Monday, February 15, 2016

Feliz Dia de Amor

Dad! just wanted to tell you that this week was a goood week.. i went to Zimatlan to do a interview.. but she didnt pass... the elderes hadnt taught her tithign.. so we lost a whole dy going out there.. and i just thought of that as one of the lessons youve taught me... that if im gonna do something do it to my very best and dont look back.. or we lose time..or we gotta do it all over again.. i love you dad! good luck witht he races! be safe! be great be you and get it done!;) haha love you dad love elder Weaver

Feliz Dia de Amor.. to be honest i just made that up i dont know what they call it here.. haha happy Valentines DAy! thats great yes!!!! this week with Julio we had one of the most spiritual lessons ive had on my mission.. we taught him the law of chastity.. and when we got done he commited to live it and then he just had some questions.. like why does life go good for some people and bad for others... and we shared a scrip in isias55.. and we helped him to understand a little bit of why.. like how God has his ways for us.. and my Comp shared a fantastic experience that brought the spirit so stong.. about his brother... and his family... he couldnt say it perfectly but you felt the spirit for sure.. and i just helped him with a few words and ya.. and to end the lesson i asked him again if he would pray to know of these things for himself.. and i leaned down to put my scrips in my bag. and he said what if ive already gotten my answer?? and i looked at him and said.. whats your answer? and he paused fror a sec.. looked down and got a little teary eyed and said. Ya i want to get baptized.. and for some reason i asked why... ha and he said because i want to have the Holy Ghost in my life and i want a eternal family... thats when i almost started to cry.... i knew at that point the spirit had touched his heart.. :) and he made the sacrifice to come to church yesterday.. even though he had a school thing.. hes great.. hes 20 and is just great.. 
with the kids we might have to wait a little bit.. they could get baptized this week.. but there parents havent come to church.. so we are going to try and get them to come to church at least 2 times before they get baptized... so we are going to see... 
Changes... im gonna stay here with Elder Merrill until April!! :) and my Kid Elder Hernadez.. the one that hucked a rock at my face is now in my district.. 
talked with President about coming and ya you guys can come... but he said it would be easier if you can contact the church transportion... and you guys pay for my ticket and my plain to get back and then they will just reemburse you.. and idk if you can check my visa...? when does that go up?? :) ive been super good!! happy!!! and today we played bball with a recent convert.. and it was super good to play! love you mom!! im always praying for you guys to :) please be safe traveling!! love Elder Weaver

:) brings tears to hear about Julio :) So happy for him and for you!! and so very excited you get to stay there until april!
So how will it be having Hernandez in your district? has he been a problem with anyone else? We did the plane ticket thing that way with Jace, so we will work that out and be in touch with them-so excited!!!
Your visa should be good for the whole two years I thought but I will double check:)

not sure he just got here tomorrw and ill see him tomorrow at the district mtg... im gonna wear a helmet.... so he cant touch see or throw rocks at me.. ha haha i renewed my visa in november i think..

haha-helmet so funny, you should call him "David" and he is trying to get goliath but his aim is way off, you are a good guy!!
Why don't the boys parents come to church? When will Julio baptism be, I would like to include something in your "Easter" box for him, any ideas, a journal or something? How was interview with Pres this time, last time you seemed perplexed at the questions he asked you about your growth....

dont know why they havent come.. we are always inviting them.. and we almost got the mom to come yesterday.. but ya.. and julio is for the 27th.. or this month.. umm maybe a dollar..;) haha hed like that.. or ill ask him and see what he wants.. when are you gonna send it!?  they were good!! we talked about the district and about the elders that have been having problems and about our inv... so it was good!

How is your TOE?
a dollar? really?  I would like to send it the end of this month so that it is there for the first of March...sound ok?  Did you get letter/card from Sis Ivie yet? any cards from us?

my toe is all good.. not infected and doesnt bug me at all.. that would be great!!! they told me that i have 2 letters.. in the offices.. but i might not get them until next tuesday.. 

:) so glad about your toe, :)
So will this be our new time to chat or just today?
How is your branch? how was church yesterday? Are you going to the temple on the 18th? and if so who is it that is going? will it be their first time?

just today.. because we have to go water the church today.. ;) haha the branch is good.. and yesterday the yw did a program and the stake people came and they all talked with me and Elder Merrill.. and ya we are going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on the 18th! we are going with the branch! 

awesome, please add chandlers name to the prayer roll when you go, he goes in for surgery tomorrow, its supposed to take 5 hours and then he will be in ICU for a few days and in the hospital for at least a week, then recover at home for at least 6 weeks, poor guy has a long rode ahead of him, just pray he is not in pain and able to heal properly :)
any pictures today? and what does it mean to water the church today? be sure to get pictures of all of you at the temple that will be awesome! I may go the same day with grm Pat... so nice to be able to enjoy the blessings and not hear the noise of the world :)
Do you have ponderize for today?  Did all the boys write you today?

Done.. :) ill put his name in the temple on thursday:;) like we are going to water the grass.... wellthey call it grass.. but its more of a work in progress.;) just jace and jax.. dad and jordan no.. umm i was thinking for the ponderize john 14 27 :) 

and that was my district before changes..
i told my comp to contact a guy on a bus.. and he talked eglish with him.. he talked english.. go figure.. and then i contacted a guy in spanish that sat at the back with me.. ha my comp gets tired when we have to travel.. i dont blame him..

  im glad im a eagle scout.. i fixed our bed frames now we dont have to slepp on the ground.
Love it!! must have been inspired to speak English!  Im glad you are an eagle scout to and you always amaze me, glad you are not on the ground anymore! you are a genius!! are you staying warmer at night? eating well?
ya im eating better!!! kind of..:) ha and yes im staying warmer at night.. 
the "kind of" concerns me...craving anything?-instant potatoes, want some spaghetti with sauce? oatmeal?
no im good i can buy all theat here.. umm maybe skttles or m and ms..
k, Im sending other treats too, socks and garments, a pair of pants, ctr rings, vitamins, something for Julio, and some easter stuff....
I love this time of year when the seasons change again and it becomes warmer, snow starts to melt and I can see buds on you notice any changes in seasons? maybe the natives not wearing their coats? (is that the only difference is the temperature?)  

nope... no changes..;) haha so youll send that at the end of the month? so ill get it at the end of march??or??
Im hoping that because you aren't so far from the office that it will be sooner than a month after I send it, it takes 10 days from my house to the mission home :)  Ill try and get it off beginning of next week :) love you! hopefully youll get in the middle of March, dad says he loves you and thanks for the encouragement :) Be super duper!
sounds great! love you dad! be safe and have fun! 
bball today for pday!
Jax will love the bball pictures, misses playing with you!! a ton!! I still cant get over how clean it is in this glad, any rats?
me too its super clean.. and nope.. no rats.. 
thanks so much mom for writing me... i love you so much... please be safe traveling this week! and dad good luck!! youll do great! just do your thang.. love you all so much!! miss you all so much... thanks for the support and prayers.. all of you have a great week! love elder Weaver

I love you too, and thanks soooo much for chatting with me, we will be safe! you too! have a beautiful week, enjoy the temple, find joy there, take time to pray in the celestial room, its incredible!! be happy, be super and do your thang too :) treasure you my Justeroo,
Love always
xoxos till next Monday :) well really forever!

haha love ya till next monday:)

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