Monday, January 25, 2016

buenas tardes!

Buenas tardes, this week was a good week... with alot of traveling.. but im going to start from monday... after we got done writing we went to have that FHE.. but it blew up....we got there and the mother and the daughter started yelling and fighting and saying lots of things and the mom was thinking about leaving.. adn things jsut blew up! like crazy... so we shared the best scripture that we could and we left, and i called the President of the Branch and let him know what was going on...  then wed. we had the missionary broadcast and that was fantastic!!! i learned so much about the spirit and how it works.. and it help me chnage how i teach.... for the better. then thursday i went on divisions with zimatlan.. and wow... that was kidn of a hard day... with that elder.. and friday i traveled all the way back to my area with Elder merrill and then i got a call from them again and said that one of them didnt want to leavethe house.. and so i talked with the elder on the Phone and he said that he wanted to talk with me face to face.. so called the zone leaders and  we did splits again... and me and Elder merrill traveled back out there again.. and this time i stayed with another comp.. the one that didnt want to leave the house..  and he told me sme things that they had been doing.. and ill just say that both of them have interviews with Pres this week. 
I felt bad for Elder Merrill because he had to travel alot on friday.. but it was supe good to get back with him on friday.. hes getting more confidence i feel... and hes trying to talk a tad bit more. ha we found a new inv, that believes in God about 50% and so when we started teaching it was very simple and easy.. and he asked me how i knew if there was a God and was asking me alot of questions... but aftr the lesson... i asked two members that were with us how they know that there is a God and how hes our Heavenly Father.. adn they said that its a feeling you cant describe.. and then my Comp gave his testimony and then i did.. and he just kind of sat there.. and we asked... how do you feel..??? adn he said i feel different.. and i like it... his name is Julio and he came to church this Sunday and hes 20 yrs old.... hes a great guy and is ready to know of the love of his Father inHeaven. 
I love being with Elder Merril.. i thinkthat ive had the most spiritual experiences with him...being my companion... we still dont have power..... we are still trying and sees wahts wrong.. i havent had the time to buy new pants.. or a blanket... but i got a new watch becaseu my other one broak.. oh and we are showering from buckets.. but we light up the stove and we boil some water  and dump it with the cold water so its not freezing... haha this wek we are going to go and see a member of the seventy in area called Emapolas.. its gonna be Elder CasteƱeda.. im super excited for this week!! love you guyys!!!!! have a good week!! Love Elder Weaver

wow you have had a very busy week, glad that the elders are seeking help! what do you think the difference with Elder Merrill and the other comps is that you feel the spirit more and have more spiritual experiences? do you think you are feeling more confident yourself and closer to the spirit?
You remember that Elder Casteneda was Jordan's mission pres right? pretty small world!!! so fun
Showering with buckets, at least it's warm,  glad you got a watch....are you traveling other than the visit with the 70? I will put Julios name in the temple and the fhe family will be in our prayers
im not sure... i think its becuse we have to take time to thing more and feeel what to say..  latinos can jsut say what they want and they dont even think.. idk... its different.. but its a good different.. i feeli alot more confident, and clsoer to the spirit.. haha thats super funny!! dont have power.. we have gas.. thast it.. nope.. just traveling there this week and then its gonna be all work here in the area.. thanks goodness.. thanks!! is there still lots of snow!!??

how far away is Emapolas? will you go by bus? Do you have a ponderized today? What did you get to do for pday today? you are on later than usual....we tried to find Elder Merrill on Fb and cant :/ how did you find Julio?  did he love church? have fhe tonight?
Phlipianes 4:13.. for the ponderize!! its kind of far... we are going by bus and a van..i think.. today we washed and cleaned the hosue.. and relaxed a tad bit.. julio was a refrence.. and he loved church..  dont have FHE..but we are going with emmauel and Giovanni.,. they came to church yesterday and they are crazy smart! 
candles... we dont invite bad spirits... i promise... thats how i report at night.. we are kind of cold... haha that tie is made out of wood.. 
this are Tlayudas.. with purple tortillas.. but they taste the same asyellow ones

the tortillas look yummy! so that answers my question about power, what are they doing about getting you power? please pick up another bad spirits, it sure looks pretty! who made the tie for you? pretty cool!

well the secreataries said that they did everything that they could.. i thiunk tomorrow we are going to go and check adn talk withthe people..not sure.. and a guy thats not a member makes wood things.. and he also makes ties. so i gave him that design and he made it.. for 150 pesos.. 
WEll mother.. sorry time has been short.. bt thank you so much for chatting for jsut alittle bit! i love oyu guys so much andim ETERNALLY greatful for you guys!!! please be happy and safe!! i love each of ya so much!! thanks for the love and support!! have a good week and ill talk with ya next week! :) love Elder Weaver
I love you too! it has been short, but I will take what I can, please travel safe, follow the spirit and find JOY in all that you do! Buy a treat this week! fingers crossed you get power :) Love you, treasure our chats, love mom
oh no,.... sorry.... but love you mom!! try and stay warm!!! love you guys!! be safe and know that im greatful for you guys!!!!!
Love Elder Weaver
:) big smiles! Have fun
love tons,
mom xoxos
love you mom!!xoxoxox


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