Tuesday, March 31, 2015

thankful for the Temple and Elder Allred!

My dearest Justin Weaver I hope and pray that you have had a great week I pray every day that you are happy and safe. How are thing with the comp working out how about the feet ? I want you to know that when things get hard you need to work a little hard your an amazing young man and you can't let things like comps blisters or throwing up stop YOU and your greatness :)  this is your time to serve the lord and you need to make it what you want don't let outside forces dictate how you feel or think about yourself you be in control. You've always been a fighter and never ever quit so it's time for YOU to make your mission the best experience of your life. Love the people you serve and they will love you back and that is what it is all about LOVING and SERVING!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE BE HAPPY when things seem to be dark and dreary sad just put a little smile on your face and remember that your dad loves you more than anything and that he has faith in you :))))) stand tall your serving your father in heaven and he loves you even me than me!!!! Have a great week talk to you soon always smile
                                    Love Justin Weavers DAD
hahaha thanks so much dad I can feel the prayers helping alot!! I've been super happy this week! today not so much but I've been happy! I'm that white kid that's walking with a kick in his step and a huge smile and a book of Mormon in my hands saying hola to everyone!! hahaha ya I'm going to try alot harder because I don't want to let him dictate MY mission.. haha thanks so much dad! I hope you have a great day and don't quit and I'm praying everyday for you guys as well!! thanks so much dad! love superman's son ;)
Hola Elder Weaver!! Como estas? yo estoy bien, he estado muy ocupado con cosas aqui en casa. There's a talent show in a few weeks and I've been thinking about singing in it. And don't forget that you may see me in the Saturday afternoon session of conference, I'll be singing with the choir. Institute choir has been fun too, we have a few shows coming up next week and I'm excited about them. I love you budd!! keep working hard and never let anything get you down!!
con amor

bien!!! estoy muy contento and muy feliz!! oooooooooo que bueno!!?haha that's awesome Jordan!!! I'm excited ill be looking for you!! haha I hope you have a good week and ill be honest Jordan... I want you to have a kid by the time I get home... hahaha:) love you have a great week!!!  love elder weaver
Well another week down and out!  Haha how are things with your comp? Is he doin better as far as being more obedient? I hope he is.  Nothing new with me just school and football and some dates. So are you still in the same zone that you were in before you got transferred? Or are you in a different zone?  Well I love you buddy. Hope you have a great day and an amazing week coming up :). Love you. Love Jace
super hard!!! don't communicate with me at all... so its super hard to plan and we don't even plan and idk.. it's hard.. but he is getting up on time now..yes I'm still in the same zone!! and I'm so glad that I am! my ZL are super good! love you too Jace hope you have a good week! love elder weaver

Mi familia! que arriba!¿;) hahaha this week has definitely been a good one!! we went to the temple and I had such an amazing spiritual experience that I'll have to share when I get home! haha then after that I went on divisions with Allred and that was just amazing as well!! he's soo happy and taught me some tricks on how I can do a comp study without my comp.. with my camera and record and then watch and see how I can get better in pronunciation and stuff.. haha I did that today!! and I told him everything with my comp and now he has been making my comp call at 630 to say he is up and going and my comp and the whole district is mad at me... but I'm happy... haha I feel god and want to be obedient and want to serve the best I can.. ha but I'll be honest its super hard to feel the spirit when there's contention between us.. one night he wouldn't give me the phone so I could call the ZL and figure out the special divisions so I could go to the baptism of Rosa!! angelitos mom! but god provided a way and I was able to go and see and I bore my testimony and so did Rosa and it was just amazing!!! I'm way stoked to see conference! we are watching it at Brenda mill my old church!! and I'll be able to watch it in English!! haha super glad to hear you are all doing great! love and miss you tons! pray for ya everyday! LOve elder weaver!!!!:))))))
Sure I'll send song, glad you are happy and that you said something :) in the long run your comp will be glad also!  So glad that you went to the baptism :) that's awesome, any pictures? Still signing stuff to get package? What kind of easter celebrations do you see going on? Saw you spent some money-get food and shoes?
haha yes spent money on food.. haha yes I got pics! and nope... to be honest I kind of forgot it was easter. :(  nope and I talked with the kid today and he doesn't know what happened with it either.. so ya..  sad day.
Don't be sad, I'll get another one ready :) get shoes? I'm excited that you get to watch conference in English :) so awesome!!! What did you do today? Plans for week? 
no.... still waiting for the shoes.. haha  I'm super excited to and the fact I might see my good looking bro there singing..  today we did nothing.. I washed my clothes and we literally did nothing we went to the offices who knows why and just waisted alot of time.. that's why I'm kind of sad.. ha but I'm happy now! ;)
Dad said better to have comp upset than Heavenly Father :) Jace suggested doing practice stuff in mirror too ;) glad you got song, I sent an easter card with a music a cd in, hope you get soon :) what kind of food buy? Tell us about who you are teaching this week :) need details :D
ya that's what I was thinking!! haha  and me too! I didn't have time to buy food this week and my comp doesn't tell me who we are going to this week so idk.. ha
Enjoy the good and bad, the slow days too, sorry not a lot done today but glad you're happy now :) have fhe tonight? How long has comp been DL? Mission pres say anything back to you? Lots of kids in this area? Favorite thing this week? Scripture to share?
 haha idk... sorry I really don't know.. this is his second change as dl and is 24 yrs old and has 1 yr on mission yes I love the kids!! haha they are great!

thank you! temple........
whatever!! haha just I really need scrip case...  this is the comp of elder Allred.. elder sulat. also a great missionary!
Rosa.... Angelitos mom...:)
ate these crapes with elder Allred on divisions..

Awesome love The pictures! You look super, you definitely have the light of Christ with you-I'll include a case again :), makes me so crazy-hope whoever gets your package totally enjoys it :)
haha me too! thanks so much!
any divisions this week, what teaching and who ? Knock a lot of doors? 
nope no more divisions this change.. and yes! I contact alot! in the cars taxis.. haha when I was with Allred I contacted 3 people.. and in a taxi I had a guy read the first vision.. and it was super cool! there are amazing people!
LOve you guys! I'll talk to ya next week! be safe and have a super happy and fun week!!!!! love you all! :))))))))))))))
Love you too, have a super week!!! Remember your never alone, boys all say hi and happy Easter-did you get their video?? Be safe-love you so much!!!! Enjoy your comp-kill him with kindness :) love mom xoxos
yes! just watched it! thanks so much ! happy easter!! haha love you !sorry ill send my scrips next week! love you!:)
Footballs going good! We had max week and I went up at least 20 on everything I benched 165 squated 245 hang cleaned 185 and push pressed 155! My first track meet is in 2 weeks I think! I'm gonna run the 100 and 200 and I have a 4 by 1 team! :) so I'm pretty excited about all that! We went and watched Jace scrimmage Saturday and it makes me want to get started so bad! So yea I'm way excited for high school ball!! I haven't tried to get my braces stuck in someone else's try so don't worry about that ;) ;) ha ha love you Justin! You're doing great!
hahaha jaX!!!!! you are soooooo strong! that literally blows my mind!! haha I hope you keep getting stronger and stronger and go beat all the kids in track even the black ones!! hahah I know you can and so does the family!! love you buddy and miss you tons!°! and hope you stand up for what you believe in! love elder weaver

dear president, this week has also been pretty hard and my comp doesn't communicate with me what so ever. I was able to go on divisions with e Allred and I told him our struggles and he is now having my comp call him every morning so he is getting up on time and now the problem is just talking and communicating with me.. it is very hard to teach with the spirit and help the people when I don't know where we are going during the day and who and what we are teaching. but I'm still finding ways to keep on having the spirit. he is very smart and teaches great! just needs to communicate with me more.  still praying for help and making things work.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy days!!!

HAAAAAAAAPPPPPPYYYY birthday my wonderful mother!! hello my amazingfamily!!! right after we got done talking i got to know them a Little bit not a lot.. and this weekhas been one of the longest weeks by far in my life....i am super happy and i feel alot lighter.ha ___________________.. and the members here are super amazing and willing to help me and support me! and i got the news that i have to talk on sunday on thursday.. so i prepared for that and i talked about preach my góspel and lehis visión with the tree and how we have tasted of the fruit and now we need to share it how lehi wanted to share it with his family.. i had a good outline and i went up and said a prayer in my heart and ilooked at a pic of you guys and of gram jo and i just started to talk.. i said what the spirit wanted me to and i didnt follow my outline at all.. and this Ward is litereally so big..they counted and there was 200 people there on sunday in sacremenb.. it was liek my mexican fairwell..haha afterwards a few people told me good job and made me feeel super good!! and with the comp.. not as good as i wanted it.. woke up tuesday and he didnt wake up until 8 and didnt wake up on time all this weeek and he just doenst follow the rules at all. and hes the district leader. ha he didnt let me buy food for this week.. so ill proabbaly be living off of top roman this weeek.. ha im gonna tell pres and the zone leaders.. i woke up last night and he was watching a movie on his iPod... so this is my misión and i feel like he is hindering the work of the lord because of his disobedience.. ha soimgonna do somthiung about it!" super good week! i read in 3 nefi about when jesus comes and i had just a spiritual experience.. haha this whole week we didnt plan for our days and we didnt have one comp study..and ive asked him why and he said because hes distriuct leader. soooglad to hear you are all doing good! my área is huge! it goes from etla out to telix... haha sooo huge!!
haha thanks so much iknow the the prayers have helped!! and there was so many people!! haha idk... we went and played soccer today and we played right by a store and i wanted to by food and he said arita.. means later.. like no.. haha so now i cant... i asked him why he doenst get up on time and doesnt get ready for the day until 9  and he said that he is tired because he has to call the other elders and sisters and hes tired... haha idk.. idk... gonna get things fixed. ha yess gonna send pics!! ha thanks im glad im happy and hope your happy!! ha :)
i know...haha here in the city we have had tons and tons of chicken with chile..nothing to spice yet..haha yes! there is a huge party goiung on today and all last week! and i am going on divisions with the zone leader on wednesday! way excitd for that! yep all good and another member might five me another pair.. thats my size..haha nope everything is goodright now! how is your bday!?:)
Jace said be sure to mention disobedience thing to zone leader :) do you know him? Chicken is good :D my bday good, guys no work and so dad and I ran around and he got me flowers, boys too :) clean house and now get to chat with you :) it's dad I'm so glad you had a good week you so deserve it! I have prayed so hard for you I hope you KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!!! And I'm so proud keep up the great work
ya i know Elder allred! i still  am in the same zone!! haha good and im sooo happy that you had a good day!!! and thank you dad!! love you tood! im gonna print off the talk and read it this week and let you know what i think next week! thanks for your prayers! this is my church and this is Elder allred the ZL going on splits with :)
love your tshirt!

only wear it cuz its true.. ha nope.. see alot of lizards... and big spiders...

my comp is the bigger one his name is E sarmiento and the Elder im standing next to is from equador and is super cool he talks with me alot! this is cristan.... me and Watson where teaching him in my other área...miss him.
this is like a tunnal of bambo.. and no joke its a good70 yds long!! haha :) this was my Ward misión leader hno lescas!! he is super nice and just a great guy! :)

Pretty amazing sites!! You look good! 
hahaha thanks!!! the church is super huge!

happy birthday mom!!! :)
Thanks Justin!!! Truly best gift is that you are happy and happy with yourself!!! Continue to have a great attitude, make things the way you know they should be :) write down favorite thing and what your grateful for :)  I love you and so proud of you!!! Spend some money this week :)
hahaha thanks so much mom!happy birtdhay again! im going to!! and i hope you are beyond happy as well!;) haha i have been! and it makes my love the Little things sometimes... but it helpsme have more appreciation! ha love you mom! have a great week and talk to ya next week! ill spend some money... hahaha:) love you all have a good week! :)

:D love you buddy-love all of us!!!
love you guys too! have a great week and look for missionary opportunities.. ;))

So I got my braces ha ha! I got clear brackets so there not completly noticeable! :) I only have the tops for right now and then next time I go the will but the bottoms on! There kind of a pain but there useful for now ha ha :) how was the rest of your week? How's your new companion? How big is he? What do you usually do on p days? :) love you justin be safe have fun!!
hey i bet you look even better now! ;) ha go kiss a girl and get your braces stuck with hers....;) ha jk jk ahahahaha my comp is not what i wanted... haha he doesnt want to work and its super hard and it affescts the work of the lord.. ha hes not very big.. we useually buy food and do somthing fun and wash the clothesand email! and go back to work at six.. hows football going!?

President.thank  you so much for the the opportunity to talk to the family.. i feel like im a lot lighter... and i am loving the área so far!i have some issues with my comp. he didnt get up at all this week on time,didnt have comp sudy and we planned one time...he doesnt talk with me.. not shore why but i try and talk spanish jsut to talk and practice. on saturday night i woke and he was watching somehtiung on his iPod at 12am and idk what he was watching.. i asked him why he doesnt get up on time and he told me because he is a district leader he has to call the other elders and sisters and he doestn go to bed on time...but he doesnt.. so not sure on how to approach the situation better and i feel like this is really affecting our work.. i want to be the best i possibly can and help him but he doesnt seem to want to change and get better.. still praying and trying my best to help.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Baptisms and blisters.....

Hola mi hermano! Last week all I've really been doing is lifting the going to speed training with kids that go to roy so that's way fun! School is going good! This week I'm not doing very much different! Oh and last week I went to Roy's last boys basketball game and it just so happened to be against bonnevile :) it was pretty fun! There going to the playoffs so I hopefully will ba able to a nother game or two ha ha :) I want you to know that your an amazing example to me! You were a great brother here and a great leader on te feild and on the court and now your an even better example of a brother and a leader on the mission! I love you so much justin!!
Love your favorite little brother
way to go buddy! get super strong and crazy fast so when i get back you are like a bigger hulk.. haha  jax have a super great week!  you are a great leader and example to me as well.. haha we plaeyed bball the other day adn i am just not thhat good anymore.. haha have a super good week jax... be happy please with all your might stand up for what you believe in! love you jax. love Elder weaver
Hey familia! this week has been pretty rough with my body... haha but im working through it.. and im glad to hear and see pics of all you!!! you look fantastic! i love and miss you all! ha this week on tuesday we only got in 2 lessons and poeople were just dropping and we had no apps.. so we walked a ton!!! so i got blisers on my feet.. haha but no worrries mom ive  got them under control i think... hahaha then there were just bloques by buses for no reason... it was just super weird... haha  then i was sick on saturday... woke up and threw up 2 times and went to work becasue people need the góspel.. we went to a members house to have a lesson with a investigator and i threw up threre and was super drowsy and the mebers let me lay on there bed and they gave me something and i drank it and now im all good! haha also saturday we werer able to baptize...:)
im feeling safe... and no idea about changes  i think ill be staying here again.. we teach people alot about who is god and jesus christ becauswe people think they are the same person.. haha no a bad aweek... super hard on my body... but doing better.. haha
Glad you are feeling better today :) we are at bottom of toll road, on my bike,  I'll write more when I'm at top:) give me a few minutes, but tell me about a spiritual experience this week and a funny one :) any pictures today? Any info on package...what have you gained a testimony of the most-talk to you in a bit-pray I get to top fast :) haha!!!
haha ok! a spiritual expeince was when i was able to baptize edgar.. and we watched the restoracion with them sunday night.. haha loved it.. no knews on package.. but dont worry itll get here i have fatih. and the funny expeiernce was we were walking and a taxi drove by and Alberto was in the passanger seat and stuck his head out the window and started yelling at us... and he was super drunk... i didnt understand anything he said... but the taxi kept driving and he kept yelling... haha ive gained a big testimony of the atonement.

the baptism... 

my feet on tuesday...

a member gave me this plant to help my feet... haha went outside and wacked it off the plant and gave me it, and gave me new shoes.. aha

sorry was super dark... bad pics.. haha
and my feet on sunday.. they really dont hurt to bad. when they are numb.. ha they are a lot better! :)

I was able to baptize edgar... and my feet are doing good! ha no worries... i love you guys and hope you all have a great week! got to get off..ha hope you all know that i love you so much.! gonna try and have a interview with the pres... and i hiope you all are super happy and love life! CON AMOR Elder weaver

Hola mi hermanito!! Como estas? yo estoy bien! he estado trabajando y guardando dinero para vender mi caro y comprar un truck. y otras coas para mi negocio para hacer gardeneria para otros personas. sguo en el choro cantare el tarde para el sabado
te amo mucho elder
con amor

hola mi hermano! que bueno! estoy muy feliz para escuchar de eso!!!! las personas aquí..... AMAZing.. haha esporo qque tu tiene una semana muy buena! con amor... Elder weaver

Tears are flowing today!! Wish I could fix things and make them wonderful and better, so hard to be so far away, but I know that he is learning so much about him self and the Savior, his faith is growing and he is gain life experiences that he could never learn at home-God bless you Justin and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers every minute of the day!!  Thank you to those sweet people that care for him and give him plants and shoes...

Monday, March 2, 2015

love superman's son....

thanks dad!!! means alot!! im glad that you guys had a good time! i felt a lot closer to you guys this week.. haha it seems to be getting easier... haha Little by Little, but some days are just super rough.. ha but just gotta take them as they come.. haha love and hope work is all going good and you are happy and loving life as well.. ha love supermans son
this past week we were able to get them married.. but not baptsized... the dad had work come up so he couldnt be there so we are for sure this week!!!! haha so super excited about that! not not teaching yazmin 2 anymore... wasnt progressing and yazmin 1 moved away... and didnt reallly tell us.. haha we went by one day and the room was all empty. ok ill try that with my hands!! ha the rash cream helps a Little bit...
this week...l went to try and find anyway to communictarte with Alberto but his cousin said that he got in a fight and she kicked him out of the house and now idk where he lives.. haha
This week for our district mtg we practiced doing door contacts and finding the chossens.. Watson calls it.. haha and he wanted that we ask a questiion strait up like do you wanna be bapstized and if there chossen theyll say yes.. haha well.. the next day i knocked a door, and i Heard the peson coming and i said a prayer in my heart to help me to know what to say.. and he answered the door and i said hey.. we are missionaries of the church of jesus christ and we have a message we want to share with you.. and he said... ok.. come in im just washing my clothes.. this guy was super cool. he is older and is a free mason and his name is Roberto. haha  this week we had 3 people come to hurch.. we wanted like 45 but just 3... hahaha then yesterday on sunday. we went and did a service Project and we had machettes and rope and we pulled down some big trees and had a lot of fun with it... the mexicans were surprised how strong i was.. haha good week... i thought alot about the quotes you gave me... and still am thinking about them.. ha today the buses are all doing bloqueos..., road blocks... why? because they can.... hahaha we have a good week ahead of us i think! ha

this is a sunset i liked a lot and we got this couple married and this is there Little family... edgar, roquel, edgar jr, and teresa... haha they re super amazing
this cute Little kid Christopher strait up decked his dog in the eye and  now the dog is blind and its pink... haha hes 2 yrs old.. 
Hola mi hermanito quien es un missionero de Dios! Como has estado? Lot's of exciting news going on in my life my friend. The most exciting thing right now is that I am in a choir of YSA for general conference, we will be singing for this Saturdays afternoon session. I'm so excited, its going to be a lot of fun, we had our first conference last night. I love singing!! Mom and dad showed me the pic of your street tacos, I TOLD YOU THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! made me hungry when I saw your pic. I sure do hope you are staying strong my friend, I know that it can be rough, but realize that you are not alone, our Father in Heaven has his angels round about you like it says in D&C 84:88.
I love you my friend, keep working hard and be the best you can be.
Love Jordan
love you jordan!!! haha that sounds super fun!!! i wish i could sing.. hahaha and yes... they are crazy good!!! and the culture is just super diffrettmty amd weird but in some ways i kind of like it... hahaha hope you have a fantanstiuc week!!! love Elder weaver
this is toto and David... haha we taught them the other night.. we are going  to hopfully baptize toto.. David is a member already.. hahaha

So glad to hear that things are going better for you! Doing fhe tonight? Think comp will get transferred next week?
nope... dont have fhe.. but we are going to be trying to meet with edgar and roquel everynight this week.. ha idk... not sure.. ha i hope i stay in the área.. love the people here.. everything ok!!? ;))))
Is this a street in the city where you live, kids are adorable, you look great!!! Love the tan!!! Service project sounds fun, like using a machete? You look super-you can see you are happy to be serving the lord :) hope package gets to you soon, more CTR rings :) what's favorite food? Clothes doing ok?
 i was walking down a road in my área.. and jsut took the pic.. but idk if its my área.. haha yes!!!! but they are super good at it!! they cut super good and direct.. haha mee too!! i had to go to the offices 2 times this week to sign stuff to get it here! ha  idk.. we have just been eating chicken... to be honest.. nothing werid or anything.. clothes are doing good! ha
glad too hear things are good and you had a good safe trip!! :) but mom...... do you love me?....ha
Of course I love you, don't be silly!!! You will never know how much!!! Dad and I both love you, and are so very proud of you-want you to be happy, dwell on happy things and happy times!!!! You are a treasure from our father in heaven sent to us and every day we are grateful!!!! Love you beyond your comprehension-you won't know till your a dad :)
So tell us what else you have planned this week :) where do you do laundry? Dishes? 
we take our clothes to a launderia and we get them back the next day! only costs about 30 pesos.. haha just do the dishes by hand and i dont use that many... haha just i have lost a lot of weight.. i weigh 176.. haha pretty sure jax is bigger tan me.. ha :) but got to go!!! talk to ya more next wek and hopfully ill have baptism pics!!! love you all have a fantastic week!! LOVe Elder weaver
You have a awesome week!!! Be safe work hard and Jax is at 175, not bigger, same :) excited to see pic-love you sooo much-hugs and kisses be safe, God bless-love mom

haha oh good! got one pound.. haha;) love you all talk to ya next week! :))))))))))))))))))))))