Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Weaver...

Dear Brother and Sister Weaver,
Sister Madsen and I were pleased to personally greet Elder Weaver when he arrived in
Oaxaca. Attached you will find photos taken upon his arrival.

He and his companion are working together. As two missionaries labor together in this great work they bless one another's lives. They both grow as a result of their individual
strengths and differences. I trust they will develop a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Missionary work is intense, as you may know. It can be both physically and emotionally
demanding. Learning a new language is difficult for many, but, your son is here for a reason.  Please encourage and support him through the inevitable trials and help him realize his full potential as a missionary.

Your son will be a part of miracles in the lives of those he encounters and teaches. He will come to love the work and the people. He will grow in unimaginable ways. Although Sister Madsen and I will be personal witnesses to that growth, you will also be able to witness that growth through his weekly letters home.

Please write your son regularly. Missionaries love to receive mail! Your letters can be
a source of great motivation and encouragement. We have asked him to write home
faithfully every week. His correspondence with you and others will most likely be via e-mail.

I recognize the sacrifice it is to support your son on this mission, but I want you to
know how grateful I am that you have shared him and the message he brings with the people of Oaxaca. I consider it a privilege to have him entrusted to our care.  If you have questions or concerns, you may call the Mexico Oaxaca Mission Office.

There is a Facebook page to which we upload photos from time to time of mission events.  It can be found atón-México-Oaxaca-Tierra-de-Gozo-y-Milagros-2014-2017/481115182024884

Lynn R. Madsen
President, Mexico Oaxaca Mission

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