Monday, May 2, 2016

Ixcotel, and Bosque

Dear Mom and Dad, this this is Elder Weaver reporting.. haha that picture of the trampoline makes me laugh because thats what happened to ours.. haha But i have been good. The apartment is good its small and the older Zone leaders just moved in there about 2 months ago, so its still pretty nice. my comp is good, he is nice and has been helping me out alot and knows a ton of docterine.. and has blown my mind... somtimes. ha but its sad becasue i know that somthing is going and that something went on before i got here.. in Amapolas, Ixcotel..  we are in charch of 2 wards...(stressful) Ixcotel, and Bosque..  i dont know the address yet.. sorry.. but we live in front of the church!! :) there is alot of work... i have probably contacted more than i ever have in my mission..  the area is kind of low.. but im gonnna try and get it up with my comp... and i got to learn fast, because he might be leaving in 2 weeks for the transfers.. and then i might have to train another kid how to be a Zone Leader. MAYBE.. my first impressions was wow... our area is big.. and it is.. ha its 2 wards areas..  travel day was good i got there on time and my comp got there about 45 min late... thats always good impressions.. it was kind of hard to say goodbye to people... because they wereent home... to be honest that was just stinky... THE ZONE:... the zone is only 1 district.. and we only have to report with the asistants mondays wedndesdays and fridays! so i actaully have to report less!! haha :) i am happy, a little stressed, but im good im healthy aswell!!! im doing good!! today i got trained on how to be a ZL and the asistant and me have a lot of trust in each other :) on Wednesday we went to a place called Capulalpan.. i almost threw up from all the curves.. and it was sooo far away.. there are a few members out there and we went jsut to visist.. we had a baptism on saturday and i met the first counsilor and he told me welcome to the laziest ward there is.. and then he looked at me comp.. and laughed... so that was kind offfffff weird..haha tomorrow we are also haveing a activity with BYU they are coming here and they are going to be doing dances and stuff and we are taking 2 inv. but ill actaully be on divisions and ill be going it should be cool! would be better if they came from the U... but lifes not always the greatest;)))
In the pakage could you send more vitamins and Beef jerky. I was thinking on Sunday we can skype around 7o clock.. around that time.. but our time.. so that you guys can be ready for that :) im super excited!! i cant wait!!!!! we are also going to be having interveiws next tuesday with president and ill know if my comp is going to be leaving.. and tomorrow im going to be doing splits with the district leader in his area.. his name is elder Reyes and hes a great kid! he goes home in December of this month.. Im doinjg good!! im happy and cant wait for sunday! 

my comp is the shorter one with the weird tie... by the lady... haha and that guy is Victor Manuel, hes a great guyy!! i got to teach him the law of chastity  and tithing 



wow, comp is a tiny little guy!! I guess a lot of the people there are huh?  pictures of apartment? I will look up ward buildings and see what I can find I have totally looked up the wrong place from last week :) haha! do you feel safe? is it like ogden at big are the wards you are in charge of? how are the people in the ward? what do you know that is going and went on before? was it involving comp? I am excited for you to learn more about zl, you will be a great one :)  so you may have "regular transfers" in two weeks?  are you happy?

not  really like Ogden.. not at all.. hahaha umm ya i feel safe! from Ixcotel the ward is at about 50 but there are alot of less active members.. and from Bosque there is about 70.. i dont know.. but i just dont feel like my comp is being completly honest.. but i dont know in what.. ha ya we might.. when i have my interview im gonna ask him about transfers,,:) i am happy... i dont wanna sound like a baby when i say this but or i dont wanna sound mean.. but i wanna cry when i see the pics of jace... because i know its not gonna be the same wheni get back.. but thats just the way it is. ill get over it.. ha are you HAPPY????? :)

your apartment looks tiny, but your stuff of course looks nice and neat and organized :) any bug problems or rats? how far are you from the mission home now?

its only 4 rooms and the batheroom.. nope no bug problems.. im about 15 minutes from the offices.. :) nice and close:) 

:) I am sure after having trust issues with others that it is hard to trust again, listen to the spirit and let it guide you,
I want to cry too when I look at family pictures and want all my little ducks in a row back, but, I do cry and try to be excited for the future, it will be different when you get back, but I am hoping it is still good, they are trying to live close and will be around for work...he just won't live here :) Jax is very excited for you to be here and you two may have a greater relationship than ever because he is starting to act like a human being again and not so much like a teenager-hahah! I am happy and have to be soo happy that my boys are all strong members of the gospel and worthy priesthood holders and can attend the temple when they want :) Did you get what you need to set up new place? how are clothes? eat anything weird? spiritual experience this week?

thanks for the comfort mom:)  umm not yet... but its a work in progress, clothes are holding in there, could you send another pair of pants.. block pants.. but at the bottum of the pants like when it touches my feeet could you get some that are folded up!? if that makes sense.. haha  i had a spiritual excpieence witht the guy that just got baptized after the interveiw i shared 2 mosiah 41 with him and he loved ait and he actaually gave his testimony on it yesterday. and he said my name!! ;) haha that is shared it with him..;)

yea, yea yea!!! Dad has been researching the places you have served and where the temple is and offices so when we come in October we can visit lots of places....:)
Is this town a mining town? what religion are you coming across?

hahaha oh nice!! a mining town? yes!! :) we have had a lot of poeple that just strait up shut the door... i havent gottne the base religion here... ive learned more about doors..

awesome experience with baptism and scripture, see you are only there a week and making a difference, for contacts are you knocking on doors? or is it like the best two years when they contact every living thing that day-haha!
I know what kind of pants you mean, ones with a cuff...same size as before 34 waist, 34 length? garments good? so will you have to go to the curving road place often? do the people live in the same kind of homes as your apartment? Is your ward an older younger ward? fhe tonight? where will you be on splits tomorrow?  speak Spanish all day with comp? does he know English?

lots and lots of doors... yes please 34 34.. garments all good!! not sure i dont think soo...maybe never actaully... we need to have permission from president to go! its a mixture of both!!  and we had one!! but it fell through earlier today... so we might be contactuing more today!  ill be in a area called Violetes ya speak spanish all day.. he knows a little bit he understands alot but he cant talk..

:) do you have a favorite door? haha! do they just not answer or yell to go away? many kids in this area? I bought ctr rings to send again :) how is belly and bug? how was testimony meeting?

yes.. the ones that stay open for at least 45 seconds..;) ya they dont answer or yell or open the door and then slam it or jsut say no thanks.. im good and the meeting was good!!! i might be doing it at  teh church.. or ata  members home... not for sure.. ya they can be there!! :) they are gonna make fun of mySPANGLISH..;)

:) I love you Justin and your attitude, you are a great missionary, I am so very proud of you, you have done a lot of hard things and done them well!! Gma and gpa say hi, they just came over to say hi and they love ya!!
what is favorite thing to make and eat at home? members feeding you? what do they feed you?

thanks hahaha I love them too!! :) tell them Hola i make things that are superr cheap, like spagetti or cereal, so that i have more money to spend on transportaion, still members feed us, the other day we ate chicken soup and the other day we ate Mulet :) 

Its so awesome that you speak Spanglish, we love it!! I will insist on you and Jordan praying in espanol, I want grand babies that can speak some too :) haha, hows that for fast forwarding things :)

i am down i am going to talk wo my kids in spanish and my wife will talk with them in english..;) haha that would be hard. 

love the favorite door thing? you are so funny!!! We are doing a humanitarian project tomorrow night for RS, and I am excited, we are trying to make 115 kits for those that come to America seeking refuge, kind of a starter bathroom kit, do you have many ask you about America and what home is like?

ya thats awesome!! haha doors doors doors.. haha thaats great a nice type of service project! cooooool :) not really, they only ask about my home life when i tell them that dad has his own buisness.. and they ask me if they can go there and if dad would give them work.. hahahaha

:) so funny!! Do you have a ponderize, if so tell me why you picked it? It just hit me, this is last Skype session :) did you try your account? does your ward have a mission leader? lots bear testimony yesterday?

i wont lie i havent thought of one.. ive been busytrying to get the area down and were the invesitgors live, i havent tried my account, maybe tomorrow, maybe. no neither of them do..  and yes there was!! not as many as i thoughtt htere would have been but there was alot! :) heyMother i got to go... but ill talk with you Sunday around 6ish or 7ish.. love you guys so much thanks for chatting with me!!!!  yes the Asistance to presidnet trained me today! Elder Madera. hes great!!  ya its defiently hard trying to find news but we found 4 news... but its hard... keep praying!! Haha Love you mom talk to ya sunday! what do you want me to call??

we think so-haha! if problems call my phone again and we can get it rolling, 7 your time right?

yuuuuup 7 my time. ill call Ross18.. and if it doesnt work ill email you! :) love you mom! have a good week! :) Elder Weaver

continue to love what comes your way and be happy, have a very good week, be safe, we will pray definiately for contacts to accept your message. Call the Ross one, or call us and we can call you back...So excited for Sunday!!! Thanks again for chatting with me, I treasure you!! be safe and follow the spirit!!
love you tons,

ok will do..:) whats the Ross one? haha is it Ross18??

love you tons my justerooo
be smiling and find joy
make a game at contacts :) haha
love you

ok i will:) haha love you

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