Monday, August 15, 2016

wedding week....

Wow.... mom... sounds like you had a busier week then i did... haha thats sooo great!! tell jace congrats!! i am happy for him! this week i also went to a wedding.. haha Edwardo got married to his girlfriend Claudia... on friday.. so that was great!! i am super excited for them to get sealed in a year!!! its gonna be awesome!! and something super great happened Raul is a investigator that we have been teaching but he didnt want to get bapztized because his dad was in jail and we wanted to wait for him to get out oof jail... and his dad had about a year in prision.. and he was there for false charges... well... this sunday Raul walked in and a man followed him and a lady aswell..... and he came and sat by me and said... thats my dad.... and i just wanted to cry it was amazing!! sooo now we are woriking with this family and we are going to try and get the for of them baptized in the first week of september!!!! and Karla is doing good we watched the REstoration with her and she cried... she told us that she knew that this is the true church... she still has her date for the 27th of august.. this last week we didnt have the mtg with president it got cancelled and we had to set a meeting that presidnet was going to have and it all went good.. we still dont have power.. and ive talked with presidnet and his wife and hopefully by wednesday we will have power.. if not.. im gonna have a month without power... how cool... haha this week im excited to work.. me and my comp are doing good and things are moving along!! :) 
Wow, right back at ya! That’s awesome you had a wedding last week too, and what a great blessing for Raul and his family, you are definitely there for a reason and when I hear things like this it verifies that very fact! What a great job you are doing!!! And how fun to have baptisms on either side of your birthday!!! Did you have to help a lot with the wedding and that’s why you needed a coke?  I had one too-haha! Who did you get to teach in your meeting? Makes me crazy about power, so does that mean you haven’t eaten at home, and have to study at the church? Still have warm showrs?
we just had to get things set up at the stake center for president to come and do his thang... haha and yes we went to the wedding to take pics and then we sat in another room to eat so we didnt see the dancing and  i just needed a coke.. ha to be honest i i only eat dinner when a member invites us to eat... haha and weve been ironing and eating in the church yes! haha  still have warm showers yes!! :)
So I am hoping and praying that members invite you every night to eat with them so you get dinner!!! Please use your money to get a good big lunch on days you don’t have dinner appointments or eat out….need to keep eating 😊 what about laundry how does it get done? Is Karla in the fhe picture….any names youd like me to add to prayer list? What does your week look like, lots of work and in your own area?
karla wasnt able to make it that night.. she was going to but couldnt make it.. umm put Lazaro and Raul in the tenmple please!!? and karla.. and tania.. haha this week i am thinking we might do divisions... maybe thursday and we are going to be meeting with the Stake presidnet maybe tuesday.. 
I will add those names and put them in Wednesday when I go, For divisions are you going out of your area and do you know who with? Is the Ixcotel ward coming around and being nicer to you guys, are both your wards in the same stake….if you see pres Villanueva please pass along my gratitude and love, I have tried to text and not getting an answer, does he have an email?The family for fhe are you teaching all of them, are some members….what did you teach and are you seeing them again tonight?Did you get to watch jace and mckenzi video?Feeling the spirit strongly in your area?Enjoying life?
ill be staying here in my area with a greenie... and yes the ward is doing alot better and both are in the same stake.. yes ill let him know... yes i saw his video.... feel the spirit strong in the video... yes i feel the spirit strong... yes enjoying life.... :) are you?
Yes, several people asked if I was sad about jace getting married and moving out, how can I be, its what I have prayed for for each of my boys, that they find someone to love them and marry in the temple, to be a strong worthy priesthood holder and an all around good person….sad because my little people aren’t so little anymore, but soon we may have other little peoples around, (not for a few years) So a greenie….do you know him and will it be just for the day?Requesting anything for bday….Ive got to get it together and try and make it by the 31st 😊 need anything?
i kind of know him he is from panama!!! im all good:) just jerky :) ha 
_________________________________________________________________- umm ponderize is.... that you often cant look for spiritual light, while sitting in the darkness.... haha :)  i heard that in a movie this week.. a church video
That’s awesome! And I like your ponderize  too, reminds me of something gpa said in the temple, we need to look for the light that is brighter than any other light, then he referred to the sunlight and said can you imagine light brighter than that?I love this time of year when all the sunflowers are blooming and they follow the light, what a great reminder to follow light and I hope and pray that you will continue to find light at the ward house, with your power out…or even make your own light with flashlights, and know that we think you are super, your sending us signals by shadows 😊What church video did you get to watch? Was it part of your teaching your meeting or investigators?
we shared it with a member family and its called the light and hope of God.. its about a guy that didnt believe in God and prayed and fasted and ya.. its ca mormon message
Ill have to look it up and use it for our brief fhe….are you eating with members this week, tonight? It makes me worry about you, please use the money you have to stay healthy and take care of yourself! Ok for garments, and socks? What kind of candy sounds good? Cake mix?
no worries mom im good! im a big boy..;) ha im good with Gs and socks.... skittles.. would be good! :) but hey mom GTG...... sorry...  haha i love you soooo much i love you gyuys and miss you tons!! have a great week and congrats on your bike ride!! you guys are the best! :) be happy always:) Love Elder Weaver
I love you Justin, please be safe and continue to follow the spirit, treasure those you teach and have fun on splits with greenie- eat well and take good care of you….I love you tons, have a super duper week and Ill chat with you soon! You be happy always too
Love mom

sounds good love ya mom! :) 
 super man.
 Elder Ringle.. and McDonalds
 thats my coke.. i had to drink to try and cope with all the weddings... ha


Looks like a pretty fancy car they had 😊 how are things with comp going? Two gringos? Speaking a lot of English?
good.. miracles actually.. haha we have a investigator that is super tough.. but we seem to be getting somewhere.. her name is Tita..  yes we are both practicing english..;)
Miracles actually…you need to explain a little more….How is Tita tough?
just because... haha miracles.. and tita has talkes with alot of Elders.... but me and my comp are the first americans and we are actaully getting somewhere with her... she comes to church and now we are talking with her more frecuantly..;)
Awesome! I know that some people say that it takes the right missionaries to come along and bring the spirit that touches a persons heart at a certain time because the spirit has helped to prepare them to receive the message….a time and a place for everything 😊 any service last week? Get to do anything fun besides the wedding stuff?This is my ponderize, the thought for the day today….I think it really applies to all of us regardless of our youth or not 😊 its from Ronald Rasband…."I pray that ... we may each of us do all things that lie in our power to teach our youth what source they may look to for a remission of their sins, even the Lord Jesus Christ. May we each respond with our most sincere efforts to “all hands on deck” as it pertains to saving our own rising generation—they are certainly worth our very best efforts."Jax and I moved some of your stuff into the basement room, things are going, lots of shuffling around but we are hoping to get everyone in the right room set up by the end of the week…fingers crossed,
wow.... things are gonna be super different when i get home.. so when does jace get back from his honey moon!?
They get home on Thursday, they did a cruise we have done before, going to catalina island (when we went the weather was too bad) and Ensenada…dad paid for them to stay in a hotel in ogden for 3 nights until they left for cruise….I am crossing fingers that Jordan will find a place before you get back, so things will be a lot different….hoping he meets that girl this Sunday. 😊So with dads new calling we get to go to fhe with the ysa ward….should be interesting!Jax is a practice right now, its game week….he had physical today, team effort at the school haha! Right now they are saying he is second string d, and on all special teams but after watching the scrimmage the other night, I really think the guy in front of him isn’t going to last long, he runs around and kinda has no idea what is going on, has awful footwork and I think jax will be sliding into his spot by the end of the game, they play murray this weekend…ill send you the article from deseret news….So yes things will change but hopefully for the better😊What is your plan for tonight? Have a ponderize?
wow tell jax good luck !!! hell be palying first string i dont doubt that.. haha tonight we are going to talk with Tita and see if we can put a baptismal date with her... haha :) do you have plans for tonight!!?
We will pray for her and to feel the spirit to set a date😊 we are going to the goof Olympics for ysa ward in mountain green…Jax wont, he will be home probably just as we are leaving….havent seen him much with his ball and us riding and life….I feel bad, we sometimes have to take him out on the weekends so we can see him and catch up
Jax and me are going to be going on a lot of dates together.... i miss him tons.... haha 
i mean that we are going to each get a date and go on a double date... haha 
😊 I knew what you meant…he is so looking forward to it. And I am sure he would love it!! He misses you more than you can imagine, you are such a great influence on him here at home, we kinda thought jacer would like helping him lift and stuff but he kinda doesn’t dig being around him….so I know Jax will love having you home, he has talked about making the wieight room a bedroom so you can have your own little bachelor pad downstairs…haha!
haha that be sick!!! :) love you guys tell him i love him!

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