Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zone Field Trip-lots of pictures

WOW!!!! im super glad to hear that you guys are all good!! to be honest for some reason this week i was praying more so that you guys would be safe.... especially the day that you traveled.. im glad that Chandler was able to leave all good and healthy.. ive also been praying lots for him... he is getting big!! :) haha miss him.. tons. this week was good we went to the temple on thursday witht he intetion to do baptisms for the dead with Danny.. the recent convert but the president of the branch had us do a session with a older guy and we halped with his clothes.. he couldnt do anything.. so we put all his clothers on in the session.. and we watched the newest video.. andit was fantastic.. and just beein able to be in the temple was great!!!! when we left i felt so much joy.. and clamnes and happiness..  and Julio has his date for this saturday.. but yesterday in church he said that he doesnt feel ready.. but he is ready.. tonight we are going to have a lesson with him and watch the restoration vidoe and testify!! and pray and hope he will be ready for saturday!! and the parents of Gio and Emmanuel didnt come... but they committed to coming next week!! so pray for them!! haha and we had a good relaxing week.. today we went to see a Tree called Etule.. its 2000 yrs old and is huge!!! and then we went to Mitla.. it was a multi zone conference. we were in the sun alot today... im kind of dead.. hahaha but im so glad and greatful that you guys are safe!!! love you all and thanks for the support!! love Elder Weaver
didnt travel to much this week.. but this week w are going to Miahuatlan to do a interview.. and the tree is still living.. umm i think 4 sets would be good.. haha and ya thats great!! :) toes great! happy like me;)
did you eat the armadillo meat before he was stuffed? pretty cool!  love the gangsta pictures...silly boy!  Who cuts your hair-looks awesome!!!

no-... i wish i would have.. just a lady that works here.. she cuts our hair.. but isnt member yet.. 

how is the responsibilities of DL? How is Elder "rock thrower"? any new investigators to teach? So glad you were able to be in a session at the temple, the new movies are cool, the mood is more emotional and I love it-really makes you think about what decisions and how difficult somethings may be...
Do you go on splits this coming week? do you use an ipad to show video clips?
Any other requests for package?

Its good.. its crazy.. haha hes doing good hes kicked the other elder out in gear and are working pretty good. ya we went to find Julios mom becasue she wants to meet us and talk. but we contacted her but she wasdnt there and we talked with Julios cousin. and shes super cool and i feell like she can really progress!  no splits.. end of the month. nobody has Money.. 

so where is this, the tunnel pictures?
haha, not money to do splits...have you heard about Pedro and his leg? he posted pictures of something with his leg did he get his surgery...the ruins you saw are incredible! what is it called? did you buy any souveniers? you can there is money?

its called Mitla.. its ruins.. that we entered.:)there is some relations with monte Altban.. haha  and i havent heard anything from him...:( 

you totally made dads day saying you want to play ball again....I am kinda torn, I want you home for a while!!! I am selfish that way!! do you have a ponderize for this week? I know I am asking a lot and making you thnk when you are super tired :) haha!

how did i make his day?? ha well thinkin of the temple i felt like Ammmon.. after he got done preaching to the Lamenites. his moms fb is Genny Merrill.. im about a hour from the mission home.. last night we actually slept there.. haha 
and happy late Valentines day..
Ill look his mom up
how come you slept at mission home last night? how is mission pres and sis madsen? Please tell them hello from us next time and thank you for taking great care of you!!! love that she keeps her fb page current, saw more pictures of you from last meetings...
so craving any thing for package? Ill try and send Thursday, it takes about 10-15 days to get to mission home...
get any letters last time you were there?

ok and i sent her email.. we slept there so that we were closer to the ruins.. haha my whole district slept there with the asistents. they are doing good.. i took pics for them today.. and Presidnet was giving me a hard time about being a U fan... but it was fun...we were joking around and stuff.. ha umm... nothing really... haha what ever you want. you always do a good job, and ya i got a letter from you, hermana Ivie.. tell her soooooo many thanks!! :) and one from Maddy! :)

Do you want me to send food, like mixes, or cake mixes, I will send cookie dough...any ideas for Julio, I bought him one of those small christus statues...

and i think that is good for him! umm.. maybe like cake mixes.. please and ya thats good! 

we had a return missionary, newly married kid speak in our ward yesterday and he said towards the end of his mission he heard a apostle talk and advice that young men should pray for their future wives, we kinda heard the same talk remember? anyway he prayed that she was preparing herself for a temple marriage and that he would too and that he would recognize her and know her when they met, and he did after two dates he knew his date would be his wife, anyways, just something I thought I would share and its something you can do now that is not too distracting from the spirit and helps to prepare and pray for someone you will spend the rest of your life with
whew....any who
not to worry about things now!

haha ive been praying fopr my future wife since i had a yr...;) hahaha thanks mom! your the best!! not joking... love you sooo much! 
Mother!! thanks so much!! i love and im soooo eternally greatful for you and dad!! you guess are the best and always give the best examples.. thanks for the support! love you all have a super duper great week!! be safe and look for Christ everyday! ponderize.. 1 nefi 9 6 
Love you all Elder Weaver

My dear Justin, I love you to and am so proud of you, continue to follow the spirit and know that you are in our prayers and that you will be safe and find those searching for the gospel, tell Julio we send our love and pray for him-have a super week, be safe, happy and healthy!!!
love you, treasure you so much!
So blessed to be your parents,
super duper thoughts!
love mom and dad

Love you guys!! have the best week!!! love Elder Weaver:)

Hello Justin how is your world going sound like you are crazy busy. Go go go hope your loving it and I hope your happy. It's great to get in the groove with all cylinders hitting. Hope that is still the case for this week and the rest of the mission. Things here are good weather getting better window well going good we can do about 4 in 2 - 2.5 hrs if I don't have to yell to much :)  I guess mom told you about are trip down south, if you read my email first you'll have to want to read moms but it was crazy.
I'm sorry I don't have much to say I'm just not a man of many words. But I hope you KNOW how proud I'm of you your a great man doing a great work keep it up and smile at someone for me today  love ya

        Do you miss Football and do want to play at snow when you get home;)

                               Love you super son.  Dad

thanks dad! ya ive been super busy.. but the time flys by... its so crazy.. there isnt enough time in the day to do everyting.. haha  glad that you guys are safe and thanks for being a great example and helping others at all times.. like Christ would.. i love oyu dad keep up the good work.. ya... i miss ball so much. but ive gotta gain more wait.. i weighed myself today in the offices and im 175..  but i wanna play ball again and im gonna get it. Love you superman! saving semi trucks and all... ha Love ya dad! Love Elder Weaver

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