Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Querido mother!!!! this week was very good!! the divions tuesday i had a white guy come with me here in my area and we had a great day! we talked english and he has 14 months and he was able to teach me a little bit of spanish.. it was a little helpful! and in on elesson the inv. asked why he or elder Buck talked better spanish than me... and made me feel bad but then the next lesson the inv. asked why i talked better than him.. if he has more time.. ;) ha that made me feel a little better! umm also tuesday with elder Buck we were playing tug of war with a family and we were pulling and a dog... bit me......... it bit my butt.... super super hard... i wont lie.. i kind of freaked out.. haha yellijng.. but not crying the people the family were laughing.. but i got home and there was no blood... just a bruise the size of a softball... hahah but im all good!! then thursday i went on divisions with elder casteneda and that was good.. i can tell he soesnt have as much time like elder allred becasue the way he does things.. and his comp is a new ZL also.. so its kind of hard for them right now and they kind of fight a little.. and then i got a letter from lynn this week and it was a great letter i love the comics and the soties!!! Sonia is doing great and her daughters are all doing great!! and Hever y Karen.. we found out last week that we are having stake confrerece on the 22 of august and so they cant get baptsized that day.. but we are going to see if they can get married and baptized this week.. would be a miracle. and if not the week after the 29 of august.. and my comp is doing good.. he isnt really starting lessons.. and idk... i think he is slowly dying.. he says hes not.. but i think he slowly is he isnt walking the missionary pase anymore.. but i think that maybe i should maybe slow down a littl so that he can enjoy the walk... if you know what i mean.. haha and ya this week was good today for pday we played soccer as a zone and my team we had me and the kid from plain city and a mexican and a hermana and we won 10 games in a row.. we were even beating stacked teams.. ;) haha it was great! im white and i can kind of play soccer!! im happy that youll be riding again this week!! be safe and have fun!! i bet you guys can get 1 hr and 45 min!! on your ride.. haha!! love you mom!! i dont think ill be able to send pics today.. im in a other area.. because my como has to do interviews for other missionaries and so we arent in our area.. this week on friday we have a multi zone!!! :) love and hope the bros are all good and so is dad!! love oyu all!!!! ELDER WEAVER Yay-sounds like a great week-so happy for you, we will pray for that miracle to happen for baptisms this week! and watch out for dogs! :) and I am sure that you are a great soccer player, you are good at futbal no matter what language or how they play :) having fhe tonight? what area are you in? Temple open again? what doing for multi zone conf? where is casteneda from, that was Jordans mission pres name... hahahaha :)) right now we are in the area of Yagul.. to do some interviews.. and we dont have any FHE we are going to go with Hever and Karen to talk withg them and see where we are. the temple is open again and we go at the end of the month i think.. ummmm not sure his name ill ask him onight.. and as of right now i dont think that im doing anything.. haha :) "does your dog bite?" haha, tear a hole in your pants? did the scripture covers for spanish scripts work ok? Is Yagul far from your place? travel by taxi? hahahahahahahhahaha.... :)))))) nope no hole.. the sscrips are great!!they have been workin so good! its aboput 25 min.. and ya by taxi! the other night we met witha cristian man and he totally tried to tare us down.. why do we doing baptisms for the dead.. doesnt say in the bible that after death we get a second chance to accpet.. and he just totally was saying things to his own understanding,... but wehn we left him.. i told my comp.. well i still have my testimony of the gospel.. and we tried to explain things to him.. but he just wanted to fight with words.. so.. ya hes not ready. ha but im GREATFUL i have a testimony Awesome, sometimes it takes experiences like that to build your testimony and make it stronger-way to stand up for you what you know to be right and true!!! proud of you!! If he was a true christian he would have felt the spirit :) Did the kid from California go home? feeling good? Sis Ivie asked me what you get to eat everyday... thats true!!! haha and yes he went home thursday!! Brendon the blck kid.. told me that he is getting married next fall... i think that maybe a baby is coming.. i feel good a little sun burnt from playing but im good!! i eat alot of mullet its like a chocolate barbaque sauce i ddint like it when i started my mission but now i do.. weard. and we have a lot of chicken and corn, tortillas with everything! ha wow, Brendon writes you? super :) I have tasted mole, it was different, I am sure it takes some getting used to :) any great odd things? How is the fresh fruit? so tell me about buying an engagement ring-was that weird? two elders buy a ring? he wrote me about 3 weeks ago and they are only about one im getting married.. ;) ha ya it was weird buit imm good now..its real good! and we actually bought the ring from a member that sells rings.. and we bought eh ring for 200 pesos and she asked first she thought i had a girlfreind.. but then we gave the ring to Hever and he prposed and bam.. pics.. and i showed them to the hermana and she believed me.. that it wasnt for my girlfriend. :) so funny!! looked like a pretty one- any words of wisdom for Maddy Beardall and the Mexico MTC? MADDY!!!!!!!! tu puedas, puedas hacer toda las cosas con Dios! haha More than anything just have fun with the spanish.. if you cant talk it.. just talk it.. thats the best way you are goung to learn. talking and listening! youll be a great missionary and are gouing to change the lives of many people. i have heard only good things about the mexico city mission. you are going to find a new happiness! :) and just another word of advice. be obediant, even if your comp isnt. you be a example to them and be obedient.. like the scrips say.. we only get the blessings according to the the order of obediance.. sorry I cant speak english anymore.. haha love you and know im here in oaxaca if you need anything ;) love ELDER WEAVER what did Lynn send you? stories.. haha sorry.. youll have to ask her.. one is about a guy getting a brick thrown at his car.. and the other is about a guy getting a job for morse code.. haha dont have time to explain them... MOM thanks so much for chatting i love and miss you guys so much!!! hope you guys have a fantastic week and you complete your goal this saturday for your bike ride!!! love you all so much! ELDER WEAVER Talk withyou next week :;) ummm... not sure.... i was pretty well prepared.. ;)haha not that i can think of.. when does she leave? I think Sept. 1.....Love you-be awesome! love mom and dad x0x0x thanks!!! :) love ya! con amor de Oaxaca :) ELDER WEAVER Love you to Justeroo-know that you are in our thoughts and prayers continually-so very happy for you and your comp and the people of Oaxaca! Treasure everything!! God bless, please be healthy and happy, we are! Chat with you next week... Love Mom xoxox love you guys be awesome! :) ADIOS :) Well hello elder weaver How life in your world super great I hope, are you happy with how things are moving in the mission are you still growing and learning? How the testimony ? How about your relationship with your father in Heaven? Harrison talk was great yesterday you would be very proud of him, he is so fun I hope and pray that things work out great for him, and he can see his value as one of gods children, as I hope you have seen in your life please understand that you are a child of God and he loves you and understand your needs and desires, but what I'm I saying you know all that, I know that you're working hard every day so I'm not going to tell you too. But I will say keep it up, be happy, have fun, but not to much fun. Keep all your goals in sight, and no matter how hard things get the church is true. And I love you. And your my son that should make anybody happy:)))))). Miss ya see you soon SMILE. LOVE YA DAD well hello father!! my life here in oaxaca has been very very hot!! but very great! Sonia is doing great! and this week we are praying for a miracle with Hever and Karen. im super happy.. but something that i have noticed is that my mood changes super fast.. like if i feel like my comp is mad at me or the mission leader. i get mad at myself and sometimes them.. and sometimes i dont know what to do.. do i be more humble.. or do I stand up for myself and tell them what i feel.. ive been praying for a change in my heart so that my happiness doesnt depend on the happiness of others or when people dont want to listen. but im happy!! i love to contact.. somtimes im really nervous.. because i dont know what to say.. becasue i dont like to contact like a routine. i like making it diferent. but sometimnes im in a groove and the spirit just flies and bam.. ha a good contact! :) haha hope you have a great weeka dn are happy as well! thanks for everything! have a great week!!! :) LOVE ELDER WEAVER Presedent, this week was a good week for divisions.. tuesday i was with elder Buck and we were able to talk in englsih a little and he explained a few things to me in spanish that i didnt know so that was very helpful.. i really learned a lot with him.. also on tuesday a dog bit me on the behind... but there was no blood and im all good! no worries there. and then we went on divisions thursday and i learned a lot with elder casteneda and i could really see the difference in the ways that missionaies teach.. but if we are prepared and worthy the spirit teaches. and touches the hearts... and also we found out that the 22 of this month ios stake conference and so the couple that we had assigned to get married and baptized that day are going to have to change.. to get married this week which would be a miricle and i am praying it would happen, or they could get married the 22 and wait till the next week to get baptized.. so we are in the process of getting this all going and its going fast. and elder cruz and i are going good!! we are still going and he isnt dying, well doesnt seem to be dying. so that makes me have a desire to keep working when i get to that point of my mission.. We are also having a hard time with the members helpuing us with the obra misional.. as well.. but we are still pushing and the lord knows that. just need tp keep pushing forward. hope you have a great week! Hey justin sorry I am dead from football this morning and I still need toleave in a half hour! But know I love you and look up to you! Keep safe and if a dog bites you bite him back so he knows who's boss!! Ha ha!! ;) love you have fun! Jax hahahah i dorgot to bite him back!!! hahaha ill go find him.. i wont lie i got mad and i was hucking rocks at it... ;) go kill it in ball buddy!! have a good week! love elder weaver

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