Monday, May 30, 2016

spirit so strong...

Happy monday mother, this week was a good/hard week, we were contacting alot and we found jsut 4 new people to teach and we had 4 people that are golden come to us and tell us that they want to know more about the Gospel, but they dont live in our area.... haha so thats been kind of funny.. we gave a lot of service this week we went to help a member dig his wale so they can have water, and we also helped a lady move houses.. and so i feel like we are really getting the trust from the members.. also my comp and i spoke on Sunday to Ixcotel and my comp went first then i did and the spirit was super strong and then the brother Dewolfe and sister Dewolfe spoke also and the spirit was great.. ( they are temple workers and jsut came to visit) and when the last prayer was said and it was time to go to other classes no one got up.-. no one moved.. i feel like this ward has gone some time without feeling the spirit so strong...;) hahaha but it was good then after those services, we stayed for the ward conference of Bosque.. and that was great!! the stake presidnet is a little short guy and tomorrow we are going to meet with him to talk about the stake and how things are going.. the stake presidency has the goal to leave with the missionaries at least 10 times a week.. or so we as missionaries could have them leave with us... so we can have more lessons with members.. we dont have to give the zone meeting this week and we didnt do it last week.. president is going to give it this transfer because he is going to be tlking about new rules-- we can now use sun glasses and hats! and sisters can use pants... haha  its beeen a good weeek..  we werent able to find Karmen last weeek at all.. we went by a few times and she was eaither just leaving or just getting home and was tired... :( but all is well... 

qs.... Did jax get braces off!!??? and i didnt get a email from kenzie... ha sad.. thats great youre going to meet her again! tell her HOLA

šŸ˜‰ sounds like you have a had a very busy happy week full of the spirit, I'm so happy for you, yes Jax got his braces off I'll send a smile pix, course he likes those as much as you did haha!!! We are meeting carol in a few minutes but I want to still chat, it just maybe a little slower cuz I'm using my phone ;) tell me how you found new contacts?

we found them contacting and using the area book, and looking for people that had already talked with missionaries before, that maybe werent ready yet.. but are now ready..;)
So happy prayers have definitely been  answered and I've put names in temple :) power of priesthood is so strong!!!  Do you teach in their home?  We are going to have an investigator and husband over Friday, to hear some lessons kinda nervous but love have elders in our home :) any news if package made it? 

ya forreal the power of prayer and priesthood.. and faithya we teach in their homes!!! its raining right now.. ha i went to the offices today but there was no package.. ha 

Last I heard its on way and that was a few days ago...hope this week!!! 
What did you talk about Sunday, can you send me that you are basically converting the whole ward bringing the spirit of missionary work-what a testimony that you are called to be there at this time, brings tears to my eyes!!! 
i didnt write it...because they asked us to talk about 10 min before the meeting started.. haha sorry! 
i talked about ammon and when he went to the land of the lamanites and had soo much succes and miracles and alama 26 12 my favorite scrip.. and then i talked about how my comp and me are there to help serve the members and act as though Christ would act..  and that we are willing and want to work with the members to have miralces happen.. it was good ;)
do you know my return date yet!?!?
I'll forward you mission moms letter... We are hoping to come the first date! 
Definitely inspired!!! How are you liking comp?
good... hes from mexico.. doesnt show that much respect.. but its all good.. hes very touchy... somtimes i feel real uncomfortable.. haha ok send it!! 
I sent letter did you get it? What do you think? 
Is he touchy like touches you touchy or over sensitive touchy? Keep a stick by your bed!!!
nope i havent gotten packages or letters.. like he touches me alot!! haha actaully i stole his machete and i sleep next to it.. ;)
I meant letter from sis Madsen I forwarded it to ya...?  He better stop-if it gets too much mention to pres
oh ya i got it... i hope its the 26th to be honest so that we can go around and vist members and converts! ha i will no worries! hey mom i got to go... thanks sooo much again AGAIN for chatting love you so much and i am sooo greatful for your example to me tell the family hello! you should send pics of bailey and her future husband! love you dad!! keep playing with your thumbs..;) your the best! :) love you guys! Elder Weaver
I will!!! I'll send pix, love you Justin!!! Have great week, I'll push for first date!!! Hope you get box this week!! Enjoy every moment, treasure all!!! Don't let comp touch!!! Continue to work hard!!!love you tons, gave a super week! We all love ya!!!
Mom xoxoxs 
Love you guys! Elder Weaver 
Love you so much justerooo! Have a fun safe week!!! Love you tons! Mom xoxoxs

Hermano DeWolf, y Hermana DeWolf.. they are great!  
Comp loves to Laugh.

This kid is Limhi.. he got baptized last monday.. hes a great kid.. we got there just in time for the cake.. and cleanup.

Hola mi hermano smiles from brothers!!!
He went to play volleyball with friends, we don't see him much! 
did he move out!??!
No but we have had discussions, I think he needs too, he is a grown up but I think I'm keeping from moving on...sad but true hope you can move into basement :)
dont mean to be rude but i do too..;) haha i love the poor kid.... and pray soooo hard everynight soo he can find a girl and get going with life.
Me too, I thinking of fasting for him Sunday-wanna with me?
YUPPPPPP :) ill dooo it 
Awesome!!!! Do you know I love ya and so proud of you!!! You are a great example to us-especially Jax....he and jace can't seem to get along lately, he misses you tons!!! He is learning and growing and so excited for ball this year, we are too! He is so much like you, love it!!! Any advice for summer missionary prep for Jax?
talk and ask questions.. its better to learn and understand it in the class then when you are in the field... ha :)  imiss them both to be honest... and you and dad.. haha but on sunday im down to jsut one hand of months......5.... wow.... haha 
Love it!!!! I am counting, but don't want to mention it cuz don't want you get trunky! Haha! 
haha ya im trying my best to stay focused..  haha 
;) I know and you are doing a great job!!! I can Sean's tell your testimony is growing so much!!! I love to see your pix because you can tell you are in the service of our lord!!! Any more service opportunity this week? Traveling much anymore?
not traveling tooo much but this week we are doing splits and im gonna be with Eldre reyes again in violetas :)0 love you mom! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

busy week!

This is a bug that we caught and we tied a string to it and it was glying above us like a remote control plane... ha mexican technology..;)
 GOOD COMPS IN THE ADO on transfer day.. 1 weeks ago

my comp is Elder SaldaƱa and the first thing he took out when we got to the house to un-pack was his macchete
 Rain a tad bit..

 i stepped in gum 3 days in a row.. made me a little mad.. 

EAGER WEAVER ..trailer.....

Looks like great guy!!! You liking him? The bug is huge!!!  Are there lots that big? Do they bite? What a jug of water!!! Do you carry it to market and refill!!!
Have you heard anything about church provides great bug spray for you?
ya hes great!! we are working  hard ! they dont bite but they make a really anoying sound.. we take the water to a store and they change it out for a new one!
theres a pond in my area thats pretty cool and has some big fish in it

You look so great with short hair! You look very happy!!! Can you fish in pond? That's a lot of rain...does it get in your apartment? Rain all day like that or just few hours? Minutes? How are you? Testimony growing? What doing for zone conf?
and i jsut got my hair cut today! ha no you cant fish in pond... doesnt get into the apartment.. just a few hours.. im good!! soo many things im trying to deal with but still trying to work in our area.. and learn the area... ha not sure about Zone conference.. 
Pick a ponderize :) 
Have you heard about new release date being November 2? Unless Latin elders need to go home because of visa dates then you can be ours earlier :)
1 nefi 1 and nope... i hadnt heard yet... but thanks!!! !hey got to go mom!!!! love you sooooo much thanks for chatting with me have a great week feel better and thansk for evrything! love you dad! take care of mom.. ;) haha have a great week! love Elder Weaver
Love you!!! Chin up work hard!!!
Love ya bunches-
Family from home :)

Dear mom and Dad,
 i havent heard anything form sister madsen... haha sorry but just havent seen her  lately.. i hope you and Jax are feeling better!  this week was a pretty busy week! we were in the offices alot this week and we were suppose to have the meeting with president on friday but it got concelled  and changed to saturday morning.. but my comp had already bought bus tickets to go out to juchitan and so we called president and he said that it was fine that we went to juchitan for the baptism and the asistannts could get us caught up on things... while we were in juchitan i walked by the Subway that presidnet got shot at 2 times!!! haha :) and we walked through the most dangerous parts and ate some really good tlayudas... you guys need to try tlayudas when you get here!! and posotle! its SUPER GREAT!!!! but the baptism went all good it was in about half spanish and about half Zapoteco... that was cool!!! traveled back here yesterday and got in contact with our bishop and asked him about things about the ward and he was almost crying because me and my new comp are here... the other elders really made things hard for the members here.. but we are doing good.. we put the goal with the bishop to win back the confidence of the members.... haha:) so thats how things are right now... this week we are having a good week but for the next week we might be having a Zone meeting.... thatll be my first one.. Karmen is doing good! and we have been contacting... this last week we knocked 80 doors in 3 days and 40 answered... and we only have 2 new people that we are now teaching... soooo we keep praying... and praying.. but things are good!!!! :) we have lots of work and me and my comp are doing good... :)
Love love all the pix!!! Gum is probably karma cuz I spit mine out wherever :P.  I'll be more careful!!! Glad that work is picking up... So bishop was happy tears or sad and how come?
hahaha so its your fault...;)  they were happy tears that we were there.. he said that he and the ward council are happy that me and my new comp are here.......:) 
Awesome.... You q re there for a reason even if it's to build ward unity!!! Who is the short elder in pix? Why does comp have machetes ? Protection? Jax was a practice Friday and bit threw lip had to get 4 stitches I'll send pix
he is Elder Toj... the short one... he bought one to help cut plants and sutff... ha 
Did you guys have a fire yet? Have fhe? Is Karen coming along? Still ok about baptism? Who are others teaching?
Do you ever hear how that one family is doing of the "dead" lady and sister missionaries teaching her family? Hope they are super receptive.... 
Do you eat with many members? I'm sure you are super busy and still trying to do your work, you are learning to juggle :) 
Liking new area more everyday?
ya im liking the area more and more, i havent asked but im going to ask tonight and see how things are!! we eat one week with Ixcotel and the other Bosque.. and the sisters from Ixcotel dont want to give us to eat because of whats happened.. 
not yet... this week!!!! :) on thursday.. dont have much going on with members today... we literally dont have the trust of many members.. right now.. from everything thats happened.. and we werent able to see Karen.. we were only here in our area for 2 days actaully working and teaching people... we have been in the offices alot.. and then we left to juchitan.... and on friday we gave service and i helped move 5 fridges!! and a big dresser... that fell on my knee... but im good, just left with a battle wound,,,, a bruise.:) 
Maybe you should have a ward fhe and do trust exercises or just have fun so they see you aren't like others :) we will pray for your ward... Are they both that way or just one?
just Ixcotel.. and they are already doing better with us because i call the sisters to tell them that we arent going to be able to go by and eat that day so they dont have to make food... so we are already off to a good start! and we might ahve a missiona actaivity and do a trust activity!
Hmmm... Sorry about ward but I'm sure you will make it all better :) been able to use card this week ok? 
Tell me about finding new contacts this week :) are they golden? 
i hope so... maybe.. we found a lady after we said a prayer.. but she ddoesnt live in the house.. she jsut worked there now we jsut have to fnd her actaul house.. ha 
:) she must really want you/need you to find her, search for her....:) do people who live there know where she lives? Do you like being in ward environment or beach better? Where did you stay over night Saturday? Pix from baptism? How was bus ride and did you teach in restraunt? :D
we are still checking if people know her.. either one.. i like both!! we slep with the missionaries that are theree right now... at 4 in the morning i heard gun shots as i was sleeping in a hammack! haha it was fun! didnt teach in a restaurnt still working on that! ha 
:) gun shots!!!!??? Crazy, please be safe!!! Dad wants to know if there was equipment by the eager Weaver trailer? And did you operate it? You should have seen him today at work, he was giddy using his baby backhoe, big smiles on his face!!!
nope.... its jsut the trailer off on the side of the road.. haha :) 
Darn!!! Love you too justeroo, please be safe, know that we love you!!! You are always in our thoughts and prayers!!! Buy a fun treat this week and big smiles!!! Thanks for chatting again.... Praying for Karen and the little worker lady!!! And you and comp and your wards :) your super duper!!! Love you tons have super week, treasure every second!!  Love mom
thanks a bunch! chat with you next week! love Elder Weaver

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

day not fear!

My Justin,
So today my thoughts are full of have faith not fear, as we did not hear from you yesterday.....I have faith that you are ok and got busy or I would have heard from someone otherwise, so I am having great faith that I will hear from you today :)
Made me realize how much I took for granted a schedule and relying on technology and my faith to chat with you every Monday ;)
Know that we anxiously wait to get your email today, love you so much and are proud of you!!! Continue to work hard and be safe, follow the spirit, I treasure you,
Love mom

ya sorry mom... there is literally not enough time in the day to do everything... haha sorry i was super busy and actually got back to my own area around 8...  love you and treasure you too!!! :) YEs i got a fan!!!! and its a nice fan!!! :) 
Yea!!! Any other requests and I'll send package tomorrow then you'll get about 10-15 days after so think ahead :) gonna burn a shirt with new comp?
yeah... hes gonna burn a shirt.. and im gonna burn a pair of pants with him too!!! :) umm no requests.. ha motivation to finish the fourth quarter..;)   
You can do it!! ( with slurred Mexican accent) you have always been a whole game player, put your short socks on and play your game to be the winner/ finisher you are :) I'd say I'll pay ya a dollar a yard and $20 for TD!  ;)))) but how does that translate to mission work?
hahahaha thats true.... i put them shorts socks on and go to work....:) ha no im jk... somthing that makes me sad is that a Herbal LIfe lady talked to us and made us do a health exam and i stood on a platform and grabbed a bar  that would measure my body fat and suff.. and at the end she told me that my organs have the age as if i was 40..... that madee me feel a  little bad... haha who knows how true it is but i felt kind of bad.. 
Don't feel bad, when did this happen? Remember she is selling. Product and you won't be interested if your a strong valiant healthy servant of the lord! :) she can't tell by you holding onto a bar!!!! You were in the best shape here and it will all be same when you get back and into swing of things!!!! Don't feel bad....please!!! The lord blesses those who serve faithfully and obediently :) trust me your super!!!
hahaha ok that is true... she was trying to sell something.. haha thanks mom :) the lord blesses those who serve faithfully and odediently.. LOVE YOU MOM! :)  ha 
I LOVE YOU TO JUSTEROO, my heart is so full of gratitude that you are ok and you wrote today, I was giving you another two hours then contacting mission mom :)
Been keeping dad up all night with cough, so emotions are high, doc says I hVe bronchitis:/ but recovering :) he is good to follow me downstairs to sleep in a chair so I can sleep some :) so blessed to have great mate!!!! But much better today with medicine :) so what's comps name, I'll try and find on mission fb...
Diego SaldaƱa Barrios  is his name for Face.. get better mom!! you are always in my prayers!! LOVe you soo much! :) chat with ya next MONDAY.. :) promise :) haha love Elder Weaver
Counting on it :) love ya, I know your busy :) so glad ok :) 
Love ya
love you :)

Hola, mom 
Sorry i didnt write yesterday, changes took a while, i was in the bus station all day.. and in the offices... staying super busy, my comp finally got here at 4 and then we had to wait for another comp to get there so we couldnt leave a kid alone, so we stayed there for until 8 and then we went home and dropped of my new comps luggage and we went and found a new!!!! she is super great her name is Karen and she is super catholic, but i feel somthing different with her i feel like she can really pregress!!!! Elder Toj left and there were some other changes in the Zone and everything is good and safe, my new comp is from mexico city, but from the south part... hes great we are all ready doing good... we have alot of work and today we went to the offices to get some supplies and presidnet talked with me again about some of the things that have happened with elder Toj.. and ya..... im good though!! i wasnt able to talk with the hermana madsen, she didnt come to the interviews..sooo youll just have to talk with her.. :) ha sorry! i didnt travel alot... but i was in the bus station for along time, and saw some good comps!! Elder Merrill went out to Juchitan!!!! haha and i saw Elder hernandez and Elder Perez the kids that i trained!!!! it was cool:) this friday we are going to be having a meeting with president in his house, all of the Zone Leaders and we are goinng to be distcussing the zones and the problems that we have and the difficulties.. and then saturday, we might be going out to the itzmo... becaseu my comp is having a baptism there and he wanted to go back to baptize her... so we will see about that!!! love you i have an hour to write, president gave us permission to write.. so im here if you are... hahah love you have a great week! good job dadwith the bike race, sorry jax about the sickness but im glad that you are better!!!!!! :) 
:) yea so glad you wrote today!!! So many prayers!!! So tell me more about comp? How old how long? How did you find new? Can you tell us what happened with elder toj? I won't blog...or do we just have to wait? 
How about other newbies? So glad you are ok :) did you talk to pres about apartment and getting new one?
me too!!!! sorry!!!  i promise that i will always write!.... unless i dont have time and im not in my area... haha my comp is 22 and hes about to complete a year on the mission and im training how to be a ZL witht the little experience that i have.. ha we contacted her 2 days ago.. and i had a feeling that we should pass by her house so we did... and i invited her to get baptized and it was hard at first but then she said yes! and tomorrow we are going with her again!!!! :) ihave to wait to tell you about Elder Toj..  i dont have any new newbies.. there is a sister that is still getting trained but its not her first transfer.. im good im glad and stresssssed..:) yes i talked to him about it but he said i gotta check the contract of the house and stuff.. and do alot.. but he told me that we can fix the problem with out moving.. :) well part of the problem.. :)
Are you happy you stayed in area? So amazed that you ask about baptism so early in discussions:) lord works in mysterious ways :) so what have you got planned for fun this week to relieve stress haha?
ya... but we have nooo... work.. but we are gonna work a ton1! to get new investigators and get the confidence from the members and it says in preach my gospel that we should do it... haha its so that they an see where we want to be headed...:) nothing fun.... haha nooo jk... the meeting with president should be fun! and then friday we also have to go do a baptsim interview in Violetas.. and then maybe go to the itsmo... not gonna lie... i dont wanna go becaseu its a long bus ride... but ill go... itll be something new! :)
Maybe you can teach someone on the bus :) a place you haven't been before? Like how far away?  Take some $ to buy a fun something:)  I thought last week you said you had a few newbie with elder toj? How will pres solve problem without you moving? Sorry, I'm mom and a worrier :)
ive taught in a bus... im gona try in a resturaunt.. ha  its about 6 hours away.. its in juchitan! we did we found some new people toteach as well.... the wel... president cant really fix the problem without my help and my comp.. we just have to be good with our relationships and a lady. and ya.. soryy.. i wanna tell more.. but i cant right now.. :(
No problem :) that's a long ride, do you get to see sights or just baptim stuff and home? Do they do big dinners after baptisms like we do? Ward members support new members pretty well? Chances of service in this area? With changes did you get new districts to be over? Are they all good ones? I have faith in you that you can brings success to this area:)
just the baptism and home.... somtimes it really depends on the persona nd the ward or branch!!! no... the ward members treat them like complete strangers and we have to try and train the members to meet and greet...  ha no there wasnt many changes to the Zone... just me and my comp, elder Nonu left and the District leader also got a new comp and the sister trainers.... BUT hey, ya gotta go you so much thanks for the faith and the prayers... im safe and eating good!!! i love you guys so much!! you guys have a great week!!! you are the best mom ever!!! :) Love Elder Weaver
Love you too, treasure you beyond words, be safe in travels and continue to follow the spirit!  Tell Karen we are praying for her to be happy and find more happiness!!! I'll put her name in the temple tomorrow :) God bless you, stay strong, make each day count.... Endure to the end and enjoy to the end!!! Have a great evening-tell comp hello from home :) 
Love you, 
Mom xoxos
thanks mom!! love you guys too please be safe and protected in everything! jax keep getting better and jace be happy! jordan!! sea Feliz y siga siendo chido ;) love you dad keep playing in the dirt... ;) keep getting dirty! love you mom! your the best!! :) love you guys! 
Love you super mucho :))) 
Love all of us- xoxos!
Love you guys! :) 

Dad and I at work today ;) he laid 130 feet sewer and 100 of water ;) love you-so glad your alright!!!
wow!!! looks like dirt! haha no looks good! are you at work right now?!?!? 
sorry i would send pics of new comp, but left camera cord at home..........
That's ok, next week :) comp speak English? Are you happy? Felling good? Need another cooling wrap?
sounds good!! i saw her at the offices and she made sure that i had 2 fans in the house..:) shes nice! ya he speaks alot of english actually.. im HAPPYYYYY i feel good:) a little hot.. im good witht the cooling wrap that i have

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!


Dear mom, and dad it was great to see you guys yesterday!! and grandma Pat and Grandma and grandpa Beardall!! you guys are the best!! i was able to sleep pretty good last night and i just got done taking a nap..;) so i am doing lots better, tomorrow we have the interveiws with president and then Wednesday we are having the ditrict meeting, the last one for the transfer and then nothing to new or crazy until Saturday or sunday night is when we are getting the transfers.. sooo its gonna be a somewhat busy week!! ive had a good day today i got a new belt and we bought food and im all good! i forgot to tell you guys yesterday that one day we were contacting and we contacted a door and the guy came and said one sec im on the phone.. and so we waited another 10 min and i lost my patience, haha i took the ball from a teenager that was with us helping us to contact, and i threw it over the wall of his house and it landed in his house and then his daughter came and opened the door and then he came, and he was super cool, gave the ball back and we put a appiontment with him... but the next day when we went to the appointment  they werent there.. hahaha but it was a funny contacting experience..:) sounds like you }guys have a busy weeek!! be safe and healthy and protected... i miss you guys soo much! seeing you guys yesterday made me a litte trunky...;) haha but i dont got much time left i gotta keep working.. :) mom when did you say you were going to come?? the 24th??? :) haha love you guys thanks for all the support!! Love Elder Weaver :) 

:) thanks for the mothers day wishes!!! so glad you got some rest! I love the contact story, way to "get the ball rolling" haha!! are you going to try again this week? I know that you will continue to work hard for the next 6 months, you are a 4th quarter player and make things happen, even in the last 7 seconds of the game :)
I loved hearing from Elder Nonu, this morning, did he tell you I emailed right back?
We are thinking of coming October 22, go to church the 23rd, your pday the 24th and release date the 25th then go visiting and see things and people, and fly home the 27 over night....what do ya think?  Ill write mission mom this week and run that plan by her :)

ya we are going to try again this week maybe today, hahaha :) nope he didnt tell me... :) ha what did you say? that sounds perfect!!! :) haha ill see her tomorrow to and see if i can talk to her jsut a bit.. :) ha i miss you guys a ton..

Hi Mama Weaver,
I´m sitting with your son behind me. He´s awesome:) Thank you for blessing this mission with such a prepared and spiritually strong giant like him. We need him and I´m proud and happy to have him as my leader and companion here in the mission! Elder Weaver told me there´s a possibility that you may be able to come to my homecoming. I would be honored! I will be home next Wednesday and than I will be able to tell you exactly at what time. (I´m not positive what time my services are). However, I will be having my homecoming, May 29, 2016!

My facebook is Luti Nonu

If you ever need anything, your Tongan family lives at
Thank you, Mama Weaver. I love you and your son! And don´t you worry a bit, he´s eating plenty and he´s an amazing missionary, changing lives by dozens as he has done so with mine!

With love,
Elder Luti Nonu

and he sent a picture with it of the two of you! what a great guy!! glad he lives in Utah and you can remain friends!!!

If you talk to Sis Madsen, tell her that it is not set in stone, we are just thinking and Ill be in touch, or ask if she has a different idea of us coming that would be better, we don't want to disrupt the flow of missionary work there :) be sure to wish her a belated mothers day :) your trip to walmart did you get some good things to eat? fun things to eat?

are you doing FHE tonight?

We miss you too :) the time will go by fast, things always go faster down hill-haha!

NICE ha i love Nonu,  ok i will do, ya i got some good things so eat, nothing to fun, i got a gatorade..:)  ha we had a FHE lined up with a less active family }, but litereally 10 min ago called me and canceled... so that stinks.. ha it will :) im sure even faster being a Zone Leader.. becasue i wont be thinking about myself.. ha How is Jordan?? last night he seemed to just be there off in the back.. kind of sad.. 

sorry about your fhe, going to visit any of the "news" from last week?
Jordan is good, he dates at least once a week, you know him, he is content to let everyone else be in the lime light and just take his turn when it comes...he is always willing to help and make others feel better, I wish he would stand up for himself more and be more vocal about things, he has a big heart and I wish he could find someone to share it with soon.......anyways he is usually very happy and very busy working with dad and doing lawns...I love that you guys have the Spanish thing together, and that I can pick a little bit of it out :) wish it was more, I will have to practice... he wishes he could come with us in October :)
What do you, other missionaries do while interviews go on? is there lunch at the mission home?
I called about your bank card and it should come this week and I will get a package together and send some beef jerky, vitamins, still want pants? and did you need garments? how about socks?

ya we are going to visit alot of the news, to see if they are going to progress or not.. Poor kid....  i hope and pray that he can find a girl that will make him be the best he can be, usuallly we are talking with Hermana Madsen, if they are spanish and waiting then she practices englsih with them, the last time she got to know me more, she asked about you guys and my brothers.. and somtimes we talk about preach my gospel..:) and she gives us treats if you could sent pants.. haha today i was looking at pants, and they dont have the kind i like..  im good with socks ;) and if you want you dont have to send a big one, i know that they cost a ton... ha 

she seems like a really great lady-send her my gratitude and love :)
I will send a big one, so I can track it, so what other treats do you want? We will pray for the new people, do you have names? is it just your zone that will be there or several?
do you hear from any of old comps?

will do :)  umm jsut whatever you want :) umm the family Ortiz  the family Suarez and for Adolfo and Pearla and jessica :) those names for right now.. the whole Zone is having interveiws tomorrow ill be having mine around9 or 10ish.. ya i hear from my kid and i saw him the other day.. hes doing good but has a hard comp right now.. 

this is from the activity cultural even from BYU and thats my MOTHER PONDERIZE SCRIPTURE FOR the week:) from President Monson:)

we will pray for them to have open hearts and minds and feel the spirit :),
so do you spend all day in the mission home or leave when you are done? your poor can feel for him huh?
So many ward members ask about you and send hellos and love :) several ask about you every week....such a great ward!
what time are your meetings on sunday? do the wards have primaries and ym/yw? have you ever noticed if they do scouts? haha.....
Things ended up being a little rainy today, blah!! but I got a few flowers planted and the guys did window wells, Jax came home at noon, his throat really sore, Ive got a call into the doctor again...he just woke back up after a 3 hour nap thanks to Nyquil...he wants to go to ball at 6, loves his football :) just like you guys!

thaanks, nope actually he goes to the churchs that are in the areas.. like tomorrow we are going to the stake center and so all the missionaries meet there ans stuff.. our first ward starts at 8 and the next  starts at 12..  they have alot of yw and ym.. but Bosque has alot more.. wow... so how long has jax been sick!!??? does he need a blessing??? ha 

the activity looks cool, where did they perform? and love the ponderize scripture, thanks!! awesome
I've been ready sis hinckleys little thought book and ran across this one too....Who know but that something wonderful may happen today. Have faith that it will. After all, every morning is a chance at a new day!"

they did it in Montoya and we took 3 investigators. yup... thanks mom for being MY mom, :)

that is a lot of church, do you take a snack to eat in between? haha! Jax has been sick going on two weeks, and I think he should ask for one today....He is on antibiotics but its not making much of a difference... doc just called and wants to look at him again, so hopefully we can get him feeling better soon....
Have you gotten a lot of rain lately, gma pat said she couldn't believe how hot you looked....humidity getting to you?

nope..... i should :) haha i forget that im still a kid and can eat snacks.. it hasnt rained since ive been here... but yes it is very hot... and its worse becaseu the houses are made of concrete... its not to humid, bbut enough to make it stink.. ha 

you don't need to thank me for being your mom, I promised in heaven I would and I am soooo glad I did! Its such a blessing to be your mom and I love it every day!!! thanks for being my son and a great one!!! you are truly a treasure!!

nooo i do need to thank you... because you accepted a HUGE respnsiblity and you have completed in every moment that responsiblity and have gone higher and beyond...:) soooo thanks Mom ;)

I've really got you fooled! :) I wish I would have done things so differently while you guys were little....but I am trying to be better now, better late than never, huh! Just so grateful that you guys have had so many great influences in your lives that have helped you be amazing people! You came with great spirits and we are such a blessed family!! I want no empty chairs at our eternal table :)  Keep up the good work!! so proud of you and the servant of God that you are!

love you mom:)

hmmm, didn't even think about the concrete house being hot!! did you buy a fan today? can you get one tomorrow from office people?  maybe I will send you a small one to hold :) hahah! does the whole city stink? or just apartment? how are your sheets and pillow cases? luggage holding up ok?

nope..... haha i dont want to spend the money if the mission is going to get me one... and im good i am by the window so i get a little bit of the cold air.. there are some parts that the city stinks real bad. everything is good with sheets and luggage :) BUt hey mom... i love you soo much, im waiting for that day that i can give you a huge hug.... thanks for chatting with me... i love you andim greatful for you in my life, i think i will be in eternal dept to my father in Heaven for giving me the best mom there is..;) love you tons, love you too dad!! be safe and happy! :) Love Elder Weaver 

Love you too, my Justeroo, please have a great week, full of exciting things, good things! be good to yourself! find some icecream :) thanks again for chatting with me, I am counting the days to hugs!!! approximately 168 :) enjoy tomorrow, work hard today! have faith doors will open! one last week with comp, fingers crossed!!! Love you tons, continue to be super-man!! love mom and dad! big smiles be happy

LOVE YOU MOM!! have a good one! :) 


Monday, May 2, 2016

Ixcotel, and Bosque

Dear Mom and Dad, this this is Elder Weaver reporting.. haha that picture of the trampoline makes me laugh because thats what happened to ours.. haha But i have been good. The apartment is good its small and the older Zone leaders just moved in there about 2 months ago, so its still pretty nice. my comp is good, he is nice and has been helping me out alot and knows a ton of docterine.. and has blown my mind... somtimes. ha but its sad becasue i know that somthing is going and that something went on before i got here.. in Amapolas, Ixcotel..  we are in charch of 2 wards...(stressful) Ixcotel, and Bosque..  i dont know the address yet.. sorry.. but we live in front of the church!! :) there is alot of work... i have probably contacted more than i ever have in my mission..  the area is kind of low.. but im gonnna try and get it up with my comp... and i got to learn fast, because he might be leaving in 2 weeks for the transfers.. and then i might have to train another kid how to be a Zone Leader. MAYBE.. my first impressions was wow... our area is big.. and it is.. ha its 2 wards areas..  travel day was good i got there on time and my comp got there about 45 min late... thats always good impressions.. it was kind of hard to say goodbye to people... because they wereent home... to be honest that was just stinky... THE ZONE:... the zone is only 1 district.. and we only have to report with the asistants mondays wedndesdays and fridays! so i actaully have to report less!! haha :) i am happy, a little stressed, but im good im healthy aswell!!! im doing good!! today i got trained on how to be a ZL and the asistant and me have a lot of trust in each other :) on Wednesday we went to a place called Capulalpan.. i almost threw up from all the curves.. and it was sooo far away.. there are a few members out there and we went jsut to visist.. we had a baptism on saturday and i met the first counsilor and he told me welcome to the laziest ward there is.. and then he looked at me comp.. and laughed... so that was kind offfffff weird..haha tomorrow we are also haveing a activity with BYU they are coming here and they are going to be doing dances and stuff and we are taking 2 inv. but ill actaully be on divisions and ill be going it should be cool! would be better if they came from the U... but lifes not always the greatest;)))
In the pakage could you send more vitamins and Beef jerky. I was thinking on Sunday we can skype around 7o clock.. around that time.. but our time.. so that you guys can be ready for that :) im super excited!! i cant wait!!!!! we are also going to be having interveiws next tuesday with president and ill know if my comp is going to be leaving.. and tomorrow im going to be doing splits with the district leader in his area.. his name is elder Reyes and hes a great kid! he goes home in December of this month.. Im doinjg good!! im happy and cant wait for sunday! 

my comp is the shorter one with the weird tie... by the lady... haha and that guy is Victor Manuel, hes a great guyy!! i got to teach him the law of chastity  and tithing 



wow, comp is a tiny little guy!! I guess a lot of the people there are huh?  pictures of apartment? I will look up ward buildings and see what I can find I have totally looked up the wrong place from last week :) haha! do you feel safe? is it like ogden at big are the wards you are in charge of? how are the people in the ward? what do you know that is going and went on before? was it involving comp? I am excited for you to learn more about zl, you will be a great one :)  so you may have "regular transfers" in two weeks?  are you happy?

not  really like Ogden.. not at all.. hahaha umm ya i feel safe! from Ixcotel the ward is at about 50 but there are alot of less active members.. and from Bosque there is about 70.. i dont know.. but i just dont feel like my comp is being completly honest.. but i dont know in what.. ha ya we might.. when i have my interview im gonna ask him about transfers,,:) i am happy... i dont wanna sound like a baby when i say this but or i dont wanna sound mean.. but i wanna cry when i see the pics of jace... because i know its not gonna be the same wheni get back.. but thats just the way it is. ill get over it.. ha are you HAPPY????? :)

your apartment looks tiny, but your stuff of course looks nice and neat and organized :) any bug problems or rats? how far are you from the mission home now?

its only 4 rooms and the batheroom.. nope no bug problems.. im about 15 minutes from the offices.. :) nice and close:) 

:) I am sure after having trust issues with others that it is hard to trust again, listen to the spirit and let it guide you,
I want to cry too when I look at family pictures and want all my little ducks in a row back, but, I do cry and try to be excited for the future, it will be different when you get back, but I am hoping it is still good, they are trying to live close and will be around for work...he just won't live here :) Jax is very excited for you to be here and you two may have a greater relationship than ever because he is starting to act like a human being again and not so much like a teenager-hahah! I am happy and have to be soo happy that my boys are all strong members of the gospel and worthy priesthood holders and can attend the temple when they want :) Did you get what you need to set up new place? how are clothes? eat anything weird? spiritual experience this week?

thanks for the comfort mom:)  umm not yet... but its a work in progress, clothes are holding in there, could you send another pair of pants.. block pants.. but at the bottum of the pants like when it touches my feeet could you get some that are folded up!? if that makes sense.. haha  i had a spiritual excpieence witht the guy that just got baptized after the interveiw i shared 2 mosiah 41 with him and he loved ait and he actaually gave his testimony on it yesterday. and he said my name!! ;) haha that is shared it with him..;)

yea, yea yea!!! Dad has been researching the places you have served and where the temple is and offices so when we come in October we can visit lots of places....:)
Is this town a mining town? what religion are you coming across?

hahaha oh nice!! a mining town? yes!! :) we have had a lot of poeple that just strait up shut the door... i havent gottne the base religion here... ive learned more about doors..

awesome experience with baptism and scripture, see you are only there a week and making a difference, for contacts are you knocking on doors? or is it like the best two years when they contact every living thing that day-haha!
I know what kind of pants you mean, ones with a cuff...same size as before 34 waist, 34 length? garments good? so will you have to go to the curving road place often? do the people live in the same kind of homes as your apartment? Is your ward an older younger ward? fhe tonight? where will you be on splits tomorrow?  speak Spanish all day with comp? does he know English?

lots and lots of doors... yes please 34 34.. garments all good!! not sure i dont think soo...maybe never actaully... we need to have permission from president to go! its a mixture of both!!  and we had one!! but it fell through earlier today... so we might be contactuing more today!  ill be in a area called Violetes ya speak spanish all day.. he knows a little bit he understands alot but he cant talk..

:) do you have a favorite door? haha! do they just not answer or yell to go away? many kids in this area? I bought ctr rings to send again :) how is belly and bug? how was testimony meeting?

yes.. the ones that stay open for at least 45 seconds..;) ya they dont answer or yell or open the door and then slam it or jsut say no thanks.. im good and the meeting was good!!! i might be doing it at  teh church.. or ata  members home... not for sure.. ya they can be there!! :) they are gonna make fun of mySPANGLISH..;)

:) I love you Justin and your attitude, you are a great missionary, I am so very proud of you, you have done a lot of hard things and done them well!! Gma and gpa say hi, they just came over to say hi and they love ya!!
what is favorite thing to make and eat at home? members feeding you? what do they feed you?

thanks hahaha I love them too!! :) tell them Hola i make things that are superr cheap, like spagetti or cereal, so that i have more money to spend on transportaion, still members feed us, the other day we ate chicken soup and the other day we ate Mulet :) 

Its so awesome that you speak Spanglish, we love it!! I will insist on you and Jordan praying in espanol, I want grand babies that can speak some too :) haha, hows that for fast forwarding things :)

i am down i am going to talk wo my kids in spanish and my wife will talk with them in english..;) haha that would be hard. 

love the favorite door thing? you are so funny!!! We are doing a humanitarian project tomorrow night for RS, and I am excited, we are trying to make 115 kits for those that come to America seeking refuge, kind of a starter bathroom kit, do you have many ask you about America and what home is like?

ya thats awesome!! haha doors doors doors.. haha thaats great a nice type of service project! cooooool :) not really, they only ask about my home life when i tell them that dad has his own buisness.. and they ask me if they can go there and if dad would give them work.. hahahaha

:) so funny!! Do you have a ponderize, if so tell me why you picked it? It just hit me, this is last Skype session :) did you try your account? does your ward have a mission leader? lots bear testimony yesterday?

i wont lie i havent thought of one.. ive been busytrying to get the area down and were the invesitgors live, i havent tried my account, maybe tomorrow, maybe. no neither of them do..  and yes there was!! not as many as i thoughtt htere would have been but there was alot! :) heyMother i got to go... but ill talk with you Sunday around 6ish or 7ish.. love you guys so much thanks for chatting with me!!!!  yes the Asistance to presidnet trained me today! Elder Madera. hes great!!  ya its defiently hard trying to find news but we found 4 news... but its hard... keep praying!! Haha Love you mom talk to ya sunday! what do you want me to call??

we think so-haha! if problems call my phone again and we can get it rolling, 7 your time right?

yuuuuup 7 my time. ill call Ross18.. and if it doesnt work ill email you! :) love you mom! have a good week! :) Elder Weaver

continue to love what comes your way and be happy, have a very good week, be safe, we will pray definiately for contacts to accept your message. Call the Ross one, or call us and we can call you back...So excited for Sunday!!! Thanks again for chatting with me, I treasure you!! be safe and follow the spirit!!
love you tons,

ok will do..:) whats the Ross one? haha is it Ross18??

love you tons my justerooo
be smiling and find joy
make a game at contacts :) haha
love you

ok i will:) haha love you