Monday, February 29, 2016

SO... dear mother this monday, after we wrote we went with Julio.. and we watched the restoracion and we testified at the end of it.. and he knows that its all true and he wants to be a member, but he said that hes not sure if hes for sure about commiting to doing everything. like allt eh laws and commandments, but we decided on this friday..  and he was pretty sure about it. we let him decide when. It was soo hard.. after we testified and the spirit was so strong.. and seeing in his face that he knew that it was true.. and still saying no.. broke my heart.. wanted to cry.. walking home that night i felt so bad, that i wasnt able to help him to feel ready for that date.. i apologized to my comp because i talked pretty much the whole time.. andit was jsut rough.. but he came to church yesterday and he said hes god for friday.  
Wednesday we went to eat.. and while we were eating i thought of a hermana.. and just had a impression that we needed to go to her house and give her a blessing. and she lives super far from where we were eating.. i looked at my comp and told him and he was like WHAT?? haha ARE YOUR SERIOUS??... and i said yes.. and he was SWEET! lets go.. haha and we  got to her house and gave her a blessing dont know why... still dont know why but.. we gave her one. and then last night with the branch secretary we gave him a blessing too.. he started talking to us about temptaions and problems like that.. and got teary eyed.. and asked us for a blessing. and we gave him one.. im still trying to get my comp to give one but hes still trying to get over the scared ill mess up part.. ha but i know for a fact that i messed up in the  blessing.. and im ok with that.. trying to help him to know its ok to make mistakes.. tryng to talk.. haha umm the boys parents didnt go to church.. and ya. dont know why... but that was our week! we were going to go to Oaxaca today for my comps paclages but ended up not going.. so today i bought new tan pants.. and we ate hamburgers today.. :) glad to hear that you are all doing good!!! and healthy!! tomorrow we are going on divisions.. im going to Miahuatlan.. and then Thursday we have a multi zone meeting in Mitla.. its gonna be a good week! love you all thanks so much mom for the quote! 

I am sorry things didn't work out as planned, but maybe it is the Lords plan :) Keep chin up and be happy, things will work with faith :) I am so glad that you followed the spirit to give the lady the blessing, you may never know why, but so glad you followed the promptings....and to help the other gentleman too, through their faith things will be better.
So we just barely got a call from Grm Linda, Gpa Steve has been in the hospital today, had 4 stints put in his heart, one in the main artery to the heart, he is in his room and doing better now, they will have him up and walking tonight, he will be there for a few days, but looks like they caught things in time and he should be ok, so add him to your prayers :) and be thankful for good doctors :)
Im glad you get to travel this week, are you both going? do you get to be with the big poly comp? sorry I forgot his name :)
How are you? glad you got pants, be sure to get what you need the money is there...
i will.. haha its jsut kind of hard somtimes.. haha wow.... im super glad that he is ok!! ill definetly pray for him and how is chandler doing???? no.. i am just going.. on tuesday and i think he is gong maybe thursday.. maybe.. ok will do an the pants that i got are 100 % cotton.. can i wash them by hand?? just in cold water!? is that ok??
I'm sure its hard, kind of a glimpse of heavenly fathers view-huh
Chandler is doing so good, we went to visit him last week, he grew 2.5 inches because they straightened him out so much, he is healing well and on the mend, trying to be careful....hard to not be able to bend through his back, but better than before as far as pain and they said he would also breath better because he is not bent up
your pants, wash in cold water and hang to dry and they should be ok :) I sent you a pair of black ones :)
Are you going to visit other investigators when you go that have already been taking the lessons? do they belong to branches too or wards? will you travel by bus by yourself?

ya thats true.. umm ya i go to see how they are working in the area, and see how clean the house is.. haha and trya nd help out the best i can.. sounds good.. the black ones that i started out with are now brownm.. mom, dad this week i have had a hard time thinking about the future... stressing about that, dont know why..but i have been, any tips!? i know i gotta focus here and now.. but i feel like ive stopped progressing somehow.. and its stressing..
i travel with someone.. my comp or the comp of the other area..

I will share my ponderize with you and see if that is any comfort....its Alma 36:1 "My son, give ear to my words: for I swear unto you, that inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land"  I have been listening to the scriptures when I walk outside in the mornings and I finished today and was looking ahead and saw this verse, and thought that is the one I will share with Justeroo. I like it because of the my son, I swear unto you, keep the commandments and things will work out- (me paraphrasing :)  I know this to be true, lose yourself in the people and the work right now, obey the mission rules, focus on sharing the gospel with any one you can, and things will all work out when you get home, you can only live line upon line, one day at a time, and moment by moment, not to say you cant plan for the future, I think the best way to plan is to continue to pray for your wife and that you will be inspired when you are home what direction to take and take that leap of faith that the things promised you in your patriarchal blessing will be a guide and you will be able to know at the appropriate time what to do
Set big goals for this next month, go into march like a lion, you can control your progression, don't be stressed, know that you are one person and are accomplishing the work you were sent to do in Oaxaca.  If you need progress one day at a time, set a goal every day, something new and that you can work to achieve and you know I am proud of you for all of the growth that I can see in you every strong and be happy! hope that what did you do today since no Oaxaca?
So plans for fhe?

Hey my friend don't worry about the future to much all will fall in to place as needed. Keep focused on the work of the lord and have a little faith and your future will be laid out in front of you when it is needed :) I promise, and I honestly don't think you can make a mistake when giving a blessing if you follow the spirit a misplaced word or forgotten word s not a mistake the lord KNOWS  ALL and understands, and by the way what is the best way to learn !!!!
Love you. all will work in its time and season :) no worries  DAD

You guys are the best.. thanks dad and mom, umm today we just went and bought food for the week and i bought pants and we went back home and we took naps.. for about an hour.. and ya..tthanks for the love and support, i know that your prayers and faith have really helped me more than you guys think..
this is elder Nonu.. he was my Zone Leader last change, this was lsat transfer when we went on divisions.. 

:) did you eat the whole pizza? you will put weight back on in no time if you spend a lot of time with him :) is he still zone leader? pizza good pizza?

pizza is a mexican pizza.. nothin like home.. ha nope he got changed and now hes training to end his mission, he goes home after one more transfer.

not sure if you are still on, or gone, hope you have a great week and that you are safe in all of your travels, God be with you and Julio :) we will continue to pray for them and I will put names in the temple
Love you Justeroo
Treasure you tons
Love mom
soak up sun for me:)

sorry the cybers internet crashed so we changed cybers.. haha but ya im good thanks for the support, yes we are in our apartment in that pic, sorry forthe time.. hate when internet is slow.. have a great week thanks for the love and support and comfort, love you all so much!1 have a great week!! your all the best!! be happy all the time! and be healthy! Love Elder Weaver

Love you too ;) big smiles, no worries, lots of faith! Follow the spirit
Be super duper
Love mom and dad xoxos!

Con amor elder Weaver:))))))))))))) super duper:)

;) love you treasure every moment-xoxo mom

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