Monday, September 7, 2015

working hard!!

President, this week was a little rough.. we went looking for news and kept looking, and we will keep looking for news.. but we contacted and prest service and noone let us in.. but we are going to make it happen this week somehow... i can see that things are getting a little better with my comp... he is literally looking at my example... ha he has started to buy the same food i do, wash his clothes the way i do, and hes being a little more receptive to me and what i think.. although the other day i thought and felt we should go to a hosue of a less active and he wanted to go to a members how like he had done the past 3 weeks.. on sunday.. but i told him we need to go see ythis sisster, and he said shes not there i know the area better than you and she wont be there.. but we went and she was there and like things happen... she has some problems happening right now.,.. doesnt feel like she has a testimony anymore of the church.. and so we went and talked with her about her testimony is Jesus Christ and i felt like that really hit home.-.. im glad that we have the spirit to lead and guide us.. but sometimes its hard to follow it.. family is great and im happy and learning! thanks President!

 thanks!! happy labors day! ha my week was alright.. still going alittle rough with my comp.. but little by little... i have noticed.. that he has bought the same food i buy.. he changed his hair gell to the same as mine.. and he is now washing his clothes the sameway as me.-.. haha so i htink little by littlke we are going to get on the right track! ha my body feels the ned for football... im hearing whistles.. and i feel like i need to beat some one up.. ;) no.. ha Calros didnt come to church.. or jose... so its been really hard.. weve been contacting and the other day we contcted for 2 hrs in the sun.. and noone let us in.. and just rejected us.... i think i would rather be rejected by a girl... then.. someone i dont know that doenst want the gospel.. haha This week is the temple reededication of th temple in mexico and we get to go see it at 9 in the morning.. jsut in our chapel. so im excited for that!! im super hot... very stressed... but happy. im excited for the week thats coming.. last week there was a thunderstorm and it was crazy crazy cool!!! i loved it i woke up at about 11 and just sat and watched the lights and the crazy thunder!! ha im glad you guys are all doing good! and i hope everything goes good for you dad for lotaja!!!!!!!!!! love you guys!! Elder weaver
Thats a start with the companion, he is developing good habits that will fall into good mission habits too! Keep chin up, miracles will happen! Hey, I forgot to tell you in first email, Natalie Hart is leaving for Portugal, in January for her mission, wow, didnt know she was planning on one....and Landon Weaver and Amber are expecting a baby in March, pretty exciting, they were sealed last Saturday in the temple :) So plans for tonight? How is Pedro, did he have surgery yet? love that you followed the prompting to visit that lady on sunday, continue to follow the Holy Ghost and blessings will come... Have you seen the ocean yet?
Holy cow!! thats crazy!!! way to go nat! ha umm we are going to try and put a date with a little girl to get baptized.. her parents are less active and shes9 so shes a inv.. haha but we are hoping to reactivate the whole family.. and Pedro is doing ok.. didnt oporate.. and his leg still hurts him.. but the other day in sacrement mtg.. we were sitting there taking the sacrement and he had to say the pray over again and Pedro asked me why.. and so i exlpained it to him and he had other Qs and i answerede them.. jsut made me think wheni was little asking you and dad Qs abou the sacrement in sacrement mtg.. haha i have seen the beach... omnly from a really far mtn.. ha not up close...

 Salina Cruz, Go UTES his name is juan Carlos... hes a inv.. that needs to get married.
Hey justin! My week was god ha ha my birthday was Tuesday as you know ;) ha ha we haven't done anything yet Sunday I was ordained a priest and after we went and did home bound sacrament and I was able to bless! Thursday I played with the sophomores and we played corner canyon because off Friday we played desert hills on Thursday we lost but on Friday I didn't start but the kid that did wasn't the best so I still played a lot! We won on Friday there's no way to describe high school football ha ha! Love you kiss you be safe Jax
Sweetthe big 16!!! hahaha lover boy;) hahaha treasure the preisthood that you hold!! its incredible and it will bless you and help others as well!!! ALWAYS be worhty for the preisthod! thats great with football!!!kepp it up and keep getting better and get your confdence up!!! if the coaches yell at ya its becasue they love you.. :) thats so true..there is no other feeling like playimng high school ball under the lights.. :) love youbuddy have a good safe week! Elder Weaver

 they sang to me on tuesday for the District Mtg..
 you look like you are the only gringo :)....what is the fire on the hillside all about? 
haha we were doing service!! and we burned and cleaned the area of the man... haha we are burning the trash.. but we are in mexicoo.... and who cares.... ;) makes me laugh because when we did a tour once in Cabo, we did a back country tour and could not believe how much garbage there was out in the middle of no where, all along the roads :) So the area you are in are they known for anything spectacular? like the black pottery? had seafood yet? Yuck about mice in bread, so sorry!! members feed you often? when contacts reject you, is it slamming doors or calling names? I am sure its got to be the most difficult part of things right now!!! Hang in there and pray for them, we will too! hahaha ya i think its just natureal... just to see a huge fire.. and they dont even care.. ha the fire got pretty big.. but who cares.. and the members feed us every day for lunch!! and we have to hike some big hills to get to some of the houses.. more its jsut a.. i dont have time-.. one guy was yellong.. no im catholic to the heart and not gonna change! goodbye!!!!!!!!!! Do you take siestas? I should send you a pedometer to see how far you walk, I am sure it is very many miles!!! what do the members feed you? are the men harder than the women to talk to? not really... i dont have time... and mondays... icant.. i try and lay down and sleep but cant.. to stressed about hte people and what they need.. and i think the women are a little harder to let us in.. hello mister weaver how is life in your part of the world any thing new and exciting still sweating buckets and loving the heat? things here are cooling down a little bit, i did a ride this morning up the No. Ogden divide around pineview and up trappers and down Weber canyon up toll road and home 49 miles in 3 hrs. good ride i feel strong and excited for lotoja next saturday. so that my life in a nut shell tell me alittle about you, do you now how proud i am of you and how much i love you? i;m sure you dont because you proud and love METER does'nt go that high :)))))) i'm so funny !!!! keep up the great work. it hard when you are such a fast pace hard driven person and your team mates are not, some time you need to slow down a little and let them catch up. and teach them and love them build them up and don' just take off and leave them, its hard on there physic be their carrot and just be one step in front of them and they will pick up the pace, no one like being dropped. i think of you often and pray for you even more, i know you can do hard things ive seen you do it time and again you that little scraper that never quits, you never have!!!! so put a smile on you face and keep picking you feet up and putting one in front of the other :)))))) super SONS dad Hello mister Weaver still sweating cubetas de agua.. haha 49 nine miles in 3 hrs!!! thats crazy!! way to go! haha good luck on saturday! youll be great!! SUPER great. ;) haha you are soooo funny!! hahaha no but thanks dad!! i wont lie its been very hard to be happy.... with this comp... dont know why but for some reason his disodeidance is affecting my happiness.. ha but ya im getting better. but im very stressed.. trying to do the work.,... find news.. do the house contract.. doing inventeies... a mission activity for the ward.. keeping my comp in check. and just keeping the area moving.. thanks dad!! you to!! especially this saturday.. one foot in front of the other. :) Love Elder Weaver Supermans son What is the little girls name we will pray for her :) and the familys last name, we will pray for all of them and put names in the temple :) Exciting about the temple dedication, is that tomorrow? are non members allowed? I often have to double take when Jax does certain things, he has your mannerisms and acts so much like you and still looks like are a great example to so many, let your light so shine, Justeroo! The area around the picture of Juan, looks very poor, are you in a very, poor area, more humble than you were in before? do you have outside pictures of your apartment? anymore mice? eating well? You have been given a lot of responsibilites because the Lord and your mission Pres know that you can handle things, use your notes, make lists and continue to read and study and pray :) Diana.... Vasquez Mesa is the family! the dedication is Sunday!!! :) only for members... its been hard to tell some that they can enter,.. well we have alot of inv.. that live in the mtns more.. and they are more poor.. yes.. and some people are more humble.. but some have very locked catholic hearts. im eating good.. this past week the mouse got in my bread.. and so i threw it out... but i bought rat poison today! and i put my bread up hire so the mice cant get to it-.. my scrip this week is 1 corinthiiso 10 13.. Great scripture about temptation, awesome!!! feeling better about your bible skills? how is sunday lessons going at church? be thinking of things for christmas box, I know its a ways off, but I will get stuff going for it...not sure how often mission office will deliver to you being on the coast :) just a little bit better.. the lesons are going good!! i think the ward mission ld is going to start to teach and we will jsut help every now and then.. but who knows... ya im not sure either.. it might take a little longer. ;) how are you mom!!??? everything good witht the family!!? jaces cist!? jordan.. girls!? :) I am doing good, riding my bike when I can, I try and walk every day 3-4 miles and listen to the bofm, I am finishing Mormon, :) Jaces cyst is something called a lipoma, took a half hour to remove, three stiches inside and glued it shut and put steri strips on it, he has not had a headache since, :) they sent some to a lab to be tested and sent the rest with him in a jar, pretty grose, looks like chicken fat... it was a fatty tumor, I think he will be fine and its healing well.... Jordan went on a blind date with a girl named Karli, she is a rm and we like her alot, I think she likes him too, Ill send a picture, she has asked him out twice and I think it could go somewhere if jordan would be more open to it and not push her away just because we like her....he says he is trying to be independant, but you know, sometimes we are actually right about things-haha!!! Jax was pretty vague about the game, he did not start, Jones said he wanted a Junior to have the chance, well the junior was blowing it and Jax went in every now and then the first 1/2, then Jones said he would start second half, Jax was the only change they made on D and they held them to 40 yards the whole half, he had two solo tackles and a few group tackles...he was on fire, hope that it continues....he is soo excited for all of you to be there and watch him! you left big shoes to fill!!! ohhhhh im so glad they are all doing good!! :) and you and dad!! :) i hope you guys can have a great week!!! and know that i love you!! i hope Jordan can pray and see what God says before he says no to the girl.. haha ive been praying for jace and i hope he is all good!! and dating aswell!! you guys are the best! ive never had a family so great!! hope you all have a gerat week! and happy early bday next week jace!! hope its a good one1!! jax keep killing it in ball! and dad good luck with lotaja!! youll be great!! and mother :D thanks so mcuh for the love and support.. and chatting.. its nice to vent and releiev stress.. even though i cant spell anymore.. ;) haha thanks for everything and have a great week!! love elder weaver :) I love you justeroo, be happy and keep smiling!!! Have a very good week, buy some popcicles on me :) continue to keep up the pace, relax and enjoy the temple dedication!!! Words cant describe how much I love and look forward to our hour :) you are truly a treasure, continue to be super and watch out for you!!! pray for you always- Love mom x0x0x LOVE you tons! i look foward to it every week! to write you! and the weeks are blending into days.. i feel like its going so fast! ha but have a great wek!!! love you all! Con Amor Elder Weaver

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