Monday, May 30, 2016

spirit so strong...

Happy monday mother, this week was a good/hard week, we were contacting alot and we found jsut 4 new people to teach and we had 4 people that are golden come to us and tell us that they want to know more about the Gospel, but they dont live in our area.... haha so thats been kind of funny.. we gave a lot of service this week we went to help a member dig his wale so they can have water, and we also helped a lady move houses.. and so i feel like we are really getting the trust from the members.. also my comp and i spoke on Sunday to Ixcotel and my comp went first then i did and the spirit was super strong and then the brother Dewolfe and sister Dewolfe spoke also and the spirit was great.. ( they are temple workers and jsut came to visit) and when the last prayer was said and it was time to go to other classes no one got up.-. no one moved.. i feel like this ward has gone some time without feeling the spirit so strong...;) hahaha but it was good then after those services, we stayed for the ward conference of Bosque.. and that was great!! the stake presidnet is a little short guy and tomorrow we are going to meet with him to talk about the stake and how things are going.. the stake presidency has the goal to leave with the missionaries at least 10 times a week.. or so we as missionaries could have them leave with us... so we can have more lessons with members.. we dont have to give the zone meeting this week and we didnt do it last week.. president is going to give it this transfer because he is going to be tlking about new rules-- we can now use sun glasses and hats! and sisters can use pants... haha  its beeen a good weeek..  we werent able to find Karmen last weeek at all.. we went by a few times and she was eaither just leaving or just getting home and was tired... :( but all is well... 

qs.... Did jax get braces off!!??? and i didnt get a email from kenzie... ha sad.. thats great youre going to meet her again! tell her HOLA

😉 sounds like you have a had a very busy happy week full of the spirit, I'm so happy for you, yes Jax got his braces off I'll send a smile pix, course he likes those as much as you did haha!!! We are meeting carol in a few minutes but I want to still chat, it just maybe a little slower cuz I'm using my phone ;) tell me how you found new contacts?

we found them contacting and using the area book, and looking for people that had already talked with missionaries before, that maybe werent ready yet.. but are now ready..;)
So happy prayers have definitely been  answered and I've put names in temple :) power of priesthood is so strong!!!  Do you teach in their home?  We are going to have an investigator and husband over Friday, to hear some lessons kinda nervous but love have elders in our home :) any news if package made it? 

ya forreal the power of prayer and priesthood.. and faithya we teach in their homes!!! its raining right now.. ha i went to the offices today but there was no package.. ha 

Last I heard its on way and that was a few days ago...hope this week!!! 
What did you talk about Sunday, can you send me that you are basically converting the whole ward bringing the spirit of missionary work-what a testimony that you are called to be there at this time, brings tears to my eyes!!! 
i didnt write it...because they asked us to talk about 10 min before the meeting started.. haha sorry! 
i talked about ammon and when he went to the land of the lamanites and had soo much succes and miracles and alama 26 12 my favorite scrip.. and then i talked about how my comp and me are there to help serve the members and act as though Christ would act..  and that we are willing and want to work with the members to have miralces happen.. it was good ;)
do you know my return date yet!?!?
I'll forward you mission moms letter... We are hoping to come the first date! 
Definitely inspired!!! How are you liking comp?
good... hes from mexico.. doesnt show that much respect.. but its all good.. hes very touchy... somtimes i feel real uncomfortable.. haha ok send it!! 
I sent letter did you get it? What do you think? 
Is he touchy like touches you touchy or over sensitive touchy? Keep a stick by your bed!!!
nope i havent gotten packages or letters.. like he touches me alot!! haha actaully i stole his machete and i sleep next to it.. ;)
I meant letter from sis Madsen I forwarded it to ya...?  He better stop-if it gets too much mention to pres
oh ya i got it... i hope its the 26th to be honest so that we can go around and vist members and converts! ha i will no worries! hey mom i got to go... thanks sooo much again AGAIN for chatting love you so much and i am sooo greatful for your example to me tell the family hello! you should send pics of bailey and her future husband! love you dad!! keep playing with your thumbs..;) your the best! :) love you guys! Elder Weaver
I will!!! I'll send pix, love you Justin!!! Have great week, I'll push for first date!!! Hope you get box this week!! Enjoy every moment, treasure all!!! Don't let comp touch!!! Continue to work hard!!!love you tons, gave a super week! We all love ya!!!
Mom xoxoxs 
Love you guys! Elder Weaver 
Love you so much justerooo! Have a fun safe week!!! Love you tons! Mom xoxoxs

Hermano DeWolf, y Hermana DeWolf.. they are great!  
Comp loves to Laugh.

This kid is Limhi.. he got baptized last monday.. hes a great kid.. we got there just in time for the cake.. and cleanup.

Hola mi hermano smiles from brothers!!!
He went to play volleyball with friends, we don't see him much! 
did he move out!??!
No but we have had discussions, I think he needs too, he is a grown up but I think I'm keeping from moving on...sad but true hope you can move into basement :)
dont mean to be rude but i do too..;) haha i love the poor kid.... and pray soooo hard everynight soo he can find a girl and get going with life.
Me too, I thinking of fasting for him Sunday-wanna with me?
YUPPPPPP :) ill dooo it 
Awesome!!!! Do you know I love ya and so proud of you!!! You are a great example to us-especially Jax....he and jace can't seem to get along lately, he misses you tons!!! He is learning and growing and so excited for ball this year, we are too! He is so much like you, love it!!! Any advice for summer missionary prep for Jax?
talk and ask questions.. its better to learn and understand it in the class then when you are in the field... ha :)  imiss them both to be honest... and you and dad.. haha but on sunday im down to jsut one hand of months......5.... wow.... haha 
Love it!!!! I am counting, but don't want to mention it cuz don't want you get trunky! Haha! 
haha ya im trying my best to stay focused..  haha 
;) I know and you are doing a great job!!! I can Sean's tell your testimony is growing so much!!! I love to see your pix because you can tell you are in the service of our lord!!! Any more service opportunity this week? Traveling much anymore?
not traveling tooo much but this week we are doing splits and im gonna be with Eldre reyes again in violetas :)0 love you mom! 

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