Monday, November 30, 2015

" Somtimes God brings us down, before he can lift us higher"

Presidente, this week i was especially greatful for all the things that i have learned on the mission.. i feel like im another person with more testimony with more heart and a desire to follow Jesus Christ. im greatful for the support that i have from my family and my brothers and my mom and dad. Im greatful for the support that i have from you and your wife, and also the members of the ward. Im greatful for the people that yell and get mad at me, just becasue.. im greatful for the people here in Oaxaca and for the people i have gottent he pleasure to know. I had a very good week with my comp and we are still working very hard. Its  very sad when we have to keep moving a date because the family doesnt want to come to church one more sunday to get baptized.. but i feel like that means alot, tha if they are lacking now maybe they jsut arent ready to keep the sabbath day.. ot makes me a little frustrated sometimes because i feel like i fault faith, when they dont come.. 

Hola Familia!!!! this week was a good week!! me and my comp did lots of work and we ate Thanksgiving dinner and my comp told me " i like stuffing" haha and so this week we were able to visist Pedro and they finally gave him a date for his operation.. the 16 of DEc... and he is still in his bed.. his leg is pretty messed up....  Our new district leader is super strict.. hes a x Zone leader... its kjind of stinks but its kind of good!! this week my spiritual expeience was in sacrement mtg... one of the special kids blessed the sacrement and he messed up a few times but i was just so greatful to here him try... to talk and to make mistakes and then he was able to do it right.. made me feel the spirit so strong during the sacrement time.. we have talked witht the bishop because we liev right above him and we are going to do a ward mission activity.. and i was thinking aboiut doing the Donut and push thing.. for Christmas and  relating it to the birth of our saviour and the Atonement... things were very busy this week we went to morro and we ate dea.. and we changed benjamins date to the 12 of dec.. and the family that we had for this week didnt come.. wehen our families that we teach dont come i feel like i fault faith, or something, like im not teaching good enough... but mom like you said i feel like i have also been very hard on myself.... and this week i saw a phrase from joseph smith that says..." sometimes God brings us down, so that he can lift us higher"... that hit me. i feel better about myself. the names of the people are Vennase figeroa antonio and Jesus Figeroa antonio and Gema Figeoa Antonio.. im glad that you guyys were able to enjoy and have such a good time for thanksgiving!! im thanbkful for you all!!! :) Elder Weaver

this is Itzel and Carlos.. they are kids from a member

 The bishops dog Dracula...
 Comp took picture before I smiled....Thanks for dinner Mom and Dad!
 Hammock in Morro
Yea, I am so grateful that you had a better week, see the power of prayer truly does work!! is your new district leader a native, or gringo, how is he strict?
What a great experience for the whole ward to see the special kid bless and know that the ordinance is so sacred and to have someone so close to the spirit perform that ordinance :) Im sure the spirit was great!
The donut activity would be awesome,
you said you went to morro and ate dea...what is that? did you like it?
So changing benjamins date makes it easier for the other baptisms this weekend right?
what are plans for this week?
the pictures of you and the kids is great-they must be drawn to you and your great smile and spirit :)have plenty of water this week?

hes a mexi.. hes coool!! its just a complete turn around.. ;) ya the spirit was incredible... but i feel like some people dont understand that.. and take it for granted and get impasent. sorry we ate Deer...  i liked it!! wellthats what we were thinking.. but the other dates fell becasue they didnt come yesterday.. this week is jsut a nice relaxing working in our area week! ya have lots of water... today we didnt have water in the house.. it left.. ;) ha 

sorry about baptisms, I will put names in the temple, have faith and keep praying, we will too, they need to be ready, its a big gift and I am sure it hurts when others don't understand how important it is...but try not to take it personally, the Lords time is the best time.... that good you have a week to work your area, is the Dracula a good dog? things starting to look like Christmas there in your town? what did you teach in church yesterday?
We came home from a trip and can smell a dead mouse somewhere in the kitchen, cant find it, have taken everything apart...don't know how you put up with the are a far better person than I!!!

ya Dracula is a big huge and good dog.. hes old...and sick right now..  we talked about Cain and Able... a teenager had a question and so we talked with him about that.. hahaha you all look so great!!! im Happy to look at you guys! :) have you found the mouse!?

Olo!! Oh Hello!! ;) ha ha well as you know we went to st George for thanksgiving and I was sick half the time ha ha and still am now.. But it's all good! Hey im doing devotional tomorrow for seminary and I was thinking you could offer me something to say! ;) or anything like that ha ha :) thanks if so!! Love and proud of you!!

OLO... think about your life right now.... ;) haha and apply this Quote by Joseph SMith.. its impacted my life so much " Somtimes God brings us lower, before he can lift us higher" -Josph Smith

nooooo...... THANKS to you Guapo ;) 

Ha ha! Thanks a bunch el guapo! ;)
:) why the angry face? that's a huge plate of potatoes and gravy!!!

thats my JAx... angry and IM GONNA EAT FACE.. ;) haha hey i messed up on that quote its.. Somtimes God brings us lower, Before he can lift us higher..

Hello sir Justin
You seem a little happier this week, in life we can try to teach someone something but no matter how good we teach or how strong the spirit each individual still has the right to make their own decisions and you can't blame yourself for others choices all you can do is your best and let the cards fall. All you can do is teach by the spirit hope those your teaching feel it love them and pray for them and hope they make the right choices just like being a parent. Not always easy but you can't force it. That was satanism plan and we did not pick that plan as you know :)) don't be so hard on your self. 

Dad  you jsut answered my question that ive had for a very long time... thank you!! its so true and just clicked.. we still have our freedomto chose.. 

I sure love you buddy please don't be so hard on your self!!!! Smile be happy enjoy life is short and a mission is even shorter so love every minute :)))))) 

WILL DO :))))))

JT is already coming home!!??? wow!! i think we might have one or another one.. last night i heard somthing in the kitchen.. ha.. ya i like him.. somtimes i think he is here for the things of the world.. but we are good.. He is super hard on my with spansih... i get mad somtimes.. but then again... ha i like it becasue i wanna talk good. nope the trees are normal...

he must care about you and want you to speak his Spanish :) isn't he from Paraguay? is his family very poor at home so some of the worldly things are a luxury? Just smile and grin and help him with his English- :)
If you can and have a minute maybe type a Christmas message to the ward so I can put it up in the "trophy case" for them to read, many ask about you and tell you hi, I have been keeping the pictures current lately and they are so excited to see you and ask so many questions...especially the younger young men....

no he is from Puebla... Mexico.. hes like 12 hours from his house in a bus ride.. nope they are rich... from pueblo..  h ok can i send it next week i will write one this week!! and i was thinkiing for our Ponderize.. can we do a quote this week!!?? the one from Js.... " Somtimes God brings us down, before  he can lift us higher" ????  

awesome, I will print it out and put it on the to have the boys see and ponderize too....
For some reason I thought he was from another country, hmmm
Yes write the ward this week if you have a minute, I know that they will love it!
Grandparents are putting money into your account also for Christmas this week, maybe give them all a shout out next week too, I can share it if you do one....anyways you will have a chunk in there, try and find an unique nativity set to bring home for yourself, and know that there is money for you to use however you want...
do you know when Christmas zone conf is yet?
Is comp talking when you teach more and getting the hang of things?
Someone asked me what you eat on a daily basis, I said  Im not sure about breakfast, but lunch is with members and dinner a sandwich at home? close?

still dont know when the conference is.. dont know.. ya!! talking lots more.. nsomtimes to much..;) ... i eat... Comida.. ;) haha love you guys talk with ya next week!!! :) 

thanks so much for Chatting!! i sure do love you guys!! and i love that song NEARER to GOD TO THEE!! its great!! :)  i hope you guys have a great week!! be safe and work hard and play hard..;) ha thanks again for the PAckage mom and dad!! God bless each of you! talk with you next week!! :) love Elder Weaver Excited to be all together next year!!! Love and miss ya-thankful for you!!!!

always a treat, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, work hard this week but enjoy your neighborhood, look for Christmas in everyday, tis the safe, work well, and follow the spirit, chin up and rise to the top!
Love you so much Justin, God bless and keep you in the palm of his hand every day, till next Monday :)
Love mom and dad

thanks so much... ive got the best Family ever!! love you guys Love Elder Weaver :))))))))))))


Good morning sir Justin can you believe it has already been a week it goes so fast for me. I hope you had a great week in your travels. Did you get back to the mission office and get your visa renewed? How are you feeling strong and healthy I hope. How is the work of the lord coming. I sure hope your happy you put a lot of pressure on your self and are very demanding of your self. You have always been that way even as a little child. But I want you to know its ok to enjoy the work you are doing. Take a moment this afternoon and smell some flowers, smile ,hug somebody, and be happy we are her to have joy. Make good memories for soon it will all be over! So enjoy life, love life, and love those your serving,and most importantly love your savior,and follow his example!!!! Please be happy! All is well here we are safe and COLD :))) so you stay safe and warm or hot  :))) love you we will se you soon about a month. The second half just started so make the adjustments you need too and finish strong like you always have ! I'm sure PROUD of you miss you love you         Justin weavers DAD

Thanks dad,,, i feel very stressed..... and want to cry, but i feel like ive ya past that stage, gotta be a adult. thats something that im going to try and do everyday! smell flowers and hug somebody.. i dont want to tell you hiow i feel because i dont want you guys to stress, but im good and healthy! and im going to try and enjoy this week but working hard, along side the spirit.. hope all is going good with the mini x and that you can all pass the sewer all good and safelty not getting to smelly.. love you dad thanks for your strong and happy example you have always put for me! im very greatful that me Heavenly Father let be your son. love you so much! have a great week! love Elder Weaver  

Hiya Justin! I'm finishing up drivers Ed and hopefully I'll be able to get my license in the next week or two! I ordered my letter mans jacket last week so that's my Christmas ;) schools school ha ha I've been lofting after school everyday! I'm not done no basketball this year ha ha but I just jump and snap the rim ha ha if you don't know what that is its where you can get like half of your fingers above the rim and pull it down a little and it snaps up! Love you b safe! Jax
Haha that a boy!! you excited to drive... hows the mustang!!??i sure hope that you keep you chin up and your eyes. becasue God is always there and he loves you! how are things going in YMwith Jace!!??? fun i bet thats super fun!! im happy and the other day some kids were like hey gingo give me your backpack.. and i just laughed.. dont know why.. but i did.. have agood week but be safe! always listen to the spirit buddy! love elder weaver 

Querida mother!! this week was a super good and busy week!!! on Tuesday we went to the Zone conference and we past the SubWay were my President was shot, and i learned so much in that mtg and im so greatful that i can understand and speak somehting of spansih.. i feel like i missed out on a lot at the start of my mission.. ha but we went and came back saferly.. and i got my package...Mom and Dad thanks so much!! thats so much food and im super excited for the thanksgiving dinner im gonna make for my comp, his mom is doing good! shes healthy and happy!  
Well when people die hear that do a mini parade and they carry the cascet around and they have a car anounce who died and what happened... i think jordann already told you guys that.. but its super weird... 
Traveling was longggggggg we left at 1230 on wednesday and we got into Oaxaca at about 730.. and i went and took pics.. and then we slept in the offices with the Assistents and the Zone leaders.. they were doing divisions i think.. and thursday morning me and my comp got up before the asistents and the Zone lds.. made me kind of proud... ;) haha like we jsut woke up on time.. ;)  but then i went to migracion with Elder Aguero he is from plain city.. and he is the secretary that helped me. and we went and got everythng done, and then came back to the offices got my comp and we left to come back to the Itsmo at about 230 and we got here at about 730.... lots of traveling.. and while we were on the bus almost to the house i saw a ambulence pull of to the side of the road and picked up someoine in the stretcher... and the family was crying and i think he got stabbed.. haha but there ya go welcome back tot he Itsmo... and then Friday we didnt go to morro because we had interviews with President and that was good i love the President, hes a great loving guy!! Also friday we went to a house of a less active and he told us that a member was super bad... like is haviung a hard time.. and he turned out to be the first counciler of the bishoproc, and he is super crazy smart... but we went to his house and we talked with his and i asked if we could share a scripture with him.. and so we did and he was almost crying... i said that ¨ i know that you have a lot of knowledge and you dont need us to teach you anithing but i want to share this with you.. and after  i shared it with him, he said you know elder.... i dont know everythind,... and he was choking up and said thanks.... we had given him his answer to his prayers that God still knows and loves him.. and then he shared that experience in chirch yesterday in Priesthood.. :) 
the family didnt come this week... there fechas or dates dropped again... but we are still moving forward.. chanegs are today and me and my comp my child are staying toegher until january.. :) 
love you all im so very greatful for my amazing Family!!!! 
You have definitely had a very full week, I am so glad that all went well and that you were safe! sorry about your baptisms dropped, hope and pray that they feel the spirit and have a strong desire to commit to the gospel plan and see the water soon :) So grateful that you get to stay with elder Perez for another transfer or two, I love that you both got up earlier than the others, way to show them how its done :) was it nice to get back home? I don't remember Jordan telling us about the death parade?  very different do you get to go to morro this week? what else is on the calendar for this week?
you are truly growing and learning and following the spirit, the proof is in your experiences like the one with the counselor in the bishopric :) way to go!
this week we are goping to have the district mtg on wed, and we are going to morro on friday.. as of right now we have 5 baptism for the 5 of dec.. 2 in morro and 3 here in linda vista... dont know how we are going to do it.. 

That's an awesome problem to have :) can you schedule for different times? or let the ward mission leaders take care of one? Dad and the boys had to stop what they were doing in the sewer today, the power company put a power pole in the middle of the sewer line so they have to wait until tomorrow until they send a truck to hold the power pole up while they dig and replace the line, luckily its not to much sewer to be in... yuck!!! how is president feeling? what did he say in your interview?
oh thats good!  and Presidnet is doing good!! he walks just fine!!  and he asked me how im doing personally... that if you guys were to see me today would i be different!!?? would i be more mature?? and it was a good time to think.. :)
and what do you think? tell us what's on your mind...we are here for you, let us know how we can help you and pray for you...
nah im good i feel like i just gotta get through it.. i really dont know whats bugging me and stressing me.. so i dont knwo how to explain it.. 

what are you cleaning? for whom?
it was here water storage, for a less actice.. her name is Nanci
how does the water supply thing work? fill with rain and use for everything? my ponderize scripture is D&C 84:88
we have hoses here and they feel it up... becasue sometimes the water jsut goes and we dont have water for 3 4 days.. sounds good! 

water in your apartment? wow, I take so much for grandid, so what fun things did you get to do while traveling last week? fun to see other elders? Eat some good food?
thanks im goping to be like a child this week.. smelling plants and hugging people.. ;) haha ya lst week the water left for 5 days.. but we werent  here for 2..  and it was super good to see elder Aguero! and other elders!! and we ate some chircken nuggets and we got waway from the heat!!! :)

Do you drink the water? buy bottles, drink coke?:) how is belly? that's awesome, I loved the plants in mexico because they are so different from the ones beautiful, love to see the many creations God has made, and hugging, can you do that, or is it the shake hands slap on the back thing haha!  Making thanksgiving dinner on Thursday?
ya im gonna make that dinner!! and ya i drink alot!! more water thaan anything.. stomachs ok! me too there is a lot of things that are super differnet here.

we don't think that you are difficult at all, please know that! Wish we could help you feel peace, we love you justeroo and are so grateful for you and your spirit that you have and share with us!! God bless and keep you safe, enjoy the sunshine and smell the flowers- hugs from each of us! love you more than words can say-big smiles! love mom and dad! 
love you guys!! thanks for the love and the support, im greatful that im hear and that im learning.. and that we have the guide of the Spirit and that angels protect us!! im greatful for my loving and caring family!! know that im all good! and im not trying to be difficult...  im very greatful for the chats we have and for the packages! when i was in the offices the secretary toold me that my Chirstmas package was there but i had to wait.. haha so thanks so much! happy thanksgiving tell everyone im greatful for them and the love and support given to me! talk with ya next week! have a safe trip! in st George! love you all! be safe  im soooooo greatful...... for everything   Elder Weaver

love you guys! la verdad GRACIAS POR TODO!!!! talk wth you next week! :) love Elder Weaver 

take pictures with smiling people and you this week....treasure you, love mom
hahaha ok! will do :) love ya :))))
love you too-please be happy and safe!
i wil you too :) be safe traveling! :) 

Monday, November 16, 2015


Mother, no se preocupe.. ;) no worries! im good no nose bleeds this week! and no more drunk guys!! :) well this week was very good!! we contacted alot of people, but out of all of them none of us let us in... it was very hard... i actually started to fight wiith a catholic lady on her porch about the priesthood... and i dont know why but i did.. i think it was by the spirit.. ;) haha but we keep moving forward, we had the family come again to church and now they just need one more asistence and ya the next week there baptsinm for the kids!!!  this Sunday we also had to talk in church.. the bishop told us saturday night.. and it was good the whole mtg was about missioary work. and me and my comp went to burger king today.. His mom is good!! he tried to call her 2 times but never answered.. but he is writing her and she is all good and striong and healthy!! 
The Zone conference is tomorrow in Juchitan and today i got a call from the secretaries and me and my comp are going to Oaxaca on wed..  at 12 and  we will get there at about 5 in the afternoon.. and then thursday im doing visa stuff.. and then we are leaving Oaxaca thursday in the afternoon for the long bus ride again.. and we get back to our area in the night time.. and then friday we are going to go out to Morro..  and friday we also have interviews with the President.. so this week we are going to be traveling alot!!! ha this week i have really seen the blessings of being happy.. with so much rejection.. its kind of hard, but i know that im doing my job... its been a little stressful.. my district leader is dead... or doesnt want to work, goes home next week, the zone leaders are gettng on us for numbers... and the bishop wants us to find 20 less active families everyweek... haha have a lot to do.. im not gonna lie im excited to talk with you guys in Dec.. :)to let some steam off! 

Wow sounds like you have a very busy week! Be safe in all your travels! How many kids are being baptized? Glad no bloody noses, how are your head aches? In you package take something to Benjamin when you visit Morro. Are there 20 less active families in your ward? Does your ward mission leader help at all?

yes i wanna talk with you! and ya we have a lot foing on.. 3 of the kids ar getting baptized.. and im good, i have headaches mostly on sundays.. i feel like i have alot of weight on my choulders on sundays.. and ya we have a list of less actives.. but the hard thing is going to find them.. takes time.. we lose time.. but i think we are going to be contacting a lot
 scorpion... we found in my comps batheroom
 and this is Magdelana.. she is 83 yrs old and we are teaching her!! she is trying to remember things to, like studying and all.. and thats her daughter in-law.. the hna Mirna she is a member.. 
 got Burger king, and we are ready for christmas..
yes i wanna talk with you dad! and ya we have a lot foing on.. 3 of the kids ar getting baptized.. and im good, i have headaches mostly on sundays.. i feel like i have alot of weight on my choulders on sundays.. and ya we have a list of less actives.. but the hard thing is going to find them.. takes time.. we lose time.. but i think we are going to be contacting a lot

Did you have a ponderize experience with the scripture? Where will you stay when your in Oaxaca? 

haha i feel like ive grown up a little bit.. my expreicence in the Ponderize was with the contacts... somtimes we might now alwasy find the lost sheep on the first try, but thats why we have to keep on working and trying.. and believeing..  we are going to stay in the offices.. :) to sleep, and illbe honest thats what ive been trying to do.... i doing like stressing about things that i cant change.. and i jsut loose alot of energy.. but its dumb,.. i dont need to.

I do the same thing and have to remind myself that worry is like sitting in a rocking chair, you get no where ;) keep chin up and know that the lord won't give you more than you can handle ;) anything fun this past week? Sounds like Marcus-haha!

 this past week we had a lot of fun witht he bishop, i think that he has been my favoprite bishop so far.. but we ate with him yesterday to eat dinner and him and his wife are super cool!! he looked at me and said" come on baby" and gave me a chessy smile.. and i said nooooooo its Come on man! haha and he laughed and its fun with the bishop! 

Awesome pictures, u bet the older one has great stories;) I love that you are defending the priesthood to that other lady on porch, did she just not believe there is such a thing? Awesome, does it taste like home? Use what money you need while traveling this week, treat comp to a sweet treat on us ;) Christmas already, guess it makes sense since they don't have thanksgiving-haha!!! The mini ex isn't ours yet, probably do paperwork next month, we need it for the big job at south point, they are replacing all their window wells, 312 of them, so do you each have your own bathrooms?

she believed that there was, but that the papa had it.. si i was trying to explain how the priesthood was given to J.S. and it was jsut crazy and fun!! ha

wow thats alot!!!! will you still be working there when i get home!!?? ya we have 2 batherooms in the house.

my comp likes to take pics of me..  i dont know why.. 

Hilarious!!! So glad comps mom is doing well!! Is it cooling off for you yet? Will you take a big bus to zone conf and to Oaxaca? Have you gotten any cards I've sent in the mail? Sis Ivie says hello and sends love she is giving $10 a month to your mission, says she can't do much but wants to do something, she cries when she prays for you every time I visit :) me too! Cause not everyone gets pictures of superman in disguise ;))) is that your hammock?

nope... still getting hotter.  we might have to take a bus.. im asking a member if he can give us a ride... but hasnt gotten back to me.. nope havent gotten any.. maybe tomorrow in the Zone conf. tell her hola and thanks so very much!! :) noi thats his hammack.. he has a month in the mission and he bought a hammack before me.... thats messed up

Did he sleep in one at home? Do you want one? Get one for Christmas, but I'd do a single not a double like Jordan's :/ toooo big! Or wait till next year, won't have to pack around...pick a Christmas family yet? How is Manuel? Alberta?

haha no im still gonna look around!!  we are doing good with the families... but i wont lie the inv, have gone down.. manual we havent seen and Alberta havent seen.. weve called and went to the house... dont know whats happening.. 

Hmm, disappeared? Continue to try and make contact, with Christmas maybe someone will want to truly find the truth with Christ and that happiness you can give them...keep working hard, patience and things, miracles will happen!  Do the scorpions scare the rats?That's a long trip for a member would he be going that way anyway? What scrip want to ponderize this week?

not sure, but we havent seen rats lately... so thats good"! :) this week lets Ponderize alma 40 verses 11 through 12 :) well  i got to go... love you guys so much thanks for chatting dad and mom!! i appreciate your time!! helps me recharge the batteries!! love you all have fun with the truck be safe!! talk with ya newxt week!! Love Elder Weaver 

You have a very safe week in your travels and look for the sunlight in everything- tell comp we love him and remember you are always in our thoughts and prayers!! Enjoy your conference learn something for us, be super, fly high, no catching bullets!!! So proud of you, love all of us, xoxos, mom and dad

Con amor :) hasta el proximol semana! ;) love you guys! 

Presidente, this week was a very good week, lots of hard hard and me and my comp are still getting along because we have the same purpoose. he has had a hard time waking up, but i am kindley yelling buenos dias en la manana hasta que se despierta. and he knows that i only do it out of love.. he tried calling his mom to see how things are and how things went for her surgery.. but she never answerred.. but he is doing good i can only imagine how hard it would be to be a onmly child and to be far away and have your mom get operated on.. hes a trooper.. im getting better and better with the spanish and me comp helps me get better!! And his mom is doing  great!! my family is also doing great and i count my blessing everyday. soomething that we had a hard time with was contacts this week.. we contacted  and contacted but noone let us in.... it was very hard.. but then we had a FHE and the second counciler of the bishopbric told us that we need to have the faith, or we need to BELIEVE that we can get into a door and teach the people.. so that is what i think we are going to work on this week!! believing in the contacts. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

hump day continued....

Presidente, this week was a little rough.. it was rough witht he members... and we had a family that we are teaching that the kids are starting to loose interest, becasue the other day we talked about the lay of chastity.. and while we were there we could jsut see that there was problems.. bvut the parents are still frim and assisting the church, so we are going to keep working with them adn see if they can get the desire to whip there kids into shape, im happy and im healthy and im still learning... have a great week, thanks for the help and the prayers.. i know that we are protected with prayers..

MOther!!!! this week was super eventful!!!!!  kind of.. ha welll this tuesday that past we were leaving the area of the mtns and we past a drunk guy in his truck and he told us to stop and talk with him and so we did and we started talking and all he wanted to do was fight.. and then he told us that he had a gun in his truck.. so i was straight up and said here havae a pamplet we have another appontment to get to..and at this time it was getting dark.. and we were in a area that we arent suppose to be in at night.. but that drunk guy wouldnt let us leave.. but we left.. and he was yelling as we walked away... but we psat a members house and said we are going to pass by another day to go with  the family, or the other app.. and we started to waslk real fast, then about 5 min later, we see the drunk guy coming up from behind us in his truck... pulled up on the side of us.. and im not gonna lie that he was going to shoot.. but he only yelled at us to get in.... GET IN!!! and we are all like NO!!! haha we havbe a appoinmenjt right here in the house... ( not really) haha but he was yelling get in!! and hwe are all like nooooo. haha and then came a car from behind him and so he had to opull up in front of us... and when he pulled up we saw another road that went right, and we took that road and ran.... just a bit.. and now it was dark.. and we were in a bad neighborhood... and we stopped under a llight and i looked at my comp.. and just put my head down... and started to say a prayer... after the prayer... i felt totally calm... and we walked and we found a taxi and we left... then the next day people were telling us that the drunk was looking for us and tried to turn around and was crazhing into poles.. and peoples doors.. kind of funny! 

we went out to morro!! and we ate armidillo!!! and it was supe good! and we also asisted church in the little house of prayer.. and onmly 11 people showed up.. makes me more humble... 

I completed one yr on thursday we bought pizza and i burned a shirt!! jax didnt send me an email.... sadly... the family is still doing good but 2 of the kids might now want to get baptiszed anymore... havent done visa stuff yet... ill get my package next week becaseu we are having a  multi Zone conferece!! im good and happy my kid is getting better :) his mom is getting operated on this week her name is norma... if ya could pray for her.. 

 casa de oracion with Osfaldo (house of prayer, 11 attended)    just a random Q... is it bad to eat the sacrement bread after the sacrement mtg...???? 
Wow, so grateful we have family prayer every morning and night and ask for your safety from the evil designs of men!! so glad you are safe and said prayer, Armadillo, so great, how was it cooked? what a great opportunity to serve 11 members, we are so blessed, and yet I am sure that they love what they have and makes me think we take so much for granted!   Love the burning shirt pictures, I will post on FB and put up at church :) Jax should have emailed by now, he has no practice...weird to have him home so the family, why are the children not wanting to be baptized anymore? so would you still have 3? how is Alberta? I am excited for you to get your package :) I will keep Norma in our prayers and add her name to the prayer roll, what is the surgery? is he worried? the sacrament bread, after it has been blessed, I don't think you are supposed to eat it, it should be discarded...if there is left over that hasn't been blessed then of course that is ok-I checked with dad and he agrees...
 have fhe tonight? get to ponderize?
maybe just one for right now witht he family... because the parents arent married.. so GEMA.. Alberta is doing good i think she was busy all this week so we werent able to talk with her.. not sure exactly nbut its a big sergury.. on her stomach area.. hes a little nervous i think presidnet gave him permision to call.. but is there a scrip or something that says that we shouldnt.. becasue  the people here dont believe me.. my ponderrize was with the drunk guy.... im glad that we were smart enough to stop and say a prayer and put ourselves in the hands of the lord... 
Do the parents have plans to get married soon? need to buy another ring? haha :) Did you kill Thomas the rat? who is the little guy in the picture buy the small chapel? do you have to visit that neighborhood, the scary one, anymore?  can you get into  big trouble without visa stuff done? where will you go for multizone conf?
well actaully we are kind of close.. to getting them married.. kindof.. nope... we actaully havent seen any rats this past week..  ya we still go but when there is light.. ha im sure i could.... but the secretaries are the ones that need to get going on it.. and the Zone conference is in Juchitan..

T-shirt says "my mom ROCKS! :)
love the tshirt...:) what are you doing with machete?
 i thought that it was a good shirt to wear becase we went to see ROCKS.. ha just the protect us from animals.. 
:/....what kind of animals...and do you just have a machete at the house to use for what ever?  done any service lately?
no that is a machete from a member that gave to us jsut for protection.. in the mountain... haha but we dint see anything we are all good
great rock pictures!! is that the family of 5?  food looks so yummy! the scenery is beautiful! still hot?
nope.. thats Dianas family.. 
Ill try and find something out that's in print about sacrament bread, maybe in the handbook? are they eating it because they need it for food and don't want to be wasteful?  It may not a super big deal, but Ill try and find out something....
 no.. im just curious.. haha i remember reading something about that that we cant.. 
:) and she is the one that was baptized right? is the food homemade...could they be a secret santa family? do you have someone in mind?
im still thinking of someone, we are going to pray for a family... :)
sounds good, how is the apartment, and food? eating good? how is the bishop and his family? Is there someone in your ward that helps you and comp out? go on splits with members?_______________________________________________________
actually no.. haha its been very hard it all of my mission to get someone to go with us to do splits.. the bishop is doing good!! :) im eating good! and how ar you and dad!!? and work!? the mini x??
we are feeding the elders this Wednesday and they are fairly new, kinda fun to have them....they said they prayed about going to the visiting teaching lady and her husband and they need to meet with them, the spirit let them excited because dad asked them yesterday if the elders could come and they said yes :) what are you teaching for FHE? did you have bloody nose in one of those pic? get them a lot? what do want to ponderize this week?

few pictures from comps camera....for some reason i got a few bloody noses this week.. not sure why but ya.. dont have FHEtonght. what do you want to?? its your turn.. ;)

we are good, we both have been riding rollers in the weight room, stresses me out bad, I don't want to crash in the basement-haha! work is good, they dug their first two basements for the year this week, which is really crazy, they have done a lot of rock work and commercial stuff, so staying busy, and ofcourse he loves his new toy, they have had it for a demo but use it all the time...not sure it will ever go back to wheeler :) Dad is busy with the high priests, loves each one of them and knows them so well, I think better than some other authorities in the ward-haha! RS is fun, we are having a visiting teaching conference, trying to get sisters to stay for Rs, our attendance has dropped in half since we went to sacrament first...people are just done with their meetings after they take the bread and water....interesting! do you get the conference issue of ensign or liahona?
wow!!! you are super busy!!! haha thats good!;) thats weird that people arent going to finish church,,, ok sounds good looking for te lost sheep!!! will do!! ill keep track :) ha sounds good!! ill keep that in mind!! :) thanks so much mom! love you take care and have a great week! :)
Miss you too! Love you more, stay focused and miracles will happen, PLEASE continue to listen to the holy ghost and be safe, healthy and happy!! time is going to fly, we get to see you and chat next month-so excited!!! God bless you for chatting with mom...makes my week!! mucho amor mi hijo!! love and big hugs and smiles, Mom xoxox
Mother, thanks thanks and thanks some more :) im doing good :) im im super happy you all are doing good!!  thanbks for chatting! tell everyone i love them! be safe and happy and look for the lord this week! :) miss my brothers.... miss you all.. talk withyou next week! Con amor Elder Weaver :) 
right back at ya! love you!! Norma is in our prayers, love, mom
 love ya hasta el proximal semana ;) adios :)


Monday, November 2, 2015

Hump Day!

My Dear Justin,  As you come to the one-year mark of your mission, I am sending you this article to remind you how far you have come, and where you are going. There are many similar characteristics of a great missionary and a camel.


By Cheryl K. Carpenter

The first is the "hump". Yes, you have crossed the mark and now are over the hump of the first year. But remember the hump of a camel is used to store food for the long journey. Camels can go for long periods of time without food, but he must store his food in his hump. A Missionary has learned from so many experiences, but a wise Missionary will store the knowledge he has gained, and put it to greater use the second half of his mission.

Another important symbol, is what the camel does to be prepared to carry his load for his Master. A camel sometimes protests his heavy load, but he drops to knees for his Master, and once started, he patiently carries his load. As a missionary sometimes the load seems heavy and difficult to carry. But when you drop to your knees and succumb to the Master's will, he will carefully lead you and you can bear the load patiently, and do your Father in Heaven's work as he would have you do. This is why the camel's knees are heavily padded, as a Missionary, your knees are calloused from the many hours of kneeling in prayer.

The camel has high set eyes, that enable him to see long distances. A Missionary has his eyes set on higher things, he follows the Spirit that enables him to see the Children of God, those who are seeking answers, and he teaches them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The camel has broad, two-toed feet, that keep it from sinking in desert sand. A missionary has a broad knowledge and a firm testimony of the Gospel. This enables him to teach with boldness and stand firm in his testimony. The people you teach do not yet have the blessing of such a sure-foot, but as you teach with love and the Spirit, you will help them gain their own testimony that will help them walk on firmer ground. One that will lead them back to their Father in Heaven.

So you see, a Missionary has a lot in common with a camel. Put this camel where you can see it often. Dedicate yourself to do as the camel does. Serve your Master well and patiently over the long journey. You have come a long way, there is still much ground to cover. Continue to move forward, serving with love, until your mission is complete and your Father in Heaven will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Querido mother, first of all i love the camel thingy.. makes me laugh.. hahaha HUMP DAY!!! and its true we are like camels.. ummm im super happy you all had a good week we did too.. we had a lesson with a member and his wife is invstigating the church and she told us that she got her sign that the church was true.. her sign was that she fell at her house and she didnt brake anything or get srcatches.. when days just before a man fell and broke bones and is in the hospital, but nothing happened to the women.. and so we went with her that night and she told us everything and she was asking about fasting and right now she or Alberta has a date for the 24 of November to get baptized!!!! it was super cool!! We had a good Halloween and nothing big really happened for el Dia de los muertos.. didnt see anything to crazy, lots of fiestas and piƱatas of dead people.. thats just about it... but it was sad that yesterday we didnt have any inv in church.. made me kind of sad.. but we are going to keep working with our heads up!! still love my kid he is getting better at getting up!! and we are still working hard. :) love elder Weaver

So grateful for the tender mercies and the blessings that happen to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel :) Grandma Jane just stopped by and brought a card for your Christmas box, Im sending tomorrow, and gave $50 to put into your account for Christmas....I noticed you have not used your card for some time, is there something you would like to spend it on, a toaster :)? I was thinking maybe you and comp could be secret santa for a family in your area, or ward...something to think about...Still have 5 baptisms set for the 14? I am going to the temple this week remind me of their names and I will put them was getting your visa?

haha oh thats a good idea a secret santa!! hahaha sorry having problems witht eh computer... but the baptisms fell... now they are for the 24 of november we are going to see the family tomorrow to see what happened.. but tell them all thanks so much for the money.. and am i suppose to take the money out of my savins!!?? 


Presidente, this week was a good hot week with lots of ups and downs, we are having more success with having lessons with members but we are still so close to our goal.. but thats why we have goals to keep´getting better and striving for excellence! this week we have been blessed with safety and the spirit, we have been blessed with trust one with another and just sunday we got a dvd so we can start watchiong the district videos.  i am happy and we are making every moment count. this sunday was rough because we didnt have any investigators in church, especially the family that was going so good.. but there are still in our prayers and im glad to be working here with me comp and his desire to serve. have a good week thanks for the help and the prayers.

how has safety blessed your lives and the spirit, and trusting each other? what is your ponderized this week? last chance to request for Christmas box :) I see you told dad and pres very hot still, I got one of those cold slap wraps and it is in your box at the mission office :)

we jsut have that confidence in each other.. and the trust haha that if we need to take another route to get home ya its ok.. haha im good :) send whatever you want :) haha thanks for sendign that! :) miss you guys.

Grateful you are listening to the spirit and have trust in Elder Perez, continue to follow the holy ghost, we miss you too :) chin up and carry on, the next year will fly!! love the pictures, my computer being weird in trying to open....ponderize?

did you get the pic!!??? haha in someways i hope it flys by ( the heat) and in other ways i dont.. ha sorry i hate it when we have a bad connection... the dumb computers.. the ponderize this week i was thinking 2 nephi 32 vers 3 this we ate shark in morro!!!! and we have another rat in the house.. we came home one night and cught the thing and i was hitting it with a broom and playing hockey.. ;) haha but it got away. 

did get the pictures, love to see that smiling face!!! love you my Justeroo, such a handsome kid, those blue eyes :) how was the shark, would you eat it again?  Rats, still have dcon? need to play hockey after its dead haha!! you are such a better person than I am, don't think I could do the rat thing....yuck!! use some extra money to get lots of dcon

the shark was super good!!! i would eat it again!!!!!  and the rat is smart... wont eat the dcon and we have the sticky traps... so we are going to get Thomas.. ;)  no... its funner when its a live!! i hit it and it flew and hit a cabnet door and the door opened becasued it hit so hard.. haha 


Dia de Los muertos bread, and Halloween Candy.. ha 

looks like you got a ton of rain! and the bread looks yummy, did you make it :)? get a lot of trick or treaters? tell me about the cute, trade that kid for your other kid? haha-are you happy?

a member made the bread!! it was good! but i couldnt eat alot.. made me full super fast.. the goat is benjamins!! out there in Morro! ;) and im happy!! ive had a headache all day.. and i wont lie.... going to complete a yr away from home.. im alittle homesick.. not alot.. but ive been thinking baout home.. ha 



Can you believe a whole week has gone by already  crazy fast, are you happy and enjoying your mission ? I hope so things her are super digging some basements for Brian this week and just realized we have not dug any all year so far the last one we dug was for Matt in Mt. Green with you , remember how rocky it was, but with a little work and time we made it look nice for footings, then we back filled it so nobody really saw are work but we knew we did a good job. Sometimes life is like that only we know of are good works and that is all that matters :)) I know you doing good works I may never see it but your father in heaven sees it and loves you for your efforts, so keep smoothing out the life's of are brothers and sisters so they can build a foundation on Christ .

                                You better know I love you and please be happy!!!!!
                              You know how things get more intense in the second half

                                                  Love you my friend SUPERSONS   Dad

ya that was super rocky!!!!  and you yellled at me and jordan alot!! ;) haha jk  thanks dad i really do keep that in my mind, especially with the ponderize this week i was thinkiong about what you would do in some of the situatuions... and i am happy and hot.... dying of heat.. ha love you ber safe glad you have work!! keep it up! be happy!! thanks for the yrs of suporrt! :) Love Supermans son

sorry they fell through, hope things go better, we will pray for them to keep commitment for the 24....I will put the money in checking so you can use your debit card and access it that way, sound ok? Did you get visa done? how is manuel, did you have to drop him....what was best part of week?

sounds great!!! i will get some money.. ;) haha still havent gone yet.. not sure when ill go.. an we werent able to go with manuel this week, we were just to busy.. best part this week was  that it rained..... ;) haha 

how is Benjamin, glad you got to see him again, Im so glad you are happy, sorry about your headache, do you drink a lot, even if its coke or flavored stuff, need to drink :) going to burn a shirt on Thursday?  We are missing you too, but try to think about all of the miracles that you have yet to see, set big goals for yourself to finish strong, know that we are and will always be here, your mission has a time clock, continue to make the most of it...supposed to go fast-haha!  How was your sunday? what city do you have to travel to, to complete visa stuff?

everythign is good!!! :) benjamin has his baptism set for the 5 of dec!  im going to burn a shirt on thursday!! :) ha im going to set high goals:)))))) haha Mom love you so much! but got to go.. sadly the computer problems today got the time away... love you mom!! love you all! have a  great week!! know that i love you and am so great ful for the support! be safe and kill it in Ball and be safe working!! love you all:) 

:) so funny, but so yukky! who is Thomas and how does he get rid of it? any FHE plans tonight?

Thomas is the name of the rat.. ;) haa no FHE.. just teaching tonight..

Love you too, have a very safe, happy week, I hope it is full of miracles and that the spirit is abundantly with you! listen to the spirit, so grateful we get to chat, talk to you next week-Love Mom and everybody...xoxoxs

talk with you next week!!! love you guys! Love Elder Weaver

:/ rats...have fun teaching, tell comp hello and be safe, work hard. tons of hugs and smiles, take pic of burning you, love mom

will do.. ;)