Monday, June 6, 2016

God did not remove the Red Sea, he opened it! He will help us find a way through our problems as well

 My ponderize for today is God did not remove the Red Sea, he opened it! He will help us find a way through our problems as well :)

Dear mom and dad,
i still havent burned pants this week maybe tonight.. just havent had the time.. hahaha work has been good! we contacted a door and we found a teenager that really needed us.. his name is Jared( but with the mexican accent) ha and his mom has cáncer and he has been falling into bad habits... but hes very nice and let us in to visit and we talkied about faith and prayer and we have been Reading from the BOM with him!! hes doing great!! we are going with hhim tomorrw! we didnt meet with karmen.. she left all week.. today for our pday we went to my comps old área to visit members and as we came back we past the offices and i thought.. call the secretaries.. so i called and asked about my package and yes it got here.. i went and got it and its at home waiting to be opened when i get home.. my comp is still a Little touchy... but ive gotten on his case a few times and i think hes starting to understand where the lines are with me.. its good my comp is all good now!! and this thursday...we had a multi zone and it was great!! president talked about obedience and how he had sent 5 missionaries home that past weeek and that they litereally were not sinning.... as normal people... just having phones and girlfriends.... but as missionaries we arent normal people... so he talked alot about that and it was good"!!! this week we have a Little bit going on.. im going on divisions with violetas and then thursday i think me and my comp are going to go to a área to contact the whole day because the por elders that are there are newish and arent having much success.. so we are going to go help with confidence and happiness and work! ha
 the computuer is being super slow... sorry-.. hope you get this son and we can chat!

holy ghost-I love it!!! I will have kenzi email it grateful you are finding more investigators, I pray daily that doors will be opened and the people will be receptive to the spirit! are you able to make contacts with people on the street doing the marches and blocking roads or are they not approachable, or unsafe...
Can you say which comp, I wont blog it, did you know he was having problems while you were with him? Sad to miss out on the blessings of obedience, it seems like such an easy concept and that there is always happiness when we obey, but sometimes choices make it difficult .....I will check on flights tomorrow night and see what dates work best to come get ya, and email sis Madsen back/or Pres and see what we can get going.... any one you know of that would be leaving around the same time?
You can be the ward chorister when you get home, oh remember the days of not wanting to do it in priesthood :) ahaha!!  Mckenzi said she just sent it again did it come thru?
Are you teaching fhe tonight?  what did you plan for goals for wards with stake president last week?You sound super busy, I will put Jareds name in the temple and him mom.... Glad about touchy comp not so touchy.... Our computer slow too!!! Love the picture of you at the temple, was it recent? And tell me about the bird... Are you going to write Kenzie back? :) how is your ward, lots of service this week? I'm super excited that you have package :) yippee!!!! Crazy about elders being sent home, lots of gringos or natives? What else did you do for multi zone, anything fun? 
Love ya, we can chat :)
ya i got her email! umm i havent thought about contacting them.. i thought you wouldnt want me to... but i guess ill give it a  try..;)_________ ya i new from the first day i was with him... Because it was hard for me to speak spanish with him... ( didnt have the spirit)  so i knew.. ha ummm i noticed on the bolitin on the offices that ill go home with just one hermana if i leave the 4th.. but if i leave with the latinos i could go home with 4 elders.. and i would like that better to be honest but i guess its not really my call..  now Fhe.. btu we are teaching a mom and her daughter that have there baptism date for the 20th of this month! their names are Sandra and Alesandra! the stake presidnet is super cool and we have some good goals! and it has to deal with the missionaires and members!
his moms name is Blanca! we went to the temple store so my comp could buy somethings.. amd that bird flew in yesterday into church.. we named him holy ghost..;)  i still didnt get anything from her.... hahah honestly!!! didnt do to much service but we are finding more and more investigators.. adn this week was kind of crazy because its election week and the teachers have been doing marches and blocking roads.. so its been a fun week! natives.. and one of them was my past comp. Hermana madsen talked ablot and somewhat taught us how to lead music.. haha and i was my and my comp did a practice and it was good.. we did it in front of everyone... haha it was good :) 

:), you follow the spirit about whether or not to contact them...:) So about leaving if there are other Latinos leaving the week before she said they could send you with them and it would work out just fine so that's what we will shoot for if ok with you :) sounds like it is :)  So tell me about eh mom and her daughter, have you been teaching them, I will add their names to the temple list and pray that they feel the spirit and keep their commitments
Glad that you have a great stake president to work with
We are excited this week to go to the Larose's sealing, it will be nice to just be in the temple away from all of the worldly things and noises! I cant wait to have our whole family there together someday :) the picture you sent did you get to go recently?
I love that you know when the spirit is there and how your communication is effected by it, makes me a little nervous for you to come home :/  Wish the spirit was stronger here in our house!  So hard to have you guys return from being on such spiritual high for two years and I wish that I could have that high continue while you are home, at least in our house, :) so much to work on....never to late! do you have a ponderize today?  Did you like the quote about the red sea in my first letter?
ya we have been teaching them... and they want to get baptized on a monday... thatll be new.. ha they are praying and keeping there commitments!! we went thursday.. but we just went to the store.. we didnt enter.. send pics of the larose and there sealing??  haha im sure ill be able to feel the spirit mom!! youre the best! i love that ponderize and i love the boxing pic! i really like that sea quote lets use that as our ponderize!!!! :) 
:) sounds good! Monday baptism, that's awesome! you make me laugh, I ask how things are going and you don't lead with that news! that's awesome news! so happy and know that prayers are answered! I will send some pix, I am sure that Cindy has filled you in on everything and will send pix too, but Ill send one too:)  Our 28th anniversary is this Friday, my how times flies when your having fun :) ahaha! tomorrow is the anniversary of us taking out our endowments, no one could have told me how fast time would go, wish that someone would have told me to slow down and enjoy and find joy in the little things, it will be nice to visit the temple and sit for a minute or two in the celestial room....
how did you find the girl and her mom?
hahaha sorry...;) wanted it to be a surprise.. actaully she hasnt wrote me for a while. so i dont know anything.. ha congrats about your anniversary!! thats great!!! me too.. take some time just to sit and ponder.. they are family of this lady that has had some of the problems with my last comp.. ha but its been good. kind of hard.. but good.....HEY mom got to go.... o love you guys soooo much thanks for chatting again!! you are the best of the best! have a fantastic week!!! i love you guys!! be safe and have fun! love elder weaver
:) love you too justeroo, big smiles, have a great week, continue to follow the spirit, enjoy the package!!! hope you like it!! I will activate your card tomorrow afternoon, and then you just need to try it after Wednesday, sound good?
Love you tons, we continue to pray for you and your comp, tell him hands off!! and we pray for those you are teaching and going to teach to be found!!! love you, thanks again for chatting with me, your  super,
Remember to move through the Red Sea!! :)
Love you
xoxoxs, be safe
THANKS mom youre the best... no joke.:) love you xoxo

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