Monday, September 28, 2015

Dianna baptism

     Anther week down did it go fast for you it sure did for me. We are setting rocks in mt. Green and hauling more dirt off of M earl prop so work good. We alway seem to have something to do.
     How if life in your world? Hope thing are better with comp. just remember it take time to reach perfection and a lot of work so be patient not all of us are as awesome as you :)))) ha that's funny you better have a smile on you face!!!!! My friend just give it your best and work to build others up to your level and don't forget to enjoy life we were made to have joy sometimes it just hard to find the balance. The best of luck to you. I know you can make it work. I miss you but know you are were you need to be. Take a deep breath and enjoy before you know it it will be over.
Love you my friend
Smile:))) Justin's dad

yup... wnet way to fast!!! haha i cant believe next wek is conference, i feel like yesterday i was looking at jordan singing in the chior! ha  we had a good week, ive defienlty gottena testimony of Prayer, ive noticed that we can be very specififc with our needs.. like with my comp.. i just poor out my heart to know how he and i can get better.. and htis psat week we have gottne along very well actaully.. ha glad you are staying busy as well, have you went swimming very much or done te jet skis!!¡¡? love you dad keep it up! 
ELder Weaver


I was the leading tackler! This week we have home coming against mt crest! Ha ha I don't have my license yet but will soon! Been blessing the sacrament! Thanks for being a good example to me! Miss you love you
THats the way we do it!!! keep it up buddy give them that weaver fever;) ha keep focusing and trying to get better in ball!! the girls and the dating can litereally wait till after footabll season.. ;) thanks for your example bud! i miss playing sports with you all the time. have a good week and kill it in the mtn crest Game! 
love elder weaver

My querido mother!!! this week was a btter week! me and my comp are getting things moving a little faster!!! and this week we were able to contact alot of people, but not alot allowed us to come in and to teach.. so thats been kind of hard.. but even with the heat and the Drunks.... man yesterday two drunk guys tried to make me and my comp get in their car after we got done eating.. and we said now thanks and i started to walk away and he grabbed my arm very tightly and said fine. you drive. and i pulled my arm away. very quickly and said i dont know how to drive... and he looked at me very seriously and said.. here come i will teach you.. haha we left.... hahaha we said that we would wait at the bottom of the hill and him and his drunk buddy never came in there car. by the time we got to the bottom, so we jsut left. and then sunday night.. we walked in the alley way behind our house, the area that i dont like.. and ive told my comp that i dont like it.. but we went anyways... passed a group of teeanagers and they had a gun. we walked by like we didnt see anything, and as we were walking away, one yelled hey! and we looked back and he held up the gun to show it off.. didnt point it at us.. just showed it off. and ya we kept walking. ANNND all is well. Diana was able to get baptized by the Bishop, on friday! and then sunday she gave me the great opportunity to confirm her! amd it was great she kept thanking me for confirming her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ! haha shes cute, her whole family went to the baptizm and her confirmation. The family didnt come to church Sunday... that made me super sad... but we still have lessons with them on tuesdays ad thursdays! My list so far for the package, is a rag...  i dont know if you remember the rag that Coach Jones has.. or had.. that you get it wet and then stretch it or snap it and its cold... thats my list so far.  ;) and we were able to kill the baby rat. :) 

Wow, prayers are answered, so glad you are safe and alive :) so excited for Diana and hope that her testimony continues to grow, I will look for the rag :) the family will be in our prayers, what is there name and I'll put it in the temple :) feeling good? Comp ok to avoid the alley from now on? Fhe tonight? How is the kid you baptized and has leg problems? Sorry I can't think of his name right now.... 
the family name is Vasquez Mesa, and if you could put Guilberto, asuncion and jesus and Gema in the temple as well. i feel good today we played soccer as a Zone and talked alot witha  kid from weber high.. and Pedro is ok... hes coming to church and all but theyre not going to do the operation anymore.. and said that he hurt it again by himself, so they arent reliebale.. 
Sure I will, tell me about them :) I'll have to go and write the names,bogey might think I'm crazy if I call and ask them to put Jesus name on the prayer roll :) Haha, I know it's not how you pronounce it :) I'll add Pedro to the list as well...
Where were you coming from eating when the drunks approached you? Do you feel safe more than not? Yes I'm concerned but have faith you will be protected, continue to follow the prompting some of the Holy Ghost :) what's plans for conference? Did you heR about elder Scott passing away? Have you heard how mission pres is?
we were leaving a members house from eating but ya we were far away from the house.. i feel safe. but not sure.. if that makes sense.. i do to i have the faith, but Gods going to do his part but we do too and folow the spirit.. ha for conference im going to go with Villegas in his area i think and we are going to watch them in english and al of them i think! i just barely hear that Elder Scott passed

She is beautiful, all in white, what an angel!!! You look great! Eating well? Feeling good?

im so skinny....
You look good skinny ;) I bet you are darker than jordan :) 

oh and another thing... for some reason ive never thought about marraige so much... my comp talks about his love of his life and how when he gets home hes gonna ask her to marry him... and he asks me all these questions about girls ive dated and so so... and i wont lie... ive gotten a little distracted, and ive told him that ive got a yr to serve the lord,a nd he said but you gotta start planning now.. but ive got faith  that what happens happpens. 

This is my scripture for the week, it's from the October visiting teaching lesson :) "In the Book of Mormon, we learn the great truth that we “pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that [we] may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that [we] may become the sons [and daughters] of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure” (Moroni 7:48).
What's your scripture? Best part of last week?

my scrip is Alma 7; 15 talks about leaving behind sin... and to me its a huge blessing to give up sin and move on and to see poeple change through Jesus Christ is a huge blessing to me to see the miracle. 
The best part of this week i feel like was a contact.. we contacted aguy ad we were standing outside his fence and he gave us 5 min to talk with him.. and we got all the way up to the first vision and we said it by memory and it was great the spirit that we felt.. that we could create a envirement so the spirit could be there, i can tesify that the first vision is powerful! :)

Jacer went thru a time like that too, just remember there is a plan and there is no sense being concerned with all that right now :) I'm sure it's tough when all he talks about is that, hang in there and remember how fast time is going and try to stay focused on the task at hand, him too ;) it's ok, so long as you refocus :) haha!!! Silly girls....
ya and i told him that he still has 20 months before he goes home and he needs to focus.. but he talks back and we fight.. so i dont say that much about it.. Idk...
Awesome, I love when you share things like that with us, I feel like it paints a very visual picture of what you are doing and I'm sure Jax will love to hear the detail of mission contacts, so great thanks!!! Do you get to return to him and teach him more? Lots of big plans this week besides conf?

the guy that we contacted doesnt live there he lives in another city, but we gave him our number and everything... but never called and hasnt called. no big plans. we might go to see anohter part of our area.. were they eat turtle eggs and iguana its called Morro. and we might go to visist the members. there is a houe of prayer in the area.. so the church isnt to big.. but we{ll go and visit the members! 

Sounds like a very fun, new adventure-hope you get to try new food ;) is it a long taxi ride or walk? Would live to see pic ;) Are you happy?
how is pres Madsen?
not sure hasnt said anything.. but i think hes doing great, healing fast! hey i have a Q can a divorsed woman get sealed to her kids!!???
I don't think so, because gram pat has looked into being sealed to her boys and 
can't :(.  Have to have faith that in the life after this things like that get all straightened  out ;)
ohhh k:) we answered correclty then to a member that is in the situation.. ha :) 

i think its about a half hour in  a bus.. ill tke a pic! ;) ha im happy! hot.. and skinny.. :) are you happy!? 

I am, I am very happy, so blessed!!!! Wish I was skinny and happy too :) I'm working on it, I've lost since February :) yea!!!! So blessed to be your mom!!!

im so blessed to be your son! ha ive lve lost about 15 pounds... since ive been on the mission.. :(

That's ok, we will put it back on you when you get home and then you can ride bikes with us :) you'd be great at it!!! Learn lots on Sunday's at church? Still teach class? Do you still do genealogy stuff on pdays? How's that going?

stilll teaching and talking and doing everything.. ;) haha i did last week becasue i had time its good im filling out alittle pamplet that they gave me about the family tree.. but other times im doing things for the house, for the mision, sending pics o the Clean house to the hernama madsen.. things like that :) 

Super!!! How are the special kids/men and their family? How are garments holding up? Crave any food from home?

the special kids are doing good they work and sell gum outside of stores.. its kind of sad.. but its what they do. there mom told me that there was a point when the bishop let them try and bless the sacrement.. but they messed up to many times so they dont let them anymore.. umm ive been craving cookie dough.. idk if you could find like a dry pakge of cookie dough and all i have to do is put a egg in it and ya its delicious. or somehting like that. ;)

I can do that :) great that the bishop gave them the opportunity and that they participate in the ordinance, if I remember right, you said they pass the sacrament, I'm sure a very humbling sight! 

yes they pass it, and its great!!!

That's funny, does she ask for pic of your house? Getting what you need every week? Have enough money? Know that there is extra, grandad Rhett gave you 25.00 for bday, he is doing good :) Freddy asks about you every time we see him and fine unga says hi and go get em ;) 

hahaha tell Grandpa Rhett thanks so much and tell the Coaches Hola and im using alot of the things that they taught me in the mission. :)

but mom ya its time again.. thanks so much!!! ill talk wth you next week! be safe! tell the bros i love them and tell Superman to keep flying high! :) love you mom thanks for everything! 
Con amor Elder Weaver

Dang again!!!! I love you, please be very, very safe, listen and pray for the Holy Ghost to guide you-keep up the amazing pace you have set for yourself, be strong!  Enjoy conference and we will be watching with you!!! Love you justeroo, treasure this hour beyond words-thanks for taking the time to chat with me! Be super duper-happy healthy and safe-live mom xoxos

Love you mom! love you family! have a safe great week! :) love elder Weaver :)

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