Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!


Dear mom, and dad it was great to see you guys yesterday!! and grandma Pat and Grandma and grandpa Beardall!! you guys are the best!! i was able to sleep pretty good last night and i just got done taking a nap..;) so i am doing lots better, tomorrow we have the interveiws with president and then Wednesday we are having the ditrict meeting, the last one for the transfer and then nothing to new or crazy until Saturday or sunday night is when we are getting the transfers.. sooo its gonna be a somewhat busy week!! ive had a good day today i got a new belt and we bought food and im all good! i forgot to tell you guys yesterday that one day we were contacting and we contacted a door and the guy came and said one sec im on the phone.. and so we waited another 10 min and i lost my patience, haha i took the ball from a teenager that was with us helping us to contact, and i threw it over the wall of his house and it landed in his house and then his daughter came and opened the door and then he came, and he was super cool, gave the ball back and we put a appiontment with him... but the next day when we went to the appointment  they werent there.. hahaha but it was a funny contacting experience..:) sounds like you }guys have a busy weeek!! be safe and healthy and protected... i miss you guys soo much! seeing you guys yesterday made me a litte trunky...;) haha but i dont got much time left i gotta keep working.. :) mom when did you say you were going to come?? the 24th??? :) haha love you guys thanks for all the support!! Love Elder Weaver :) 

:) thanks for the mothers day wishes!!! so glad you got some rest! I love the contact story, way to "get the ball rolling" haha!! are you going to try again this week? I know that you will continue to work hard for the next 6 months, you are a 4th quarter player and make things happen, even in the last 7 seconds of the game :)
I loved hearing from Elder Nonu, this morning, did he tell you I emailed right back?
We are thinking of coming October 22, go to church the 23rd, your pday the 24th and release date the 25th then go visiting and see things and people, and fly home the 27 over night....what do ya think?  Ill write mission mom this week and run that plan by her :)

ya we are going to try again this week maybe today, hahaha :) nope he didnt tell me... :) ha what did you say? that sounds perfect!!! :) haha ill see her tomorrow to and see if i can talk to her jsut a bit.. :) ha i miss you guys a ton..

Hi Mama Weaver,
I´m sitting with your son behind me. He´s awesome:) Thank you for blessing this mission with such a prepared and spiritually strong giant like him. We need him and I´m proud and happy to have him as my leader and companion here in the mission! Elder Weaver told me there´s a possibility that you may be able to come to my homecoming. I would be honored! I will be home next Wednesday and than I will be able to tell you exactly at what time. (I´m not positive what time my services are). However, I will be having my homecoming, May 29, 2016!

My facebook is Luti Nonu

If you ever need anything, your Tongan family lives at
Thank you, Mama Weaver. I love you and your son! And don´t you worry a bit, he´s eating plenty and he´s an amazing missionary, changing lives by dozens as he has done so with mine!

With love,
Elder Luti Nonu

and he sent a picture with it of the two of you! what a great guy!! glad he lives in Utah and you can remain friends!!!

If you talk to Sis Madsen, tell her that it is not set in stone, we are just thinking and Ill be in touch, or ask if she has a different idea of us coming that would be better, we don't want to disrupt the flow of missionary work there :) be sure to wish her a belated mothers day :) your trip to walmart did you get some good things to eat? fun things to eat?

are you doing FHE tonight?

We miss you too :) the time will go by fast, things always go faster down hill-haha!

NICE ha i love Nonu,  ok i will do, ya i got some good things so eat, nothing to fun, i got a gatorade..:)  ha we had a FHE lined up with a less active family }, but litereally 10 min ago called me and canceled... so that stinks.. ha it will :) im sure even faster being a Zone Leader.. becasue i wont be thinking about myself.. ha How is Jordan?? last night he seemed to just be there off in the back.. kind of sad.. 

sorry about your fhe, going to visit any of the "news" from last week?
Jordan is good, he dates at least once a week, you know him, he is content to let everyone else be in the lime light and just take his turn when it comes...he is always willing to help and make others feel better, I wish he would stand up for himself more and be more vocal about things, he has a big heart and I wish he could find someone to share it with soon.......anyways he is usually very happy and very busy working with dad and doing lawns...I love that you guys have the Spanish thing together, and that I can pick a little bit of it out :) wish it was more, I will have to practice... he wishes he could come with us in October :)
What do you, other missionaries do while interviews go on? is there lunch at the mission home?
I called about your bank card and it should come this week and I will get a package together and send some beef jerky, vitamins, still want pants? and did you need garments? how about socks?

ya we are going to visit alot of the news, to see if they are going to progress or not.. Poor kid....  i hope and pray that he can find a girl that will make him be the best he can be, usuallly we are talking with Hermana Madsen, if they are spanish and waiting then she practices englsih with them, the last time she got to know me more, she asked about you guys and my brothers.. and somtimes we talk about preach my gospel..:) and she gives us treats if you could sent pants.. haha today i was looking at pants, and they dont have the kind i like..  im good with socks ;) and if you want you dont have to send a big one, i know that they cost a ton... ha 

she seems like a really great lady-send her my gratitude and love :)
I will send a big one, so I can track it, so what other treats do you want? We will pray for the new people, do you have names? is it just your zone that will be there or several?
do you hear from any of old comps?

will do :)  umm jsut whatever you want :) umm the family Ortiz  the family Suarez and for Adolfo and Pearla and jessica :) those names for right now.. the whole Zone is having interveiws tomorrow ill be having mine around9 or 10ish.. ya i hear from my kid and i saw him the other day.. hes doing good but has a hard comp right now.. 

this is from the activity cultural even from BYU and thats my MOTHER PONDERIZE SCRIPTURE FOR the week:) from President Monson:)

we will pray for them to have open hearts and minds and feel the spirit :),
so do you spend all day in the mission home or leave when you are done? your poor can feel for him huh?
So many ward members ask about you and send hellos and love :) several ask about you every week....such a great ward!
what time are your meetings on sunday? do the wards have primaries and ym/yw? have you ever noticed if they do scouts? haha.....
Things ended up being a little rainy today, blah!! but I got a few flowers planted and the guys did window wells, Jax came home at noon, his throat really sore, Ive got a call into the doctor again...he just woke back up after a 3 hour nap thanks to Nyquil...he wants to go to ball at 6, loves his football :) just like you guys!

thaanks, nope actually he goes to the churchs that are in the areas.. like tomorrow we are going to the stake center and so all the missionaries meet there ans stuff.. our first ward starts at 8 and the next  starts at 12..  they have alot of yw and ym.. but Bosque has alot more.. wow... so how long has jax been sick!!??? does he need a blessing??? ha 

the activity looks cool, where did they perform? and love the ponderize scripture, thanks!! awesome
I've been ready sis hinckleys little thought book and ran across this one too....Who know but that something wonderful may happen today. Have faith that it will. After all, every morning is a chance at a new day!"

they did it in Montoya and we took 3 investigators. yup... thanks mom for being MY mom, :)

that is a lot of church, do you take a snack to eat in between? haha! Jax has been sick going on two weeks, and I think he should ask for one today....He is on antibiotics but its not making much of a difference... doc just called and wants to look at him again, so hopefully we can get him feeling better soon....
Have you gotten a lot of rain lately, gma pat said she couldn't believe how hot you looked....humidity getting to you?

nope..... i should :) haha i forget that im still a kid and can eat snacks.. it hasnt rained since ive been here... but yes it is very hot... and its worse becaseu the houses are made of concrete... its not to humid, bbut enough to make it stink.. ha 

you don't need to thank me for being your mom, I promised in heaven I would and I am soooo glad I did! Its such a blessing to be your mom and I love it every day!!! thanks for being my son and a great one!!! you are truly a treasure!!

nooo i do need to thank you... because you accepted a HUGE respnsiblity and you have completed in every moment that responsiblity and have gone higher and beyond...:) soooo thanks Mom ;)

I've really got you fooled! :) I wish I would have done things so differently while you guys were little....but I am trying to be better now, better late than never, huh! Just so grateful that you guys have had so many great influences in your lives that have helped you be amazing people! You came with great spirits and we are such a blessed family!! I want no empty chairs at our eternal table :)  Keep up the good work!! so proud of you and the servant of God that you are!

love you mom:)

hmmm, didn't even think about the concrete house being hot!! did you buy a fan today? can you get one tomorrow from office people?  maybe I will send you a small one to hold :) hahah! does the whole city stink? or just apartment? how are your sheets and pillow cases? luggage holding up ok?

nope..... haha i dont want to spend the money if the mission is going to get me one... and im good i am by the window so i get a little bit of the cold air.. there are some parts that the city stinks real bad. everything is good with sheets and luggage :) BUt hey mom... i love you soo much, im waiting for that day that i can give you a huge hug.... thanks for chatting with me... i love you andim greatful for you in my life, i think i will be in eternal dept to my father in Heaven for giving me the best mom there is..;) love you tons, love you too dad!! be safe and happy! :) Love Elder Weaver 

Love you too, my Justeroo, please have a great week, full of exciting things, good things! be good to yourself! find some icecream :) thanks again for chatting with me, I am counting the days to hugs!!! approximately 168 :) enjoy tomorrow, work hard today! have faith doors will open! one last week with comp, fingers crossed!!! Love you tons, continue to be super-man!! love mom and dad! big smiles be happy

LOVE YOU MOM!! have a good one! :) 


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