Thursday, August 6, 2015


PRESEDENTE, this week was a very hard one at first.. and then came thursday and we had our ward mission ld mtg and when we left i wont lie i felt a little frustated becasue he was telling us all these things that we need to be doing and i thought we are doing them.. are we just not doing them right!? and so we came back to the hosue that night and i was feeling and thinking what else what else can we do..  but then we were able to have a bap´tism this week and the interview was a little long and so i was thinking on shes not ready.. but the xone leader came aoput and said ya.. all good!! and so then we had a good atitude all through friday. then friday night we met with a couple and we were able to help them get proposed and engaged.. and we have a goal and they have a goal to get married and baptized on the 22 of this month.. and we kmnow that they are serious because they are telling family and they have come and visisted and bought cake and are celebrating..  they only are missing some medicals studies to get married.. so we are still working on that and we are praying and going to meet with them more often until there baptism.. im happy and excited and greatful for the lord.. i felt very sad like i wasnt praying right or being a good missionary.. but the next day things had turned around.. we as a companionship are still doing great and he hasnt  died. haha hope you and your wife have a fantastic week i know that prayers are being answered! 
Gooooooooood after noon my friend what up in your life? things here are wet it's been raining all day kinda like last year when everything flooded but we got a handle on it sooner, so no flooding yet. so mom rode 103 mile Saturday and did great, i had a lot of fun but it has  to grow on mom a little so we will give her some time to forget the pain :) you know how it is. so tell us how life is in your world. you don't have to repeat what you tell mom cause i'll read her email so you can have time to tell me new stuff. Can you believe how fast things move from one week to the next, no time to waste whether in life or on a mission. I hope your happy and enjoying life, because we are supposed to be happy and enjoy life. so even when things seem hard you can be happy and enjoy and learn from hard things, keep up the goood work and smile alot love your time on the mission cause your almost half way done just like football went so fast i don't want you to regret anything :)))) love you my friend keep it up.i know your doing your best 
                                                                                                                      SUPERMANS DAD  
Thats super great good for you mom!!! haha thats amazing! this week was a hard week from tues to thurs...  we jsut werent having succes and we werent able to get with sonia  before her interview on friday so i was really stressed that she wasnt going to pass becasue we still needed to teach some thing to her.. but then thursday cam and we had our mtg with the ward mission ld. and when we left i felt like garbage.. he was treating us like babies and like we didnt know how to be missionaries.. so i was extremely sad on thurday night like what else can i do.. or what am i doing wrong.. am i praying with faith am i doing this or this.. ha but then friday in the moring we had the interview with sonia her and the LZ were in there for a long time and so i was thinking oh no.. ha but she passed and then friday night we were able to get a souple engaged.. haha we bought a ring and bam!!!! haha we were with Hever and Karen and  hge proposed! it was great! i felt alot better from thursday.. ha im glad all is good thanksfor you words of wisdom.. i love and miss ya dad..  SUPERMANS SON
MY beloved mother!!! well.. im so glad to hear that you bike ride was all good and you guys had a fun time and were safe! i wont lie for some reason i had a stir in my mind and heart like something was going to happen.. so i knelt down and i expressed my feelings and to end that prayer i was comforted.. haha i love the blessing it is to pray and to be specific.. in words and how we feel.. because Heavenly Father knows how we feel-.. but he also wants that we talk with him.. and look.. everything is ok! ;) ha im glad that you finally got the stuff from Watson.. waht a dork.. haha but anywasys this week on tuesday i was able to get the package.... mom.... wow. thanks so much! i love the socks they arer way comfy and  i loved the mddy buddies!!  and we actually didnt do any divisions this past week its for this week we are going to do them!! and  the week was a little hard at first and then friday came and Sonia past her interview and she was able to get baptized saturday at 730 only a a half hour late.. because the bishop hadnt shown up to baptize her.. she wanted him becase she was a refrenmce from the bishops wife.. ha but thats ok! and then friday night we talked with hever and we gave a ring that we bought to give to his wife and they are now engaged and are looking to get married on the 22 of august and also get baptized!! they only are missing a few medical things.. but we are going to be meeting with them more often.. so they have the spirit in there home.. also tuesday we went to visit a less active guy and when we entered the house i didnt feel right.. the house was very heavy.. with other feelings.. and this guy sat down and started to tell us all these things thjat have been happening in the hosue and that explained the feeling so we talked for a bit and then we bvlessed the house.. was a new experience.. haha and im good and happy today!! love you all i miss you too jax.... to be completely honest ive been thinking about you all day.. playing ball together doing activities and doing alsmost everything.. fighting.. laughing.. ;) haha i hope you feel better buddy! the football team NEEDS you :) have a good week! elder WEAVER

we taught a kid from california.. and we taught in english! he is he fro a school program to get to know the culture.. hes a good kid hes 16 almost 17 alex Chelly
Hever and Karen are engaged and Sonia got baptized.. :) 
(we bought the ring for hever y Karen)

he thinks hes got big guns... ;) 
:) thanks for praying for me and dad, we were definitely blessed, there was a wreck in a group we had just left from, prayers are heard and answered :)  Yay for Sonia, and wow and getting married! so are you going on divisions this week? did you like the little bofm figures?
sorry i miss understood, a different couple engaged and going to be baptized :) but how exciting!!! keep following the spirit, glad that you were able to bless the house and feel better,  jax is feeling better and keeping food down this afternoon, how are you feeling? anymore sore throat?
yes they are a different couple i have been trying to get them married since i got here in Etla.. haha i feel better i am pretty tired.. ive been a little stressed.. but im good! haha and for some reason today.. jus feel like crying... but i dont want to.. haha its been 6 months that i havent cried! haha how are you mom?? :)
yup!! soooo we.ll have devisons tomorrow and thursday!!  and i did!! and so did my comp!! :) its been crazy hot. 
makes me smile that you bought the ring :) one way to make sure he proposes! and smart to set baptism same day for marriage-big exciting day!!! sometimes I just have to cry and I feel better-sometimes emotions get the best of you and it feels good to let it all go and start fresh-shower is a great place to do that :)
I am good, my legs feel better than I thought they would after riding for so long, I cried when I had about 10 miles to go, feeling like I could not go on, told your dad I was done, he said no your not, keep putting one foot in front of the other and I thought of you and your brothers when you are serving, putting one foot in front of the other just to go on....what great example to me you are of doing hard things!! You are a great missionary and son, could not ask for better!!! Love you so much-miss you, but would have you be no where else, you are growing in ways you never could here and you will forever have these experiences to reflect on!!
I got to conduct RS yesterday, we have great ladies in our ward and alot of them ask about you often and send their love!
What did you do today for fun?

and their daughters bday is the day before!! ha the 21.. keep putting that foot infron of the other beceaseu  if not you wouldnt get anywhere.. ;) haha thanks tell them all thanks! today we wnet to a moutnain and we searched for old figures that miztecos made and pottery and faces.. but we only found parts of plates and no faces or figures.. hah but it was still fun.. just me and my comp went :)
still going with the gringo and the zleader friday? how come it was postponed? weird question, do you have a freezer as part of your fridge?
ill be witht he gringo tomorow and thLZ on thurs..  it ws postponed porque it was tjhe end of the month and noone had money to travel.. ha yes we doo! :) 
wow, pretty adventurous of you :) did you keep pieces of plates?  I am very excited to visit Etla next year :) how is Cruz' attitude, still want to work and make it count? how did you meet the kid that speaks english? is he very interested?
ya i have them but my comp told me that if they catch me taking them home i can go to jail...idk porque.. but ya.. hes good and i think the baptizm gave him more motivation.. im excited for you guys to come too;) haha the american kid is from cali, and is a member.. hes been here for 6 weeeks on a school thing.. and he wanted to meet with us to give hime a lesson and take him to church but the leader over him wouldnt allo him to coome.. he goes home on thursday..
what pueblas will you travel to? are you eating well? anything weird? how was your church yesterday?  I say a quote today in a book by Jeffery R Holland,the path of salvation always goes through Gethsemane...loved it, really makes you stop and think!
we go to a ton of pueblo..and yes im eating good but still loosing weight.. today i tithened my belt one loop... :(((((((((  church was great the stake pres came and we had a great lesson abou the book of mormon and nefi and lefi and lamen y lemual!! thats a great quote..... its  icredible! 
thanks mom and congrats on the bike ride!! im soo happy and proud of you! 100 miles is a lont ride! thanks for chattign with me im happy and healthy no worries and tomnorrow illbe iwht the gringo all day! i love you guys all so much and hope you have a fantastic week! love elder WEAVER
Dang!! I hate that our time goes so fast, but I treasure every moment!!! Thanks for chatting with me-I love you more than you will know and pray for you constantly, please keep your chin up, keep putting that foot in front of the other, in your new socks :)  So very, very proud of you-its ok to have a good leaking of the eyes :)  God bless and keep you- love you tons, have a very super fun week!! love Mom xoxoxs
haha time does fly.. but really thanks for taking the time out of your day to write me! it makes me happy and gives me a new energy! haha getting the inspired words from dad and mom!! helps a ton! :) love you guys! this week everyday its my personal goal to talk with 5 people everyday to contact them! :) ha love you and miss you! tell harry he can do the mission! hes gonna be a amazing missionary! love you all talk with ya next week! Con Amor ELDER WEAVER 
be safe and follow the promptings of the spirit-love you, love mom
you guys too!! love you bee safe! and be happy! :)

thanks for the support! it makes a bigger difference than you think :) have a great week! love you mom and dad! :)

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