Monday, September 14, 2015

President Shot...

Pres got shot...
MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PRESIDENT was shot!! haha he was shot.. about 45 min from where im living right now.. but im good i actually didnt find out until tuesday night by a member.. and it happened monday in the after noon.. so ya.. but im good! the work still goes on! this week was still rough with my comp....  this is the first time in my mission that we dont have the missionary pase in our steps.. we are slow.... my comp watches tv... and ive talked about it nicely.. and ive chewed him out.. and ive told the distrtict leader and hes talked with him but ya... still continues to do it. but im ok.. haha but ive had a hard time feeling like a missioanry.. today the Zone Leader told me that im basically alone... but im not and never did think of it like that... i want to help him... and i can still see little changes here and there.. but thern theres times when he jsut goes back to the bad or the normal..  after the Temple rededication i asked him how he liked it.. because it was his first one.. and he told me he didnt.. he didnt like the Hosanna didnt like how President Eyring, and Holland talkked in english and had a translater... he didnt like it.. i jsut feel like everything is so negative.. and its affecting me.. i was so close to contacting a whole bus, but then he said no doont do it. and started telling me all these things why i shouldnt do it..hha
 I loved the temple dedication!! it was great adn good to hear from Erying and Holland and feel like i was in the temple... oh and I met one of Jordans Comps!!!! elder Guil!!! he was supe cool! came up and talked with me and he lives about 45 min away from me! hes married and i think got kids! ha good to see him!! 
 When does Braxton P get home!!??? 

Jace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you can have a great day!! thanks for your example to me and everything you do! 
This week thats coming we are goingto have devivison with the DL hes coming with me here in thearea and friday we are haveing a zone meeting! Also maybe the Zone leaders might want to do splits with me this week to see how they can help... haha stressed.... skinny... and white thats me.. ;) 

DAD, FELICIDADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy for you! i wa praying and hoping that you would be abkle to complete your Guapo... ;) haha thanks for your example! 11 hrs on the seat is a long time!! with your blood moving and your legs constantelyt moving!! haha how doyou feel!!????? pretty worn out and soar!?????? way to go dad! SUPERMAN....

By now most of you have likely heard the reports that I was shot in a robbery attempt in Juchitan. Many of those reports contain some inaccuracies. I was shot through both calves by a single bullet and was not seriously injured as the bullet did not hit any bones, nerves or arteries. 
After handing the robber the money from my wallet, another patron of the restaurant attempted to restrain the assailant and the gunman fired. I was not shot because I was resisting the robbery attempt as some reports have suggested.

I am recovering well and am confined to home for 10 days or so. We are very appreciative of the outpouring of love and concern from you, your families, church members here in Oaxaca, friends and family at home and missionaries who have completed their service in the Mexico Oaxaca Mission, the Land of Joy and Miracles.
Oaxaca remains a relatively safe place for missionaries as there is violence everywhere. We know the Lord will continue to watch out for and protect you missionaries serving here in Oaxaca as long you follow the rules established for your protection.
Please do not be afraid and press forward in faith.
We are eager to put this incident behind us and continue the work of the Lord in this marvelous mission.
We love you all.
President and Sister Madsen

Presidente, well this week was a little hard.. only found 3 news and we are still contacting alot.. but we need to get more practice at it.. so we are going to do at least 2 practices a day.. in the hosue to get better at our contacts so that its not a ruotine.. i hope that everything is good and ok with you!! heard and read about what had happened.. and youve been in my prayers. hope you are healing fastly.. this week has been a little rough with my comp.. but still little by little we are both making the adjustments to make things work.. the most spiritual thing that happened this week was with a new convert, we were talking abou the plan or salvation and it was just so comforting to tell him that the whole plan was possible though Jesus Christ.. and how our loving Heavenly Father gave us a plan to return and live with him. i felt the spirit so srtong.. and i hope that we can follow working hard.. but make the necessary adjustments so that our contacts are more successful. hope you get better soon! 

these are just 2 of the special kids... theyare the best!!! :) 
found this lovely thing outside our door when we came home one night.
This little kid is 12 yrs old and he painted that in 3 months.. 
Wow, do the mice eat them haha, beautiful picture, very talented, is he in your ward?
yup!! hes the only Deacon... 


First off, don't know why we got email from Zachary, say you are small? You guys keeping in touch? I'm glad you have divisions and done conf coming up, hope you get some positive feedback for comp, kinda feeling like Christ alone in the garden and his friends kept falling asleep? Glad you still have a good attitude, you will always have the companionship of the Holy Ghost :) Patton comes home in's Diana? And family?
haha ya i dont either.. ha But thats exactly how i feel... wow thats crazy!! haha diana is good! we are going with her later tonight and going to teach profetas! her family is also good! could you send me a dog whistle!!???? haha a member wanted one.. :) How are you doing mom!!?:) Hows dad!? 
The service project looks crazy big, need the skidsteer ;) what are you making? Moving all the dirt? I'm good, have a stomach bug today, but good, I'm in charge of super Saturday this week, we are putting a lot of wood pumpkin kits together for the craft ;)  dad is feeling better, they are doing lots of rock work this week, so he just went to meet the guy again, and he is getting groceries :) we are good, so blessed to have great kids!!! Seen Jose or Carlos any more to teach?
we really need the skidsteer.. so if you could send that.. ;) haha moving all the dirt.. to their neighbors house..  hope you get better!! glad that dad is moving.. and walking! ha ummm Carlos and Jose... Jose left..... and Carlos is taking the things like a game... its been hard... trying to have a spiritual lesson and then he gets distracted and asks want a bannana!? ha  hows the Bros!??
Wow, that's a lot of service!!! Sorry about Jose and Carlos? So hard when you have something that you treasure and want everyone to have a part of it and they don't realize the great gift you have for them, but keep your chin up, things will change and seeds are planted :) 
Guys are good, jordan dating a cute girl and making tamales a lot, he really misses Mexico he is staying pretty busy with his side work, look for snow side jobs ;) Jace good too, he thinks he wants to buy a dirt bike, :/ Jax is getting the mustang and so Jace might get my car if we can get a truck, we will see.... He is dating a girl from bonneville, Mackenzie Kendall, Austin Kendall cousin, do you know her? Anyways the girls they are both dating really make cute couples.... Jax is doing well, he needs more time for homework haha!!! He played all of soph ball against clearfield, they lost by touchdown, then he started defense Friday night, did well, had some tackles, however none are showing on stats... I'm trying to get them all to get dates and watch dad race a criterium in Ogden this Saturday... :) we will see ;) 
Still have mouse problems? Feeling good? You sound like your testimony is growing everyday!!!

Jax is getting the Mustang!!??? haha gonna buy another trcuk!!?? ive hear of her but i dont remember.. the face! thats super crazy! so much going on°! the mouse problem no... i put ht mouse poison out and havent seen one since.. that makes me happy! i feel good! im skinny.. and i think right now.. im just going to accept the fact that im a whte skinny american.. until i get back in a yr, to eat and workout like crazy and try and get bigger.. ;) haha i feel like it is!! ha 
But the hard thing is when i feel like we need to go somewher my comp makes excuses.. and then we start to argue a little and then we dont havbe the spirit to lead and guide us.. and i cant just role over and let him do his routine and visit the same member and people.. hha we need to help people to get baptized...

;) trying to find a nice truck to be my car/ company truck...tell me about the 3 new contacts you have, we will continue to pray for comp, has he said why he is there? 
i asked him that the other day.. we sat down to be serious and i told him how i felt and asked... why are you really here? and he told me all this stuff.. and started to cry, and said that hes got a sickness... and he could die within 2 yrs.. and he has now jsut started the missiona and wanted to be a missioanry, and his brother was. 
But mom... the thing was when he told me he has a sickness and sometimes out of random he doesnt have energy and so we have to walk even slower... i dont know if i should say this but i didnt feel like it was true.. what he was saying.. and he would tell me the name of the sickness..he said it was personal.. so dont know what to do.. ha 

Hmmm kinda a hard situation, if he us sick maybe he needs help, let zone leader know, maybe something not so demanding on his health would be a good fit, ? So hard, sorry, life's lessons not always easy ones, hang in there and continue to keep your pace, the lord knows what's in our hearts and the truth :) so what about the work, who are you teChing this week besides Diana and family? ;)

thats one of the problems... haha we dont have anyone else.. other than her.. becayse calos and Jose left.. so we only have her. and we need new inv.. haha we need to contact a lot and get new inv... so if ya could pray that we can be led to a family of 5 :) haha But mom time for me to go! thanks so much for chatting with me.. sorry if its a chore for you sometimes.. and im only here to wine to ya.. butthanks... haha i feel alot better.. :) haha i love you so mcuh, and miss you so much! have a great week! be safe and happy andHEALTHY :) love you all!
Con AMor Elder Weaver :) 
Never ever think it's a chore for me to chat with you!!! It's a blessing I look forward to every week!!! We will pray hard, a family of 5 :) it's good to have a sounding board and release things you can't say out loud-I get it-not whining ;) enjoy your week, keep the faithful pace and know that we love you so much!!! Enjoy your splits and have a fun week- contact that whole bus :D love you so much justin, be safe and follow the spirit... Love mom xoxos
thanks so much mom!! your  the best! have a good week! :) Love you dad! great job on the Lotaja! :) all ya have a good week! :)
You are my sunshine ;) keep smiling, you look great! Lots of hugs and smiles, love mom mucho!!!!

con amor elder Weaver :)

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