Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy Birthday! letter #44

Presidente, this week was a good one... i was glad that we were able to have the interviews with you becasue it really did help me to relieve some stress... i feel like my comp was trained all wrong.. with bad habits.. but ya you already knew that.. and i really liked hot youu told me that by my example of doing the things right will make him want to change.. and to be honest this week withh somethings i have seena change.. in him and in me... and hes been making a few contacts and i think that we are getting somewhere. but the other day we did enter a members hows to eat and the tv was on.. and i told him to turn it off, and he told me no... and and started to change the channels.. and i told him a few times to turn it off and after about 8 min, turned it off.. and the other day he was also playing on a cphone of a inv. that we were teaching and again i told him that he dhouldnt play games .. and i said wehy are you doing that, and  he told me because i want to.. and he played for about 5 min more and gacve it baclk.... i dont want to be a tattle tail... but when the spirit is so precious and it more than anything has a big impact on the lessons and my ability to speak spanish smoothly.. it hurts.. but little by little... but... on the other hand we had a great baptsim this week and the Pedro was super happy to be a member of the church and was talking about also going on the m,ission!! im happy, hot and in Oaxaca!!! haha thanks President for all you do!  
Happy Birthday treat, Sam's club pizza and a candy bar......

Hola mi hermanito!!! Zapo verde eres tu, zapo verde eres tu, zapo verde eres Justin, zapo verde eres tu!!! Feliz Cumpleaños Justin! Sabes que te quiero mucho, espero que estas disfrutando esta semana y que todo va bien contigo. Contactos son bien importantes, esa es la fórmula que tuvimos en mi misión. 140 contactos, 30 lecciones, 10 nuevos investigadores, 5 invitaciones al bautismo, esta debe ser por lo menos una bautismo por semana. Es una buena fórmula que ayudó mucho en mi misión para que tuvimos mucho éxito. Te amo amigo, cuídate mucho.
Con amor Jordán

hay esta.... haha muchas gracias mi querido! ;) haha como estas!?? esporo que estas mas feliz y tienes confianza!!! y si no.. tiene que poner su gafet o sea su placa en su camisa blanca y mirra en el espojo... para tener la confianza y tenia en la mision. ;) te amo y sea Feliz.. :) con amor Elder Weaver
thanks for giving me a great 20 yrs jordan!! ive hd a long time to look up to a greaet example.. and hopfully in 20 yrs well still be speaking spansih ;) love you buddy! have a good week! 

Mi Querido mom. 
This week was a decent one!! we are getting alittle bit better!! Pedro was able to get baptized... and i guess that why i came... to baptize him.. he has been talking with the missionaries for 5 months and he hjad a baptizm date but th day before was hit by a taxi and he almost broke his leg.. it had a hariline fractue.. so he couldnt do it.. then this week on frdiay he picked me to batsize him.. he still is on cruched and is going to get operated on this week and will be in th ehospital for a minth.. so the timing was great!! ha 
the interviews with pres was great!! he told me that he knw that he was super prideful and th trainer before didnt do anything very good for him... thats why he changed iut and put me with him.. to be a EXAMPLE.. he told me that i can chew him out and  tell him that hes gotta change.. but im gonna have the biggest impact with my example.. so i know that my pres w}recieve revalacion.... becasue ive already seen a little bit of a change.... little by little.. haha  one day though,.. so little by little... as aof right now we have about2 inv.. that are improving and getting close to baptism.. there names are jose and carlos.. also younger people.. well my age... ;) haha  we found another little mouse the opther day.. and my comp killed with with the door.. but today i woke up and saw something running and the mouse wasnt behind the door anymore.. haha nmeed a trap.. ;) ya you can accept Pedro Ezuquil salinas bautiusta! haha the iguana was already dead.. jsut dound it in the road.. haha 

ive been a little stresseed.... because dont have a lot of inv that are progressing... and the area is on my shoulkders.. and i need to be the best exasmple.. haha but im 20... can cry anymore. ;) ha 
This sunday i gave a talk!!!! about charity and the missionary work!!! and then we had to teach the inv again..  im gonna be with Elder Herndadez untill the 11 of octaober!! ha im glad you are all doing good!! hope youre all happy and healthy!! alsways are in my prayers! :)
Elder Weaver

Pedro. wants to be a missioanry some day
 thats the bishop and the family of Pedro.. mom, sis, grandma

How has bday gone? So excited that you got to baptize him, I'm sure you are a great example for all, keep head up and things will work if you continue to be obedient;) so very proud of you-you fill my heart with joy!!! So what did you do today? Can go to Walmart and get mice killer like Jericho ate?
well... we went and bought at walmart.. and bought a pizza at Sams... ;) haha ill try and find some mice killer.. ;) ha
What beautiful pictures!!! How great shall be your joy, save it be one soul....elder Hernandez may be that soul too ;) I'm at work, just got off roller compacting a parking lot ;) did you get a lot of bday emails? I posted it on fb, if you want just send a big thank you back to me and I'll post on fb ;)
hes 16…THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Going anywhere tonight for fhe? Comp know it's your bday?
i think we are going to see Pedro to see how things are going to go with his operation.. and i think we might have a FHE not sure.. ya hes the only on here in mexico that has told me hapopy bday.. ;)
Did you get a lot of bday wishes?
got alot!!! lots of friends!! :) Connor McCory! :9 ha
I'm sorry wish I could shout it so loud you could hear and all your neighbors;) send Pedro our best ;) how was church and the class you teach? Eating well? Maybe you should get a cat for your mouse problems ;) haha!  Tell me about other investigators, how did you get them?
will do! and it was good!! i can speak now... i spoke longer than my comp... and i felt like i did a good job!  im eating good!! our iron broke yesterday nighjt and so we might have to by a new one with our own money..  t be honest im still nmot sure on some of the inv..  the ones that are progressing are ones that he was already teaching.. but i feel like this week we are going to have more success  in the contacts.. we are gonna find someone.. ;)
Connor saw us at ball game and was almost in tears how much he missed you wanted your email so I told him be sure to get off of fb ;) Brayden and Marcus remember?
ya!!! i miss my little connor too.... :) haha hes a good kid!  and yes they did!! :)
Is Pedro's family members? If not are they interested? Is he in high school?
they arent members.. and not interested.. weve FHe at there hosue and they are all happy and stuff.. but dont wanna talk.. so when its tim,e..
You can make it happen ;) we will pray and put names in the sure to buy an iron and whatever else you need, money is there and extra ;) gram Sheri and gramps gave 50 for bday buy something fun for bday ;) lots of members come to your class?
only the lider misional come to our class... he helps us a little.. we are going to have to make a missiona acticity for the 15 of sep... haha tell jax happy bday  todmoorw and give him a hug.. and tell him thanks... from Elder Weaver ;)
You will know when and your example will be the best teaching tool ;) do they cook for you? Love the little gramma-they are so tiny!!! Big hearts I'm sure!!
the members!!??? yes they cook!! :) that was my treat.. with the pizza ;) haha im HOT... the humidity is dumb
I will for sure, wishes he could share cake with you ;) fav scripture this week?  Best and worst experience for last week?
to me the best thing that happened was with Pedro... ha when he picked me it made me super happy.. actually makes me super happy when anyone picks me to give a blessing or talk or doing something  even when they know that i cant speak perfectly.. but it makes me feel great.. becasue i feel like we are closer then words.. i love the scrip alma 7 11 through 15 talked with Pedro abou this section before his baptsizm.. :)
Hey bud this is dad I love you happy bday love you be safe miss you but it's going fast and I'll see you soon
hahaha dad!!! haha you make me laugh !:) ill be happy and you be happy!! :)
You can have more of a treat than pizza ;$ haha! Did you get a fan for nights? Sell otter pops?
yup!! i have a fan!! and i will look for otter pops!! i didnt think about that!!! 
AGAIN... hahah thanks so much mom for everything!! 20 yrs and ive had the best family ever!! than ks for the support the love, the friendship.. all the ties that we left to lunch when i ws in school... haha thanks for everything!!! love you all so much!! take care and have a great week!!! talk to ya next week!! :)
Con Amor Elder Weaver

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