Monday, February 1, 2016

Elder Casteneda and Monte Alban

Hello.. this week was a super good week!! starting with Elder Casteñeda.. right when he got to the church he asked me if i was Jordans brother.. and i said yes.. and he said nice to meet you and the meeting was great to be honest i learned alot and at the first i gave the experience in a devotional and during the meeting he told me and another elder thanks for giving experiences so spiritual.. and in the meeting we talked about prayer.. the commandments.. and obedience.. and several times Elder Casteñeda was emotional.. hes a great guy!! and i gotta say my President of the mission did a great job aswell... Julio is doing good we are still teaching him and he came to churhc again and so di the little to kids.. and their parents havent really been home tolk with.. but they are super great andnice.. we are still praying for them... there moms name is maria hernandez.. and we got power last monday.. when we got back to the house  we had power.. it was so great and this week weve been able to study better and take warm showers.. we didnt have divisons this week.. we are doing divisions tomorrow.. Elder Nonu is going to come here with me and Elder Merrill is going to Xoxocotlan.. and im super excited for that!! i still have my bad toe nail.. it hurt super bad one day, so when we got home i tried cutting off a part and i got a part off and my skin was cut and my nail was like in my skin... haha but it feels alittle better.. still bugs but im doing ok!;) sorry Jax.. hope you can feel better... miss you buddy!! gotta get better so that when im home we can play more ball... and do everytiung.. haha thats going to be fun!! be safe!!! good luck dad! your number one... your superman.. today for pday we went to Monte Alban.. hahaha it was good got a little burned.. but this week was a good one.. we got rejected alot by people.. but we just keep moving on... haha and we have about 5 inv, that are progressing and we jsut gotta keep finding more!!!!!! :) love you guys hope you get better jax and hope you have fun on the bike race dad!! love Elder Weaver

prayers are answered in so many ways, so grateful for little things like you having power and warm showers....get toe taken care of so it doesn't get infected and become worse, have you talked to mission mom about? 
I will add Marias name to the prayer roll and the others again as well....
Is Elder Nonu the one you went with last time that is concerned about numbers not the person? Jax just got home from school and is feeling much better than yesterday,, he is anxious for you guys to play again too! :)
Did you go with your district to Monte Alban or zone, get to see any old friends? Are you eating better with power?
How was church, did all 5 investigators go? we will pray that more will be in your paths as you are out and about....staying put all week or do you travel to the other two places again?

haha no she doesnt know yet....;))) haha no Elder nonu is a tongan.. hes a ZL.. i report with him everynight.  and we went to Monte Alban.. like the pyramids:) and ya saw some old friends!! no just 3 went to churhc this week,..i might travel a little bit on wed... just a little ...

I have been putting up pictures you send at the church in the shadow box and all the kids in priesthood look everyweek and ask about them and your experiences, they all guessed wrong on the armadillo soup stuff :) what kind of service projects do you do in this area? any more branch activities? what are you teaching for fhe tonight?

hahaha thats funny!! haha we do all kind of stuff... take out the trash.. clean house.. clean whaterver.. haha this saturday i think they are having a yw activity... and we were jsut to busy we werent able to make a fhe night.. tonight we are just visitung.. 

:) you sound super busy and super happy, so glad!!! Sister Ivie asked if you got her card she mailed last month, she is so sweet, she is always so concerned about you when I go visiting teaching and she prays for you and weeps, she gives me and the boys $10 for your account whenever she has us do service for her, she says she wont let us help unless she can contribute to you :)
I ran across this quote by Elder Holland I think on the lds church it and ponder it!
It is not happenstance that the first article of our faith is “We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost” (Articles of Faith 1:1). The message is clear for all who teach the gospel. There is no point in going on to the other truths we believe if we haven’t fixed in our minds and in the minds of those we teach the preeminent role of the Godhead in our doctrine and in our eternal destiny. We are to know these Divine Beings in every way we can. We are to love Them, draw near to Them, obey Them, and try to be like Them.

haha thnaks that very nice of her.. i think im going to get it tomorrow!!! her card..  thats a great quote by him.. i think its so true... we cant help anyone else get closer to God if they dont know his true existence...

so think of things besides garments that you need in your box, and do you like the ones that we sent you with, remind me what you need another cool rag? I have a pair of pants I bought dad and they don't fit so I'm sending those to you, and of course candies, do you want more cookie dough? :) how are you for journal and stuff like that? socks?

ya i could use some socks... umm not sure i had the spandex kind.. but i dontknow what size they have all washed off.. haha umm i would like some cookie dough.. haha.. and im good with journals!! haha but this week im completing 15 months...__________

Ill look up in your mission box and see about garments :) if you can think of anything else during the week, write it down, and tell me :) ______ we are starting to look into flights to come get you and we will get in touch with mission pres as it gets closer so we can plan :) so excited to see Oaxaca!

sounds super good mom!!!!! sorry but got to go... time goes by way to fast... but i love this area alot!! the members are great and its safe... im so greatful for you guys!! thanks so much for the love and support! and the comfort about the future.... sounds good!!! have a good week and be safe in all your travels!! love you guys!! Love Elder Weaver

love you too! please be safe and find joy in your week! love every moment, its going faster now that we are on the down hill side! be safe in your travels, follow the promptings, so proud of you, love you, thanks for taking time to chat with me again-I love it!!
Love you mucho
 Elder Casteneda was Jordan's mission President in Villahermosa, MX and is now an area 70 for the church....speaking to Justin's mission, Jordan fb him and asked he to look for Justin :)....small world

love love love pictures!!! you look great!, the corn looks yummy, and it makes me smile when I see the temperature and you are wearing a sweater and we are going to saint George to be that warm :) haha!!
love the picture of you all jumping - what a great sight!!! and the picture with the picture of Christ, that is jax favorite to show people!!
Is there bofm history there that you can see or feel?

haha and that tongan is who im going on divisions with!!! umm nooo i dont think so.. but its  a cool pic..;) hahaha it gets super chilly here at night..

he looks awesome!!! you should do the huaka with him and record it :) still write pres every week even tho you report to zl every night? Are you loving being dl? did your problems missionaries get straightened out? you don't seem stressed like in last area, so glad!! hope that you get to stay with Merrill for another go around...
Things here are good, we are planning a 50 wedding anniversary open house for gram and grapa, in March, trying to cruise again in March, maybe the western caribean, my lady that was inactive has been coming and she is starting temple classes with her husband on Saturday :) so excited for them!!
Does your branch get to attend the temple very often?

ya i like it... but man... im tired.. haha its alot of work.. umm ya they are getting better..:)  ya i still write Pres.. and i hope so too.. i would like to be here with him another change and then if he left and get another greeny!!;) i would like that! i like to train! thats great!!!! and they are actaully going this saturday... but my comp lost his reccomend.. so idont know if we can go.. and Pres isnt here in the city.. 

darn that would be awesome to get to go with them to the temple! That is a great trait to have, training newbees :) maybe that will work into the future plans, its a talent and not everyone has the patience to deal with those kind of situations!!
Tell Merrill hi and thanks from me for making things better and being easy to get along with so that my Justeroo is happy and can feel the spirit! I hate the spirit of contention, I know that there must be opposition in all things, but sometimes it wears one down...definitely makes you appreciate the good things tho!!!
any candies sound good, or pasta?

Love you guys have a great week! love you! :)


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