Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pres. & Hna Madsen

Dear Parents of our Wonderful Missionaries,

Just thought I would write since we have passed our one year mark in the mission.  Just thought I would update you on the goings on here in the mission.  It always seems like it is busy but the past month or so had been extremely busy with the changes here in the mission.   With the age change  there was a big influx of missionaries 18 & 19 year old Elders and 19 & 21 year old Sisters were going out all at once the summer after the announcement which brought about 35 missionaries in one month and 28 in the next month to the mission here in Oaxaca.  Of course that meant new areas to be opened and more houses to get ready.  What a huge job that was 2 years ago. The number in the mission had grown to around 230 when we arrived and since they want the missions to be more like 180 here in Mexico these next few months will bring us back around this number.  The big generations that arrived with the new age change are now going home and we are getting back to what was the normal numbers before these huge groups of missionaries arrived.  Because of this, it means closing and combining areas which is always difficult, many of the areas are already huge but the missionaries will continue to work hard and look for those prepared to receive the Gospel at this time.  There are still more missionaries going out and serving than before but they are continuing to open new missions so this great work will continue to go forth throughout the world.  It has been a little crazy making all of these changes but life is full of adventure and changes here in the mission field.

It is a beautiful time of year with green mountainsides.  Of course to have all this green landscape and beautiful colorful flowers that means that it rains about every day at 5:00 here in the city.  The Coast and Isthmus area get their share of rain too but I am sure they are very grateful for it as it is extremely hot there.  The only downside is after the rain then the humidity soars.  Our missionaries are troopers, they are the best.  The missionaries work very hard to share the gospel and to share their testimonies.  Of course they help to bring people unto Christ and to the waters of baptism but they do more than that—not only is their goal to bring people to the waters of baptism but to help them and other members prepare to go to the Temple to be sealed to their loved ones. 

In the mission there are now 10 Zones one was just newly formed because a new District was formed this past month.  The District will be made up of 5  branches.  In the past these branches have been a part of a couple of Stakes here in the city but they are  far away so it will be great for them to be part of their own district and someday we hope they will become Wards and a Stake.  A few weeks ago we finished going around to all the areas in the mission to do interviews.  This happens every 3 months.  It is a joy to be able to talk with each of the missionaries.  We are so appreciative of their hard work and their diligence.  The work isn’t always easy for them so be sure to write with lots of words of encouragement.  It is also important to encourage the missionaries to be obedient and to use their time wisely.  They are on the Lord’s errand here and time is very precious.

These past weeks have brought Multizone Conferences again.  We are excited to be with the missionaries and together learn how we can improve our teachings and increase our testimonies to be able to share with others the joy and blessings that the gospel brings.   Look for missionary opportunities in your part of the world.  We know that you are praying for your missionary but also pray for missionary opportunities in your own lives.  It will bring joy to your lives.  Again we are very grateful to you for your sacrifice and to have this wonderful time with your missionary son/daughter.
We love them.

Pres. & Sister Madsen 

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