Thursday, October 8, 2015

Turtle Eggs and Conference

How was your week my friend. Life good for you and the comp. how did you like conference. I loved it it's amazing how so many talks can pertains to me  and hit so close to home. Isn't that crazy. I feel recharged for a for more months how about you? Jax is doing great  at football you would be so proud he works so hard just like you and Jace it so fun to watch I miss watching you play it was like watching an artist paint or dancer dance. You were so classy and talented, I'm sure you exactly the same way with serving the lord giving it all you have day in and day out, and just like football their is a time limit so take a breath  and enjoy every moment the good and the not so good love life we were made to have joy,I'm so proud of you and blessed to be your dad. You can do hard things, so put a grin on your face be happy and love every minute :)
                                      Love you super son
                                                           You earthy father

My week was good!! i learned alot and was able to learn alot for my inv. i loved the keep the gospel simple talk by president Utchdorf. there are so many people that make things so complicated... and really we jsut need to look at whats in front of us. im glkad that work is coming along!! ihope and pray that youll get those jobs!!! i i learned someting very important from you dad.. to be a gentleman.. ha to me its a huge blessign that its natural for me to just GO and help a lady pick up a bag or open a door for someone.. here its very hard to find someone with this charecteristic, so maybe im classy and talented but you are a classy talented gentlteman, thats always willing to be soft and gentle to help the older people but also to put your hand down and say punch him slap him, bite him.. ;) haha love you dad you can do hard things! keep being superman! Love elder Weaver

MOM!!! the conference was fantastic and i got to watch it in englsih and in a air condioned room! (count my many blessings.. ) i noticed that too.. he started to breathe hard and was leaning on the pulpit and seemed to be struggling there a bit.. i prayed last night that he would be able to be the prophet until i get home. :) but if not. the church is still true. like you said its veryhard to pick a favorite talk... but right now because this is a email to you, i really liked the mother talk by P. Holland.. he talked about how you bore us for the 9 months and you are still baring with me right now.. and somthing that i rreally liked in particaular was that mothers should bare testimonies often aswell.. and i thought about how you always tell me that you know the church is true, and the blessings that you have seen from following the commandments. i was just so greatful that a apstle was testifying of something that you are already doing. so... THANKS MOM. for baring with me. :) love you so much!  

This week on tuesday we went out to Morro, to me it looked like a little town from Footloose.. haha there is just a little casa de oracion out there.. and we were able to put two baptism dates with two little kids... but there parents are already members so it wont count for the missionaries..but they are cool kids. ones name is bejamin.. hes my favorite.. he is 7 and turns 8 in dec.. the 4th.. he came with us to show us around the town and he came with us to a little sotre to buy a treat.. and we raced.. it was fun.. on the dirt rode... me and him.. running.. in mexico.. im white.. hes 7.. it was good i made a new fri3end, :) Also i was able to eat some turtle eggs and fish.. dont know what kind of fish but it swims.. and the eggs are about the size of pingpong balls and just soft. they were ok.. not something that i would want to eat everyday.. i ate 5 that day! 

me and my comp are ok.... i feel like somthing is missing in my heart... or something is missing but idk what it is.. ill be honest i want a white comp.. i wanna talk english a little, and have the spirit with us.. jordan was right.. the farther we are away from the US the more apostacy there is.. and its honestly hard to get that same spirit that i felt at home.. but ya.. we are still going... i think i might have one more change with him.... 

nothing scary going on...... im safe... we left oneday and people were telling us that a guy had gotten shot in the night and to be cafeful.. and then saturday night the same thing... a lady in a tienda.. hey be careful and go home... just earlier a guy got shot up the rode.. haha but we are all good and safe! im happy... i gave a blessing to a old lady the other day that lost her sight in a eye and she has been declining in her health alot.. and i offered her a blessing if she wanted one.. and we gave her one, but then my comp like chews her out. and saying that if she wants a blessing she has to ask.. my comp is just very mean, prideful and blunt. not sure.. but ive been struggling to feel the spirit.. im happy glad you are all doing good!!! ill fast for you guys!" 



today we went to Piedra Cuachi two huge rocks. the members name is Diodoro

egg.. and conference.

Love the smile and hair, need to talk Jax into wearing his like that :) cold, long sleeves, did member take you, what is significant about the rocks?
So handsome!!! So dark!!! We're the eggs cooked?
ya cooked.
Do the have the turtles for pets? Feel ok after eating? Was fish good? Is Moro a very poor part?
its not that poor.. its more jsut kind of a desert.. not a lot of people.. 


just huge rocks.... nothuing else.

Hang in there, hopefully new comp is coming and your bucket will be filled with renewed excitement for the work-hope you can tell Hernandez hasta luego! Pedro put a pic of you and him at conference, love it!! How is he feeling? Good turn out to watch conference? You can make things the way you want, remember you are super!!! Thanks for the mom talk ;) so grateful I have had great women in my life too!!! How often will you visit Moro?

Pedro is doing good, during the conference he was asking hey, what do i have to do to be a prophet.. haha hes doing better, little by little with his leg. and i hopeso... every friday i think we are going to go to morro.. not for sure we are still getting use to the area over there, its about 45 min driving in taxi. 

The shootings make me more worried, I know you are in the lords hands, please continue to follow the spirit, and be safe!!! Did you get picture with Benjamin? Would love to see him ;) so will their dads baptize them? 

dont worry mom!!:) im good! :) ill take a pic with him this week! and maybe for one of them, the other dad, or the dad of benjemin left.. to the US. 

Hmm, did he come for work? Legally? Does that happen a lot?  How's apartment? Bishop family? Do the members in your area travel to temple often? See mission pres lately? 

ya that happens alot... the dad left.. but the bishop is doing good he has a huge!!!! dog named Drac and a littler dog named loba! and loba just had puppies.. they go to the temple every 3 months.. havent seen him at all..... and i can buy butter for the cookie dough.. :) but is it ok to sendfood???? 

I can send dry stuff... Any candy sound good? Skittles?


skittles and starbusrts..  thats our house from the outside, we live on top and the bishop on bottom.

The little lady you gave a blessing.... Way to follow the spirit!!! It's not wrong to offer the blessing especially if she doesn't have priesthood in her home, you were sent there to her for that reason ;) so proud of you and the worthy priesthood holder you are, you are full of charity and love, read that visiting teaching message to part to live those that have wronged us, love you comp to death ;) overly sweet and kind... ;) especially if with another transfer ;) what fVorite time this past week and scripture? 

haha thanks!! :) and will do! :) and i was thinking if we could put that thing that the apostle said into action.. the ponderizing... i was thinking if we could PONDERIZE the scrip, 2 nefi 2 26 and 27.. and then next week we can share what we learned about it,... haha sound good??????? my scrip this week is from amos 3:7 about how God with reveal his secrets to his profetas.. i learned by expereicen this weekeddn that they are men of God. and God has his church with his ordinaces and his covenants, with his profets.. For ALL of his Childrenn to listen and to obey to come unto Christ.

Wow, we are so spoiled at home, looks like a nicer place tho, is it big inside? Looks weather resistant ;)

its good! not as nice as my other house.. but its good! 

;) I know you are inspired, my visiting teacher came this morning and mentioned the same thing, to ponderize ;( I will put those scriptures on the fridge and we will all do it this week and get together about it in our letters Monday ;) your awesome!!! I've started listening to the scriptures again while I walk, I would like to get thru them again by the end of the year :) who are you teaching this week and about what?  

sounds great!!!!!! this week we are going to be working with jesus and Gema.. and look for more chosen people who are ready to come unto Christ!!! tonight we have a FHE with a less active lady that feels like she is loosing her testimony.. 

Mom thanks so much for chatting with me... to me its another testimony that the church is true and that Prsident Holland was right... that you are baring with me.. :) thanks so much, please no worries, im not scared, so you shouldnt be scared! im safe"! thanks for your testimony all the time, helps refreshin mine, love you dad"! i hope work all works out and you know that im greatful for your help, while i have been growing up, answering questions, telling me whats right and wrong, and your example. Jace and Jordan..... tienen que seguir mushiando con las mujeres que tienen.. ;) son muy bonitas :) Jax, keep the hard work going, i cant wait to come back in a yr and see you run track and then see your seniro yr of football!!! be safe and play smart. love you all have a fantastic week! 
Con Amor Elder Weaver

;) thanks so much for chatting with me, I feel like I benefit way more than you do from this hour together ;) please continue to be safe-ponderize :) we will to!! Give Benjamin a hello from all of us ;) live you so much Justin!!! Come what may and love it-make things what you wNt them to be!!! Lots of love from all of us!!! Love mom xoxos

love you guys have a great week!! con amor elder Weaver :)

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