... this week ive already had so many new experiences... im in charge of Zimatlan and another area called Miahuatlan.. and they are kind of far apart.. tuesday i stated with the zone leaders.. an they are great! elder Nonu us is from utah as well.. hes tongon, and super good! and the other Elder Ramirez is great to hes from Argentina.. and i talk with them each night! thursday i had a distict mtg.. and then friday wewen to Zimatlan and i did a baptism interview for a girl that is 15 yrs old and has a baby of 4 months... its incredible the spirit i felt.. to know that she was ready.. i am greatful for the spirit to guide us everywhere..  and then saturday we had a baptism... but here in the branch there isnt a font and so we have to go to a stake center in atoyac, and so we went there and cleaned it out and filled her up and ya!! sunday Daniel was confirmed and now is mom is ready for next week to get baptized!!!! lots and lots of work.. and tomorrow im going on divions and ill be in Miahuatlan and then thursday ill be in zimaltan... we have had a lot of new experiences.. we contacted some teenageers playing basketball and we played them, and won... ;) and after they saif that they didnt want to listen.. that kind of stunk.. 
we went to a house friday night and we talked with a family and they said that there grandpa was super sick.. and so we started talking about faith, and then i thought give him a blessing.. so i told them that we should give him a blessing, and i helped my comp say the prayer for the oil, and i gave a blesssing.. and then that sunday the hermana came to church and told about the blessing and she said that when to the doctors the next day, the doctor said that his diabetes had dropped and that he was healthy again... and she started to cry.. and it was a super great experience!!! :) im happy!!!! a little stressed... got my haircut today.. and we played bball.. ;) love you guys!! be happy and have a great week!! in the branch there is only about 20 members that are active, this sunday thre was only 18 people..  Ponderize for the week 3 nefi 27:21-22

So very happy for you, again prayers have been answered :) I know you are called by Heavenly Father to be there and at this time!!! American spoon, so funny :P ____
So sounds like elder Merrill is a greenie? Love that you get to start area with a baptism and that you are happy!!! Is the city like Ogden? 
Where our branch meets....
 bucket is to wash my clothes

 oven doesn't work

 Colder than Linda Vista...50's at night
that little kid that got baptized is Elder.. his name is Elder its super cold here... ive been sleeping with my jacket and sweats and 2 blankets... dont worry cut my hair today... 
ya its a branch.... there is no font.. and the branch pres is 26 yrs old.. we travel by bus... thanks im happy for you guys too!!!!! thats great! 
___;) ha and ya hes uper green!! talks about his GF all the time.. but i try getting him to talk about the people.. and his getting better.. hes super green! what do you mean like ogden!? like how big it is or the buildings and stuff!!?? 

Remind him to loose himself :) is it as big as Ogden, house looks very basic, is that a pail for leak in the roof? And looks like you have some cooking elements:) food options just became different :) I've watched the temperatures and looks lot cooler than Linda Vista, are you cold at night? Need to buy stuff to get settled? 

ya its as big as Ogden and maybe south Ogden, and the houses ya are basic no.. its to wash our clothes im just a little cold... buit im good i think ill get use to it again..  ya and the oven doesnt work..

hahaha to be honest there isnt alot of mountains.. and people sell in the streets... they have there own little buisnesses.. and theres some hotels here, and it reminds me of st George kind of... dont know why but it does, with the nice little houses and jsut clean roads..

You read my mind and answered questions as I asked :) great minds think alike!!! I didn't sent pic today, I'm replying to yours so they are pix you sent :) have you been feeling ok, gotten a lot of FB friend requests lateLy :) the word is out that you are super ;) so what do people do for a living in this new area? Lots of mountains?

No burning garbage in the street? You mentioned two other elders is that all that's in your district? Do you live with them too? Pretty young branch pres, lots of responsibility, is he a good guy? 

nope no garbage... ya they are mexicans and one american that isa just starting too!! learning spansih  no we jsut live me and merrill.. hes a good guy!!! but is always working

What is merrills first name so we can Check him out on FB? Do you get to teach fhe tonight, we are having mom and dad over tonight for fhe and then going to Jax rec ball game :) we are talking about journals, are you keeping yours? 

Dad says he is happy you are happy and very proud of you, continue to keep up the good work! He love ya!!!

his name is Nathen yes i keep my journal.. tonight we are just teaching we were so busy that i foprgot to set one up.. ha thanks dad i love ya to.. thanks for teaching me how to be a leader... i know i wouldnt be here without the things you and mom taught me.

:) you are an amazing young man Justin and the growth we see in you from week to week is incredible, you are learning and growing in so many ways that you could only by serving a mission! So very proud of you and your sacrifice to serve, the blessings are incredible and we can see the light if Christ in your face-so happy for you!!! Eaten with members yet? Same food as other area? Need anything from home? Lots of kids in this area too? Do the kids go to school?

thanks.... thanks for the fasting and prayers... i miss you guys... to be honest miss you a ton... haha the other day, on thursay i could have used a moms hug.. and then a dads motivating talk to get back to the back.,.;) ha  ya we eat with members!! they are all super nice and humble, there is jsut chicken, beans and rice.. thats what we havbe eatenso far.. im good!! i use that cold rag that you sent to me to put on my head and i put the phnone under it by my ear when i report... so idont have to hold it. when i repoort with the areas. im good! lots of kides, and ya there is like 3 schools here! 

Know that we are always sending hugs, wrap your arms around yourself and know it's from me, :) sounds like basics for food, stomach probably appreciates that? Glad you can use the cold rag, I can send another :) what do you like best about this area do far? 

will do!!! haha im good to be honest!! i think this week or the next week i might buy some pants.. i like how clean and calm it is... i feel more safe and relaxed..

What a blessing-I know it will sound weird but you sound more relaxed, more at peace and condifent with yourself!! Do buy pants, get what you need, gpa rhett came for dinner last night and gave us $25 to put in your account, you have plenty and we haven't taken anything from your savings :) get what you need and a great :) excited to see lots of pix next week :) 

me too! this week im going to be moving alot! ha love you guys be safe! tell Granpa Rhett thanks and that imiss him! 
we played soccer today... 
Wow, looks super clean!!! How come one elder has no tie? Did you play with other people or just one guy? Is he a member or a contact? Is that your district?

he didnt put it on before the pic.. and that kid is Daniel he was jsut baptized.. this saturday!  they are one campanionshoip of missionaries in my district there is one more, but they didnt come.. 

The other day we got a hand written letter from Brayden, he said that if it weren't for you he would not be serving right now and he is so thNkful for such a great friend in his life!! Do you get to chat with him on pdays? Harrison? Marcus?

dont get to chat but we send messages.. i chat with marcus.. and emaill harry, maybne like once or twice.. my whole time..

Thanks so much for the prayers and the support.. i love and miss you guysto much! i hope and pray for you every day! be safe nd happy! and thanks so mcuh for chatting mom! sprry if its a burden sometimes.. but thanks for putting up with it.. love you guys love elder Weaver

Justin, it is never ever a burden, sometimes I feel like I am just full of questions and don't send any wisdom your way, but please know that I treasure this chat time and would trade it for nothing!!! I often end up in tears when it's time to say good bye, love and miss you my justeroo, please be safe in your travels and know that we are always praying for you and your comp and those you teach!!! God bless you, treasure every moment!! Love you tons mom

Love ya mom! thanks! it carrys me more than you know! :) chat with tya next week! love elder Weaver   :)

Love you Justin, my very favorite elder!!!! Smell the flowers for me! Soak up some sun too ;) big smiles-love you, dad says be super-love from all of us!!! Church is true :) 

love ya dad!! :) love you guys! 

letter from Pres.

Misión México Oaxaca
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca
Dear Weaver Family:
This letter is to inform you that your son, Elder Weaver, has been called to serve as a District Leader in the Mexico Oaxaca Mission. Elder Weaver has the responsibility to edify, inspire and elevate the missionaries in his district.
There are high expectations for your son in this new assignment. A District Leader must be an example to others in every aspect: his work in his own area, his personal worthiness and his obedience to the Lord. The missionaries in his district will follow him and I trust that your son will be an example to them. Your son has the responsibility to represent the Mission President in the weekly District Meetings. In these meetings, your son is in charge of teaching the missionaries and making sure everything is fine with each of them. I’m sure your son will inspire his District to follow him and rise up to the high standards and expectations that the Lord expects from them as His representatives.
I congratulate you for having such a good son and I thank you for sending us such an excellent missionary. I ask you that you keep praying for him so that he can fulfill his new assignment in a manner that pleases the Lord. Your son has my full trust, love and support as he continues to progress as a servant of the Lord.
Your Brother in the Lord’s Work.
President Lynn R.  Madsen
Misión México Oaxaca

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Pic from Mission mom!

new year changes....Ocultan

Buenas tardes... mi amada madre.. ;) this week was a pretty good one... after we got done chatting i call the District leader and told him that i was wounded... ;) haha and we went home and i was able to rest... then tuesday i was just feeeling sick to my stomach all day.... and the Hermana gave us Iguana to eat.. for lunch... oh wow... i liked it.. but the soup was kind of grouse... needless to say to say i like iguana..  then for new yrs eve we came home early and the bishop gave us to eat dinner.. and we ate sheep... with a ton of fat... wont lie.. that was a little hard to eat. but it was good. then we went back up to our house and we made a manekin.. and we stayed up and te mexicans went crazy at 12 with fireworks and blowing up there dummies, mannicins and shooting in the air... no worries we are safe.. we went to morro friday and said goodbye to the people out there.. it was hard to say good bye to Benjamin.. im still in linda vista right now...BUT tomorrow im going to the City.. in Ocultan.. and im going to be the District leader...... and im going to be ending a training with a Gringo!!!!! im not sure who it is yet... but tomorrow ill meet him..  im sure excited.. to train.. but to be District leader, makes me a little nervous... haha im healthier.. and im happy!! im glad to hear from you mom!! thanks for the prayers and the fasting... its incredible the power an d the tools our Heavenly Father gives to us to help others in time of  need... thanks so much!!! i missed jax too... maybe next year we will make a mannecin and light him up with fireworks.. ;) haha love elder Weaver
:) yea, so glad you are feeling better, you had quit the adventurous food week and I am sure it was hard to say good bye, but they are friends for eternity :) so is your new city call Ocultan? and district leader!! yippee! so excited for you and a gringo to boot :) hope that you will like and get along with he is still a greeny (kinda)? how many elders/sisters will you be over?  you are a great leader that leads by example so this comes as no surprise :)


this is Jovanni!!! and hermano Nico... he is a super cool guy!!! might be leaving on the mission.

thats benjamin.. and the older lady is 93 yrs old.. ive given her about 3 blessings and my comp gave about 3 too!! haha 
ya ill be in Ocultan.. and ya he already has one transfer.. but im going to end his training.. haha and hes from utah... thats all i know about him... im not sure how many hermanas and elder ill be over.. im not excited for the busride tomorrow.. 6 hrs...

hope it smelled better and tasted better than it that Benjamin? such a cute kid! love the maniquin !How long will your journey be tomorrow? going by yourself? having going away dinner tonight? is the city a sea side city?
ya it tasted better!!.. and itll be about 6 hrs.. and i thinki im going with the Zone leader. we are having dinner witha member and its in the city...

I am sure she will miss your priesthood blessings and your service to her, is she the one you were teaching and trying to baptize?  Pedro sad? whats plans for tonight?
no.. shes another lady.. this lady is sealed to her family..  and Pedro is a little sad yes...  and we are going to go by some members houses and say goodbye.. :) 
hope you are traveling with someone, always fun to have company, comp from Utah, could be a good time:) I looked up your new city, it looks very pretty, lots of pretty was church yesterday? there are few people that want to be your friend on fb, jesus Quintas, Ramon Quintas, and Juan carlos Geronimo Miguel, do you know them?
Things here are business as usual, Dad and Jordan bday this week, so crazy, sometimes the days fly and others seem to drag...but we are celebrating this weekend...We start spin tomorrow night, very excited to get back on bik
ya ive heard its super nice aswell.. and  tell Jordan and Dad Happy Birthday!! or Feliz cumpleaños.. :)  thas good!! are you going tobe in the bike shop!!??

looks like you have lots of people that love you and will miss you, that is easy to you know who is coming for Elder Perez? are you leaving him in good hands? when will he know if he is going on a mission?
no i dont know that elder that is coming here... dont know who it is.. but im excited hes gonna learn alot.. he has to go soon... i think hes 24 right now.. so hes gotta make up his mind..  haha

We are going to be in the bike shoppe, dad is teaching again and has a full class, we will be there every Tuesday and Thursday evening for an hour or so...Jax is going to play rec ball with a friend, and be on a team with some kids from bville and from roy, they will have games on Monday nights, he is excited, still says there is nothing like playing ball with you that one summer when you guys owned the court! and the young mens leaders...:) do they play basketball in Mexico?
What would you say is the best thing you have learned about yourself so far on the mission?
ya they play basketball... but... and ive had the desire to contact someone and beat them playing.. ;) haha ive learned alot about how much Heavenly Father loves me.. but ya mom... time flys by.... thanks so much for chatting.... i love ya so much! next week ill send pics with my other comp!! love you guys be safe!! and be happy!!! you are the best! literally. Love Elder Weaver
Wow, super short today, :( hope that you have safe travels tomorrow and that all goes well, I love you too! big smiles and come what may and love it! Tell all those in linda vista, thank you, and Elder Perez! be happy, you are a treasure!! use money to get what you need in new area and enjoy your week, Dad says he loves you and to continue to be super-man! God bless you justeroo-excited for lots of pic next week, be safe, thanks for chatting,
love you mucho, mucho
Mom xoxoxs
ustedes son el mejor.. Con amor Elder Weaver love you guys!