Monday, September 5, 2016

This week was a crazy fast week!!

This week was a crazy fast week!!  so on wednesday we had the multi zone it gt changed and it was super great i really do  love president and his wife... they are jsut fantastic!! and they sang to me on my bday!!! and then on thursday i went on splits and i interviewed 3 klids and talked with a aunt about the kids and we ended up waiting a little time but hopefully for this week they will be getting baptized.... and then karla had her baptismal interview friday in  the morning and she totally pased and she asked me to baptized her!!! what a bday gift... hahaha it was great, but the sad thing was wsa that there was more missionaries at her baptism then there was members.... haha but that was super good and next week she is going to be going to the temple.. i went to the offices today and still no package but the Elder was going to go to pick up some packages around 2 but he couldnt so he is going to tomorrow morning and he is gonna call me to let me know if one of them is mine...  I HOPE SOOOOO ha
This week.. welp tomorrow im gonna be working with the asistants after the district meeting we are going to go to the  are of casa blanca! and then come back and we are still woking with Raul we want him to get baptized on friday but he is still un sure... so if you could send pryares his way... haha and then friday i am going to be doing 4 interviews.... for baptism... i wont lie i love to do interviews.!! its great but afterwards i am just drained!! haha but its great!! soooo its gonna be another somewhat busy week trying to get Raul to be baptized this week and doing splits with the asistants and doing more interviews and hopefully getting a package... lve you all keep up the good work jax!!! i hope i can see ya play when i get back!! keep working hard!! say your prayers each night and do your part so that your hip heels good!! :) love you guys! Elder Weaver 
Wow what a very busy busy week! So happy that the work is moving forward and it sounds like its moving faster each week! Just think for a minute how things were when you first got to this area and the difference now, what a blessing you are to those people and they have been to you, learning so much and seeing your hard work pay off! Tell me names so I can add to temple prayer roll, Raul of course! And did you get to have dinner with the villanuevas?  Fingers crossed about package!!Tomorrow sounds so fun with the assistants and ill have to look up the area of casa blanca… white house? Haha!  Jax is just leaving for practice so great time for the words of encouragement…How are you? You sound very happy…get to rest today and do something fun?
yes we ate dinner with them we ate spegetti and salad and frech bread!! i hope that its my package! haha jax iss a beast he looks like he just tares things up on the field in the pics that you sent.. haha yes im happy!! !i am using the time left...50 days as a motivater to keep working hard,.. haha today we went to the ofices to get supplkies for the Zone.. went and got food and washed my Gs... thats it.. haha hey just wnated you to know that i am kind of worried abpout you guys when you come... as in the food..... the food is very strong.. haha 
Yum I bet it was good, don’t worry about us and food, we will bring along some pepto and tums and say prayers over it �:;0 haha! He does a great job and I wish that he had the confidence to go with it, some one yelling for him like you did,  haha! Can you believe we will see you next month…so so excited! I am glad to hear that you are staying motivated and continue to work hard! Leave you mark on the work!!! Still a very busy day for you today, have power and water, so funny that I have to ask week to week…. Having fhe tonight?
but you might need something stronger for your stomachs... haha ummm ill be there yelling for sure i have missed the ability to yell... but i wanna yell.... haha;) and yes we have power and agua.. no FHE.. we might go help and give service... maybe..Ok, we will look into something, do you think it is stronger than Veracruz and Villahermosa? What foods are you thinking will be different and we can start trying to adjust now-haha! So glad you have power and water! Getting good food? Yelling is good, lets out so many feelings!!! Service is a good idea, if you have the time, your city seems pretty self suffiecient compared to others you have been in, are you still attending two wards? Liking one more than the other? Which one will we attend with you? Or do we get to go to both?
yes we are in 2 wards.. we are in church from 8 to 4... haha it gets to be long sometimes.... hahaha im just not sure.... the other day we ate cow stomach.. its called Mondungo.... and wow... it was sooo hard to eat.. smelled like poop.... not being mean... and we ate it in a soup.. it was sooo hard.. my comp couldnt finsh... hahah but idk.... about the food.... haha 
Hmmmm, yea I’m not going to practice eating that, and I will pray so hard that we wont come acrossed it,  yikes…. Do very many members know we are coming? How many other elders are going home same time as you? Are the pres and Hermana madsen having a devotional for you still?
yes a few know that you guys are coming actually.... hahaha yes they are still gonna have a devotional dinner and its me and 4 other elders and 2 sisters.. Wow that is a big group leaving, I have noticed a lot of new missionaries to your area on fb with pres, so great that the work is moving so well in that area now, are protests still going on, we haven’t heard anything for sometime and kinda figured they are over? Are you staying dry lately? Get to see pres Villanueva soon?
the last 2 days it was raining but today has been clear... haha i dont know when ill seen pres villanueava again why!=? 
Just wondered, seems like such a great guy and responded to dads text and said he was happy you are there! Hope we get to meet him and his family We are making reservations this week, please give me your home address where you live right now…

we live in the Colony Ixcotel calle 16 de septiembre en la residencial doña Soila number 9 its somwhat by the baseball stadium.. 
Great we will look it up! Love you tons, be happy and prayers are with Raul, big smiles and lots of hugs!!! Enjoy every moment
Love always mom and dad
 love you guys! have a good week! Elder Weaver 

Karla got baptized! and almost the whole zone came with investigators_______________
and what was dad thinking about me playing ball...? where? 
This is your father I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO PLAY BALL ANY WHERE !!!!!!!!!!I just love to watch my son be awesome at what ever they do :))))))
hahaha thanks dad! :) love ya___________________

Dad and ball, just wait till you get home to work things out about school and ball, see how you feel and what direction you want to take your education and career…he likes to make comments and it has been hard for him to not see jacer continue but things still move forward and life is good! 😊 not to worry or stress about that now
alright.. to be honest i dont write her... unless its like once every 2 months.. haha but ill start to think more about ball and a career... i have been thinking abnd readmg my blessing... but ya..Hey  mom love ya thanks for chatting with me!! you ar the best i love you guys hope you have a great week!! !talk with ya nect week!! :) Elder Weaver
 Just remember you are super duper!!!
thanks ou too!! have a good week! love ya Elder Weaver
this is Raul... the one that we want to baptize this week his bday is the 30th or August.. so they cgot us a cake..
What great, great pictures, love the big smiles!! She looks so pretty in white! And so nice that they got a cake, what a great bday, one that you will never forget!! Excited for Raul!! How are things with comp? love that you love the madsens, some missionaries are so happy with mission pres and I cant imagine how hard that would be, so grateful for them and that they love you and care for you…tell me about the conference, was it all classes, and teaching, what did you learn?
things are good with comp..._______-... haha but im good the conference was super good we were all together and sister madsen taught us a little and then president and we could make comments and things like that and i told us story about the buddist white guys and made some other comments!! it was super good... its really funny cuz pres gives me sooo much crap about the UTEs... i mean just for beeing a UTES FAN.. haha 
So I will have to bring him a Utah shirt, what size would you say he is? So funny…speaking of which we went to our first home game with our own season tickets 😊 they blew out SUU so not really a game but wear red all week because this weekend is the holy war, at the U, byu has new coaches and staff and they had a big win against Arizona this weekend…makes me a little nervous…haha! Should be an exciting game!Is raul a single guy and how many times will you meet with him this week for the baptism to happen this weekend?
yes he is a single man he is 17 just turned 17... and we are going to try and see him like maybe 2 this week before his baptizm if we get him baptized... haha he might be a a XL.. just because he is soooo tall... ha were is the Holy War gonna be at?
So he is jax age, almost exactly, what a great thing to have a Spanish little bro in the field, the holy war will be at Utah, so glad, it is part of our season tickets, Do you get much physical activity besides walking anymore, for a while you were playing bball? Have you heard anything about past members from other areas and how they are doing like Jose, or Pedro, who had the leg accident? and the boys (little boys you baptized)? Any more about transfers coming up, think youll get a new one?
no i havent been able to do much exercise.. haha because we are reporting late in the night and in the morning its hard... haha to work out.. i still get on time and everythign... but ya..ha and 2 sundays ago a family from my first area came to my ward and they saw m,e and they were shocked at how well i was talking.. because when i was there i couldnt talk anbything.... haha but i heard that Pedro is working and goes to church every once and a while.. and the kids are doing good..
You still look great, for not get to exercise, I’m jealous! And how great that you get kind of a progress report about your language, what a great compliment on your hard work with learning the gospel in a language and how funning that they came to your ward, there are no coincidences in the gospel…._______________!How is the Martinez family? You had me put their names in the temple a month ago and haven’t said much about since…So what is casa blanca? Is it far?
i just wrote him.... :) and casa blanca is somewhat close to the temple... kind of... haha but they are doing good they are maiking things work.... but they are going to be changing wards in like november.... 
So will you get to go to the temple with Karla? Will she get her endowments already or do baptisms for the dead…I think it is great that so many elsers showed up but I agree she needs the wards support too for her baptism…I will add Martinez family to the list again, I have a ponderize…2 Nephi 32:3 do you have one?
im gonna ask to see if we can go to the temple with her.. and she is only gonna do baptizms for the dead.. she has to wait a yr to get her endowments out..and my ponderize is moroni 7 verse 5
Great scripture!! You are good! �:):): feelings about transfer and new comp?
in the interviews i asked pres. and i am pretty sure that ill stay with Eler Ringle until i end... haha 
Hmm well there must be a purpose for his plan and keep chin up and work hard, till the end, like you are and blessings will come, of love and patience
So happy that you sound so happy!!! Love Mondays to hear how things are in your part of the world, during the week I think of so many things to tell you and ask and then I forget, I really should keep a list-haha, but I love hearing about your experience and seeing how you are growing and your testimony is so great of the work and the people you are serving I am so very proud of you! Do you have goals for the next 50 days?

thanks!! haha i am happy to hear your testimony aswell!! thanks! haha and i have the goal not to die.. like im not gonna stop being obedient.. 
Great goal to have your whole life even, all of us should,  and what a blessing to know that if we slip we can repent
I love you too and hope that you have a very fantastic week ahead of you full of blessings and safety, please follow the promptings and be well, tell comp to be happy! Fingers crossed you get your package and treasure Mondays soooo much-God bless you justeroo, be happy and smell the flowres,
Love mom

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