Monday, January 26, 2015

Monte Alban

What's up my friend how's life treating you great I hope. We pray every day that you are safe and sound and that your spanish is coming along. How are things with comp any better I hope so, does he not understand that you need to work as a team to win the game,  you may have to try and teach him a little team work sorry you should not have to worry about that as a greeny. You just may have to be bigger person, just don't let him push you around, stand up for what you know is right :)  he may need a little reminder where boundaries are, you just need to do it with love. God luck my friend you can do it.
     Things here are very good, work is well weather has been good so we're able to work a lot and get a lot done. We are all safe and sound I'm taking good care of every one so don't you be concerned :)
      Please be patient with yourself and being a greeny  you need to enjoy being the new guy. Love every day because it go's so fast, and soon it will be all over, so please be happy be great be awesome be JUSTIN :) I sure love you smile for me :)
#44s DAD
I  stasnd up for myseld and what is right... haha because I was taught to... haha thanks! and dad I wanted to tell you thanks for helping me to be mentally strong... there is days that are just super hard, with Spanish and the comp and inv. but im mentally strong and so I am able to change my atitufe and just be happy! ha thanks dad for your example for me.. I hope all is good! I read in the back of a liohona and its a handi cap kid smiling and there is a quote by pres. momnson and says that atitaude is everything.. and I I already knew that because you had taught me.. I am learning really quickly,, thanks so much for your prayers... I know they are helping and working miracles! love and miss you dad! hope work keeps going good! love supermans son. elder wEEEaAver? ;)

mi querido momma! haha my week has been pretty good! we didn't get to go to the temple this week but we are this week on wednsday! and im super excited for it! haha my little buddy angel is doing great we are still teaching his mom and the dad still doesn't wanna talk with us.. so all good there.. we had a good week I felt like until we had no one show up to church... sad day.. but keep moving on. haha  im glad to hear all is good and everyone looks good! yes!!! actually today we went to monte alban the pyramids and I bought some of the black pottery! two little ones for 40 and I really like them! haha  the investigators I think are doing good and I have really learned to love and teach the first vision... the spirit is so strong and I love it so much... haha didn't plan just by myself this week, in a way we planned togather.. ha yes! getting used to the living conditions.. haha but I am way hungry in the mornings during study and after because we don't eat lunch with the members until 2.. haha we eat at the rewsurant every tuseday because the guy there is a member!! ha
On Tuesday last week we found 5 new inv. jjust by knocking doors.. and we have met with yazmin 3 times since... haha another yazmin.. and she really is such aan awesome person!! ha
On wed, we had a lot of lessons with mebers present and we taught on members dad, and I sheared a really good scrip... because he works a lot and says he doesn't habe the time to come to church, so I read a scrip about putting the church first and other things fall into place.. ha
thusrday.. got into a fight with the comp about tea,, I told him my oppionion about tea and he didn't like it so we had a comp inventory and we sat down and he literally yelled at me to humble myseld and... just a bunch of crap that's not important.. I stoof up for myself and said a [rayer and we were able to work things out I think... depends on how he feels... hahaha
im no iin the book of alma! just started reading it!! and jy scrip this week is the ch. of d and c becasuse it talks about when jose smith was in liberty jail and how god will lift him on high!! haha

IF you can mom could you send me scrip cases for my Spanish scrips... haha I fcant find anywhere hear to get some individual ones.. haha  good week.. haha love and miss you guys!!
Wow, sounds like a very busy, exciting week!! Do you want a case like the one you had here, for Spanish ones? Which section of d&c are you talking about?  So your discussion on tea-where do you stand on the issue? Was the comp inventory helpful? How is teaching yazmin #1, family? Angel have bro and sisters?
ummm doenst matter.. ha any kind.. haha sorry I thought I would find some here..  the section 121.. its super good and it really hit me this week! I told him I don't drink it and I think we should avoid even the appearance of evil.. but he bought it and called another elder made me talk to him and then I said its cute how you have to get back up and he threw the tea package in the road.. and then we had a cmop inventopry... sooo fun.. haha I stood up for myself.. and ya.. ha I want a Mexican comp.. ha she is doing super good! she has been also teaching her parents somethings abiout the gopels and what not.. ha angel has a sister who just completed 1 year.. idk her name :)
Your comp drinks tea on his mission?? Crazy!!! Glad you stood up for yourself, keep it up-could you get another trainer? Who was the other elder he called? Anything in your little white book about it? You sound like language is coming because your English structure is going :D feeling better about the espanol? Want some kids CTR rings in package? Could you use a gospel art picture package? 
but its like a limon tea.. so its ok... hahah idk.. that's what he said. nope.. ill be with him for my training and maybe more.. ya I would love the ctr rings and wat not! haha I have giving some kids them and its nice to see them still wearing them the next week haha anad yes about he package!1 please!?

monte alban... pyramids
So do you have family home evening tonight? Does you zone leader know you and comp have conflict?  Can you eat more for breakfast so not soooo hungry? How are clothes holding up? Shoes? Socks? Blisters? Need mole skin?How will you listen to cd of music? Get a player? 
no doesn't know we have a problem.. haha I don't care.. but ya.. I eat a lot but don't have a lot to eat because got to save it for the week! haha clothes are doing good one pair has a whole in them but all good no worries there! and yes!! I got a little cd player! but takes AA batteries.. haha so ill have to buy some and idk if you could send a few.. haha
we looked up monte alban and lots of Book of Mormon history is believed to be there? Did you see it?
ya lots of sories and stuff!!!  way way cool and neat!! ha
this was today!!! they are way big  this is angel and diego diedo is the brother of yazmin

the skeleton was in the ground.. haha
hahaha ok I will.. haha thanks! nope not right now.. ill try and get more of the streets and the members we work with! haha how have you and dad been!?

I'll have to send some utah shirts :) so cute!!!! Love it!
Awesome pictures!!! You look great!!! Feeling happy? Pictures of pottery? Pictures with other members or investigators? Pictures of life in your village? Anything else requested in package? Please stock up on some food stuff, be healthy :) if your going to be there a while-get what you need :)
Use you card to get more food and batteries-no worries, you have money available now, use it :)
haha some Utah shirts for them?! hahaha  they are way cool and great examples to me..  haha I am feeling great! other than being hungry.. and this was probably the first pday I was able to relax a bit and have fun and nope.. don't have pics of pottery..
How close are you to mission home? Are the mission home and mission office in same place? Dad and I are good, trying to decide where to cruise next month or two :D dad busy with high priests, loves them!!! Work going well :) things are great, being blessed because of your service :) did you say shoes have a hole? Can you get resoled? 
the mission home is a bout 45m away and its no fun getting there.. haha good glad to hear that you guys are  doing great!! haha I have a video of angel playing with the toys you sent him but I cant send it is to big.. ha but no shoes all good! one pair of socks, has whole in toe.. but all good!
You look super!!! Was it cold? We saw you have sweatshirts on? Glad you could relax and have fun who did you go with?
nope.. just windy.. haha we went with the district.. because next Monday is changes.. ha so we all went!  so it was way fun!
Save video, we can see when you get home;) need another sd card for camera? Glad it's socks not shoes? Any bites from bugs lately? See lots of lizards?
ill  for sure save it! haha nope doing good on storage so far!!! ha got a newon on my ankle but not to bad... haha lots of lizards.. haha a tons! but mom... time to go once again... thanks so much for taking the time to talk... it really does make me so happy and makes my weeks better! I hope you guys have a great week! love and miss oyu all! lovee elder weaver ;)))))))))))))
I'm excited you get to go to temple this week, maybe we will be there Wednesday also, it's supposed to rain, I'll put your name in :)
haha sounds great!! I hope ill probably not understand a lot but I hope I can feel a lot.. haha love you guys! have a great wek! and have fun at spin class!!  me too!!! treasure Mondays!! ha big smiles here in too!!!!!! haha love you lots! thanks so much for all you guys do! talk to you next Monday!! con amor elder weaver

Hola Mi hermanito!! how have you been? I hada good week this week. im starting to feel better about myself and who I am. love you Elder Weaver!! keep working hard and you will see awesome miricles
love jordan
mi amor.... :) I have been super good... Jordan.... im so glad to hear that.... im serious.. I hope and wish you the best.. stand tall Jordan youre a son of god and he stands with you... love elder weaver

Hola mi hermano! How was your week? My was alright! We eat roy jr and then went to rocky an lost by 6... Buts it's all good! I played churchball with the elders this week and got have to come with me to! Mut was so much fun!! We balled up not as much as me and you did but it was fun :)schools good! It's school ha ha! Anything exciting happen? What do you do on pday usually? :) love you!!

good for you jax!! keep up the good work! and keep working hard in school! I love and hope you are confident in yourself.. be happy and I went to monte alban today for my pday and we shop and get food for the week! love ya buddy love e weaver

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