Sunday, July 26, 2015

All is Well!

"[The pioneers] woke up each morning with clearly defined purposes and goals that everyone understood: to serve God."
—Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "All Is Well"
  Hello my friend hope life is great for you, and you had a great week. Thing here are good moving forward with the Solstice job, looking for fall and winter work which is always a concern BUT the Lord always provides:))) missed a couple days of riding this week but when we did it was good. Hope to do a little more this week,
     I hope that you have a purpose every day and that you love and enjoy your purpose. Hope you smile and are happy and love the people you're working with, things are moving so fast for you and you may only get one chance to do what you need to do. I know you're at the top of your game and your giving it your all, just remember to love the good with the not so good " A bad day in the mission field is better than a good day in a lot of other places." :))))) I just made that up what do you think?  I hope and pray you happy and loving serving the Lord. Keep it up:)
#44 biggest fan (dad)
Superman! thanks for that quote! it definitly just changed the waay i think and have givien me a little bit more motive! i had motive and a purpose but now i have more and im going to share it with my comp i hope we both can keep working to make the miracles happen! im staying here in Etla until ostober! and im going to kill my comp.. or he is going to go on while i am with him.. so thatll be new! hope you can find work and things will be good for the bike riding! thanks for the prayers i know that they are being answered! because i feel like i got into my grove and sometimes i feel like i need to let my comp make the decisions but like you just said.. i have one chance.. so im gonna be the leader and make the things happen. he has 23 months but im gonna try and be a leader with him.. :) thanks dad! i do like you little quote you made up too! ha love you and miss you tons! have a fantastic week! :)))))))))))))))))))  SUPERMANS SON :)

Presidente, This week has been a little bit tough on the health side.. i have a cold and a bad cough.. but im getting over it little by little.. ive got some pills and i feel alot better then thursday when i got sick. this week we were able to have 8 inv come to church and one of them we havent taught we only invited him and he came with some of his friends.. the ones that we are teaching.  we were also able to help the hnas get the batptismal font all clean and filled with water, we ran out of water about half way throufgh so then we had to call the pipa and ya, it all worked out. my biggest struggle i think that i am having is memorizing and having a firm foundation of the bible. its still something that im striving to work on and share with others. and my comp is great at helping me out iwth this! this sunday we also had a lesson with the bishops wife and we got the inv, to accept a baptsimal fecah for the 1 of august and im very happy and excited that ill be here to help her get prepared for that day! we are still working good as a companionship and dont have any serious problems. im happy and very excited for this change! 

MI Querido Mother!! i am just borderline spactaucular!! haha im still here in Etla.. and im going to be here until october.. im going to kill my comp this change or send him home and then im going to train another elder the area.. then im gone from elta! haha so ya im still here in ETLA so things are good at home!!?? I sure hope soo!! i miss the PICS ;) haha but yes!!! DAvid and dafne got married and franciso and Itzel are still doing good we watched the restoration video and they liked it and they are doubting why they are catholics ad we are going to meet with them tonight so they are progressing very well! and this sunday we had 8 inv. come to church and we had a lesson in the church and we put a date with her her name is sonia and her date is for the 1 of agust! so we are going to do all that we can to help get her prepared for that day! this week was good dad was right i feel like im in my zone and its going by pretty fast! haha july is almost over! but my comp is still district leader and i realized that every single one of my comps has been a DL... ;) idk if the pres is getting me prepped or its jsust how things turned out.. haha im happy and im juyst a little sick with a cough but i have been taking some pills like NYQUIL and its helping alot! soooooo things are still good here in oaxaca! have you met with watson yet!??? how have you been mom!?? i wont lie today i have really miss you! ha but i hope you are happy and healthy! :) love  you tons!!! elder weaver
 saw this video the other day you guys should watch it tonight!!! its amazing_! almost almost cried  se lama ´´Caridad en dos monedas´´

 the district before changes anddddd agua

 this is how we tried to get the baptismal water hot. it was her bday and so we bought a cake :)

really really dangerous!!! so nice you bought a cake, looks yummy, tell me about her-whats her name and is she a member?
yup i am super happy!! haha when we were on the roof to get the call and we heard the changes and that we are the same we freaked out!;)  havent gotten package yet.. still wating and the last week was good we had to help the hnas with the baptsim so we cleaned the font and filled it up.. soo that hermana is the hermana marina!! she is beasically a member she and her husband arent married yet becasue they are waiting on divorce papers from there other relations.. but they are basically members like have over a yr going to church and 2 of there kids are members.

 Jose is in the blue shirt.. he is there kid.. he goes to college in mexico and he plays football!!!! i think that if i was mexican we would be best friends.. ha he is a super cool kick! hes 19 

where have you been and gotten so dusty, asleep on the way back?
fell asleep when we were driving out to TElix.. and the daughters of hna eliod threw tortilla powder at us because i said that i might be leaving.. :)

Awesome!  So I got a text saying package was delivered to mission office, do you not see or hear from them every week? What did you do for pday since you didnt have to move?  I am going to see if we can meet watson at hna mitchells homecoming this sunday....Ran into hunter anderson yesterday, he says hi and he was going to write you-we will see... do you have fhe tonight? pretty excited about your baptism for the 1st, sonia? how did you get her?
nope not everyweek.. but i might get it tomorrow who know we are going to havbe a district mtga nd i think the LZ are going to we just cleaned the house super good and washed and bought food.. and relaxed for a sec. no FHe tonight just inv.. and new inv.. :) her name is Sonia and she was a reference from the bishops wife.. she has all her attenance but just needs to be taught but the hard thing is trying to find her.. she ahas a lot of work and isnt in her hoiuse alot.. but we are going to have a miracle this weeka nd we are going to get her ready :)
Great, love the positive attitude! :) Spanish is coming along well, I can tell because of the way you are writing in English :) love it!!!How do you feel its coming along? Doing anything fun for District Mtg?  eating well? anymore weird foods? We will pray for Sonia and I will call and put her name in the temple tomorrow, same with Marina and the others :) need to send a picture of your kitchen and bathroom :)
haha i feel good about it! im getting alot more confiedence when im talking more in the lessons then my comp.. haha we had a lesson and it was my comps turn to talk and he said no you explained everything and didnt say anything.. so i guess i talked a little to much.. ;) eating good and the other day we ate chiles filled with meat.. it was kind of weird tasting because im like on the boarderline of loving the hot and spicey but not loving it.. ok ill send them next time :) how are you mom????????? :)
Dad and guys home early today so jordan took harry and jax to the movie, jace cleaned his room, dad and I are puttying new floor in kitchen in motorhome, looks pretty good, they all say hi and they are happy your happy that you are staying put :) favorite thing this week?
ohhhh wow lots of work! umm talking enlgish with my comp!!!! its so funny!! his accent is hilarious when trying to talk englsih! how are you doing mom!!!!??? :)
I am doing good, we have several farewells and homecomings coming up so I will miss Relief Society here and there, but I am excited about serving...need to fill my spiritual bucket-loved being in the temple the other night, I think we need to go more often, Gram Pat asked if I would go with her during the week when school starts again, so I am excited about that! Things here are crazy, sometimes we are all here and seems like we are all in different rooms of the house, but I guess I shouldnt complain, we are under the same roof :) other times no ones here and the house is very quiet-I get a lot done during those moments but dont like them to last long! :) Life is good, my little family is growing up and my house is not the kool-aid house, maybe some day! But I am very blessed, have great sons and great husband who are all worthy priesthood holders and that is my most greatest treasure-life is good!  The church is true and I am blessed beyond measure- no worries about me....
Whats scripture for the week? mine is a quote from Pres Hinckley ill send it to you with a picture of him
mom.. thanks :) for everything :) my scrip this week is a quote the doutb your doubts before you doubt your faith. because there are alot of times when we are in the house and satan has his ways of making me doubt and think that you guys arent ok.. and so then im not focused and im worried and it hurts. but i put this little quote of a sticky note and its on the wall where i study so when i doubt im doubting my doutbs :)
Love it-I'm going to hang it in the kitchen!! always know that we are ok, and things may come up but that we always get through them and things work out, we are being blessed and watched over all of the time, prayers are answered, we always have morning prayer and family prayer :) love the quote :)
So besides getting the news you are staying put, what else happened this week? ever afraid for your safety? when we have been in Mexico we have seen police like crazy, by the truck full, do you see them often?
its incredible how mindful heavenly father is of us :) im super greatful for prayer :) and nope Etla is a pretty peaceful place we see a couple of cops now and then but not a lot!! but when they have bloqueos or road blocks. thats when we need to be careful if we are in the city of oaxaca!!! but we arent there much.. only to go to the offices and the temple. and if there is a road block just say a prayer and get off the bus and start walking with a purpose :)
In preparing to give training at our RS pres meeting Ive come across these scriptures that have stood out...2 Nephi 25:26, Alma 32:41, 43 and Alma 14:2-3 Just thought I'd share :) how is that lady you helped last week that needed a visit?
just noted them down! and she is doing alot better shes happy and she seems to be doing fine:) 
So glad :) just remember you wear the armor of God, however, you are mortal :)haha! do you get to go to the temple soon? did you get to say good bye to Sis Mitchell before she leaves this week? were you still in the same zone?
haha and you too!!! and kind of.. i think we get to go the next week!! im not for sure but i think so!! do you write marcus or brayden!? or just me ;)  and we were in the same zone yes! 
sometimes I write Marcus, only wrote back and forth once, haven't heard from Brayden, how is he doing?  I see his picture on FB every now and then, but haven't heard from him, do you write them?
marcus is training and so i dont think he has a lot of time to write.. doesnt write me alot either.. and bradyen is doing great and loving life :) 
Do you want me to forward you his email to us? how is the family search stuff going? do the members do it too?  Do the people you teach every associate the BofM with their heritage? Does it click that Christ came to their part of the world?
no its ok :) haha but its ok.. i need to get better at trying to do it.. the first few times were hard so i kind of gave up a little but the next time im going to bring my booklet and fill it out :) some of them dont believe it and others are like wow.. no way how!!!???? and ya we get the foot in the door and we teach ;) ha 
well mom its that time again.. thanks again and again for chatting with me!! i am happy and almost healthy but im taking care of the body and i am going to by pills to help. and i hope you guys are heppy and have a fantastic week! thanks for you love and support! and the prayers! sometimes its a little harder to put the foot in front of the other.. but i feel like i have alot of hands behind me to push me and keep me walking ;) thanks so much love and hope you guys have a great week! :)
Love you too, Justeroo, keep chin up and know that we love you and Heavenly Father loves you soooo much!! We are so proud of you and I treasure our chats, hope that you will chat with me still when your home :)  Have a super week, lots of miracles are in store, continue to walk with a purpose and have a heart full of joy and happiness!!! Happy Pioneer Day on Friday-I sent you some parade candy!  Enjoy your package-love you so much!!
love mom xoxos
you are the best thanks so much!! i think im gonna chat with you more than ever when i get home! thats one of the regrets i have not talking with you and dad more.. and giveing you hugs and a kiss to go to bed.. ha but... itll be a little while before i can fix that. but anyways! thnaks again! love you guys be happy and have a great week! :))))))))) love ELDER WEAVER XOXOXO

Hey justin! My week was good! Put on about ten pounds! But I'll probably loose it in about a week or two because we start conditioning well we started Friday and I am so out of shape it's crazy! But Monday I have conditioning and then after me and Harrison are gonna go see Jurassic world! And then in probably gonna start doing online stuff for my license! I went to lagoon last week with my friend Ben and his family and it was pretty fun! They opened up a new ride it's called the cannibal and it is so crazy!! Ha ha but I had fun!! I have like 43 more days!! ;) till the big number one six! That means you have like 42 till you hit the age where you start being weird! ;) ha ha I'm so excited!! Hope your safe! Love you! Your a great example to me and I miss you like crazy! Love you!
haha tens pounds!! i am pretty sure that i have lost ten pounds this week! ;) haha thats cool did you like the roller coaster rides!? when i was your age i didnt like them.. be careful driving and dont be stupid like me. ;) have fun with harry and give him a big bear hug for me i love you buddy and miss you so much kill it in ball and thanks for your example to me! hopefully when i get to be that age i wont be toooo weird.. ;) love you buddy! be safe and have a good week! love elder Weaver

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