Wednesday, August 26, 2015


MI Querido Madre!!!!!!!!!!! 
Voy a empezar con.. 
This town is like a downtown Ogden.. its older... bu the the parts that we have been working in this week have been in the mtns.. and its been good!! the people seem to be a little more humble and accepting.. ive made a few contacts and and alot of them accepted a app.. but i guuess well see if we can get in.. ha 
i feel good about the area!! it has a lot of potenital and we are have a great bishop and a great ward mission leader.. who has given us a few references and him and his wife came with us.. so the ward is good.. its super small... onloy about 60 people.... we have to teach a class.. the sunday school for the inv.. ha but yua the ward is good! 
MY COMP.... i feel.. like he was trained wrong... his other trainer told him not to contact becasue they arent worht doing... and so he doesnt contcat.. and when i do.. he tells me.. Elder your not gonna see them again.. and i told him.-.. well.. i at least gave him the chance to hear the restored gospel.. and he said oh... thats a good point of veiw.. but he didnt make any contacts this week. ha and he doesnt get up on time.. and ive pushed and tried to get him moving but he doenst want to.. and this week, jsut tis week i have been told that i cant speak spansish so many times... ( but i knew dad told me to be bullet proof for something) ;) haha even by my comp.. we were in a lesson just starting and my comp said.. "my comp cant speak spanish, but we know the message we have is true..." that really more that anything made me mad... he treats me like im new.. and hes super prideful.. hbut im still trying to do the training with him, even though he doesnt want to.. he thinks its stupid and he doesnt learn anything from it.. but i know that pres gave me this chance to train for 2 weeks and has the trust in me to do it.. so we dio it. haa t
THe heat is humid.. and when there is sweat and wind... i get a little dirty... ;)  haha
WE are in the zone Salina Cruz, we are going to have a FHe with the bishop tonight and with the kid thats going to get baptized this saturday!! his name is Peter... ;) Pedro and he has given up a lot.. like drugs and friends.. ha the hosue is ok.... not as nice as the house in Etla.. came home friday night and there was a good sized rat on my bed..... took a stick and and killed it.. ahaand washed everything really good!!!! 

Glad to hear everything is good!! and that you are all happy and healthy!! how did thiungs go witht that zist on jaces neck!? im glad you guys are all doing ok!! im doing good! im happy and, to be honest just feel like i want a little more respect from my comp... haha he treats me like im the new one.. ha but you can see in the lessons that he still has a lot to learn... about asking Qs and we need tp change time more... one time he talked for 15 min.. then let me talk.. haha.. its been a little hard.. but ya im good ;) 

batherom and where i wash clothes
Wow, love the shower toilet combo ;) at least it's tiles and not dirt :) ever need hot water or does the weather, heat and humidity do it for you?
nope..... haha jsut cold water is great!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) it actually doesnt even get that cold... ha :(

 note from Mom...have to say, I would have left!! Hate rodents!!! look at the trash in the right hand side of the picture, stuff all over kitchen, love how clean it looks in picture below, way to go Justin, Chore charts work!!! My boys know how to clean!!!!

i kind of changed the hosue alot and its a little more clean... haand i have my bug net on my bed!  my Zl in my other area drew this for me... its great!!!! you should put it as my background paper for face... ;) haha 

Awesome, I will put it on FB, why mattresses on floor?
it was there when i got here.. the hosue was a huge pig stie... idk how to spell that.. but ya.. bad! and a ton of trash everywhere, so no wonder there was a rat.. 
:) were elders in it before you? That's crazy!! So tell me about the boy getting baptized Saturday....
ya elders! ha and ya his name is Pedro and he has been taling to the missionaries for 5 months now. and we got him a date ot get baptized this week on saturday and he has given up drugs.. and the bad life.. his mom and dad still dont feel like its time to listen to us.. but thats ok.. they have there time.. he hsa a sister that is handicapped.. that is super cute! ha 

Oh and there is a lady in the ward that has 3 handicapped sons........... they pass the sacrement....... i almost balled my eyes out.. they are great.. they cant walk very well.... but they can walk. makes me a little more greatful to take the sacrement! 
and they are big.. like 20, 24 and 25 yrs old
What a great blessing! Maybe his parents will be touched by the spirit at the baptism ;) he is in our prayers!!! And what an angel that sister must be to have three special sons and have them preform their priesthood responsibilities!!! What a great example!!!! Is your ward house close?  Zone conf Thursday?
i know!!! she acuatlly has 7 kids.. and 3 are special.. and its great we eat with her this week! its about 20min walkimng.... its kind of close and we start at 1 and end at 4.. but then have the ward mtg and so we leave at about 530.-.. and sdont get alot of time to work sundays.. ha nothing thursday,... just interviews.. hes coming the a church building and our district is doijng interviews. 
What an angel-tell her God bless her, is husband around? Who is baptizing Pedro? Will you find out about transfers on Thursday? I did pickled beets today for 6 hours with gram pat and deb nations both send their live and say hi!!! 
im sure ill find out about transfers thursday!! haha hahaha tell them HOLA!!! and i havent seen her husband! im not sure h}who... we will find out this week who is baptizing him! :) 

Wow, you have had quit the week!!! Jace's doc moved appointment to tap he third so next week, a RAT!! Can you get traps? You are so brave!!! The comp... Keep on him, train him like you would a new puppy, let him know who the alpha male/missionary is and that getting up on time is part of starting the day off obediently!  I love that you are still making contacts-stand for what you know to be right!!! So after his two week trying ends are there transfers again next week? New comp for you?still eat with members since such small ward? Is are of this transfer a large one? Walk everywhere? Eating seafood?
haha thanks.. and ya the stupid rat was huge!!! but the stick was huger.. ;) haha Bigger and not sure changes are on my bday!! and we have interviews with the president thursday! and im going to tell him what is going on with the comp and everything! im sure ill be staying here.. and maybe... maybe my comp might get changed! ha  we still eat with member syes!! ha and we still havent eatin.. any sea food which suprises me.. haha  we walk almost everywhere.. there is a walmart here.. ;) but its kind of expensive. :)
Expensive peso wise? Be sure to get what you need and a treat for bday, grandma pat gave me $40 to put into account and I know the other grands will do the same so use it ;) I like your tent over bed, is it mosquito netting? Lots of bugs? Can you buy a fan and make a wind tunnel like jordan did?
ya just peso wise.. and im good i got everything!! i needed! and still have money for this week! still got that testimony of offereings.. ;) not alot of bugs.. but there are a lot of misquitos. i got a fan.. and i was thinking of making one just the other day!! haill try and make one!  

this is the district.. and im one of the older ones.. the white kid that im buy is our ZL.. and he played for skyview... and he graduated the same yr as me.. his name is elder Coombs. 

thanks AGAIN mom.... i will always be greatful that you are here to chat with me and help me relive som stress... i hope you all have a fantastic week! JAx... kill it in ball! no doubt.. no páin.. just play your game. Jace! hope your zist will work out good and you can get married.. ;) ha Jordan!! espero que tenga una semana especial. con amor de dios y que puedes recordar su testimonio, que es un hijo grande de Dios. Mom and Dad, love you guys and hope you have good time in work and with ball, and as a family! thanks for everything! i appreciate it.. i really do.. wish i would have a appreciated it a little bit sooner or before the mission.. :) thanks so much, love you guys! hope you have a great week!!!! :) 
Love you too justeroo, be safe and happy, enjoy and stay the pace :) treasure our chats!!! Thanks for taking the time!!! Have a super week and a great baptism-church is true!!!! Proud of you!!! Love mom xoxos till next Monday birthday day!!!!! ;)))
hahaha thanks so much!! love you guys! thanks for everything! CON AMOR Elder Weaver :)

Presidente, the adaptation week.. ha This week has all new!! the Bishop is great and so is the ward mission Leader, we have been helped out alot with references and the obra is going forth. the week has been a little off and on with Elder Hernadez.. i fear  that he was taught some of the wrong habbits.. and so when i try to do the things that we are suppose tohe tells me no.. me and my other comp did it this way.. then i try and tell him why we need to do it the right way. but we are going good.. i feel like its hard to try and learn how a other missionary teaches in one week.. we are still working on the unity in the lessons.. and hes not a big fan of contacts.. he told me that his other comp told him that contacts never work.. and the second day i as with E. Hernandez, } i cantacted the taxi driver.. and i know that its a possiblity that we wont ever see him again, but maybe one day he can listen to the missionaries.. but i got done with the contact or we got to the house, and Elder Hernmdez, was telling me that they never work... and.. But i told him the way i see it is that we gave him the chance to come unto Christ.. and he said... oh.... thats a good point of veiw... so.. im hoping that we can get him out of some bad habbits and get him running.. ha i love the ward, the bishop is super supportive, the Heat is HOt.... ha and im happy!! and sweaty! have a good week! see you thursday! 

hola mi amigo, espeo que estas ben y disfrutando su area nueva. esta semana ha sido muy dificil para mi, y estado pelanod contra satanas y he estado perdido. no tengo mucho confianza es mi mismo, o mis abilidades, eso es algo que voy a tratar de arreglar esta semana. querio hacer uns numero musca el 20 de septiembre para mi barrio, vamos a ver que pasa con eso. te amo amigo, cuidate, 
con amor Jordan
Hola Hijo de Dios, Jordan... tu tienes que ver que es un hijo de Dios. y que todo que es malo viene de Satanas.. pero creo que ya sabia eso. entonces.. porque estas dando le permiso? Jordan, tenga confianze en si mismo.. mire estamos hablando en espanol.... y de verdad.. tu es me ejemplo.... porque se fuiste a la mision.. y aprendiste otra idioma, y vivo en otro mundo... en mexico y aprendiste que tiene que hacer para vivir... Jordan... please... with all of the power of my heart have confidence in yourself. you are a child of God and can do anything you put your mind to... dad doenst jsut tell us that to help us feel better... its for reallllls ;) haha i wont lie... its been very hard for me to learn spanish.... but when its hard i think of MY OLDER BROTHER. y pienso en la Fraternidad que tenemos. Yo se que tu puedas hacer todo... pero tiene que hacerlo. love you Jordan... be happy and please please please.. ask for help from God. and if you have to change anythinhg to get inspiration from God... as a represenative of Jesus Chirst i want to invite you to come unto Chirst and he will feel the holes that you have. I love you Jordan and its my biggest dream to come back an speak spanish with you! have a good week and be happy! love Elder Weaver 

Hey justin!! My week was good! Didn't have a game last week so we start this wre at Jordan! I'm pretty nervous ha ha.. School starts Tuesday! All my teachers know me because of you ;)  just ha practice last week and then back to school night! Pretty excited for this week! How was your week? Who are you teaching? What do you do ok Wednesday's? Love you! Be safe!

Jax be nervous... but use those nervous to beat the crap out of the other team... haha no stress buddy it all good you know what you are doing and you just got to do it.. and not let anyone get in your way to hold you from what you want. im good its crazy hot amd im constanlty sweating... on wednsedays its jsut a normal day, we leave about 12 becasue im training right now.. but noramllly at 11.. but we leave at 11 and just go teach... contcat.. service.. anything that Chirst would do.. haha love you too buddy!!! know that im proud of you.. :) and missyou tons! :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Salina Cruz transfer

Presiedente, thanks you for allowing me to be in Etla for so long. it was great and i was able to make some long lasating relationships.. and im happy and excited to be here in Selina Cruz.. im a littel stressed and nervous.. because everything is new.. but ill get a hold of it alittle by little. im excited to help elder Hernandez end his training.. and seee how the area is! it was along bu ride alone.. and i didnt get to car sick.. jhaha im happy and healthy! have a good week! 
Great letter!!! I know you will do great things here in this new area and you are there for a great purpose!!! So other than special transfer notice how was zone conference, what did you learn?
well we talked about goals and how we need to baptize converts not gouing to be less actives.. and then the pres applied the scripDyc 20 37.. and it was good i learned alot and im ready to show my new skills here.. ;)

soooooo happy that everything is good with you guys!!! i am so proud of ya mom for your ride and im happy that everyone is going good!! well.... thistuesday we ate rabbit taomilies.. and to me it just tasted like chicken.. but a little bit more spongey.. hahaha- then friday for rthe zone conference we got there early.. like good missionaries.. and pres talked with us.. and told me that we are going to have special changes... and right now i am in Selina Cruz... all day today i was on a bus for 7 hours.. alone.. without other elders or sisters... and im with a kid that stillneeds to finish his two last weeks of training.. ha and the 2 hrs i have been here i havent stopped sweating.. its super humid.. His name is Elder Hernandez.. and he seems like a pretty good kid right now... hahah as of right now... so thats kind of been the change of world i have had today.... hahah im happy and a little nervous to train and get to know the this area... and have more responsiblities.. 
So is change just for today or is this a transfer? Makes for a long day :) what did you do for zone conf? Did he say why special changes?
like the tranfers.. im here here.. ha he said that we had changes sothat e cruz can show the other elder around for 2 weeks before he goes.. and so im out here... a little stressed... ha
Wow, big surprise!!! So never and Karen? Still senior comp ;) did you get to say bye? I'm sure you will be awesome in new area-great new is new apartment?
im senior comp.. haha  and they are getting married and baptized the 29th the apartment is good we live above the bishop.. and ill take pics next week and send them to ya! 

Awesome-met bishop yet? Big family? How old is new comp and where from? What city is new one like? Modern at all? You have money in account if you need to get stuff, please do so you eat well-maybe not rabbit tho ;)
no... just got to the house dropped stuff off.. and now we are writing. and then we go back to work.. ha its more older.. not very modern.. victoria tamaulipas and he is 20 yrs old!!! hes a little chubby... ;) haha 
So I googled city, are you on the coast? What country is he from? ;) chubby is good maybe he is eating well and can help you put some pounds back on ;) haha!!! Has he said if work is busy in this area? Do you email from chapel? So excited for you, I want to hear all about... :) have fhe appointment tonight?
hes from mexico.. and we are super close.. my comp told me that he has baptized in the ocean.. ha i hope so but im scared im going to sweat more off then put it on.. the are  is good and we are suppose to have a baptism the 29th and nope we are in a cyber to email.. no fhe... jsut apps. with inv.. :)
I love you and am very excited for your new adventure and hope you make the best of it! What a great opportunity to mold a new missionary :) I am proud of you and know you can leap tall buildings in a single bound-be bullet proof! Be super!!
Love supermans dad!
hanka sO greatful that i was taught to jump.. and leap buildings.. haha i love you and hope you have a great week!! the backho looks great! ;)ha love you dad! 
Hmm how do you like the cyber? Is it by the minute? Very modern place? What's temp? Baptize in ocean would be awesome!!! Can you see water from where you are? Did you get to eat today on the bus? Talk to many people? See a lot of Oaxaca in those 7 hours? How was saying good bye? 
its ok... haha its normailly like 16 pesos for 2 hrs.. nt very modern at all.. idk why mexico is so far behind... ;) haha ate alittle and nope... it was 7 hrs of mtns.. and curves.. i almost threw up a few times.. ha  it was hard to say goodbye... i didnt want to but i really wanna go back to Etla when i end.. ha
Very pretty dog what does name mean?
he came alone.. ;)hahahha
Somewhere to eat tonight? We would love to visit Etla next November;) everything fit in suitcase to move? Apartment as nice as last? 
not as nice but itle do! and yes everyting fit! all good only left elder cruz with 2 blue shirts that were plain.. 

Awesome!!! Can you take a quick pix with comp and send it? Spiritual experience last week?
Perfect thanks!! What a cutie!!! And so great to see you and those blue eyes!!!! He reminds me of LWeaver ;D enjoy him, treasure things you can teach and what you've learned so far ;) 
haha me too.. the way he talks.. its hes kind of like the mexican l weaver. ha 
How come he is wearing headphones?
hes listening to music.. to download on his USB.. im wathing what he downloads.. haha the comp doestn havbe speakers.. 

;) hmmm, did you Harry's letter? I'm sure, what do you think?
no i didnt get it........... 
I sent it-;) so what's scripture for the week? Can you print stuff off at cyber
i can print stuff off!! and Harry sounds jsut like me when i started.. haha hes gonna do great!!!  my scrip is just the first book of nefi.. i learned that even though lamen and lemuel argued and cried they stil respected their dad and did what he wanted.. :) ha 
That's awesome, great way to learn from bad guys in the Book of Mormon :) guys all say hi, Jax just texted he is done with first practice ;/ they had pix and physicals Jace took him lunch and then he starts again till 9, crazy days for both of you!!!! Did you keep any Bofm figurines? Think you will have seafood in this area?
Super!!! Clothes and shoes all ok? 
yup!!!!!!!! all good! :) and ou  all good with you1!??? :)

i think we are going to have alot of fish!! and im glad they guys are all going ogood!!! :) ha i kept one.. figure:) 
Love you mom!! thanks for the Chat.. i feel like the long bus ride was a dream and i woke up and everything is new again.. but im glad i still have athe amazing same fantastic family.. haha i love you guys and ill see how this week goes training and all.. and the new area.. :) love you guys and hope you have a great week! LOVE ELDER WEAVER

Could you send me harrys new email!?? so i can write him next week!??
Always here for you!!! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me-makes my day-week!!! I sent his email, they aren't sure if it's right one yet?  Love you so much justin and so proud of you, keep chin up, smile while training-make things how you want them!!! God bless-be healthy and happy-love and hugs from home-love mom xoxos
love you mom! thanks for taking time to chat with me!! i love you guys so much! have a great week! and talk with ya in 7 days! C

Con Amor Elder Weaver :))))))

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pres. & Hna Madsen

Dear Parents of our Wonderful Missionaries,

Just thought I would write since we have passed our one year mark in the mission.  Just thought I would update you on the goings on here in the mission.  It always seems like it is busy but the past month or so had been extremely busy with the changes here in the mission.   With the age change  there was a big influx of missionaries 18 & 19 year old Elders and 19 & 21 year old Sisters were going out all at once the summer after the announcement which brought about 35 missionaries in one month and 28 in the next month to the mission here in Oaxaca.  Of course that meant new areas to be opened and more houses to get ready.  What a huge job that was 2 years ago. The number in the mission had grown to around 230 when we arrived and since they want the missions to be more like 180 here in Mexico these next few months will bring us back around this number.  The big generations that arrived with the new age change are now going home and we are getting back to what was the normal numbers before these huge groups of missionaries arrived.  Because of this, it means closing and combining areas which is always difficult, many of the areas are already huge but the missionaries will continue to work hard and look for those prepared to receive the Gospel at this time.  There are still more missionaries going out and serving than before but they are continuing to open new missions so this great work will continue to go forth throughout the world.  It has been a little crazy making all of these changes but life is full of adventure and changes here in the mission field.

It is a beautiful time of year with green mountainsides.  Of course to have all this green landscape and beautiful colorful flowers that means that it rains about every day at 5:00 here in the city.  The Coast and Isthmus area get their share of rain too but I am sure they are very grateful for it as it is extremely hot there.  The only downside is after the rain then the humidity soars.  Our missionaries are troopers, they are the best.  The missionaries work very hard to share the gospel and to share their testimonies.  Of course they help to bring people unto Christ and to the waters of baptism but they do more than that—not only is their goal to bring people to the waters of baptism but to help them and other members prepare to go to the Temple to be sealed to their loved ones. 

In the mission there are now 10 Zones one was just newly formed because a new District was formed this past month.  The District will be made up of 5  branches.  In the past these branches have been a part of a couple of Stakes here in the city but they are  far away so it will be great for them to be part of their own district and someday we hope they will become Wards and a Stake.  A few weeks ago we finished going around to all the areas in the mission to do interviews.  This happens every 3 months.  It is a joy to be able to talk with each of the missionaries.  We are so appreciative of their hard work and their diligence.  The work isn’t always easy for them so be sure to write with lots of words of encouragement.  It is also important to encourage the missionaries to be obedient and to use their time wisely.  They are on the Lord’s errand here and time is very precious.

These past weeks have brought Multizone Conferences again.  We are excited to be with the missionaries and together learn how we can improve our teachings and increase our testimonies to be able to share with others the joy and blessings that the gospel brings.   Look for missionary opportunities in your part of the world.  We know that you are praying for your missionary but also pray for missionary opportunities in your own lives.  It will bring joy to your lives.  Again we are very grateful to you for your sacrifice and to have this wonderful time with your missionary son/daughter.
We love them.

Pres. & Sister Madsen 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Querido mother!!!! this week was very good!! the divions tuesday i had a white guy come with me here in my area and we had a great day! we talked english and he has 14 months and he was able to teach me a little bit of spanish.. it was a little helpful! and in on elesson the inv. asked why he or elder Buck talked better spanish than me... and made me feel bad but then the next lesson the inv. asked why i talked better than him.. if he has more time.. ;) ha that made me feel a little better! umm also tuesday with elder Buck we were playing tug of war with a family and we were pulling and a dog... bit me......... it bit my butt.... super super hard... i wont lie.. i kind of freaked out.. haha yellijng.. but not crying the people the family were laughing.. but i got home and there was no blood... just a bruise the size of a softball... hahah but im all good!! then thursday i went on divisions with elder casteneda and that was good.. i can tell he soesnt have as much time like elder allred becasue the way he does things.. and his comp is a new ZL also.. so its kind of hard for them right now and they kind of fight a little.. and then i got a letter from lynn this week and it was a great letter i love the comics and the soties!!! Sonia is doing great and her daughters are all doing great!! and Hever y Karen.. we found out last week that we are having stake confrerece on the 22 of august and so they cant get baptsized that day.. but we are going to see if they can get married and baptized this week.. would be a miracle. and if not the week after the 29 of august.. and my comp is doing good.. he isnt really starting lessons.. and idk... i think he is slowly dying.. he says hes not.. but i think he slowly is he isnt walking the missionary pase anymore.. but i think that maybe i should maybe slow down a littl so that he can enjoy the walk... if you know what i mean.. haha and ya this week was good today for pday we played soccer as a zone and my team we had me and the kid from plain city and a mexican and a hermana and we won 10 games in a row.. we were even beating stacked teams.. ;) haha it was great! im white and i can kind of play soccer!! im happy that youll be riding again this week!! be safe and have fun!! i bet you guys can get 1 hr and 45 min!! on your ride.. haha!! love you mom!! i dont think ill be able to send pics today.. im in a other area.. because my como has to do interviews for other missionaries and so we arent in our area.. this week on friday we have a multi zone!!! :) love and hope the bros are all good and so is dad!! love oyu all!!!! ELDER WEAVER Yay-sounds like a great week-so happy for you, we will pray for that miracle to happen for baptisms this week! and watch out for dogs! :) and I am sure that you are a great soccer player, you are good at futbal no matter what language or how they play :) having fhe tonight? what area are you in? Temple open again? what doing for multi zone conf? where is casteneda from, that was Jordans mission pres name... hahahaha :)) right now we are in the area of Yagul.. to do some interviews.. and we dont have any FHE we are going to go with Hever and Karen to talk withg them and see where we are. the temple is open again and we go at the end of the month i think.. ummmm not sure his name ill ask him onight.. and as of right now i dont think that im doing anything.. haha :) "does your dog bite?" haha, tear a hole in your pants? did the scripture covers for spanish scripts work ok? Is Yagul far from your place? travel by taxi? hahahahahahahhahaha.... :)))))) nope no hole.. the sscrips are great!!they have been workin so good! its aboput 25 min.. and ya by taxi! the other night we met witha cristian man and he totally tried to tare us down.. why do we doing baptisms for the dead.. doesnt say in the bible that after death we get a second chance to accpet.. and he just totally was saying things to his own understanding,... but wehn we left him.. i told my comp.. well i still have my testimony of the gospel.. and we tried to explain things to him.. but he just wanted to fight with words.. so.. ya hes not ready. ha but im GREATFUL i have a testimony Awesome, sometimes it takes experiences like that to build your testimony and make it stronger-way to stand up for you what you know to be right and true!!! proud of you!! If he was a true christian he would have felt the spirit :) Did the kid from California go home? feeling good? Sis Ivie asked me what you get to eat everyday... thats true!!! haha and yes he went home thursday!! Brendon the blck kid.. told me that he is getting married next fall... i think that maybe a baby is coming.. i feel good a little sun burnt from playing but im good!! i eat alot of mullet its like a chocolate barbaque sauce i ddint like it when i started my mission but now i do.. weard. and we have a lot of chicken and corn, tortillas with everything! ha wow, Brendon writes you? super :) I have tasted mole, it was different, I am sure it takes some getting used to :) any great odd things? How is the fresh fruit? so tell me about buying an engagement ring-was that weird? two elders buy a ring? he wrote me about 3 weeks ago and they are only about one im getting married.. ;) ha ya it was weird buit imm good now..its real good! and we actually bought the ring from a member that sells rings.. and we bought eh ring for 200 pesos and she asked first she thought i had a girlfreind.. but then we gave the ring to Hever and he prposed and bam.. pics.. and i showed them to the hermana and she believed me.. that it wasnt for my girlfriend. :) so funny!! looked like a pretty one- any words of wisdom for Maddy Beardall and the Mexico MTC? MADDY!!!!!!!! tu puedas, puedas hacer toda las cosas con Dios! haha More than anything just have fun with the spanish.. if you cant talk it.. just talk it.. thats the best way you are goung to learn. talking and listening! youll be a great missionary and are gouing to change the lives of many people. i have heard only good things about the mexico city mission. you are going to find a new happiness! :) and just another word of advice. be obediant, even if your comp isnt. you be a example to them and be obedient.. like the scrips say.. we only get the blessings according to the the order of obediance.. sorry I cant speak english anymore.. haha love you and know im here in oaxaca if you need anything ;) love ELDER WEAVER what did Lynn send you? stories.. haha sorry.. youll have to ask her.. one is about a guy getting a brick thrown at his car.. and the other is about a guy getting a job for morse code.. haha dont have time to explain them... MOM thanks so much for chatting i love and miss you guys so much!!! hope you guys have a fantastic week and you complete your goal this saturday for your bike ride!!! love you all so much! ELDER WEAVER Talk withyou next week :;) ummm... not sure.... i was pretty well prepared.. ;)haha not that i can think of.. when does she leave? I think Sept. 1.....Love you-be awesome! love mom and dad x0x0x thanks!!! :) love ya! con amor de Oaxaca :) ELDER WEAVER Love you to Justeroo-know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually-so very happy for you and your comp and the people of Oaxaca! Treasure everything!! God bless, please be healthy and happy, we are! Chat with you next week... Love Mom xoxox love you guys be awesome! :) ADIOS :) Well hello elder weaver How life in your world super great I hope, are you happy with how things are moving in the mission are you still growing and learning? How the testimony ? How about your relationship with your father in Heaven? Harrison talk was great yesterday you would be very proud of him, he is so fun I hope and pray that things work out great for him, and he can see his value as one of gods children, as I hope you have seen in your life please understand that you are a child of God and he loves you and understand your needs and desires, but what I'm I saying you know all that, I know that you're working hard every day so I'm not going to tell you too. But I will say keep it up, be happy, have fun, but not to much fun. Keep all your goals in sight, and no matter how hard things get the church is true. And I love you. And your my son that should make anybody happy:)))))). Miss ya see you soon SMILE. LOVE YA DAD well hello father!! my life here in oaxaca has been very very hot!! but very great! Sonia is doing great! and this week we are praying for a miracle with Hever and Karen. im super happy.. but something that i have noticed is that my mood changes super fast.. like if i feel like my comp is mad at me or the mission leader. i get mad at myself and sometimes them.. and sometimes i dont know what to do.. do i be more humble.. or do I stand up for myself and tell them what i feel.. ive been praying for a change in my heart so that my happiness doesnt depend on the happiness of others or when people dont want to listen. but im happy!! i love to contact.. somtimes im really nervous.. because i dont know what to say.. becasue i dont like to contact like a routine. i like making it diferent. but sometimnes im in a groove and the spirit just flies and bam.. ha a good contact! :) haha hope you have a great weeka dn are happy as well! thanks for everything! have a great week!!! :) LOVE ELDER WEAVER Presedent, this week was a good week for divisions.. tuesday i was with elder Buck and we were able to talk in englsih a little and he explained a few things to me in spanish that i didnt know so that was very helpful.. i really learned a lot with him.. also on tuesday a dog bit me on the behind... but there was no blood and im all good! no worries there. and then we went on divisions thursday and i learned a lot with elder casteneda and i could really see the difference in the ways that missionaies teach.. but if we are prepared and worthy the spirit teaches. and touches the hearts... and also we found out that the 22 of this month ios stake conference and so the couple that we had assigned to get married and baptized that day are going to have to change.. to get married this week which would be a miricle and i am praying it would happen, or they could get married the 22 and wait till the next week to get baptized.. so we are in the process of getting this all going and its going fast. and elder cruz and i are going good!! we are still going and he isnt dying, well doesnt seem to be dying. so that makes me have a desire to keep working when i get to that point of my mission.. We are also having a hard time with the members helpuing us with the obra misional.. as well.. but we are still pushing and the lord knows that. just need tp keep pushing forward. hope you have a great week! Hey justin sorry I am dead from football this morning and I still need toleave in a half hour! But know I love you and look up to you! Keep safe and if a dog bites you bite him back so he knows who's boss!! Ha ha!! ;) love you have fun! Jax hahahah i dorgot to bite him back!!! hahaha ill go find him.. i wont lie i got mad and i was hucking rocks at it... ;) go kill it in ball buddy!! have a good week! love elder weaver

Thursday, August 6, 2015


PRESEDENTE, this week was a very hard one at first.. and then came thursday and we had our ward mission ld mtg and when we left i wont lie i felt a little frustated becasue he was telling us all these things that we need to be doing and i thought we are doing them.. are we just not doing them right!? and so we came back to the hosue that night and i was feeling and thinking what else what else can we do..  but then we were able to have a bap´tism this week and the interview was a little long and so i was thinking on shes not ready.. but the xone leader came aoput and said ya.. all good!! and so then we had a good atitude all through friday. then friday night we met with a couple and we were able to help them get proposed and engaged.. and we have a goal and they have a goal to get married and baptized on the 22 of this month.. and we kmnow that they are serious because they are telling family and they have come and visisted and bought cake and are celebrating..  they only are missing some medicals studies to get married.. so we are still working on that and we are praying and going to meet with them more often until there baptism.. im happy and excited and greatful for the lord.. i felt very sad like i wasnt praying right or being a good missionary.. but the next day things had turned around.. we as a companionship are still doing great and he hasnt  died. haha hope you and your wife have a fantastic week i know that prayers are being answered! 
Gooooooooood after noon my friend what up in your life? things here are wet it's been raining all day kinda like last year when everything flooded but we got a handle on it sooner, so no flooding yet. so mom rode 103 mile Saturday and did great, i had a lot of fun but it has  to grow on mom a little so we will give her some time to forget the pain :) you know how it is. so tell us how life is in your world. you don't have to repeat what you tell mom cause i'll read her email so you can have time to tell me new stuff. Can you believe how fast things move from one week to the next, no time to waste whether in life or on a mission. I hope your happy and enjoying life, because we are supposed to be happy and enjoy life. so even when things seem hard you can be happy and enjoy and learn from hard things, keep up the goood work and smile alot love your time on the mission cause your almost half way done just like football went so fast i don't want you to regret anything :)))) love you my friend keep it up.i know your doing your best 
                                                                                                                      SUPERMANS DAD  
Thats super great good for you mom!!! haha thats amazing! this week was a hard week from tues to thurs...  we jsut werent having succes and we werent able to get with sonia  before her interview on friday so i was really stressed that she wasnt going to pass becasue we still needed to teach some thing to her.. but then thursday cam and we had our mtg with the ward mission ld. and when we left i felt like garbage.. he was treating us like babies and like we didnt know how to be missionaries.. so i was extremely sad on thurday night like what else can i do.. or what am i doing wrong.. am i praying with faith am i doing this or this.. ha but then friday in the moring we had the interview with sonia her and the LZ were in there for a long time and so i was thinking oh no.. ha but she passed and then friday night we were able to get a souple engaged.. haha we bought a ring and bam!!!! haha we were with Hever and Karen and  hge proposed! it was great! i felt alot better from thursday.. ha im glad all is good thanksfor you words of wisdom.. i love and miss ya dad..  SUPERMANS SON
MY beloved mother!!! well.. im so glad to hear that you bike ride was all good and you guys had a fun time and were safe! i wont lie for some reason i had a stir in my mind and heart like something was going to happen.. so i knelt down and i expressed my feelings and to end that prayer i was comforted.. haha i love the blessing it is to pray and to be specific.. in words and how we feel.. because Heavenly Father knows how we feel-.. but he also wants that we talk with him.. and look.. everything is ok! ;) ha im glad that you finally got the stuff from Watson.. waht a dork.. haha but anywasys this week on tuesday i was able to get the package.... mom.... wow. thanks so much! i love the socks they arer way comfy and  i loved the mddy buddies!!  and we actually didnt do any divisions this past week its for this week we are going to do them!! and  the week was a little hard at first and then friday came and Sonia past her interview and she was able to get baptized saturday at 730 only a a half hour late.. because the bishop hadnt shown up to baptize her.. she wanted him becase she was a refrenmce from the bishops wife.. ha but thats ok! and then friday night we talked with hever and we gave a ring that we bought to give to his wife and they are now engaged and are looking to get married on the 22 of august and also get baptized!! they only are missing a few medical things.. but we are going to be meeting with them more often.. so they have the spirit in there home.. also tuesday we went to visit a less active guy and when we entered the house i didnt feel right.. the house was very heavy.. with other feelings.. and this guy sat down and started to tell us all these things thjat have been happening in the hosue and that explained the feeling so we talked for a bit and then we bvlessed the house.. was a new experience.. haha and im good and happy today!! love you all i miss you too jax.... to be completely honest ive been thinking about you all day.. playing ball together doing activities and doing alsmost everything.. fighting.. laughing.. ;) haha i hope you feel better buddy! the football team NEEDS you :) have a good week! elder WEAVER

we taught a kid from california.. and we taught in english! he is he fro a school program to get to know the culture.. hes a good kid hes 16 almost 17 alex Chelly
Hever and Karen are engaged and Sonia got baptized.. :) 
(we bought the ring for hever y Karen)

he thinks hes got big guns... ;) 
:) thanks for praying for me and dad, we were definitely blessed, there was a wreck in a group we had just left from, prayers are heard and answered :)  Yay for Sonia, and wow and getting married! so are you going on divisions this week? did you like the little bofm figures?
sorry i miss understood, a different couple engaged and going to be baptized :) but how exciting!!! keep following the spirit, glad that you were able to bless the house and feel better,  jax is feeling better and keeping food down this afternoon, how are you feeling? anymore sore throat?
yes they are a different couple i have been trying to get them married since i got here in Etla.. haha i feel better i am pretty tired.. ive been a little stressed.. but im good! haha and for some reason today.. jus feel like crying... but i dont want to.. haha its been 6 months that i havent cried! haha how are you mom?? :)
yup!! soooo we.ll have devisons tomorrow and thursday!!  and i did!! and so did my comp!! :) its been crazy hot. 
makes me smile that you bought the ring :) one way to make sure he proposes! and smart to set baptism same day for marriage-big exciting day!!! sometimes I just have to cry and I feel better-sometimes emotions get the best of you and it feels good to let it all go and start fresh-shower is a great place to do that :)
I am good, my legs feel better than I thought they would after riding for so long, I cried when I had about 10 miles to go, feeling like I could not go on, told your dad I was done, he said no your not, keep putting one foot in front of the other and I thought of you and your brothers when you are serving, putting one foot in front of the other just to go on....what great example to me you are of doing hard things!! You are a great missionary and son, could not ask for better!!! Love you so much-miss you, but would have you be no where else, you are growing in ways you never could here and you will forever have these experiences to reflect on!!
I got to conduct RS yesterday, we have great ladies in our ward and alot of them ask about you often and send their love!
What did you do today for fun?

and their daughters bday is the day before!! ha the 21.. keep putting that foot infron of the other beceaseu  if not you wouldnt get anywhere.. ;) haha thanks tell them all thanks! today we wnet to a moutnain and we searched for old figures that miztecos made and pottery and faces.. but we only found parts of plates and no faces or figures.. hah but it was still fun.. just me and my comp went :)
still going with the gringo and the zleader friday? how come it was postponed? weird question, do you have a freezer as part of your fridge?
ill be witht he gringo tomorow and thLZ on thurs..  it ws postponed porque it was tjhe end of the month and noone had money to travel.. ha yes we doo! :) 
wow, pretty adventurous of you :) did you keep pieces of plates?  I am very excited to visit Etla next year :) how is Cruz' attitude, still want to work and make it count? how did you meet the kid that speaks english? is he very interested?
ya i have them but my comp told me that if they catch me taking them home i can go to jail...idk porque.. but ya.. hes good and i think the baptizm gave him more motivation.. im excited for you guys to come too;) haha the american kid is from cali, and is a member.. hes been here for 6 weeeks on a school thing.. and he wanted to meet with us to give hime a lesson and take him to church but the leader over him wouldnt allo him to coome.. he goes home on thursday..
what pueblas will you travel to? are you eating well? anything weird? how was your church yesterday?  I say a quote today in a book by Jeffery R Holland,the path of salvation always goes through Gethsemane...loved it, really makes you stop and think!
we go to a ton of pueblo..and yes im eating good but still loosing weight.. today i tithened my belt one loop... :(((((((((  church was great the stake pres came and we had a great lesson abou the book of mormon and nefi and lefi and lamen y lemual!! thats a great quote..... its  icredible! 
thanks mom and congrats on the bike ride!! im soo happy and proud of you! 100 miles is a lont ride! thanks for chattign with me im happy and healthy no worries and tomnorrow illbe iwht the gringo all day! i love you guys all so much and hope you have a fantastic week! love elder WEAVER
Dang!! I hate that our time goes so fast, but I treasure every moment!!! Thanks for chatting with me-I love you more than you will know and pray for you constantly, please keep your chin up, keep putting that foot in front of the other, in your new socks :)  So very, very proud of you-its ok to have a good leaking of the eyes :)  God bless and keep you- love you tons, have a very super fun week!! love Mom xoxoxs
haha time does fly.. but really thanks for taking the time out of your day to write me! it makes me happy and gives me a new energy! haha getting the inspired words from dad and mom!! helps a ton! :) love you guys! this week everyday its my personal goal to talk with 5 people everyday to contact them! :) ha love you and miss you! tell harry he can do the mission! hes gonna be a amazing missionary! love you all talk with ya next week! Con Amor ELDER WEAVER 
be safe and follow the promptings of the spirit-love you, love mom
you guys too!! love you bee safe! and be happy! :)

thanks for the support! it makes a bigger difference than you think :) have a great week! love you mom and dad! :)