Monday, January 12, 2015

little better this week :)

"So much in life depends on our attitude. The way we choose to see things and respond to others makes all the difference. To do the best we can and then to choose to be happy about our circumstances, whatever they may be, can bring peace and contentment."
—Thomas S. Monson, "Living the Abundant Life"
"You know that God is your Father. He loves you. He wants you to be happy. Put your trust in Him (see 2 Nephi 4:34; 28:31). Maintain your focus on His holy temple. Be worthy to receive your endowment and sealing ordinances. Remain faithful to those covenants, and return frequently to the temple. Remember, your loftiest goal is to gain the greatest of all the blessings of God, that of eternal life (see D&C 14:7). Temple ordinances are essential for that blessing (see D&C 131:1–3)."

tried to get the sunrise...but didnt show up.. ha :) didnt take many pics this week.. take more this week.. sorry haha

WOw!! i am glad that you are all doing good!!! my days were alright.. ha teres days when i feel like i can understand people pretty good and kind of comminucate and then otheres where i have no idea... haha spanish is hard..  They other two missionaries were way cool! Elder houg and Elder cameron they taught me so much and just had fun, helped me loosen up a lot!! haha i got a ltetter from you guys from dear Elder!! haha i think you sent it the day i left for the mtc....;) lots of lessons and lots of miracles... i feel like i have the gift of interperatations very well... haha but its the gift of tongues that i neeed more help on.. ;) haha

THIS week, we might have a baptism... her name is yazmin and she is 13.. haha but idk if we are... its still up in the air.... but more tan liekly going to happen, and she wants me to baptize her! ha
We were teaching a lesson about the the restoration one day andwe just got done with the first visión and she starts to breast feed.... talk about killin the mood.. haha but ill get use to the culture i guess... haha
Tuesday we went and got the edlers to stay with us and we didnt go to bed until 1 that night... haha holy cow... and we got permission to baptize yazmin from her cathlic mom!
WEd. We ate at the bishops house and it was very good! our bishop is very nice!!  i made some contacts at doors and just had fun with it and got some people interested i think..
thur we went to a older ladies house, and shes a inv. and she calls us her gringos.. kind of funny! then in the night time we went to a member family home and the dad  of the family says hi to my dad! haha
FRiday  for the food on friday i led the lesson on preearth life and felt good an confident about it! and then we helped a member write a talk.. haha :)
Saturday we had a investigatore drop us and then yazmin said she didnt want to be baptized but then changed her mind... so we are meeting with her today for the offical answer..
Sunday was a good day!!! struggled really bad with spanish... we had 5 inve. go to church!!! ha
this thursday Elder peiper pf the seventy if coming to talk to us!! haha Good week! dont know what to think of my comp.. we have good days and bad.. today during comp study he got mad because i dont like justin Bieber and he got up and left and hasnt really talked to me that much today... the days seem long but getting better!! haha
Your comp sounds pretty immature, keep chin up, how much longer till transfers? Where you with other elders for zone meetings? What kind of things do you do and learn as a zone?  We will pray for Yasmin :)  sounds like you are very busy and work going well..
he is... very.. ha idk.. but i have to be with him for 12 weeks.. because its how new missionaries start out hear.. we havnt had a zone mtg yet... i dont think.. but we had district meetings every tues. and our district leader called us today and asked how we are so successfull, becasue the rest of our disrtict is bad.. haha so that made me feel kind of good! ha
You look great!!! How feeling? Today been a rainy day here, guys fixed Jordan's rumble in his car, Jace at doc now for physical, he started school today, seems excited, has football mtg Wednesday morning :) tonight the Oregon Ducks playing Ohio for championship game, shaun and jill coming over to watch, dad and I have spin in an hour ;) tell us about your older investigator, her home? Was she a door contact?
SWEEt!! good luck to jace! and cool cool! yes actually she was a door contact and we started to teach her there and then we set another App and she invited her daughter and we talked about profetas! and we havent been in the house but it seems decent for a mexican! haha  very humble people but have Deep roots!! haha
haha k big smiles!! ha :))) yes feeling lots better!!! and getting more confidence in my self i really love our zone leader, Elder allred! he has taught me alot! he called me last night and asked how i was doing and just talked and he helped a lot! ha  my scrip this week is OMNi 1.26 and i know its the same one you gave me last week! but i  got a talk about being a consecrated missionary and it talks about omni and putting it all on the table and i just love it.. so its my goal this week to put it all on the table! ha  we have probaly about 30 to 40 come to church.... ha its pretty good! ha
I'm sure miracles will continue to happen when you put it all on the table!!!  Glad elder Allred is around, heaven sent! Where is he from? How long out? Do you get to go to elders? How many in quorum? Bottled sac water? Was there a line for testimony meeting? Favorite member yet? If so who and why? We can pray for investigators too if you send names along :)
he is from Utah... cant remember where but he has 18 monts!! ha no havent  they just have on priesthood metg becasue not many people.. ha there was a line, but not bad! ha and there isnt yet! i like them all! they are all fantastc! inv to pray for Yazmin, David, salía reymundo lauda and that is it! i think! ha
What doing tonight for fhe? Feel pretty safe in neighborhood?
idk!! but we are actuallly having one! haha yes feel safe! but right around the corner from us is a house of teenaagers and 20 yrs that get drunk of there butts.. so we dont go there... in the dark.. haha
Mom..... i love you!  i miss you tons! ill talk to you guys next week! and im glad i am here and glad to be serving the lord... but i wish i could speak spanish already... we have lessons where we get done and get out of there house and i just wanna cry because i cant explain how i feel and how the góspel is a huge blessing... but ill get ther... haha love and miss you guys! talk to ya next week with new adventures! ha
thank you for your prayers! i know for a fact that they are helping! love and miss you! talk to ya next week, youre always iin my prayers too! :)))))))))))))
love and miss you!

dad... i love and miss you !!! i miss your Harry belly and your words of incouragement! i miss youre hugs and the slaps on the head.. i hope everything is going good for you... you are an amazing man and have taught me so much i am greatful for the dad i have and how you taught me how to catch a ball.... but more importantly how to put my trust in the lord.. love and miss you dad!  love Elder weaver 44 supermans son

My week was pretty wonderful!! Started off with sand ridge beating bell! ;) I had a lot of rebounds but only one basket but then on Thursday we played south and it's like when we played I had 8 points and I fouled out in the fourth quarter ha ha... ;) but we won!!! Bell was 64-26 an south was 49-45!! An this week we play snowcrest at snowcrest.... :/ but then we have a by! This week I start a new semester I have foods and computer tech instead of PE and geography! How was your week? Anything stil out ij your mind? Bball anyone up? ;) love you! Your favorite younger brother!
nice jax!!!! ball it up! dont hold anything back!! air jax coming at ya!;) haha kill it jax i know youy can! im excited for ya! my week has been ok! i have learned alot and  i definietly miss my amazing brothers!  but i have grown so much closer to my savior and learned so much! i love anmd miss you! we might have a bball thing for inv. so i might have to ball up! ;)

Dooing great jordan learning a lot!!! spanish is hard....... ha you can pray fro yazmin... she is possbly getting bapstzed this wee!!  the day of the kings was good! i ate the weird cake stuff and i got the prize in it.. ha so now i still have to buy tomollies! ha a;) where are you going to school1!!? and hows the dating going!!??

Jace-things have been a Little better this week, i am stnading up for myself and he really doenst like that very much.. but things are getting better, thats awesome good luck with ball. youre a beast!! i love and miss you so much, preaach my góspel is amazing! i have learned so much from it and i love the bom it has such a cool power about it! love you be safe safe and good luck with ball!
Hey man I hope things have been going smoother with your comp. I just have one question for you.  What's one miracle you saw this past week that you know the Lord provided for you? :).
the miracle i saw this week was we got this kid to come to church who has been meeting with the missioanries for like 4 months.. but just decided to start coming!!! big miracale for me and him im sure!!

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