Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

HAPPY Easter!! this week was a good week and im glad to here that you and dad aare home safe and sound!!! i love how you guys got to have some new experiences and got to feel the sun!!! Easter was good...... starting with saturday, the president of the branch left on vacations and he gave us the keys to the house of prayer, and there was a family search activity and me and elder Merrill basically ran the thing, we got them internet and logged into the presidents office and got people membership numbers so that they could make new accounts.,, and then we got all the ladys set up for the womens conference that started at 6 and they loved it... it was a long day, we spent along time in the house of prayer....  and then sunday we got everything set up.... told the president of the elders quorom who was talking and ya... everything was good.,  on friday we talked with a witch.... we didnt know that she was a witch until after, when her sisster who is a member told us.... shes a witch and her husband is too... it was soooo decieving because during the lesson i was think wow shes super cool and can progress really well, then after when she had left her sister told us that she was talking very bad about us after and that shes a witch..... haha that was funnnnn... umm friday also the president and his wife came by to check our house to see if it was clean and we have a CELESTIAL HOUSE!!! haha our house is clean..... umm didnt get the video of jace....:(  glad to here you had a good bday mother!! please be happy and thanks so much for the support mom and dad!! and bros!!:) 
im pretty sure that next monday Elder Merrrill is leaving and changing areas...... from what president told us..

:) ill try and send video again, its kinda grainy anyway, but ill try! wow you had a very busy day, I am sure that the ladies loved the conference and what a treat that you got them signed up for family search activity-so impressive :)
A witch-wow! she didn't put a curse on you right? how come you were there teaching her to begin with?
I am not surprised that you have a celestial house, your room was always the cleanest and I am sure still is right now...
So are you staying in the area from what the pres said? Merrill know where he is going? are you happy that you get to stay?

Still didnt get the video..:( um well we went to a recent converts house and her sister was there and she invited us to teach her sister so we did.... ha i dont think soo.... im almost positive that im staying.... and we went know until saturday where he is leaving and who is going to be my new comp.. i hope its another greeny..;) 

hmm, sorry about video Im not sure how to send it any different....
I hope that you get another greeny too, that you they are trained correctly and will learn how to work right from the get go :)
How is Julio and Edwardo? things progressing with other investigators that you mentioned last week?
Would you like to serve in the office during your mission?  Im checking into flights and will probably get in touch with sis pres to get a little more info next week....this week we are going to saint George to watch Jace play ball in vegas on Saturday, so we will stay with steve and linda a few days and jax has spring break so we will stay and play a bit in st George weather :)
what are your plans for the week? traveling a lot? how are the people you gave blessings too? and the gunshot lady, had she recovered, I pray for her :) how about the boys parents-any progress? how are you? Happy and healthy?

Julio is doing good, didnt come to church, because the presidnet didnt come... how lame.. edwardo is still going... dont know if hes being honest when hes says hes doing everything to get his answer... dont want to serve in the offices!! nope..... NOO i wanna be in the streets! ha lucky!! thats gonna be way fun! tell them hi for me!! be safe traveling! um this week no traveling, just the Elders from Miahuatlan are going to come here to watch Conference with us because there is a gringo out there and he doesnt knwo that much spanish but wants to watch it in english.. so they are sleeping over saturday night.. and we have to change the time on saturday! so we are going to lose sleep..:(  the boys parents arent doing anything.,... its really frustrating..... im happy and healthy :)

went into a big 400 yr old catholic church today i confessed and now im clean..;)

what a beautiful building inside, and if only it were that easy-huh? do catholics know about the garden of gethsemane? do the people you teach know that he lives? I love in 3 Nephi the testimony bore to the living Christ, when reading that how can any one deny that the bofm is another testament to the Bible of Christ and that he lives

i know.... hahaha yes there are some people that know he lives and others just are super off.. haha 

so happy that Julio is good, is the pres his brother? am I thinking wrong guy? I will call temple tomorrow and put Edwardo name in, maybe he will feel the power of prayer and find an answer :) I don't blame you about the offices, I think you would miss the people on the streets and the working :) you are a fun you get to have a big slumber party-haha! great that you get to watch conference, we will be traveling to vegas and will try to listen and then we will be at jace game for priesthood so we will have to record it and then we are watching it with gma and gpa...they aren't going to the game because gmp steve still gets a little winded, but getting better :) So glad that you are happy and healthy-eating good? did pants fit from the package? if you need anything be sure to buy it and get what you need-buy something fun to eat for conference weekend :)
will you watch priesthood at the house of prayer with the whole branch?
how was easter sunday? lots of crucifixitions? lots attend sunday meetings? our sacrament was full, funny how holidays bring people to worship-the guilt gets to them-haha
So brian Parkinson got his call, he leaves in July for Rome, his mom is super excited
please send jax a hi and be happy note, he came home pretty bummed today, they wont let him run still because of his hip injury....I am sure you can make him smile today, maybe testify of reading the bofm too :) please thanks-he is missing you tons!!

no they arent bros, but that was his excuse no to go.. lame..  how is grandpa doing??  we are going to wathc it in the house of prayer but in the office so just us 3 gringos..:) it was good nope didnt see the crucixitions, but saw where thye blocked it off to do it.. there was about 40 people this sunday.. ya i just sent him a letter... tonight when you have all gone to bed maybe go say a prayer with him persnally, just to help him and give him support..:)
somthing ate my ankle 2 nights ago.. the lizard didnt bite me i jsut found it.. ha 

does it itch? can you take something for it? any ideas what is was? so sorry!!! did you get all the treats for having a clean house?
ya it itches like crazy!! i dont know to be honest... ya alllt he treats are from the house..:) 
do you have some aloe vera? any allergy pill may take away the itching and swelling, get some bug spray too, can you see bites in the red spots? do you sleep in socks, is it from socks?

i did  slepp with socks, but its been pretty hot here so i left them off and for a good week i didnt have any problems.. until 2 days ago.. but ill see if i can find somthing.. :) 

thanks so much mom i love chatting with you!! i love and miss you guys!! please be safe traveling!! know that im safe and i love you guys sooooo much!! :) have a great week! Love elder Weaver

thank you so much for chatting with me, its a treat and I treasure our hour! I love you my Justin and am so very happy for you and your growth, your testimony is growing and we can see the light of Christ in your face through your letters!! enjoy conference and being with Merrill for this week, treasure every moment and follow the holy ghost! have a beautiful spring week! be safe in all your doings! love you tons

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! LOve Elder Weaver:)))))))))))))

Good afternoon sir Justin how is life in your world? Sounds like your on fire and doing great. Can you believe how fast it has gone,and as always you rise to the top. Like I knew you could! You alway amaze me with you determination to make things happen weather it be school,football, work,fighting with dad you never give up. I have always loved that about you. I can't even fathom how much potential are Heavenly Father see and KNOWS you have. Take a moment to breath and smile at all your hard work:) I hope you know how proud I'm of you!!!!
It was nice being in the same country as you if only for a day or two, I really enjoy the Mexican people and would love to serve them as you have there so humble,most of them:) I hope your happy you deserve it keep up the hard work love the people and most of all be happy with YOUR SELF it OK I miss Mexico already can't wait to come and get you. Keep working hard as you know game are won or lost in the fourth quarter

right now its rainging.... kind of hard...  but im good!! today i was able to take a nap and i feel like i got a little bit more energy!!! thanks i know i couldnt have done it without your help!!  i feel like Satan has really been hitting me hard lately.. and i think i now know why..... like you jsut said.. the Fourth quarter can win or lose the game... thanks dad! you are super skinny!! i am going to be fatter tthan you some day! :) haha love you dad! thanks for everything! Love A VERY GREATFUL SON

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feliz Cumpleanos Madre

Hey mom just wanted to tell ya Happy Birthday , i got special permission to write a happy Bday email, just for a sec. ha thanks so much for all the love and support, i hope you are having a blast on the cruise and are being safe and are super happy!! i love you so much and im sooo lucky to have you as my mom, i know that God made me be your son because he knew that you would help me return to his presence, but not only that but im far away from him now and sometimes its hard to feel his love. but i have you my beloved mother to help me feel of his love, thanks for bearing the many burdens that i have and that somtimes by accident i have placed upon you.. thanks for bearing me at birth and bearing with with even though im a few thousand miles away, i still feel your love for me especially every monday when we can chat.. lots of the people in the wards or branches that ive been in ask if im writing anyone special at home and i always say yes, and they start to think OHH whats your girlfriends name?? and i say no no no.... My mothers name is Tammy and she writes me every week and bares with me every week through everything.. and some of the people really like that!!;) haha thanks so much mom, i know im not perfect and that ive made alot of mistakes.... even here on the mission.. But i know that our savior will keep bearing with me and helping me to stand back up after i fall  as you have been baring with me all my life.. Have a great day!! enjoy the cruise! cant wait to see you guys on Mothers Day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Con Amor Elder Weaver 

Monday, March 21, 2016


Hola mother and father!! this week was a good week!! i feel like you guys are a little bit closer.. my mind is playing games... ;) haha i can feel your presents.. haha im glad your having a good time!! hope you be safe and have new fun experiences!! umm this week a the start was real hard, we contacted a lot and made of walking... under the hot sun, but saturday and sunday it all paid off!! ha saturday we were able to find 3 new inv that i feel like really can progress!! and 2 of them are actually related to julio, the one that just got baptized and he is doing good, i got your package and ill give him the little Cristus that was in there!! and satuday i was able to give 5 blessings... 4 of them in the same house.. we went to a less active members house and she asked for a blessing for her knee and after the blessing i felt like she needed to give a blessing to here granddaughter that had a bad fever, isabela and so gave her a blessing and then the grandma lives with her siuster adn brother still, and they were doing bd and so i gave a blessing to her brother and her sister.... and about 2 days before we were in the same house and we gave a blessing the isabellas little sister that had the fever first and i gave it to her and when we got there she was crying bad and after the blessing she just sat there and her grandma went to get some apple juice and when she got back i asked her to ask the little girl about how she felt, and she didd.. and she said she felt just great!! and when we left she was jumping up and down and laughing and playing withhus.... it was a good week for blessings and my comp was able to give his first blessing last monday to a young girl that was pretty sick and he did a great job!!! this week we are still looking for alot of new people and Edwardo is doing good he gave up cofee and fasted saturday to get his answer so we are still trying to help him recognize his answer!! the pics are stuper great of you jace!!!! congragualtions!!! wish i could have been there but i understand..;) how was it how did you propose!?? who was there??  did you cry did she cry!!?? did dad cry!!?? miss you hope and pray that you know im very greatful for your example.. Jax i hope your ok!! when i get back ill brake that kids nose.. that did that to you.. dont know the full story but hope you are doing good!! love you Jordan!!! te extra├▒o mucho a veces tiempo pasa tan rapido que no tenemos tiempo para hacer todo en el dia.... te amo... Love you guys!! Elder Weaver 

Emmanual and his bro and sisters
Ponderize  luke 24 4-11

Friday, March 18, 2016


My Dear Beloved Mother and Father, this week was a more relaxing and calm, i went on divisions witht the Elders from zimatlan and i also did a interview out there for one of their baptisms... they are doing good and working hard, tuesday and wednesday we got some agua and it rained pretty bad,  and it was pretty fun... my shoes are still water proof.. We are teadching a teenager, he is the brother or Daniel, a kid that got baptized in jan. and he is now our mission leader, i got to do the setting apart.. that was a good new experience, and this kid didnt feel anyting in the baptisms of his mom and neither of his brother.. so we are trying hard to help him to get his answer, he knows everything and has all of his attendence in the church, just needs his answer.. friday Elder Merrill had a pretty bad headache so we stayed in the house all day and left for about 2 hours to work.. and the kids couldnt come to church this week they left with their mom and dad, and Elder Merrill and me couldnt find any new invesitigators this week.. so that was rough..but we keep going forward!! happyPIE DAY.. my package got here.. now ii just need to got to Oaxaca to get it...  we had a a good week... kind of slow... but it was a good one.. im happpy!! and healthy! Love Elder Weaver
can you send a pic of the ring??  and are you guys flying to cali??

:) glad that you had a relaxing week, sometimes that needs to happen so you can build back up to hit things hard again :) its called a recovery week:) and happy to hear about your package, did they call and tell you it was there, I looked this morning and still not there....glad it made it-when will you get it? What is the teenagers name, we will pray for him and his family and put their names in the temple, we still pray for Julio and for the boys families...
Sorry about Elder Merrill, hope he is better today? Did you do anything fun today? Do you have FHE tonight? are the kids gone for good?
glad your shoes are water proof, are you staying warm at night?
Do you every hear how little Benjamin is?  I was looking at old posts and saw the pic from his baptism, such a great sight!!!

ya for sure... ya me too!! now i just need to go get it.. and that might have to wait until next monday.. we called to check, and he said its there..:) his name is Edwardo...:) hes 20.. ya hes doing alot better and today we got our hair cut and fixed my watch, dont have a FHe... i watned to but jsut didnt work out.. the kids are doing super good!!! and we had a good talk with there mom, and they said they are coming next week! nope... havent heard from him, but my other comp is still there and says hes doinmg good!

 baby Jesus...
Hmmm, that's really different, a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, glad that it is something that we don't do, and did you say a lot of families have them? do they mind you taking them?
ya there are a ton of them!!!! and there is a day in feb, when they all take there baby jesuss to church to worship with them..

these are tazos.. they are super fun..
Yea, so happy that you are happy and healthy!! Im excited that you will get package before easter, and speaking of next Monday, we may not be able to chat, Dad and I will be in Cozumel Mexico and we are thinking we will be back on the boat by then, but if not, don't worry....Ill have the boys look for your emails and maybe Jordan and Jace can chat, you can chat with Jacer about the engagement-so crazy huh!  You will really like her tho, she fits our family very well and teases right back, even takes my side sometimes, so now Ill have another person on my side-haha!
We will pray for Edwardo :) I love your hair short, do you? do you need to get a new watch? you have 160$ in account, I moved more over so that if you need it you can use it-
It has started raining and snowing again today, and right now it sounds like it is hailing :/  I want spring :)  are you getting excited for conference?  I know that you said that you would be with Merrill until april, is it the first of April or do you know when?

Sweet!!  are you flying to cali!!??? please please please send me a video.. of the engagment.. ha  i do... i dontknow why now.. but i do, i love my hair short. im good the guy was nice and fixed it for me! im super stoke for conference, and the monday that follows is transfers.. the 4th

We are actually flying to Orlando :) I will send video for sure, you look great with your hair short, I keep telling Jax we need to do the same with his hair :) so do you have any feelings yet if you are going to stay or be transferred? how is being district leader going? have good missionaries you are over?  I love that you get that leadership experience, great practice for things to come for callings in the church :) Do you have a ponderize?
Easter is coming much Crucifixion yet?
Love the pictures what exactly are Tazos? the bridge picture is awesome, what a neat bridge! We smile at pictures like that because you were such a pill the day we took pictures with Gma Pat and then you kinda got into it :) think about a modeling career :)

Orlando?? Florida???? its been good ive really enjoyed it... ive felt like ive forgotten myself more.. which is good :) ya the missionaires are good:) no crucifixions yet.... maybe this week.. , no icant be a hand mnodel like dad... im not good enough.. Alma 26 12

Did you fly into Orlando when you went with Elwells? speaking of which, hardly see them, but when we do see James in his car, he looks kinda chuncky and I think he is up here now, not really doing the school thing, see his car at Woolseys a lot, those two are working in a rest home/rehab center taking care of old people, have super long hair, like as long as mine last time I saw, Nate Vaughn has gone on a rode trip with his brother, they bought a van and touring the states, I think he has chosen a totally different life style and the church is not a part of it, which breaks his grandmas heart, the Marthew twins are getting married-so weird I think....we really need to find Jordan someone :) haha!! are you writing anyone serious?
I can see that you have lost yourself in the work and I have to tell you, I think you sound the happiest you have been in your whole life, except with the plain city prayer :) which makes me so happy!!! and you could be a model, not just a hand model....
So do you still write the mission pres since you report to zone leaders so much?
any one in the ward work with their neighbors to share the gospel?

ya thats were we flew to.. please be safe!!!! :)  adn wow thats sooooo crazy... ill cut there hair when i get back,,,;) ha soo sad about nate and the marthew twins are marrying each other???? that is really weird to think..;) no.. jk.. haha ive been prayinfor jordan.. is he still going witht he wren girl? i only eamil you seriously..... haha because with marcus i talk silly...;)  haha npe just you.. ya i still write him every week.. yes everyone.. but they jsut dont want to come with us to share with them.. ha hey do you think that Jesus got married??? :)

We will be safe and send you pictures, no the twins aren't marring each other, Jordan does seem to really like this girl, and you can be silly with me too!
This is gospel according to mom, but I do think Christ was married, it was tradition for the bridegroom to supply the wine, was it his wedding that he turned the grapes to wine, and being prepared for the wedding, he had to experience all that we do, he was the perfect example and to be a god had to be married with an eternal companion, I really think he was, does that come up a lot? Jacer knows his bible the best, we will have to ask him if he has good scripture references and send to you :)
Do you think he was?

sounds good!!!!!!  haha ok ill be silly to..;)  umm yes i do!!!! i also know of many experiences and i feel like he was!! it was just a question that me and elder merrill had,... ha :)

Jax playing basketball....sent a shorter clip did it work?

ya it worked good! hes tall! and big! BUFFFFF :) youll have to look a video up.. its in spanish but its good its called nunca pense and its by david archuleta.. me too!! i miis you guys tons!!! i cant wait to see ya on skype... onlya few more days!! ha

your ponderize scripture is a great one for this week, I need that, sometimes I doubt myself and my calling as a mom, but I know that with the Lords help and if I try my best that things, you boys will be super despite my thanks!!! Does the branch have anything planned for easter? an egg hunt? just think you will be home for Lynns big egg hunt next year :) its gotten bigger if you can believe it...Ill save you some:)

not that i know of.. this week they are going tothe temple and saturday they are going paintballing... i asked for permission to go.. i know the answer but its worth asking...;)haha wow how could it get bigger??????? haha well, thanks so muych mom for the chat and the venting time.. i love you so much and i miss your hugs so much.. please dont look at your faults, because then nobody would get anywhere in life..;) Christ looks at our abilities and works WITH us..;) lve you guys ill be waiting for lots of pics!! :) and a very important video:) haha please be safe!! love you guys! Love elder weaver

Love you too and thanks for chatting with me, I love this time, and I know that you are busy missionary-so thanks for taking time-please be safe and Ill send video that night :) love you tons and treasure you most!
Love mom
Dad says be super duper-:)

thanks love you guys!!! :) have a good trip!

Monday, March 7, 2016

good week

Dear mom, this week was a pretty good one.. ill start from tuesday, i went out ot miahutlan on tuesday to do divisions with elder lindsay and me and him had a great time... we were teaching a final lesson and we went to give a blessing to a lady that had been shot and her husband was killed and her 6 month baby.. i didnt know her and i didnt know her situation, but Elder lindsay only has about 5 months on the mission and he didnt watnt to get the blessing and neither did the ward mission leader, so i gave the blessing.. we went into the room and she was hooked up to a machinc and had a toob in her mouth and was breathing very hard, she couldnt talk and she was super bad.. but during that blessing i felt like i got to know her very well... i gave the blessing and her whole famile of about 9 where just all quiet and didnt say anyting and i went to leave her bed after the blessing and looked back at her and she looked at me and smiled.. that touched my heart. and i grabbed her hand andtold her nice to meet you. and smiled back.  and the family was telling us thank you and they were all just sooo happy.. ha that was tuesday!
Thursday we had the zone conference and President talked to us about the culture of the mission and he is just a great guy and so is is wife, we keep on joking about the utes and byu.. ha and that day Elder Ramirez came with Elder Merrill and me on splits and we had a great day! we got back to our area t about 4 and we still had 5 lessons and 1 new..  and we got a baby jesus.. ha and we bought 60 tacos..... oh wow they were good. Elder Ramirez was a branch president, and he was also in Linda Vista, so me and him were able to talk about the area and the good times we had..
Friday he did the interview with julio and he passed!!! he ran out and ran away for about a half hour during the interview but then came back, he sid that he had to drop somthing off.. ha and then we took Elder Ramirez back to his area in xoxocotlan and the Cathlics had there free water day.. we got free water. ha and then we came back to our area and ate then went to Zimatlan and i did a baptism interview for them, she passed! super great lady!! and  then we came back and ya..
Saturday we had julios baptism, we got there at about 2 and the drain wouldnt work, so me and Elder Merrill drained the font with buckets.. took us a good hour..   and then Julio should up and his buddy danny! and he is now our new mision lider! i set him apart yesterday! and beofre the baptism started President madsen called me and said hey what time is your baptism?? and i told him at 6 and him and his wife were able to come and be at the baptism.. and he shared a little message about enduring to the end.. it was great!!!! its been a super good week, today we just rested and washed and cleaned the house, this  week ill go on divisions with Zimatlan and do another interview over there.. and Giovanni and Emmanuels parents didnt come either.. we are still seeing what we can do for them... im glad to hear you all had a good week! if jace proposes please film it.. i wanna see.... i wanna be a part of it..;)) haha love you all so much thanks so much for the prayers.. we were safe in all of our travels.. love you Elder Weaver

what a great week you have had, I love all of the spiritual experiences that you are having and so glad that you get to feel so close to the spirit, makes me want to work harder as a member missionary to feel that same spirit!
What a great blessing to have Pres come to baptism, who got to do the ordinance? Was Julio at church yesterday? do the boys still attend church? free water from the Catholics, I love it, do they say anything about your tags?  Did you take any pics of baptism or your travels? I am hoping that we will get to be there when he proposes, he is trying to get ring Friday and not sure when he will pop the question, but for sure Ill send video
how was the lady shot and husband and baby? where were they? love the Utah byu banter....we will have to bring him a Utah hat :)
you got a baby Jesus? that needs explanations :) Did Ramirez know anything about Pedro? was that the same place?

haha the president fromt he branch baptized him,  and yes he was in church and th boys still attend church but we take them every week..  they were just in miahuatlan and someithng happend and ya... shes been shot..  and the baby jesus.. is froma  recent convert we started to explain to her that she can have like a litte mini temple in her house but she has to get rid of her badby jesus.. its somthing that she worshipped beeofre.. and she gave it to us.. and hwe are going to brake it and burn it.. ;)
you need to wear red tie when around pres :)
i know right....


that is elder ramirez our companionship ties..PSYCH, and Julio on baptism day :)

send a picture of baby jesus :) hope that the lady makes a full recovery, will she be out for funerals? It is so fun to read your Spanglish, your language is truly there, I hope you will be able to speak to us on Mothers day, Jordan may have to translate :)
Jordan bought an aerator last weekend and did our yard today, yea, so excited for spring-how has your weather been? hope you get your package this week, will the office let you know when it is there?
are you having fhe tonight?
were your tacos street tacos, 60 is a lot, however I know that they are kinda small....sounds like you are eating better, are you feeling good and sleeping good? how is our rock throwing missionary doing?

ill take one.. but walkng back home we had it in a black bag and i "accidently" hit it against a pole and the head broke.. but ill take a pic. no fhe.. we are going to help the presidnt of th branch with some englsih hw.. and we are hopefully ggoing to find  great new!! today! the weather has been good rained alittle bit.. and it felt soo good! we are doing good and the rock throwing missinary is doing good!! hahaha

the ties are awesome!!! love it!! are you wearing your new pants, they look good! your definitely a very handsome missionary!!! did Merrill watch psych? I love you Justin!! love that smile, you sound very happy!!

ya he watched PSYCH.. almost as much as me nd jax.. maybe a little more..

that's ok if you cant get picture, do a lot of people worship the baby Jesus? We will pray that you find a great new investigator tonight!!! what is the hardest thing for people to believe about our church, or the hardest thing to teach?

ya... theres actaully a day in feburary when they go to church with there baby jesuss... hahah that was a funny sight..;) i think its very hard for people to accept that the church was started in the united stares.. but then we have to give thema  history class about religous freedom.. ha

I know you mean restored in the US :) they have so many ruins that could correlate with the bofm and the people, I would think it would be like a history lesson for them-no? get to go to the temple again soon? Do they start Easter celebrations or I should say, crucifixion stuff soon because of Easter?

YES.. haha my bad.. im not sure but i imagine that yes they will start doing cucifixions.. they have hard time becsue they wanna go to Zerahemla and they dont believe it exists, and that there werent horses or coins here in the americas.. thats something hard forthem

I love that you have had the blessing of Elder Merrill, he will probably be a friend for life :) brother from another mother, which reminds me I need to email his mom :) I friended her on your fb, so I will put up some pix of you two together and tag him :)
Remember that gma and gpa put $20 in account for easter, be sure to get what you need, I check every now and then and you have the money there to use :) how is the apartment?

ok thanks:) haha its good... still has 2 rooms and 1 batheroom...;)

hahahhahaha!! I figured as much, everything working? need to buy a toaster, or blender? do you have to iron very often? do you live by members? is it quiet at night?

yes everything working and good! we have a blender.. and a iron dont live by members.. or neighbors get drunk alot but they are cool with us gringos.. ha

hmmm, things that we take for granted growing up in the gospel, how grateful I am that we had that opportunity, for whatever reason, or what we did in the pre-existence to earn that great very blessed!!
So dad and I are cruising again...we leave on the 19th and back on the 26th, we are flying to Orlando and cruising to Cozumel and Belize, Hondoras, and Costa Maya Mexico, we are excited to see new places and try new kinda in your part of the world just the other side of Mexico....but soon we will be with you :)

HOLY COW!! another cruz???? for your bday??  have fun!and be safe..;) ha  thats gonna be way fun!! tell jax hes gotta keep his grades up to play college ball.. what is he doing in track???

So glad, do you still feel safe in this area? how about the other areas you travel too? are the other areas also made up of branches, do they have very big meeting houses? another thing we take for granted :)
I told you we had stake conference yesterday and they announced that the attendance that day was 22%, which is so sad to me when we only have to travel less than a few miles and people that have a greater distance make so much more of a sacrifice to attend their meetings...glad the apartment is great!

ya i feel safe here and in other areas..  they also have branches.. how is President Wade doing???
i interviewed the lady in white on friday.. she is now a member and he youngest daughter her name is Leticia, shes great. and thats Elder Silva.. hes a great Elder

They always look so beautiful in white, what a great thing you get to do right now, and I say you get to do because you don't have too, but choose to! Do you have a ponderize this week?

ya its pretty fun.. the spirit is diffreent but way strong in interviews..  i dont.. do you???

yes we will be gone for my bday...Jax is running sprints, Shultz asked him if he wanted to try and throw Jav, he said maybe next year, he really wants to focus on getting his 40 time better and be faster, he is hoping to run the ball this year for varsity as well as play defense....he is girl struck right now and the freedom of a car and social life is appealing, especially since he doesn't have friends around he left at 7:00, had track after school, lifts, then he has a rec basketball game in roy at 5:30, then he wants to stay for the faculty talent show, and he will have some homework for math, it is an easy day for him tomorrow, but he needs to focus, but you know, its hard when your so involved!

haha thats true.... sorry.... ha hes super busy... and hows jordan and this girl?

has Jordan written you about her? do you remember W Parker, she is your age, they have been out a few times and he has kissed her already, that is a big step, they seem really cute together and she is very nice, she is a self motivated person which is great!  I know it would be fast but would love for him to get married, maybe not as fast as Jace, a couple of months after you are home, :)

ya for sure a couple months after i get home... hahaha that would be great!! shes a great girl and ive been praying super hard for jordan and i think and ponder about how i could help him.. ha
love you mom!! thanks aGIAN for chatting with me.. i love you and i love you dad! keep diggn them holes..;) thanks for the love and support!!! ive got the best family by far.. can wait for " no shave november" im going to grow the biggest beard..;) ha jk.. but maybe.. i got faith.. have a great week!!!!! love you all so much!! have a great week! please film jace..... i wanna see.. ha love you all! Con amor Elder Weaver
love you guys have a good week!!!! :) Elder Weaver
can't believe time is up happy and safe, love you so much, I know that you can grow the best beard, in your heart :) haha, to me it would be a blessing to not have to shave-but I don't know....have a great week, be super duper, safe while traveling and send our love to those you visit-treasure the spring time, look for you tons,
Mom and dad