Monday, February 8, 2016


Hola Mother!!! i shared a experince with julio.. the vry first time that we taught him... he didnt believe in God and he kind of didnt really believe in the bible... but we invited him to pray to God to know if he was really there.. and he stared at me as if he didnt know that he could do that..  and i shared with him that he his a child of God and that He wnats to hear from him and he just kind of sat there.. the spirit was super strong... haha i shared that with elder CasteƱeda and almost cried... ha Julio is doing good came to church again.... hes happy and we had that new convert and his mom go to the temple... and they loved it!! i really wanted to go.. but comp lost his recommend. but thats ok because the lord will provide.. they are going again for the 18th and we have intervies with president tomorrow!! so my comp can get a new recommend tomorrow!! haha i hope that we can go!! well... 
Divisions was super great with Elder Nonu... we learned so much together and we had some very spiritaul lessons.. and we found 5 new people to teach! and then to answer your Question about my toe..... well to end the divisions..... we went to Elder Nonus house.... or Doctor Nonus house.. and he got it out..... it was by far the worst pain i have ever felt in my foot ever... and i probably would never do it agian.. with out anastisa.. or without it being numb.. haha and my comp had a little engrown toenail.. and he also got it out!! ha and we got some good vidoes.... i never cried and neither did my comp. and to be honest ive been good ive kept medicine on it and .it hasnt hurt me from the day he got it out... but i honest feel like tongans have no sense of pain... when he grabbed my foot and put the clippers in my toe.. oh man,.... there was no going back... hahah but im good now!! :)))) in my next package could you send vitamins????  this week was a good week.. we have changes next monday.. this change went by super fast!"!!!
With Giovanni and Emmanuel, we might have to put there date back a little further.... we need to try and get there parents back to church... soo keep them in your prayers... love the quotes and ill try and help jax out a bit!! haha is there a date yet for jace!!??
Sorry about chandler.. ill for sure keep him in my prayers.... love you guys glad everything went good down in St George!!!! miss you guys!! i thought about you guys alot this week!! take care!! love you all- Elder Weaver

cute puppy! I have thought about getting another dog, house dog, but really, really cant do the whole putting them down again, so hard, so probably have to visit you guys and all your dogs :) did you get a new satchel? pants yet?  yes ill send vitamins :)

ya my comp gave me it.. he wanted to trade the watch that i bought for it.. haha still dont have pants..:( haha maybe this week.. 

:) still loving things with Elder Merrill?  does pres interviews mean transfers are coming up again? did you trade your watch? need another?

NOPe hes a flod.... no jk hes a great guy!  ya tranfers are next monday.. but idk if we are changing.. ha nope im good i still have a watch :)))))))

this pic is for grandma pat...;) and for all those who try and take my picture-ahahah!

thought about you a lot this week too :) hope yours were happy thoughts-big smiles!! ouch sorry about your toe! is the medicine an anti infection medicine?
Awesome about Julio, he is continually in our prayers, and Giovanni and date for Jace yet, she is going to peru in may for a humanitarian trip and they are thinking August as of right ring yet tho...
So did you do anything fun today? how was your week with new investigators?

ya its Neosporen..:) and i was super happy!! wait she gets back in august!!??  tody we just cleaned the house and went and ate with a hermana.. it was good with the investigadores!! :) we need tokeep finding.. this week we have had some member comment on the angel of mororni.. saying he wsa a angel from the devil.. they think that Galations 1 6-10 its talking about moroni.. so weve been clearing alot up about him... this past week.. those dange Cristans....
_________________ Do they celebrate Valentines day in your neck of the woods?  how is your little branch going? think you will be sticking around? will comp?

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at you jace.... ;) haha wait till the end of October..;) ill be home.. hahah nope.... we are in mexico... i dont even know how to say Valentines day in spanish...  i want to stay here..... but i dont know what i feel..

jax just got home, he squatted 295 today, other maxs to come :)

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats my bro!!!!!!! is he happy about that???

_________________ :) it's your turn to ponderize, got one?
Crazy ideas about angel moroni, and they are Christians?
Got a new washing machine this afternoon and stuff is not fitting right, so frustrating...but you know how I go through still doing the bucket thing and hang to dry?
Do you know your address, I would like to look up neighborhood on google earth :)

very cute girl, who is she? need more rings? your toe, Justin is awful!! is that before or after, is looks so ouchy!! please stay on top of it, if it gets infected you need a real doctor, find something like neosportin for it...ouch!! im sorry!  dog is cute in the bowl, lots of dogs in this area? great picture in the sun, Im putting that on fb!
have fhe tonight?

yup loving the buckets.. and hang dry... haha good luck with things!! We live in the calle Libres number 107.. esq. Guillermo Prieto..:) love you mom good luck thanbks a bunch!
ya need more rings.... and ya i have neosporen!! it was after.. and in that pick it didnt hurt at all!! it felt so much better!!!!!!! theres a few... not a lot.. of dogs.
my comp is now Oaxacano ;) ate the grasshoppers..;) 
i think the Internet is being super slow..... lov you mom thanks for chatting with me!! hope you all have a great week!!!! love you all so much!! keep your head up jax! i say a quote the other day that said that we are the only ones that put limits on ourselves... DONT LIMIT your abilities.... love youmom!! stay warm! love you jordna and jace!!!!!! love ya dad! way to compete with those teenagers!!! im sure you showed them a thing or twoo..;) love you guys! hasta el proximo semana!!! love elder Weaver

please watch it so no infection! so sorry! Ill send more rings anything else? I will try and get it together and get it to you by easter, the end of march :)  We are checking on flights for October, so maybe if in office next week and you remember mention that we would like to come and see if that's ok with pres and mrs pres...

ok will do!!!! take care!! love you guys!

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