Monday, August 17, 2015

Salina Cruz transfer

Presiedente, thanks you for allowing me to be in Etla for so long. it was great and i was able to make some long lasating relationships.. and im happy and excited to be here in Selina Cruz.. im a littel stressed and nervous.. because everything is new.. but ill get a hold of it alittle by little. im excited to help elder Hernandez end his training.. and seee how the area is! it was along bu ride alone.. and i didnt get to car sick.. jhaha im happy and healthy! have a good week! 
Great letter!!! I know you will do great things here in this new area and you are there for a great purpose!!! So other than special transfer notice how was zone conference, what did you learn?
well we talked about goals and how we need to baptize converts not gouing to be less actives.. and then the pres applied the scripDyc 20 37.. and it was good i learned alot and im ready to show my new skills here.. ;)

soooooo happy that everything is good with you guys!!! i am so proud of ya mom for your ride and im happy that everyone is going good!! well.... thistuesday we ate rabbit taomilies.. and to me it just tasted like chicken.. but a little bit more spongey.. hahaha- then friday for rthe zone conference we got there early.. like good missionaries.. and pres talked with us.. and told me that we are going to have special changes... and right now i am in Selina Cruz... all day today i was on a bus for 7 hours.. alone.. without other elders or sisters... and im with a kid that stillneeds to finish his two last weeks of training.. ha and the 2 hrs i have been here i havent stopped sweating.. its super humid.. His name is Elder Hernandez.. and he seems like a pretty good kid right now... hahah as of right now... so thats kind of been the change of world i have had today.... hahah im happy and a little nervous to train and get to know the this area... and have more responsiblities.. 
So is change just for today or is this a transfer? Makes for a long day :) what did you do for zone conf? Did he say why special changes?
like the tranfers.. im here here.. ha he said that we had changes sothat e cruz can show the other elder around for 2 weeks before he goes.. and so im out here... a little stressed... ha
Wow, big surprise!!! So never and Karen? Still senior comp ;) did you get to say bye? I'm sure you will be awesome in new area-great new is new apartment?
im senior comp.. haha  and they are getting married and baptized the 29th the apartment is good we live above the bishop.. and ill take pics next week and send them to ya! 

Awesome-met bishop yet? Big family? How old is new comp and where from? What city is new one like? Modern at all? You have money in account if you need to get stuff, please do so you eat well-maybe not rabbit tho ;)
no... just got to the house dropped stuff off.. and now we are writing. and then we go back to work.. ha its more older.. not very modern.. victoria tamaulipas and he is 20 yrs old!!! hes a little chubby... ;) haha 
So I googled city, are you on the coast? What country is he from? ;) chubby is good maybe he is eating well and can help you put some pounds back on ;) haha!!! Has he said if work is busy in this area? Do you email from chapel? So excited for you, I want to hear all about... :) have fhe appointment tonight?
hes from mexico.. and we are super close.. my comp told me that he has baptized in the ocean.. ha i hope so but im scared im going to sweat more off then put it on.. the are  is good and we are suppose to have a baptism the 29th and nope we are in a cyber to email.. no fhe... jsut apps. with inv.. :)
I love you and am very excited for your new adventure and hope you make the best of it! What a great opportunity to mold a new missionary :) I am proud of you and know you can leap tall buildings in a single bound-be bullet proof! Be super!!
Love supermans dad!
hanka sO greatful that i was taught to jump.. and leap buildings.. haha i love you and hope you have a great week!! the backho looks great! ;)ha love you dad! 
Hmm how do you like the cyber? Is it by the minute? Very modern place? What's temp? Baptize in ocean would be awesome!!! Can you see water from where you are? Did you get to eat today on the bus? Talk to many people? See a lot of Oaxaca in those 7 hours? How was saying good bye? 
its ok... haha its normailly like 16 pesos for 2 hrs.. nt very modern at all.. idk why mexico is so far behind... ;) haha ate alittle and nope... it was 7 hrs of mtns.. and curves.. i almost threw up a few times.. ha  it was hard to say goodbye... i didnt want to but i really wanna go back to Etla when i end.. ha
Very pretty dog what does name mean?
he came alone.. ;)hahahha
Somewhere to eat tonight? We would love to visit Etla next November;) everything fit in suitcase to move? Apartment as nice as last? 
not as nice but itle do! and yes everyting fit! all good only left elder cruz with 2 blue shirts that were plain.. 

Awesome!!! Can you take a quick pix with comp and send it? Spiritual experience last week?
Perfect thanks!! What a cutie!!! And so great to see you and those blue eyes!!!! He reminds me of LWeaver ;D enjoy him, treasure things you can teach and what you've learned so far ;) 
haha me too.. the way he talks.. its hes kind of like the mexican l weaver. ha 
How come he is wearing headphones?
hes listening to music.. to download on his USB.. im wathing what he downloads.. haha the comp doestn havbe speakers.. 

;) hmmm, did you Harry's letter? I'm sure, what do you think?
no i didnt get it........... 
I sent it-;) so what's scripture for the week? Can you print stuff off at cyber
i can print stuff off!! and Harry sounds jsut like me when i started.. haha hes gonna do great!!!  my scrip is just the first book of nefi.. i learned that even though lamen and lemuel argued and cried they stil respected their dad and did what he wanted.. :) ha 
That's awesome, great way to learn from bad guys in the Book of Mormon :) guys all say hi, Jax just texted he is done with first practice ;/ they had pix and physicals Jace took him lunch and then he starts again till 9, crazy days for both of you!!!! Did you keep any Bofm figurines? Think you will have seafood in this area?
Super!!! Clothes and shoes all ok? 
yup!!!!!!!! all good! :) and ou  all good with you1!??? :)

i think we are going to have alot of fish!! and im glad they guys are all going ogood!!! :) ha i kept one.. figure:) 
Love you mom!! thanks for the Chat.. i feel like the long bus ride was a dream and i woke up and everything is new again.. but im glad i still have athe amazing same fantastic family.. haha i love you guys and ill see how this week goes training and all.. and the new area.. :) love you guys and hope you have a great week! LOVE ELDER WEAVER

Could you send me harrys new email!?? so i can write him next week!??
Always here for you!!! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me-makes my day-week!!! I sent his email, they aren't sure if it's right one yet?  Love you so much justin and so proud of you, keep chin up, smile while training-make things how you want them!!! God bless-be healthy and happy-love and hugs from home-love mom xoxos
love you mom! thanks for taking time to chat with me!! i love you guys so much! have a great week! and talk with ya in 7 days! C

Con Amor Elder Weaver :))))))

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