Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Temple this week

MI querido momma! how has this week been for you_! mine has been good but super long... haha the whole comp situation doesn't help a lot so the weeks are super long.. haha the changes don't affect me this time but my comp was made DL and so ill have to be doing more splits with other elders.. so that's gonna be great!! haha the families we are all teaching are all doing good.. haha a lot of them need to get married... and this week we are hoping to get a couple married and then their baptism done in the next two weeks or so.. haha they are super awesome his name is edgar and her name is roquel and he is just like a Mexican rick shock.. always smiling and laughing... just glad to be alive.. haha sooo hopefully that happens this week!! haha  this week on sunday we had 5 investigators go to church and yazmin 1 got up and bore her testimony!!! it was amazing... made me smile and soo happy! haha  I have been drinking so much coke.... I feel so unhealthy.. haha its from all the members.. ha
Tuesday I seemed to open up a bit and talk more.. haha even if its wtrong... just trying to talk.. and ya..
wed, the temple was soooo amazing... I neeedede it! I put your names in and the greandparent! and it was just super amazing!! the spirit is the samw no matter what! ha
thurs. we had interviews with president... and it was good you can tell he is new... haha but so am I so it was a good meeting.. ha I also got letters from maddy vanorman!!! and someone from California.. idk who they are but they sent me a letter.. haha
FRi I gave my first blessing to a little kid named axil.. he had stomadch problems.. so I gave a blessing.. started in Spanish then went to English then went back to Spanish.. haha good experience.. :)
During my studies this week I read the testimony of jose smih and it truly is just incredible! you and the family should read it! ha and my scrip this week is alma 7 11 through 13 talks about the atonement... it means so much to me right now....  but great week! LONNNNg week too... haha
 temple... this week:)

Great pictures!!! Prayers have been answered, I have been praying for a change for you with comp thing and it sounds like splits is a super option!!!! Yay!!!! 
Are you feeling good? Get to store to get food? Makes me laugh that so many live without getting married, lots of plans for this week? Mission pres ask you about comp?
thanks!! haha feeling good! but the weeks are long! haha thanks for the prayers! I know they are working! yes!! I bought ham and mustard and mayo.. so I can mkake ham sandwhiches! I know.. why not get married! lots of plans this week! talk to ya next week mom!love and miss you guys lottttttts!!! :)))))))
 Mom dad... Jordan jace and jax.. love you guys! hope you have a great week!!! tlak to you guys next week!!!! missed talking with you today mom... but its all good! ill make it through the week I hope.. :) no I will!! love you all! have a great week! talk to you all next week! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Hola mi hermano! este semano fue muy bueno.. ha yazmin is doing super good and im glad to hear that you took kayla out again!! the Spanish is coming more and more... ithink haha the think that is hard for me is knocking doors... haha but how is your head doing Jordan!? its all good and no pain right from when I hit you with a backlho... ha for some reason that came to my haed this week... and I was scared and worried about ya@! hope you are all good love and miss you Jordan!
way to go jax!! go beat walquist and made em look dumb,, haha this week has been super good but waaaay long.. haha nope... haven't played bball for ever.. ya... we play soccer.. not even that much.. but no I haven't been chased.. a lot of drunk guess wanna talk with us though... haha and ask us for money.. but what ever.. haha I love you too buddy keep it up and I love and miss you lots!

So weird today, email came at 4:15 p.m. I replied, got other emails at 6:00 p.m. 9:06 p.m. 1:45 a.m. and 3:40 a.m.  Sad we didn’t get to chat today, we tried, just wasn’t meant to be today….sent package so he should get it this week, hopefully that will make up for lack of emails today J  Thanks again for all of your love and support, for writing him, Shania-big thanks to you for all of his great surprises in his package!!! Gram/Grampa thanks for $$$ every month!  Love to each of you!!!  Have a super day!!

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