Tuesday, May 17, 2016

day late....faith not fear!

My Justin,
So today my thoughts are full of have faith not fear, as we did not hear from you yesterday.....I have faith that you are ok and got busy or I would have heard from someone otherwise, so I am having great faith that I will hear from you today :)
Made me realize how much I took for granted a schedule and relying on technology and my faith to chat with you every Monday ;)
Know that we anxiously wait to get your email today, love you so much and are proud of you!!! Continue to work hard and be safe, follow the spirit, I treasure you,
Love mom

ya sorry mom... there is literally not enough time in the day to do everything... haha sorry i was super busy and actually got back to my own area around 8...  love you and treasure you too!!! :) YEs i got a fan!!!! and its a nice fan!!! :) 
Yea!!! Any other requests and I'll send package tomorrow then you'll get about 10-15 days after so think ahead :) gonna burn a shirt with new comp?
yeah... hes gonna burn a shirt.. and im gonna burn a pair of pants with him too!!! :) umm no requests.. ha motivation to finish the fourth quarter..;)   
You can do it!! ( with slurred Mexican accent) you have always been a whole game player, put your short socks on and play your game to be the winner/ finisher you are :) I'd say I'll pay ya a dollar a yard and $20 for TD!  ;)))) but how does that translate to mission work?
hahahaha thats true.... i put them shorts socks on and go to work....:) ha no im jk... somthing that makes me sad is that a Herbal LIfe lady talked to us and made us do a health exam and i stood on a platform and grabbed a bar  that would measure my body fat and suff.. and at the end she told me that my organs have the age as if i was 40..... that madee me feel a  little bad... haha who knows how true it is but i felt kind of bad.. 
Don't feel bad, when did this happen? Remember she is selling. Product and you won't be interested if your a strong valiant healthy servant of the lord! :) she can't tell by you holding onto a bar!!!! You were in the best shape here and it will all be same when you get back and into swing of things!!!! Don't feel bad....please!!! The lord blesses those who serve faithfully and obediently :) trust me your super!!!
hahaha ok that is true... she was trying to sell something.. haha thanks mom :) the lord blesses those who serve faithfully and odediently.. LOVE YOU MOM! :)  ha 
I LOVE YOU TO JUSTEROO, my heart is so full of gratitude that you are ok and you wrote today, I was giving you another two hours then contacting mission mom :)
Been keeping dad up all night with cough, so emotions are high, doc says I hVe bronchitis:/ but recovering :) he is good to follow me downstairs to sleep in a chair so I can sleep some :) so blessed to have great mate!!!! But much better today with medicine :) so what's comps name, I'll try and find on mission fb...
Diego SaldaƱa Barrios  is his name for Face.. get better mom!! you are always in my prayers!! LOVe you soo much! :) chat with ya next MONDAY.. :) promise :) haha love Elder Weaver
Counting on it :) love ya, I know your busy :) so glad ok :) 
Love ya
love you :)

Hola, mom 
Sorry i didnt write yesterday, changes took a while, i was in the bus station all day.. and in the offices... staying super busy, my comp finally got here at 4 and then we had to wait for another comp to get there so we couldnt leave a kid alone, so we stayed there for until 8 and then we went home and dropped of my new comps luggage and we went and found a new!!!! she is super great her name is Karen and she is super catholic, but i feel somthing different with her i feel like she can really pregress!!!! Elder Toj left and there were some other changes in the Zone and everything is good and safe, my new comp is from mexico city, but from the south part... hes great we are all ready doing good... we have alot of work and today we went to the offices to get some supplies and presidnet talked with me again about some of the things that have happened with elder Toj.. and ya..... im good though!! i wasnt able to talk with the hermana madsen, she didnt come to the interviews..sooo youll just have to talk with her.. :) ha sorry! i didnt travel alot... but i was in the bus station for along time, and saw some good comps!! Elder Merrill went out to Juchitan!!!! haha and i saw Elder hernandez and Elder Perez the kids that i trained!!!! it was cool:) this friday we are going to be having a meeting with president in his house, all of the Zone Leaders and we are goinng to be distcussing the zones and the problems that we have and the difficulties.. and then saturday, we might be going out to the itzmo... becaseu my comp is having a baptism there and he wanted to go back to baptize her... so we will see about that!!! love you i have an hour to write, president gave us permission to write.. so im here if you are... hahah love you have a great week! good job dadwith the bike race, sorry jax about the sickness but im glad that you are better!!!!!! :) 
:) yea so glad you wrote today!!! So many prayers!!! So tell me more about comp? How old how long? How did you find new? Can you tell us what happened with elder toj? I won't blog...or do we just have to wait? 
How about other newbies? So glad you are ok :) did you talk to pres about apartment and getting new one?
me too!!!! sorry!!!  i promise that i will always write!.... unless i dont have time and im not in my area... haha my comp is 22 and hes about to complete a year on the mission and im training how to be a ZL witht the little experience that i have.. ha we contacted her 2 days ago.. and i had a feeling that we should pass by her house so we did... and i invited her to get baptized and it was hard at first but then she said yes! and tomorrow we are going with her again!!!! :) ihave to wait to tell you about Elder Toj..  i dont have any new newbies.. there is a sister that is still getting trained but its not her first transfer.. im good im glad and stresssssed..:) yes i talked to him about it but he said i gotta check the contract of the house and stuff.. and do alot.. but he told me that we can fix the problem with out moving.. :) well part of the problem.. :)
Are you happy you stayed in area? So amazed that you ask about baptism so early in discussions:) lord works in mysterious ways :) so what have you got planned for fun this week to relieve stress haha?
ya... but we have nooo... work.. but we are gonna work a ton1! to get new investigators and get the confidence from the members and it says in preach my gospel that we should do it... haha its so that they an see where we want to be headed...:) nothing fun.... haha nooo jk... the meeting with president should be fun! and then friday we also have to go do a baptsim interview in Violetas.. and then maybe go to the itsmo... not gonna lie... i dont wanna go becaseu its a long bus ride... but ill go... itll be something new! :)
Maybe you can teach someone on the bus :) a place you haven't been before? Like how far away?  Take some $ to buy a fun something:)  I thought last week you said you had a few newbie with elder toj? How will pres solve problem without you moving? Sorry, I'm mom and a worrier :)
ive taught in a bus... im gona try in a resturaunt.. ha  its about 6 hours away.. its in juchitan! we did we found some new people toteach as well.... the wel... president cant really fix the problem without my help and my comp.. we just have to be good with our relationships and a lady. and ya.. soryy.. i wanna tell more.. but i cant right now.. :(
No problem :) that's a long ride, do you get to see sights or just baptim stuff and home? Do they do big dinners after baptisms like we do? Ward members support new members pretty well? Chances of service in this area? With changes did you get new districts to be over? Are they all good ones? I have faith in you that you can brings success to this area:)
just the baptism and home.... somtimes it really depends on the persona nd the ward or branch!!! no... the ward members treat them like complete strangers and we have to try and train the members to meet and greet...  ha no there wasnt many changes to the Zone... just me and my comp, elder Nonu left and the District leader also got a new comp and the sister trainers.... BUT hey, ya gotta go mom...love you so much thanks for the faith and the prayers... im safe and eating good!!! i love you guys so much!! you guys have a great week!!! you are the best mom ever!!! :) Love Elder Weaver
Love you too, treasure you beyond words, be safe in travels and continue to follow the spirit!  Tell Karen we are praying for her to be happy and find more happiness!!! I'll put her name in the temple tomorrow :) God bless you, stay strong, make each day count.... Endure to the end and enjoy to the end!!! Have a great evening-tell comp hello from home :) 
Love you, 
Mom xoxos
thanks mom!! love you guys too please be safe and protected in everything! jax keep getting better and jace be happy! jordan!! sea Feliz y siga siendo chido ;) love you dad keep playing in the dirt... ;) keep getting dirty! love you mom! your the best!! :) love you guys! 
Love you super mucho :))) 
Love all of us- xoxos!
Love you guys! :) 

Dad and I at work today ;) he laid 130 feet sewer and 100 of water ;) love you-so glad your alright!!!
wow!!! looks like dirt! haha no looks good! are you at work right now?!?!? 
sorry i would send pics of new comp, but left camera cord at home..........
That's ok, next week :) comp speak English? Are you happy? Felling good? Need another cooling wrap?
sounds good!! i saw her at the offices and she made sure that i had 2 fans in the house..:) shes nice! ya he speaks alot of english actually.. im HAPPYYYYY i feel good:) a little hot.. im good witht the cooling wrap that i have

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