Monday, May 23, 2016

busy week!

This is a bug that we caught and we tied a string to it and it was glying above us like a remote control plane... ha mexican technology..;)
 GOOD COMPS IN THE ADO on transfer day.. 1 weeks ago

my comp is Elder SaldaƱa and the first thing he took out when we got to the house to un-pack was his macchete
 Rain a tad bit..

 i stepped in gum 3 days in a row.. made me a little mad.. 

EAGER WEAVER ..trailer.....

Looks like great guy!!! You liking him? The bug is huge!!!  Are there lots that big? Do they bite? What a jug of water!!! Do you carry it to market and refill!!!
Have you heard anything about church provides great bug spray for you?
ya hes great!! we are working  hard ! they dont bite but they make a really anoying sound.. we take the water to a store and they change it out for a new one!
theres a pond in my area thats pretty cool and has some big fish in it

You look so great with short hair! You look very happy!!! Can you fish in pond? That's a lot of rain...does it get in your apartment? Rain all day like that or just few hours? Minutes? How are you? Testimony growing? What doing for zone conf?
and i jsut got my hair cut today! ha no you cant fish in pond... doesnt get into the apartment.. just a few hours.. im good!! soo many things im trying to deal with but still trying to work in our area.. and learn the area... ha not sure about Zone conference.. 
Pick a ponderize :) 
Have you heard about new release date being November 2? Unless Latin elders need to go home because of visa dates then you can be ours earlier :)
1 nefi 1 and nope... i hadnt heard yet... but thanks!!! !hey got to go mom!!!! love you sooooo much thanks for chatting with me have a great week feel better and thansk for evrything! love you dad! take care of mom.. ;) haha have a great week! love Elder Weaver
Love you!!! Chin up work hard!!!
Love ya bunches-
Family from home :)

Dear mom and Dad,
 i havent heard anything form sister madsen... haha sorry but just havent seen her  lately.. i hope you and Jax are feeling better!  this week was a pretty busy week! we were in the offices alot this week and we were suppose to have the meeting with president on friday but it got concelled  and changed to saturday morning.. but my comp had already bought bus tickets to go out to juchitan and so we called president and he said that it was fine that we went to juchitan for the baptism and the asistannts could get us caught up on things... while we were in juchitan i walked by the Subway that presidnet got shot at 2 times!!! haha :) and we walked through the most dangerous parts and ate some really good tlayudas... you guys need to try tlayudas when you get here!! and posotle! its SUPER GREAT!!!! but the baptism went all good it was in about half spanish and about half Zapoteco... that was cool!!! traveled back here yesterday and got in contact with our bishop and asked him about things about the ward and he was almost crying because me and my new comp are here... the other elders really made things hard for the members here.. but we are doing good.. we put the goal with the bishop to win back the confidence of the members.... haha:) so thats how things are right now... this week we are having a good week but for the next week we might be having a Zone meeting.... thatll be my first one.. Karmen is doing good! and we have been contacting... this last week we knocked 80 doors in 3 days and 40 answered... and we only have 2 new people that we are now teaching... soooo we keep praying... and praying.. but things are good!!!! :) we have lots of work and me and my comp are doing good... :)
Love love all the pix!!! Gum is probably karma cuz I spit mine out wherever :P.  I'll be more careful!!! Glad that work is picking up... So bishop was happy tears or sad and how come?
hahaha so its your fault...;)  they were happy tears that we were there.. he said that he and the ward council are happy that me and my new comp are here.......:) 
Awesome.... You q re there for a reason even if it's to build ward unity!!! Who is the short elder in pix? Why does comp have machetes ? Protection? Jax was a practice Friday and bit threw lip had to get 4 stitches I'll send pix
he is Elder Toj... the short one... he bought one to help cut plants and sutff... ha 
Did you guys have a fire yet? Have fhe? Is Karen coming along? Still ok about baptism? Who are others teaching?
Do you ever hear how that one family is doing of the "dead" lady and sister missionaries teaching her family? Hope they are super receptive.... 
Do you eat with many members? I'm sure you are super busy and still trying to do your work, you are learning to juggle :) 
Liking new area more everyday?
ya im liking the area more and more, i havent asked but im going to ask tonight and see how things are!! we eat one week with Ixcotel and the other Bosque.. and the sisters from Ixcotel dont want to give us to eat because of whats happened.. 
not yet... this week!!!! :) on thursday.. dont have much going on with members today... we literally dont have the trust of many members.. right now.. from everything thats happened.. and we werent able to see Karen.. we were only here in our area for 2 days actaully working and teaching people... we have been in the offices alot.. and then we left to juchitan.... and on friday we gave service and i helped move 5 fridges!! and a big dresser... that fell on my knee... but im good, just left with a battle wound,,,, a bruise.:) 
Maybe you should have a ward fhe and do trust exercises or just have fun so they see you aren't like others :) we will pray for your ward... Are they both that way or just one?
just Ixcotel.. and they are already doing better with us because i call the sisters to tell them that we arent going to be able to go by and eat that day so they dont have to make food... so we are already off to a good start! and we might ahve a missiona actaivity and do a trust activity!
Hmmm... Sorry about ward but I'm sure you will make it all better :) been able to use card this week ok? 
Tell me about finding new contacts this week :) are they golden? 
i hope so... maybe.. we found a lady after we said a prayer.. but she ddoesnt live in the house.. she jsut worked there now we jsut have to fnd her actaul house.. ha 
:) she must really want you/need you to find her, search for her....:) do people who live there know where she lives? Do you like being in ward environment or beach better? Where did you stay over night Saturday? Pix from baptism? How was bus ride and did you teach in restraunt? :D
we are still checking if people know her.. either one.. i like both!! we slep with the missionaries that are theree right now... at 4 in the morning i heard gun shots as i was sleeping in a hammack! haha it was fun! didnt teach in a restaurnt still working on that! ha 
:) gun shots!!!!??? Crazy, please be safe!!! Dad wants to know if there was equipment by the eager Weaver trailer? And did you operate it? You should have seen him today at work, he was giddy using his baby backhoe, big smiles on his face!!!
nope.... its jsut the trailer off on the side of the road.. haha :) 
Darn!!! Love you too justeroo, please be safe, know that we love you!!! You are always in our thoughts and prayers!!! Buy a fun treat this week and big smiles!!! Thanks for chatting again.... Praying for Karen and the little worker lady!!! And you and comp and your wards :) your super duper!!! Love you tons have super week, treasure every second!!  Love mom
thanks a bunch! chat with you next week! love Elder Weaver

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