Monday, September 21, 2015

Mom! thats a great song!! haha tell Tiffany HOLA :) haha im glad jax is doing great!! in the pictures.. hes tall an big!! wow! is he taller than dad!??? you look good too mom!! glad to see all you guyys! way to go jax beating Fremont!! WOot Woot!! The other day i was thinking about the Book of Mormon.. and i honeslty was thinking why wouldnt someone want ot accept another book that talks about Jesus Christ and is a tesimony of his divine life.. like why not!!??? 
This week was oh just so grea.. haha the mouse pioson worked! got home one night and there was a huge rat just dead on the floor... thats so thats great! and this week we are looking to have a baptism on friday!! im super excited for Diana! ive taught her alone about 2 times now becasue my comp is just to busy playing his flute or watching his videos on the computer,,, but im good i learn and she is super cool with me she drew me a pic the other day of my house ;) haha she wvery cute and has faith in Jesus. :) Yesterday about 30 min beofre church the consolar of the bishop asked us to talk.. so i talked about covenants and i also blessed the sacrement for the first time in spansih!! i have 10 and a half months and just barely blessed the sacremttn! ha then we taught sunday school! so.. we had the family of 6 show up!! and they are getting super close to getting marrired and they have 2 kids that can get baptized! and they live close to some members that have been helping out so much! the Zone conference was alright... it was very hard for me to understand there concept.. they were basically saying if we teach someone in the street, they are new inv.. but im not goping to count themm.. ha they all just want numbers., i know that numbers are important but they arent numbers they are people. so we need to teach them like they are people not numbers.. ;) haha thanks so much mom!! i apprecuiate it! maybe ill ride the bike when i get back! im super skinhny.. and the air could basiclally jkust go through me.. ;) haha glad that everyone is doing good! im doing better! little by little with my comp.. we are moving. 

Wow what a great week, I have been praying for a family!! So glad about Diana too!!! And the dead rat-bonus!!! So have you heard is pres back to normal and better? How was zone conf? Do you get to baptize?

i know the family is super cool!! i have a recording of the rat, but its to big to send.. haha its pretty funny! i havent hear anything from pres.. the Zone conference was ok.. talked about numbers.. i think Diana wants the bishop to baptize her. not for sure

Jordan, sounds super good!!!! tamales ..... yummmmm de mullet nergro 


divisions with elder Villegas.. hes dead.. but he helped me to realx.. it was good to talk english.. hes from maple mtn.. utah and goes home in november

;) you and elder V, look pretty chill :) I'm so glad things were better this week, dad just read his email he says your gomer, big smiles, super smiles haha!! Did you hear watsons getting married? What on for this week, besides baptism? What did you do today? Any feelings about next transfer? Think Hernandez will leave? Whose dog is it? That would be good for Diana have that connection with bishop might make her continue to be strong after you leave :)

umm ya one of his other comps told me and sent a pic

Where do you email from? What's up for the week and today? Fhe? Think Hernandez will be transfer next time? Will you get to watch conf at church house? 

this week we are going to have elder V come and give the interview for Diana an dhave the baptsim friday and we might be having a Fhe tomorrow night with Diana and her family!! with the biishhpop! 

the internet site. I think He is leaving... this is his 3 change here and i to be honest feel like hes going to the city... that will be in october! i was aking about  conference, i think we are going to watch it in the church and ill be able to watch it in Englsih witht the oother gingos! :)  E Villegas is a good guy! but hes got a pretty bad potty mouth.. :D

Awesome, has her family been coming too? Be sure to get pictures, ;) did you do anything fun for zone conf or just talks? Eat fish yet? What do you like best about this area? 

her bother who is 14 and her sister who is 12 and her come to church.. her mom and dad work on sundays... somtimes.. i think its been about 2 yrs that they havent gone to church. but the kids go, because they havbe a testimony! :) the Zone conf, as just talking.. no fish..... sadly-- and i think i like the food better here.. not sure why but its differnet. in some ways it good! 

Wow, potty mouth elder-haha!!! That's awesome you get together with other gringos :) will you get to see priesthood session also?  So how was Independence Day? Did everything shut down? Celebrate?

yup!! ill be able to see everthing! its was regaular.. had to come home a hour early.. but ya nothing else! there is one guy that asks me for money all the time.. hes like hey the mexicans work hard in your country, so give me money guedo! so one day i talked to him.. and i stood up for myself, and was straight wityh him, and now..... we are cool, like hes my mexican buddy! haha saw him tdoay! and ya.. we are cool! ;)

:) so great kids go, what great examples to so many, even here!!! Tell them I admire them and their dedication to the gospel :) do you find that most kids stay in school and graduate from high school or do they have to start working at a young age to help at home? Are your taxis regular ones or the 3 wheeled things? How's the rain been? Shoes do well? Last week you asked for a dog whistle... How come?

alot of them if they are poor poor they start working.. one girl is 12 and she is working.. blows my mind.. ha, here they dont have motos.. or 3 wheeled taxis. how dumb. ;D the rain has been wet.. ;) no actually it hasnt rained very much and whenn it does its in te night time. a member asdked for a dog whitsle.. but now like the whole family is asking for things.. and saying that they can pay for it.. but i really dont want to... hahah have that mind set.. 

;)? Was he like trying to rob you? Did you ever give him money? Learning to cook Mexican food? Make tortillas?

no.. but he talked very strongly at me.. ha nope didnt give him money.. gave him a pamplet and said read it and tell me what it says then ill give you money. ;) ha nope.. i cant cook amercian food, or mexican food... 

Can you not cook because kitchen isn't up to date? Crave anything that I can send? Good you gave him a pamphlet, teach him that's more valuable than money ;) I'm sure the poor are overwhelming and to think of our life's how spoiled we are, are there things you want me to send for neighbors, really want dog whistle? I can put together a package and send next week....

the kitchen is not uptdate.. ha i was thinking about that during the week and i always forget.. im gonna right it down. and have a list for you next week! ;) could you send just a dog whistle???? and with the link with the video, have to download it.. and ya there is the video.

That's a bummer about kitchen! Do you eat out a lot? Be sure to make me a list and don't be shy :) I'm excited to see video, but not;)) a rat!!! Did it eat all your d-con? How's your downstairs neighbors, bishop family? Jax blessed sacrament first time in sac mtg with dad, did a good job ;) I would love to hear you do it in Spanish, we will have to visit the Spanish branch when you get home ;)

dont eat out alot just eat something easy to make like a sandwhich, and the family is good its jsut the bishop and his wife,  the rat has a baby... ;) and ya i think it ate the food pioson! thatll be good and me nd jordan can bless it together!!! :) 

Mom!! ya its time again..... Talk with you nex week!! thanks so much for Chatting! sp happy and gives me energy to go back out and fight for the truth!! glad that everone is doing ood!! keep playing hard Jax! keep Racing hard Dad and Jordan keep dating Hard and Jace.... Keep growing your beard hard! ha And mom! have a great week! be happy! and thanks again for the love and support from all of you! :) talk with you next week!  :) Elder Weaver 

This hour goes way too fast!!! I love you justin, make me a list, need garments if so send me size :) have a very super week, always in our prayers, be safe healthy and happy...keep up the good work and that beautiful smile-so very proud of you and you willingness to serve!!! You are super!!!! Till next week, lots of smiles and hugs!!! God bless, love mom, xoxos

God bless you guys! love ya talk wit ya next week! :)

cant put its tongue all the wa in its mouth

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 9:53 AM, Ross Weaver
Here we go again my friend how life in world? Thing here are goooood I got 4th place in my race Saturday so I'm happy with that. The first five of us lapped the rest of the field. It was fun. On Sunday me and jax blessed the Sacrament together for his first time in church. That's always a neat opportunity. Enough about me how about you? Are you being patient with the comp? Some times it take awhile to teach so be patient love him and try to understand were he is coming from. I'm sure his life growing up was a little different than yours, you have always worked very hard and not all people are like that. Just try to make the best of it. It's not always easy it always takes work. And I know you can do that keep it up and smile be happy you could be home stuck in the mud with me yelling at you :))))
Love you bud make it GOOOOOD.       Super sons

Father, i saw the video of your Beefy legs.. wow.  right now ive got carne asada piernas.. ha that sgood with jax! did you cry!!??? i did.. our little boy is all growded up ;) i am praying for patience and charity and love.. and ive actaully seen a difference in me.. in my atitude and its all good.. the things that use to bug me, now its just a matter of using the charirty and love to help him get more motivated to work, when we talk.. its normally about how when he gets back hes gonna get married to so and so.. and its been hard to not think bad about him.. wont lie ive slipped a little and have gotten prideful, but the lord is changing both of us. hope things are good!!! people are jealous that my dad is ross Weaver.. i telll some people, and then they just sit in wonder.. like wow... can it really be the son of Superman.. ;) love youdad have a great week! 

Love supermans Son Elder Weaver
 this is Dafne in Etla.. got baptized when i left.. she got a baby coming to.. ha and his name is David

President! how are you?! hopefully better! this week was a good one!  we didn divisions and i was able to relax a little with Elder Villegas.. we had a good relaxing day and we still had 6 lessons and 3 news! and i learned that i can still work hard but be relazxed about it. and the zone mtg was a little hard for me to understand.. what i got from it was that we should contact and try teaching the person right there and then and tell them about a 5 to 10 min resume and bamb.. they are new inv.. and we could count them as news.. ill be honest i like to teach in the streets, buses, cars.. and so forth. but in my ten month i never counted it as a lesson, becaseu i wanted to actaully enter their hosue get to know them a little bit, give a good lesson without distractions.. and then they would be counted as news.. but to be honest i know that numbers are people.. but the way the Zone Leaders made me feel the other day was like numbers numbers numbers.. and i wont lie i did like how they talked and gave good ideas on how we can give a breif resume..  im gonna try and make things work in my mind.. haha things with my comp are getting better. like you said little by little.. and thats how we are goimng.. ha little by little... but he doesnt seem like hes got the drive.. so  i dont know if hes board of the arrea or hes tired. but im trying to work on getting him more drive. more of the missioanry pase  in his walk. hope you are doing good and your wife!  


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