Monday, January 5, 2015

Superman's Son/Superman's Dad

Hola-tuesday... we went to the misión offices and got some things that we needed.
wed we got our money oput for the month its 2000 pesos and we have to pay 250 maybe more for wáter..
Its been a pretty rough week with apps falling thoiugh...
New years eve made me pretty home sick... just missing you guys.. at 1259 i woke up to a war zone going off... haha
thursday.. i found the itch cream!! and it has helped my hands so much!
thuursday was also way dead... i have never felt and delt with so many drunk people in my life... haha
friday. a memeber told me when i talked on sunday it was soooo spirirtual.
I told the story of the stripling worriors to a inv. and talked about moms.. and talked about you, almost cried..;) but kept it in and kept it cool;)
have you gotten any of my letters yet??!
fasted this week and it was good, church now starts at 9 for me.
we helped someone move on saturday!
teaching is going alot better. yesterday.. actually we had about 4 lessons with members and i was able to talk and give more tan just a testimony.. i asked questions and taught a bit... so i am learning! ha ;) comp is a lot better..... ha nope dont have anything biting anymore.. ha my ear is almost all better.. like you cant tell if it was bit or not. good week!!!  my most spirtiual experience was probably when i talked about the strippling worriors and talked about mothers... my fav scrip this week was alma: 56 47 i think.. haha but really... thanks so much mom for all that you have taught me and raised me to do. this morning was rough... i was scared for some reason.. so i went to the roof and just cried..... hhaha... and prayed and prayed that everything would be ok with you guys, that you would be safe and i would be safe and have peace and confort.. and i read in the bom in msi and just received so much confort.. it was amazing.. ha love and miss yuou guys!
today has been good! as a zone we were going to go ice skating... so we go and i didnt have id to get in, but the mexicans can get to people in without id.. but the comp didnt want to, so we left and went to dominos and then went shopping for food this week and then went back to the house and i hung up my gs to dry and then polished my shoes and now here.. this week we are having two other missionaries staying with us...  for a zone thing... so thatll probably way crazy... haha  but good week! my comp i think is starting to figure out that i am not just going to role over and die and let him do what he wants.. so its good !;)
zone leaders...  the mexican and me always call each other guapos and the White Elder is Elder allred.. i almost cried when i saw him.. ha they are waaaay cool!
just some missionaries in the disrtict and my comp yesterday on fast sunday!

this was on christmas night.....ha ;)
haha my comp says that they are both whitenad from Utah.. and just staying until thursday... i got a letter from you last week!!!! but the district leader is giving it to me tomorrow!! haha idk... ;) ha i didnt have my temporray id on me..  i am eating lots of tuna fish! and today i bought bread.. so All good there!  alot say they do!! but this sunday we had no investigatores go to church.....;(  homes cary by far... ha nice and weird to old and weird.. and we eat with members every day for lunch!!

got a flu shot the other saturday... idk why i needed it.. ya i  got the flu shot twice now... ha dont here from him muc... today we went to the offices again to get a new phone and say him there... i asked and gave him dads nuimber and asked him if he wasnt to busy to call dad and wish him a happy bday.. so we will see what happens... ha
not scary... just weird from american homes... ha;)  members usually feed with family, or dont have family! ha  yup the Ward has everything! but the Ward is rough... they dont help us very much, we dont have Ward, missionary mtgs, and the bishop doenst help very much.. my comp says this is the worst Ward he has been in since he has bben here, so were are going to try and change that! ha yes!! my testimosny of the góspel and i am recognizing the spirit more and just learning so much.. ha ;)
thanks mom! i am going to try and email, brayedn and marcus next week! idk, what marcuss email is.. ha i hope hes doing good!  thanks mom for your love and support.. i cant describe how lucky i am to have amazing paretns.. i know i am happy to have others in the house too!!! haha  love and hope you guys have the best week! and are happy and learn alot!!
Love you too-no worries this week-k-promise!!! Be safe-have fun-love you tons, dad and I feel so lucky to be your parents!!! Your our treasure!!! Loves and hugs-mom and dad!!!
k!!! not trying to be mean in anyway at all.... but this week i am going to try not to think about you guys at all.... unless it is good and used for a lesson!  love you guys your the best!  TALK to ya nest week!!!  :)
LOVE ELDer Weaver ( son of Superman, son of wonder woman) ;)  love you guys !!!! you are the best! i am so blessed. you have taught me so mucha nd i am sooooooooo greatful for you guys! hug and slap dad and jordan on the butt and tell them happy bday from me! ;)

Jax-jax that is awesome!! but be careful hommie.. haha good luck in bball i know you will kill it.. and if you can kill it in momkey ball you can kill it it organiszed ball. imagime me there cheering for ya!! ;)

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